15+ Best Credit Cards in India for 2022

By | January 2, 2023

Note: If you’re looking for the latest list of top credit cards available in India, check out this article: best credit cards for 2023.

Best Credit Cards in India 2022

Looking for the best credit cards in India for 2022 to suit your needs? You’re at the right place. Whether you want cashback, lounge access, free food, hotel stays or business class tickets, you can find everything here.

I’ve analysed 100+ credit cards in India across various banks and compiled a list of best credit cards for 2022 based on various user segments. Here are they,

With about 10+ active credit cards in my wallet, the below list covers most of the cards that I personally use and even more. Let’s begin with entry-level credit cards,

Entry Level Credit Cards

  • Suggested income: 4 Lakhs+
  • Suggested spend: 1 Lakhs+

Entry-Level credit cards, also called as credit cards for beginners are those cards that are targeted at first-time credit card users.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best credit cards in India for beginners in 2022.

Credit CardJoining FeeReward RateReward Type
HDFC MillenniaFYF1%Cashback
Axis AceFREE2%Cashback
Amex MRCCFREE~10%Rewards
SBI Cashback CardFREE1% – 5%Cashback
ICICI Amazon PayFREE1% – 5%Amazon Credits

1. HDFC Millennia Credit Card

HDFC Millennia Credit Card
  • Best for: Merchant offers & Cashback

If you’re new to the world of credit cards, you have no reason to skip the HDFC Millennia credit card. That’s applicable no matter what other card you get.

You get access to HDFC merchant offers, decent rewards with less complicated t&c after the recent update.

It helps to build a relationship with bank so that you can eventually get access to premium and super premium HDFC Credit cards.

2. Axis Ace Credit Card

Axis Ace Credit Card

A neat and simple credit card that gives 2% cashback on all your regular spends. This HOT pick of 2021 beats many premium cards when it comes to reward rate and it continues its position in 2022 as well.

The problem with Axis is however poor tech & low credit limit issues. I hope it gets better this year.

3. Amex MRCC


American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card (MRCC) is the best way to get into the world of Amex. If you use this card just to get the 1000 MR bonus points monthly, you can easily get a return of more than 10%.

Apart from that, you will also get access to the amazing Amex Offers (merchant offers & spend based offers) which are very lucrative most of the time.

4. SBI Cashback Card

SBI Cashback Credit Card
  • Best for: Upto 5% Cashback on Online spends

This is the new HOT pick of the year 2022 for entry-level cardholders as 5% Cashback is quite lucrative, with a pretty good max cap of 10,000 INR a month, which corresponds to 2L monthly spends.

However, note that utility/rent/wallet loads won’t fall under 5% cash-back category.

5. ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card

ICICI Amazon Pay Credit Card
  • Best for: Amazon Offers + upto 5% on spends

If you shop frequently on Amazon and if you’re an Amazon Prime customer, you cannot afford to miss this wonderful card.

Premium Credit Cards

  • Suggested income range: 12 Lakhs+
  • Suggested spend range: 5 Lakhs+

Premium credit cards comes into picture when your lifestyle has a pinch of luxury factor to it. It comes with more travel benefits like domestic and international lounge access, better reward rate, etc. 

Credit CardJoining FeeReward RateReward Type
BOB Eterna2500 INR0.75% – 3.75%Cashback
HDFC Regalia1.3% – 5%Rewards
IDFC First Wealth0.75% – 2.5%Cashback (or) Vouchers

6. BOB Eterna

BOB Eterna Credit Card

If most of your spends are online and are not exceeding 40K a month, you shouldn’t be missing this amazing product. The problem however is that you’ll need to settle for a not-so-great premium customer support.

Note: New exclusions added for the online spend type, so make sure what you’re getting into.

7. HDFC Regalia

HDFC Regalia Credit Card
HDFC Bank Regalia Credit Card

The most important benefit of this card apart from rewards & merchant offers is the ability to get Priority Pass for family members which also shares the complimentary lounge access limit.

It’s a huge money saver in that aspect, for those who can’t get HDFC Super Premium credit cards.

8. IDFC First Wealth

IDFC First Wealth Credit Card Review

If your monthly spends are higher, you shouldn’t be missing this, especially if you prefer non-travel benefits like cashback to credit card stmt or amazon/flipkart vouchers as redemption option.

Travel Credit Cards

  • Suggested income range: 12 Lakhs+
  • Suggested spend range: 4 – 8 Lakhs

When your life has good amount of travel, that’s when you need to have these exclusive Travel credit cards.

Travel credit cards are designed in such a way that you get travel vouchers/points instead of cashback.

Credit CardJoining FeeReward RateReward Type
Amex Platinum TravelFREE~7%Rewards
Axis Vistara Infinite10,000 INR~10%Vouchers & Airmiles
SBI Air India Signature10,000 INR~5%Air miles
SBI Etihad5,000 INR~2%Vouchers & Air miles

Also remember that, most Premium & Super Premium Credit Cards serve as a travel card in many ways.

9. Amex Platinum Travel

Amex Plat Travel credit card

American Express Platinum Travel card is the best travel credit card in the country, hands down! It still stands good even after the recent changes in redemption options. 

I personally enjoy using this card as it helps me to stay at one unique Taj property every year by using the complimentary Taj Vouchers.

10. Axis Vistara Infinite

Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card

The First year free offer (extended for now) on this card is not something you can afford to miss. The return on spend that this card gives you is still mind blowing.

But the issue lately is that the service is overall degrading. Also, the award seats are getting tougher to book via vouchers in busy sectors like DEL/BOM.

I’m expecting this to get better as airlines are back on track with full capacity, but we will need to wait and watch on this.

11. SBI Air India Signature

SBI Air India Signature Credit Card

If your travel involves flying Air India for whatever reason, you shouldn’t be skipping this product. It demands high spends, but decently rewarding.

Also, with the change in ownership I’m hoping things to get better in 2022 and beyond.

12. SBI Etihad Premier

SBI Etihad Premier Credit Card
  • Best for: companion ticket benefit

It’s a complicated product for most, as it demands high spends, more flexibility and a lot of research to find the best route.

If you can redeem the companion ticket for a long-haul business (or) first class by keeping above things in mind, you can easily save few lakhs.

Super Premium Credit Cards

  • Suggested income range: 25 Lakhs+
  • Suggested spend range: 10 Lakhs+

Super premium credit cards are those that comes with higher reward rate, higher credit limit, unlimited lounge access, better card linked benefits & many more perks that you would need to run a luxury lifestyle.

Credit CardJoining FeeReward RateReward Type
Axis Magnus10,000 INR1.2% – 12.4%Rewards & Miles
HDFC Infinia10,000 INR3.3%Rewards
HDFC Diners Black10,000 INR3.3%Rewards
Stan C Ultimate5,000 INR3.3%Shopping Vouchers

13. Axis Magnus

axis magnus credit card

Axis Magnus gives you new airport experiences, like breezing through airport queues with their complimentary airpot meet & greet services, which is highly useful at times like this.

Further, the card is super charged with rewards >6% if you spend >1L every month. The newly added points transfer partners can help to yield a reward like never before. It’s the HOT pick of the year 2022.

14. HDFC Infinia

HDFC Infinia Credit Card

Infinia is everyone’s dream, without an exception. It has everything one would ever need. If you are looking for a single credit card for all your spends, it’s going to be this ONE.

With its lucrative 10X rewards program (Smartbuy), its undoubtedly one of the best credit card in India, perhaps in the world.

15. HDFC Diners Black

HDFC Diners Black Credit Card

If you don’t have the opportunity to grab Infinia, Diners Black is a good alternative. For a rare few, Diners Black is better than Infinia as it comes with monthly rewards & additional cap on spends with 10X Diners Merchants (not live as of now).

Only downside though is lower acceptance of Diners cards in India compared to Visa/MasterCard, which means, you have to keep a backup card handy.

16. Stan. C. ultimate

Stan C ultimate Credit Card

Just like HDFC Infinia/Diners Black, Stan. C Ultimate card too comes with sweet 3.3% reward rate. The USP of this card is that you get reward points on almost ANY spend.

Note: Check with SC branch on Ultimate Visa card as different sources have different answers on new card issuance.

Ultra Premium Credit Cards

  • Joining fee range: > 50,000 INR

The ultra premium credit cards are entirely different from other type of cards because these cards intend to give you returns via benefits over rewards, like: hotel privileges, concierge, meet & greet, airport transfer, first class upgrades, premium support, etc.

17. Amex Plat Charge

Amex Platinum Charge Card

That said, all through 2020 & 2021 we’ve seen mind-blowing non-travel offers due to Covid. So, I’m expecting the same for the first half of 2022 as well, by the end of which both covid & the Amex ban is expected to get back to normal.

18. Axis Reserve

Axis Reserve Credit Card

If you love complimentary meet & greet and luxury airport transfers apart from unlimited lounge access benefits, this card is a must to hold in your wallet. However, it gives great value only if you play golf often.


Which is the best credit card in India for 2022?

Calculate your annual spend and choose the cards from the list above.

How many Credit Cards can I have?

As many as you need. Start with 2 cards if you’re new to the system and increase the count gradually based on your spends. 5 cards is sufficient for most.

Which Credit Card has best customer service?

Amex & Citi are some of the best credit card issuers known for their premium support. You may also enjoy a similar treatment with any bank, as long as you take their super-premium cards.

Which Bank Credit card is best in India?

HDFC Bank is the market leader and has very good merchant offers as well. So start with HDFC and add others as per your requirement. Consider having one Amex card for a mix.

Which is best fuel credit card?

None. Just buy HPCL gift cards or HP Paycode or HP Pay app using any of your existing cards. Works well for most. You may also use Paytm Wallet.

What about Uni Card, Slice and other BNPL cards?

Uni Cards is better over slice due to support and overall user experience. The merchant offers are good these days on most BNPL cards, but it’s like CRED, the offers are only for acquiring customers.


I’ve prepared the above list assuming most of the covid scene will settle down by April 2022 or so and hence many travel cards entered the list this year.

The thumb rule is to get maximum returns via: welcome vouchers, merchant offers, spend based offers, card linked benefits & regular spends. You may decide your card keeping above in mind.

And not to forget, credit card industry in India is rapidly changing as we’ve seen many new cards since past 2 years. You may stay updated with the trend by subscribing to the FREE instant email alerts service.

If you’re feeling the list is too much to handle, feel free to take my one-on-one credit card consultation service [there is an ongoing offer].

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

266 thoughts on “15+ Best Credit Cards in India for 2022

  1. Naveen Swami

    Standard Chartered has stopped issuing Ultimate for now. Their website as well is giving a regret message.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Are you sure?
      I see comments from couple of readers about getting approved for the Visa variant last month.

      1. AAJ

        Yes Sid, I saw it few days back too. Joining fee I remember paying 5k.. I got it reissued before they stopped though 😄 (no MMT benefit if you get it reissued, it would be like annual fee rewards)

      2. Dr Deepak Thomas

        Hi it would be appreciated if you can post a detailed review on Indusind bank Indulge. Since the ban on Mastercard and Amex options among the superpremium segment is limited.

      3. Deepak Gupta

        I just got SC Ultimate . But which gives better rewards :

        I use HDFC INFINTE METAL , AXIS VISTARA INFINTE , ICICI AMAZON , ICICI EMIRATES . My yearly spending is 25 Lakhs plus.

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      It’s being issued as VISA variant and few of my friends got this card on month of November.

    3. Himesh Mishra

      Just yesterday my platinum rewards card has been upgraded to Ultimate that too on 330K limit.

      1. jyoti prakash

        i have SCB Manhattan card with 302 K limit and want to upgare in SCB Ultimate card, but CC says that currently Master card are diabled. Then how you get upgarded card, please suggest

      2. Anav

        Hi Himesh,

        Were you issued this card LTF?

        Email from customer care says that 4L CL is required for similar upgrade.

        Thank you

  2. Naveen Swami

    I just checked this week, and again today.
    At least their website isnt taking new applications.

    Upgrade might still be working.

    PS: thanks for the tip on HP pay, I am hoping it isn’t HPCL specific.

    1. Fahd

      HP Pay is HPCL specific. Also, in my experience even all HP fuel stations do not accept HP Pay and /or HP Petro Paycode so better to check first with stations that are convenient for you on HP Pay and Petro code acceptance before buying the vouchers or loading money in HP Pay

  3. Fahd

    Axis ace is free? I thought there was a spend threshold of 2 lakhs for fee waiver.

    Also, not sure if it is still being issued. I currently have Axis Vistara Infinite and Myzone and am trying to apply for Axis Ace but after entering my details Axis Ace is not available to select.

  4. Kashif

    @sid are you sure about FYF offer on vistara infinite ?
    I called cc and they denied it

      1. AAJ

        I was told the same when I got last month, offer till mid Jan, but both whom I referred, they got in Dec already. May be too many got and they closed 😁
        Btw it is not by cc anyway

      2. kashif

        but some people are pointing the problem of 3 months. I got Flipkart axis 5 months back and then upgraded to Ace 2 months back. If I now apply for Vistara infinite, will they reject my application ?

  5. Sanket Garg

    Can you do a post about Hpcl gift card you talked about in fuel section?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I can, but others won’t like it. Hence it’s already subtle, under FAQ section and not in main content. 😉

      Anyway, will think about it.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Ah, didn’t noticed that. Thanks for the update. Are they selling via other channels?

          1. Naveen Swami

            HPCL paycode cards are available on gyftr.
            But has anyone used them before? How easy or fast is it to use these?

            Like i dont want to be the one stalling the filling station queue while the handler punches in my 16 digit code on his card swipe machine.

            PS: HPCL app levies surcharge on amex cards for wallet recharge

          2. Siddharth Post author

            “How easy or fast is it to use these?”
            It takes a LOT of Tim!

            It’s not for those who need convenience.
            Anyway its always time vs money isn’t it? 🙂

          3. Sandeep

            Physical gift card is still available. You pay Rs. 100 delivery charge for gift card of Rs. 10,000. Makes sense to buy through DB+Smartbuy or any other high rewards card.

        2. Ramesh Kumar

          Just checked HPCL physical card is being issued my woohoo in amazon.

  6. Daksh Setia

    Joining Fee of Standard Chartered Ultimate is Rs 5000+Gst , you had mistakenly written Rs 10000/-

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Just updated, thanks. Hoping for more error corrections.
      Thanks to all for spotting them.

  7. Shail

    Thanks Sid for the article.
    Appreciate your viewpoint, however, I would like to certainly differ on a few points-

    1. Stand chart ultimate is no more a super premium card. No benefits except for 3.3% reward rate. Offers are limited, vouchers are exhausted and moreover this card isn’t issued anymore asaik.

    2. Idfc first wealth is a wonderful card which, I believe, should have been included on the super premium list. With lowest whopping 9% annual interest, 1.5 markup, no interest cash withdrawal in any country, pay with points (equivalent to paying with direct cash) and 10x points on all transactions beyond 20k in a month, 1000 Rs 1+1 or 2+2 offer in a month on movie tickets makes it one of its kind in the industry.
    When idfcfirst’s private variant is launched, it will be a game changer.
    (Just FYi Even their private and wealth debit cards offer 1+1 lounge access which no other debit cards offer)

    3. When you click on the card article links, you realize that majority of these articles need be updated specially around Infinia, DCB & ultimate.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. It’s always only for the reward rate.
      2. Private – definitely, but wealth I need to think. Will update the list frequently here-on, so will see what I can shuffle next.
      3. Please pray to God to shower me with more time to spend on Cardexpert this 2022. 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback!

      1. Shail

        Thanks, Sid.
        You may like to consider a card’s benefits holistically as super premium cards aren’t just about the reward rate but are a sort of a pkg to offer lifestyle benefits ofcourse that includes reward rate too and flexibility to utilize the points earned. For instance (and not to compare) Amex centurion/black, the reward rate may not be that great here but then that’s considered ultra premium card simply for what it offers (not suggesting to include it on the list anywhere :))
        I’m not biased towards a particular card as I hold several cards from the list incl. DCB with limit in 7 figures as well as Wealth.
        Just providing some personal thoughts with the intent to help you mature the list even further and make it even more holistic. Thanks!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Certainly. I’ll be optimising the list further in coming weeks. Thanks for your inputs again. Much appreciated.

    2. SK

      Hi Shail, I have IDFC wealth card and it remains in my drawer, most of the time unless there is any specific offer. Even after 10x, its reward rate (2.5%) is not equivalent to normal DCB/Infinia (3.3%), forget 5x/10x (16%-33%) Smartbuy offers which you can easily get for majority of the transactions.
      The other highlight including 9% interest is useless for any financially responsible person and ideally one should not use credit cards, if they are utilising the said benefit.
      The foreign transaction fee of 1.5% again can be bested by DCB/Infinia using the default reward rate and opting for Global Value Program for extra 1% cashback for foreign transactions. The only useful benefit which I use regularly is the 1+1 movie benefit, which again is being offered by several cards.
      Therefore, the card is mostly lost amongst variety of other excellent cards and does not stand out, atleast for me.

    3. ManzB

      The best thing about SC Ultimate is that you get 3.3% returns on any kinds of expense ( no conditions apply) plus with Mastercard variant you get unlimited lounge access ( extended to add on card as well). They have very few promos unlike HDFC, Citi, SBI or Amex. Typically you can get the returns via voucher redemptions which has good variety ( but no Amazon or Flipkart) of options.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Was supposed to add uni card but missed. Will add shortly.

      1. Prashant

        Thanks for sharing the list. As always very clean and concise. I am one of many thousands may be millions who are affected by you. I was just satisfied by my citi rewards card and now I hold HDFC infinia, thanks to you.

        Also, Can you please explain what is the effect of UNI card on the CIBIL ? I heard somebody saying these pay later apps open up two loan entries on the cibil.

        Is this correct ? Thanks in advance.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I see only one record in my CIBIL for Uni card. Will check on this and update if I get to know more.

        2. Selvaraj

          UNI card marked NDXP in cibil and reported as OTHER loan so no issue till now since july 2021, UNI card is safe to keep unlike SLICE.

          1. JP

            Agree, UNI card is safe, it opens as loan agreement because tie up with 3rd party but that shouldn’t affect any cibil it shows only one item, kind of prepaid type credit card.

  8. prateik

    Hi sid,
    Are you sure RBL Zomato credit card will be provided to everyone as LTF by March? Like did you get some inside information about it? 😉

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Wild guess I would say. I love predictions, please don’t take it seriously. 🙂

  9. Arun

    Good work sid. Happy to see the list in Jan 1 itself. I recently checked with HDFC Branch on Regalia to infinia (as I got ~20% LE on 31st dec and Limit is now eligible for infinia). They told me that if I I am okay to add an FD of 12L(Infinia) 8L (DCB) they are ready to provide the cards, and they already provided that who doesn’t even have HDFC card so far as well. Wanted to confirm if he was bluffing.

  10. Navneet

    additional cap on spends with 10X Diners Merchants is no more since this month.

  11. Vinod

    Which is the best card for getting reward points in doing insurance only.

  12. Vismay Shah

    Wrong research, here there is no mention of SBI simply click credit card even though it is better than many listed here. I guess may be this is paid article.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It was hard to let it go actually. But May I know why it makes sense for you, compared to other LTF cards with lounge access and better reward rate?

    2. AAJ

      Sorry to say, he is not charging us for reading the articles, pls. find the good info that suits. Not nice to call paid article.

    3. Praveen Katiyar

      Vismay Shah ji.. Please keep visiting this site.. specially the comments section.. your opinion will change.

    4. Shivi

      @Vismay Shah – Do provide your constructive inputs. SBI Simply Click was an awesome card till the recent changes to it took place along with other new entrants in the credit card industry.


    Hello Siddharth
    Thank you very much for sharing information on credit cards range and their respective benefits. I am holding HDFC Infinia, Amex Reserve, Citibank Rewards, IDFC First Select, SBI Elite, UNI card, Yes Bank First Preferred and AU Small Finance Zenith. My card usage is extensive, so how can I smartly make the best usage of all these cards for various reward points and benefits, means which card is more preferred during any specific merchandise transactions over other?
    Thank you

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      Question too subjective to be answered by someone.
      Holding cards like Infinia, Amex Reserve and Yes Bank First Preferred and still asking such question?
      I think you should go through articles on these cards on cardexpert.

  14. Ajay

    Aren’t the diners partners removed? I can find no mention of it anywhere. I’m talking about the diners only 10X partners with the 25k cap. So infinia is better now I believe.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for this, updated. But I think it will come back as soon as Omicron settles down, just like last time.

  15. Adi

    No mention of any Citi card. Is it because you anticipate it will not be as good after merger.

    HSBC cards how good are they ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I never see them useful. Prestige was good for quite sometime but not now.

  16. Prashant Gupta

    Nice list. Can you also add about forex markup too. I heard that zomato card has 1.5% markup. Too good for entry level card with 2%cashback making it effectively nil markup.

    1. Nilesh

      If forex markup is the criteria, then go for One Card. It charges 1% markup & is LTF

      1. Naveen Swami

        yeah but the reward ratio there is also about 0.2%.
        if you want to explore something other than credit cards, Fi account debit card offers 0% forex markup. The account opening process is pretty easy too, just that its a debit card.

    2. Naveen Swami

      Try FI bank instead, it offers zero percent forex markup through debit card.

  17. Tutu

    Thanks Sid for the article. What about adding ICICI bank credit card like ICICI Bank Sapphiro Visa Credit Card ?

      1. Sandeep Kumar

        Agree with Sid. No ICICI card is worthy apart from Amazon Pay. I would only opt for a Sapphiro (LTF) just for spa sessions at airport.

        1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

          Dear Sandeep

          Try for IDFC First Wealth LTF card instead. This is much more beneficial than ICICI Sapphiro.


    Is there Anyone who applied for a new diners black after the ban was lifted. I tried applying and was told that hdfc is not issuing diners black few days back.

    1. Mallesh

      Yes. I requested for card upgrade from Regalia to DCB late November & received the card in a couple of weeks.

  19. Akash

    How is Dinner club black in 2022 in term of offline acceptances? Should i take DCB paid one in 2022?

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      Diners acceptability is very good now. I haven’t come across any rejection on offline stores since last 1 year at least. Online acceptability is bit less but all biggies like amazon, flipkart etc. accept it.
      HDFC really has pushed it well in India and no other bank could have done it batter than hdfc.

    2. Sreetharan

      I usually look for HDFC POS machines and it goes smooth. In many other places it says card not accepted. Based out of Chennai, i can say its 50/50. But then i use SCB Ultimate for most petty trasactions

  20. Dobump

    Stand chart ultimate is not being offered online but if you visit the branch or some camp being held in some residential area, like it was held in my society, u will still get the card like I got it. I got visa variant. The sales manager was even asking me to share his no with my friends for Stand chart cards

  21. Bhushan

    I tried to apply for IDFC First card through an ad I saw on phone, but something went wrong during the appln process, although I had entered all my details correctly and my credit ratings are quite high. I got a msg at the end saying they can’t process the application. I have tried since from other channels on mobile but keep getting the same message. Any thoughts?

    1. Siddhartha

      Even I got the same message when I tried in November. This time (December end), I started the application from their website and within no time I got approved. Got a healthy limit (4.5) as well.
      In fact, this time they did not ask me for most of the details. Best thing, no cibil enquiry this time 😜

      1. Fahd

        Its discontinued. As confirmed by Help Desk of Russh App. I had raised an issue with them since i had tried to apply for Ace through them and could not.

        Now they have checked with Axis and confirmed that Axis has stopped sourcing for Ace.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Yes, I verified the same as well. Axis no longer issues ACE for now. But it may come back is what I heard.

          1. Yogesh K

            Hi Sid,

            Axis bank has not stopped ACE cards. I applied it yesterday by calling phone banking and they issued it. I will receive it in next few days. Great work on the above article.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Thanks for the info Yogesh. I cross verified the same and it seems they’ve started taking the applications again, as expected.

  22. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

    Please find way by which people like me, who live in Tier 2 cities can good credit cards from Amex, HSBC, Citi and RBL. Do make up article on tips and tricks that can be used to get a credit card from lenders like Axis(had a priority account, but declined my application for Neo credit card), IDFC and Standard Chartered.

  23. Rahul

    I got the axis vistara infinite joining fee reversal today!!

    New year gift

  24. Joseph S

    Hello! Readers….with reference to Unicard update in Cibil reporting it shows “DMI FINANCE” for SBM BANK card partners as per December 2021 end update and unsure about RBL BANK. After opening a new Uni account on loan agreement it shows via email its DMI FINANCE PRIVATE LIMITED t&c.
    But as it’s a new fintech so don’t have any idea regarding cobranded variants or offers in some sense. But unfortunately no e-statement provided yet. Really waiting for exciting offers and discounts as compared to one card is concern.

    1. Joseph S

      In terms of Cibil enquiry purpose mine ‘other’ is mentioned as with some ‘loan’ is shown as description.

  25. Sudhir H

    Hi Sid, Please add upper range reward rate of 5% as well for Axix Ace, HDFC Millenia and for other cards wherever missing.

  26. Vivek

    Thanks for sharing. As always it’s very informative.
    Will target to get the IDFC Wealth card based on the list and reviews.

  27. Ragul

    Axis Bank Cc (Select / Privilege / Signature) provides 5x rewards (5 % Cashback) on GV purchase including Flipkart, Amazon.

    Does this mean One of these axis bank cards are enough instead of individuals cards

    1. Flipkart Axis
    2. Amazon Pay

  28. Dhiraj

    Indusind Legend card heard is good. Would like to know views of others if it offered LTF.

    1. Puneet

      Its life free but you need to pay one time fee ( not sure ) but around 10 k plus taxes . Its ok card , one percent (1 Rs) reward rate on week days and 2 percent(2 Rs) reward rate for Saturday/ Sunday .

  29. Ragul

    Few axis bank cards gives 10x rewards (5% CB) on e-commerce vouchers. Does this mean Flipkart axis and Amazon pay is unnecessary?

  30. Sameer

    No Axis Select? Bit surprised since it was there in the previous list. Any reason for exclusion if I may ask or for including some others above it?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It doesn’t have a strong USP, nor a good reward rate.

      1. Sameer Desai

        Ok. Had another question.. Have an IDFC account for a good 4-5 yrs. They were offering me SELECT last year (via mails) but it wasn’t progressing past the application stage.. Now when the application seems working, my offer is somehow downgraded to Millenia.. tried reaching out to their reps who said its out of their control & system generated. Would you recommend applying for it & then keep upgrading or hold back for later & for better offer?

  31. Rishabh

    I think one of the Bajaj RBL Super Card variant the Platinum Life Easy card deserve place in above list, I had mentioned about BFL cards in past as well to be considered especially for the whopping 10% cashback on Fuel/Ola/Uber spends.

    Recently got my old BFL card upgraded to Life easy card variant, and it offers 10% cashback on Fuel/OLA/Uber & 5% cashback on Grocery spends.
    Also Bookmyshow Buy 1 Get 1 Ticket offer every month & domestice lounge access.

    Above features and easily give fight to super premium cards on the mentioned categories.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      My central nervous system gets frozen as soon as I hear “RBL” 😀
      Fortunately Zomato comes to help, not sure if Bajaj would.

      Anyway, will consider on it in the next list refresh, likely by month end. Thanks.

    2. Sanju

      RBL and BFSL Super Cards are not at all SUPER, LifeEasy has joining and annual fees of 1999/- each and reward point value is only 0.25 paise. Credit limits above 2 lacs make some sense while anything below is only for their benefit not the customer’s. All supercards look alike and mundane, welcome kit and letter has no info about any benefits or features or even card type. They are so great they do not even bother to mention card variant even on the card. In your right senses skip and lose all RBL – BFSL Super Cards guys… let them all pass… none are worth your wallet! Trust me I’ve been there done that and am very happy now. Unlike Siddharth all my systems freeze when I hear RBL or BFSL Super Card… Save yourselves people!

      1. Rishabh

        I think in this case I shall call myself lucky or RBL giving me extra privileges: –

        On lifeeasy card, there is no reward point applicable.
        I am getting 10% as real cashback on Fuel/OLA/Uber spends which i can redeem back as statement credit, earlier had Travel Easy variant and same cashback i used to get on that card too from Jan 2020 onwards.

        Secondly regarding annual fees, banks had reversed it for me for travel easy earlier and now for life easy as well with no 2000 voucher joining offer.
        So bank is generous to me with fee part as well.

        Lastly regarding missing details about variant on the card, I think that is one of the way of saving the plastic by the bank. They don’t need to print and keep huge stock of plastic cards for each variant, and especially for BFSL case it is bit impractical too as they have approx more than 15 card variants available.

        So based on my experience since last 2 yrs I still rate BFSL cards among premium category especially for the generous 10% cashback on Fuel/Cabs txns along with yearly reversal of annual fees.

        1. Anil Rajani

          It seems fuel offer is 10% cashback (UPTO 400 per month). Can you share more details about how this fuel cashback works. Does it get credited automatically to next statement?

          1. Rishabh

            Cashback is not auto credited everymonth.
            It gets posted in next billed statement and added to the rewards portal.

            From rewards portal it can be redeemed which gets added as statement credit.

            Minimum amount 500 to redeem the cashback and no redemption charges for this.

  32. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I was looking forward to this as 2022 just arrived. Would agree with most of the list, just that as far as SBI cards are concerned, would surely consider SimplyClick, and not any of their co-branded cards as the reward redemption options would be limited and not very attractive in general. Interestingly, ICICI and SBI not doing well in the listing, ICICI just has AmazonPay card, one of the best for sure and nothing else, SBI has only the travel cards and nothing else. This despite both SBI and ICICI managing a serious uptick in customer base following HDFC’s troubles with RBI. An opportunity missed for both?

  33. Wasim

    Hey, thanks! HDFC infinia, most correctly said … “Infinia is everyone’s dream, without an exception.”
    Although, nothing good enough from ICICI?

  34. Eusebio

    Hi Sid
    Thanks for sharing this article on best CC fy 2022 to be utilized keeping in mind with rewards you get. I am currently using Amex rewards for the last 4yrs and m really happy with their customer service if ur really smart u will know how to multiply ur points every month and enjoy the bonus points that they offer.

  35. Mohit

    Hi Sid
    Thanks for the time in summarizing the things. My few points :
    1. card for refueling – CITIBANK Indian oil and Standard Chartered Titanium both of which gives 5% cashback on fuel. While CITIBANK card can be used at limited IOCL outlet in metro or big cities only, SC card can be used in any of fuel outlet in smallest village as well to get 5% cashback.

    2. I advise to refuel on HPCL and IOCL only as both of these outlet have loyalty card/account unlike BPCL. FOr HPCL, you can earn loyalty points through payback, for IOCL can be earned through xtra reward. Both of these loyalty account points can further be redeemed for free fuel.

    3. Buy HP Petro crad/HPCL gift card from GYFTR through smartbuy using HDFC card and by thsi way, you can get 5% cashback in HDFC card account.

    4. While paying through HP PAY, payck points are awarded automatically. If you have separate payback account/card then ask for points earn separately for each refuel at HPCL. Similarly for IOCL refuel, give your mobile number linked with xtra reward account to earn loyalty point (create xtra reward account online to generate your xtra reward card number).

    My prefer way is to use SC titanium card for refuel at HPCL (or add money into HP PAY using this card) to get 5% cashback and then further use HP PAY to pay the refueling cost along with PAYBACK card swipe.

  36. Arjun

    Hi Sid,
    Did you notice from this month 10x partners is no more available for Diners Black except Smartbuy, so literally you can earn maximum of 7500 on 10x. Slowly HDFC is removing all the perks on Diners.

  37. Venkatesh Sridhar

    Does anyone who uses Amex Plat actually know how to use the First Class upgrades – I hear it’s a benefit but have not been able to use it.

    Any advice would be highly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance!

  38. Vikram

    Sid, I have a suggestion. The Amex Gold Charge Card gives the same benefits as the MRCC but with a slight difference. We need 6 transactions of at least 1000 each for the monthly bonus vs 4 of at least 1500 each for the MRCC. It gives 5X rewards via rewards multiplier which is on par with the Platinum Charge card while the MRCC only gets 2X. Even Reserve gives on 3X. Considering that I think the Amex Gold Charge Card is worthy of mentioning too, at least as an alternate to the MRCC.

    1. Mayank

      Does Gold Charge Card has spend 20000 and get 1000 bonus reward points offer too?

  39. Kumar Shah

    If you use Amex Platinum to Marriott transfer properly, you can exceed the reward rate for it.

    But in the last two years, the card has paid for itself and over. Multiple 100% cashback on Flipkart/Zomato offers. There were other such offers to. Reward Multiplier that goes from 5x points to 20-25x one some dates. Since I travel to US too, their Hertz relationship basically saves me more money than the annual card fee on rentals.

    Plus, the other rewards/services that comes with the card which people may or may not find useful. I had got the card just for the initial 150k bonus they were running 2 years ago but it has proved beneficial enough to keep using it.

    Does HDFC Infinia points expire? Trying to upgrade from DBC to Infinia.

  40. Manish Maurya

    Axis Select should also be included in Premium Cards. It gives much benefits on Swiggy and BigBasket.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Myzone gives Swiggy benefit as well, with a small difference.

      1. Prashant

        We cannot apply for MyZone card now right, because of it being on master card platform ?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Maybe, but didn’t find it as a strong reason to add Select.

    2. Sanju

      Manish, no more Club Marriott membership on Axis select, severe devaluation… Stick to it only for Golf. The regular reward value on it can be taken to the cleaners even by basic cards like the ICICI Amazon Pay, New Millennia or even the Ace from Axis itself. The Axis Select is not charming anymore my friend… no more!

  41. ManzB

    I have 5 cards among the ones selected. Amex Travel, Amex MRCC, SC Ultimate, Axis Vistara Infinite, Diners Black.

    Only one missing is Amex Platinum. Let me see whether it will be worth taking even with the hefty fees once they starts issuing again post RBI ban.

  42. Sreetharan

    Thx Sid for yet another good unbiased list of cards! Hoping this year will be a good one for all of us CC enthusiasts

  43. Sachin

    IRCTC card is waste as now they have peel time and off time, peak time they give u 4% only and that too only for the main card holder and not for all.
    Moreover the rewards points that you get can only be redeemed in full not partially and if u try partially then for 1 reward point which is equal to 1 rs u need to pay 1.5 Rs ( which only a fool would pay) so u can’t virtually redeem the rewards points

  44. Rahul

    please highlight security also

    which bank provide best service of unauthorized transactions happen at NIGHT time ??

    are idfc uni card hsbc ++ these new bank credit card safe for long term?
    is it safe??

    is citi bank still good as per security??

  45. Naveen Swami

    Hey Sid, I guess the Amex Gold was skipped from the list though it is there in the thumbnail.

    With reward multiplier becoming a consistent offer, that is certainly a lucrative card to hold.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thumbnail is only for a relevant snap, not actual. Also thought adding too many AMex when its not issued doesn’t make sense. Will put it back when they’re up.

  46. Saurabh

    I can’t find any data on HDFC diners black 10x merchant for Jan 2022. Has it been discontinued?

  47. Keyur

    Infinia joining fee is now 12500.

    Also, it will be good to have GST included in the fee. Amex plat charge is 60k or well, 71k after GST. Makes a huge difference, no?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Available at old joining fee as well for the plastic cards.

      Yes, thought about it as well, but it might confuse ppl if I do it only for Super Premium. Will think again on it. Thanks.

      1. Keyur

        Thanks for your contribution.
        I’ve been following your blog for 6-7 years and have always loved your humble attitude and crisp clear way of sharing information.

        1. Keyur

          By the way, HDFC website says:
          “For Infinia cards sourced before 18th Oct’21,
          Joining/Renewal Membership Fee – Rs. 10,000 + Applicable Taxes.”

          So for new cards, only metal is an option and joining fee is 12.5k..(?)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Likely one from Axis in a month or so, not very sure about others.

  48. Prajat

    Is having too many credit cards a criteria for rejection of credit card application? I have 5 cards , good CIBIL score and salary account with around 1 lakh+ salary per month with HDFC but my application has been rejected twice.

    1. HSP

      If you apply to too many cards in short period of time, your credit score dips a bit. Also, the number of existing cards (limit) with respect to your income might affect the dispatch. Sid had written a piece where he faced an issue to get a CITI card due to his large number of existing cards.

  49. Gaurav Mukesh Tanna

    Which card is best for insurance payments? Thx in anticipation

  50. Vishal Masand

    Surprised to see IDFC First Wealth Card not part of the super premium card list.. Its issued LTF currently, offers APR as per CIBIL rating (as low as 9%) and has exciting rewards structure.. Will look forward to a detailed post by Siddharth on the card benefits !!

  51. Abhi

    Hi Sid, any consideration for RBL Insignia in the list? I know it’s given only if one has an Insignia relationship. But it’s LTF, and is retained even after your Insignia banking relationship ceases or account is closed, so it remains independent from your banking once issued. Few features:
    – 5 RP on domestic and 10 RP on international spends. Value is low as it translates to about 1% and 2% resp.
    – Once you hit 8L in a year you get vouchers worth 8000 (choose from amazon/myntra/croma/MMT etc). There the value goes up 1%.
    – Flat 500 off on BMS every month, whether you buy 1 ticket or 2. That’s 6K value per year.
    – Other benefits are domestic lounge 2 per qtr, international via PP 6 per year (self plus all companions but total upto 6), Golf lessons, and free golf rounds, Dining benefits, Fuel fee waived, Room discounts, upgrades, hotel credits, free extra night, etc.
    So it’s LTF, tangible benefits of about 2.5%, intangible benefits as above.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Heard RBI is having an eye on RBL lately. So getting stuck with the NRV required for Insignia to get the card isn’t safe I feel, at-least for now.

      1. Abhi

        Just for info got the RBL Insignia card, to be honest only this card came with an exquisite leatherette magnetic card holder and a lavish pen, none of my previous cards including DCB, BoB Eterna, YBE, IDFC-W etc came with any gift. It’s a visa card with no variant mentioned (Plat, Sig, Inf, etc) Came with priority pass of just 1yr validity, credit card valid 5yrs however limit is mere 1L.

  52. Alok

    Am sorry it states Joining Fee an not Annual Fee is reversed and will show in next month statement.

  53. Pushan Sikdar

    Hi Siddharth,

    Which card gives add on priority pass. My kid has turned 5 now and I believe I will be needing extra priority pass for international priority lounge.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      Cards (primary or add on) are not issued to persons below the age of 18 years.
      You can take some card which allows you and your companion to access lounge.
      One such card (debit) comes with IDFC’s premium banking program (Select, Wealth or Private). There are few credit cards as well I believe which you can take.

    2. ManzB

      One option can be -having few cards like DCB which allows international lounge. Or else SCB ultimate (MC) which also gives a PP free even to add ons (18+). So with a DCB and PP (from any card issuer) shall help you get access for both You and the child.

      1. Sumeet

        You have mentioned unlimited lounge access for master card variant of SCB ultimate but I have not found the same in domestic or international lounge access as per the SCB site. Please confirm how to get unlimited lounge access

  54. Mouli

    Great ,detailed article but I think HSBC Platinum should have been there in the Entry level cards .

  55. Azharuddin

    How to get flipkart axis bank card with LTF offer? Actually while clicking the ad which says Ltf flipkart app is showing error due to bank norm we cannot issue etc..I have axis bank ace card though issued 2 months back

    While applying flipkart card from axis bank site it is showing yearly charges of 500+gst.
    Same thing branch is also saying

    How to get it for free?

  56. Jeegar

    Worth reading. Thanks for sharing the details. I have been using Regalia and so far it has offered me great lounge benefits..

  57. Shivi

    Anybody got any idea when the Amex ban might be lifted? Looks like next FY now 🙄

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I think it may happen bit before as well. Just a wild guess. Let’s see.

  58. HSP

    Can anyone suggest how to change my HDFC IOC credit card to Millenia? I am a student at a premier tech institute and got the IOC credit card since our RM insisted to take some credit card. We didn’t notice much and got this IOC credit card which only has the 5% amazon cashback and no other benefit. I talked to customer care but they told since I do not have offer in netbanking I can’t change it to Millenia. I want some card which has lounge access and some other benefits. CIBIL in range of 770s. CL= Rs. 75000.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      Try your luck by sending upgrade form to Chennai office. You dont need to send earning document as a student.

      1. HSP

        Upgrade form doesn’t have Millenia. Plus it is asking for income proof or salary slip. RM told only if we get t in netbanking they can do anything.

    2. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

      Close the existing card and apply c2c if you have any other bank credit card or get a new one from IndusInd or ICICI.

      1. HSP

        Don’t have any other card. We have an account in Indusind, any particular card you had suggest. Also can you explain more about card to card. My father has a Citi premiermiles and wanted DCB or Infinia. RM and branch manager (Imperia) both aren’t responding after giving the documents. We applied online too and didn’t get any response.

      2. HSP

        Why specifically ICICI or Indusind? Do they offer better cards? We have an account with Indusind so I can try that.

  59. The Aviator

    Hi Sid,

    HDFC Classic Customer can get Regalia / Diners Privilege without income proof as part of classic program? Can you shed some light on this.

      1. The Aviator

        RM is telling that it’s possible only for Millenia. So how to get Regalia / Diners Privilege with Classic program. I’m stuck now.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      As I have experienced, just with a classic account RMs don’t do anything in getting a premium card. They generally demands for investments in return. But yes, few exceptions are always there.

  60. Ajay Walia

    Please suggest a credit card with unlimited cashback on online transactions.

    1. ManzB

      Most CC gives cashback or rewards. But the rates are different. If you want only cashback and not rewards then restrict to very few with low ROR.
      But if are open to get max benefits, then all the cards listed here are good. Specially the premium ones if you manage to grab one.

  61. Gaurav

    Hi all,
    What is considered a decent amount of gap between 2 credit card applications.
    Because applying for 2 cards together could hurt my credit score.

    Thanks in advance

  62. Naishal Doshi

    Hey sid, look for KOTAK WHITE CARD, decent card with good 2% rewards. Also sleeky design

  63. John

    Hi Sid
    U can considering axis select, since ones In a month I get 500 rs on bid basket spends
    Twice 200 rs off on swiggy spends a month
    With 3 lakhs spends in a year I get a priority pass renewed with couple of free visits
    With 6 lakhs spends I am getting annual fee reversed
    With the 6 lakhs spends the accumulated edge points will give back around 10000 rs worth vouchers

    In an year I am getting around
    6000 rs on big basket
    4800 rs in swiggy
    10000 rs in vouchers

    Total 28000 rs in a year I feel it’s a good return option

    But I agree using Amex reserve mrcc and gold I get more than 45k in a year but the spends are to be 10 lakhs for that amount

    Even by holding regalia I use the above four cards as my primary

    Correct me if I am wrong

    1. Nandhakumar

      I think edge points for 6 laks spends is 1000 points not 10k points check with website

  64. Chandu

    Are 10x rewards applicable on both online & in-store transactions after 20k spent with IDFC Bank Select credit card?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Yup. All transactions above 20K in a statement cycle earn 10X RPs whether offline or online.

      Not applicable for EMI, Insurance n Fuel transactions as they are not eligible for RPs.

  65. Ashish Kumar

    I use Infinia and Amex MRCC (only for monthly bonus) as my main cards. Since last 1 year Axis Privilege is giving me good benefits on GVs and some other promotions (like 3x on rent payment, effetively 6%)). You get 10-20% value if you redeem the points for Multi brand vouchers. For Infinia holders, note that some of the GVs bought through Axis will give higher rewards than Infinia. Also, the GV catalogue has some different brands (like decathalon).

    1. MJ

      Is Axis still giving 3x rewards for rent payment through Axis privelege card?

  66. HSP

    Hey Sid. Your articles are great and are really helpful in understanding the various T&Cs, best way to extract value from cards.

    Can you tell how do people apply card over card when applying for cards from other banks?

  67. HSP

    Sorry for the multiple messages. J recently got an offer in netbanking to upgrade to Moneybackplus from IndianOil card with same limit. Is it worth it? Or should I wait to see if they offer Infinia.
    Or should I wait for the Ace and see if I can apply cardtocard. We are also thinking of opening another account in IDFC and have an IndusInd account with above 2 lakh balance. Should I try their cards?
    I am 30, student. We have imperia account with HDFC, if it changes anything.

  68. Bharat

    Which card is best to make utility bill payments like Electricity, Insurance Premiums, NPS, Water Bill, etc?

  69. Nirav bhayani

    Anyone have credit card on Huf pan ?

    Do we get cc for huf for any Bank if we already have cc with normal pan?

  70. Abhi

    Dear cardexperts, which cards provide accelerated rewards on shopping? I am aware of the below, kindly add if there are others:
    1. HDFC – smartbuy (via credit and debit cards)
    2. YesCart – Yes Bank credit and debit cards
    3. Amex – reward multiplier
    4. Axis – on gyftr vouchers (not available on co-branded Axis cards)

    1. RAGIB

      E voucher & grab deals offer on Axis cards are applicable for co-branded cards also.

    2. Manoj Singh

      what is Axis grab deal, please give elaborate answer to that. I get email everyday about grabdeal but I am not confident about using the same.

      Sid, if its useful can we have some dedicated article for the same as well

      Thanks in advance

  71. Bharat

    I’m using CRED app to track and make payments of my multiple CC. Do we have any other app better than CRED?

    1. Manoj singh

      yes you can use SMS organizer app from microsoft in your android mobile. It is great app which remind you and keep track of all cards, account and wallet as well.

      Rest if you have paid ever by Paytm or mobikwik with registered email id on these apps then also you will get reminders for the same.

  72. Arun Balasubramanian

    Surprised that you didn’t include SBI Club Vistara Prime and Amex Gold Charge in you list? Any particular reason?

  73. Abinash M

    In Sep 2021 I requested Axis bank to downgrade from Axis flipkart card to my zone LTF, as very few usage of that card. In Dec 2021 got 1year Amazon Prime membership worth 1499/- with my zone card. Surprised to get this type of benifit from Axis my zone LTF variant. Anyone else got this offer.

    1. Fahd

      I am in the same boat as you..had received a Myzone LTF in place of Flipkart Axis..haven’t received any such benefit as yours

  74. Saurabh

    Best is Amex card. It is giving me 7500 cash back on 18000 points (can be collected easily over 12 months).

    No other card has some benefits.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      HDFC allows you (time to time) to redeem reward points to amazon vouchers @70% value. For flight booking the conversion rate is even better at 1:1.

    2. manoj singh

      Very true. It’s best card as per me. You can earn 20000 points in 6-7 months only by spending only 20k per month which give 2400 points per month.. There are other great offers as well such as small shop and insurance and utility spend and reward multiplier too ..i could say it’s best card as per me with more than 20000 ₹cashback every year

  75. Umang

    I’m surprised why Citibank Premier Miles is not included here, not even under Travel cards!

    Yes Bank Exclusive is another card that you might want to check out as it offers very low forex mark up and offers the real Priority Pass benefit.

    Any comments on Amex Platinum Reserve CC ?

  76. usdoc

    I’m holding the following cards currently. Can you please confirm/correct the rewards cash back % for these?

    1. Citibank Premier Miles – 1.8% per 100 (4.5% on MMT, Goibibo etc.) (Only card where I’m paying any yearly fees (~INR 1000))
    2. Amex Platinum Reserve – 0.84 to 1% per 100
    3. Amex MRCC – 0.84 to 1% per 100
    4. Yes First Exclusive – 0.9 to 1.5 % per 100
    5. Amazon Pay ICICI – 1% (5% only on Amazon)
    6. Flipkart Axis – 1.5% (5% on Flipkart & Myntra; 4% on Swiggy, Uber etc.)
    7. SBI Gold & More – Note sure
    8. HDFC Millenia – 1% (5% Cashback on Amazon, BookMyShow, Cult.fit, Flipkart, Myntra, Sony LIV, Swiggy, Tata CLiQ, Uber and Zomato)

    Also, could you recommend if I should let any of these go, and/or any new cards that I should be considering?

    1. usdoc

      Hi Siddharth,

      I was pretty excited to hear your views on my queries after reading all the prompt responses to others, however, a little disappointed to see no response even after patiently waiting for over a month. I hope you’ll spare some time and answer to this one on my list of cards. Thanks!

  77. Sunil

    Hey Sid, your stance on HDFC Infinia still holds the same despite recent downgrades that happened from Feb 1st? Your Super premium cards order is unchanged?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Infinia is still Good. 10X drama is anyway expected to disappoint in long run. It doesn’t affect Infinia Position though. But I’m thinking to lift Magnus to Super premium.

      1. Unmeesh

        Hi Siddarth!

        Can you please update the list of Best Credit cards with so many changes happening in Axis and HDFC, I am sure this will help us all.

    2. RAGIB

      IMO Infinia is still the best subject you redeem it @ of Re 1/- per RP.

    1. Dr. Sudip Santra

      Apply directly from Axis Bank website they are running LTF offer for limited time.

  78. Ashish Nikhare

    Siddharth ! Request you to please do a detail blog series on “Intermiles”. They have become quite interesting with Accrual offers.

  79. Dr Abhinit Gupta

    Hi, my Infinia card is due for renewal. I have MasterCard World. Any suggestions should I go with same Mastercard world or change my Infinia to VISA infinite. Need your expert comments with regards to use in India in terms of differences in longe access, acceptability etc.

  80. Tushar Gupta

    Thanks for this article. Sometime we forget to look at the big picture and keep running after what we thought was most important 5 years back, which might not hold same value to us in present. Reevaluating from time to time is what we all need.

  81. syed

    Hi Siddharth
    My hdfc times platinum card is due for renewal. I have a limit of 7 lakhs.
    Should I ask for upgrade to regalia or stay with hdfc times platinum card?

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      Ask for Regalia. Regalia has better rewards, and can help for upgrading to Infinia later.

  82. Karan

    I have sbi elite credit card with limit of 4 lakhs but I wana shift to more premium card as sbi does not give much rewards my main spends are utilities and restaurants.

  83. jitendra saraogi

    please update which credit cards are best for adding in paytm wallet these days.
    thanks in advance for your guidance.

  84. Anupam

    Hi Sid. Great work here.
    I just wanted to know why you have not included CitiPremiermiles here as a travel card as a recommendation because I am using this card mainly for my travel purpose and I am getting 4.5% as reward rate for travel.
    Here I get 10 miles for 100 rupees spent on travel bookings and 1 mile is 0.45 paise in case of travel bookings. Also you get 8 domestic airport lounge access per quarter which I feel is quite good.
    Kindly check this once.

    Keep up the good work.

  85. Abhi

    ICICI moving away from payback and starting a new rewards program from 1Apr for credit and debit cards. Apparently there will be choice to redeem as statement credit.

  86. Ashish Tibrewal

    When do you expect Amex to start issuing new cards again in India? I think they started onboarding new merchants in August 2021 after the RBI ban but haven’t stated issuing new cards yet — how long do you expect this to take?

  87. Jay Badiani


    Can I apply for SC ultimate cc on card to card basis, using a card with credit limit of 3.64 lacs?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      You should have minimum 5L credit limit on other bank cards.

  88. DEBA

    “It is important to know that the options to redeem your points for Statement Credit of ₹9,000 and ₹6,000 for 24K and 18K Gold Collection respectively will be discontinued effective 3 May 2022”.

  89. DEB

    The Gold Collection is now richer than ever. Enjoy redemption of your accumulated Membership Rewards® points on these exciting new brands added in the 24K and 18K Gold Collection.
    (1) Redeem 24,000 Membership Rewards® points for e-Voucher (ANY ONE FROM THE FOLLOWING)
    AMAZON/FLIPKART/CROMA : e-Vouchers worth ₹9,000
    TANISHQ: e-Vouchers worth ₹10,000
    SHOPPERS STOP/ VISTARA: e-Vouchers worth ₹11,000
    TAJ : e-Vouchers worth ₹14,000

    (2)Redeem 18,000 Membership Rewards® points for e-Voucher (ANY ONE FROM THE FOLLOWING)
    AMAZON/FLIPKART/CROMA : e-Vouchers worth ₹7,000
    MYNTRA/SHOPPERS STOP/BIG BASKET: e-Vouchers worth ₹8,000
    TAJ : e-Vouchers worth ₹9,000

  90. DEB

    Shoppers Stop HDFC Bank Credit Card
    a. Lifetime FREE card
    b.Earn 6 First Citizen Points on Shoppers Stop private label brands, capped at 500 First Citizen Points per month
    d.Earn 2 First Citizen Points on all other Shoppers Stop brands & other category spends (except fuel & wallet)
    e. Complimentary Shoppers Stop membership

  91. Sudip Santra

    Should I go for HDFC Diners privelege or Millennia credit card? Both are LTF for me.
    I already have ICICI Amazon , Flipkart Axis, Zomato RBL and Axis Ace credit cards as cashback cards. Planning to apply for HDFC only for its merchant offers. Also, I don’t think I will use the golf benefit of privelege card.
    Your thoughts and opinion?
    Thanks for reply.

  92. Nishaank

    Hi Siddharth,

    Which is a better travel card between “SBI Air India Signature Credit Card” and “Axis Magnus”, in terms of redemption of points/miles against travel. I am leaning a bit towards the Axis Magnus because of the meet and greet service, but does it make sense to get “Axis Magnus” over “SBI Air India Signature Credit Card”.

  93. Col Anand Pendharkar

    Dear Siddharth
    Few queries
    1. Best card for buying air tkts for international travel (Once an year)
    2. Best card for modest monthly spends

  94. Ashutosh

    @Siddharth, request if you can do a mid year review of the cards , particularly with all the revisions/downgrades by HDFC smartbuy impacting Infinia and Diners Black. SBI cards portfolio like SBI Simply Save, Simply Click , SBI Prime and/or SBI Elite is pretty impressive, just saying.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve updated the list few weeks ago. 10X/5x offers doesn’t affect the list anyway as it’s a short lived offer, which fortunately lived longer than my expectation.

  95. Aman Gupta

    Hi Siddharth,

    Does it make sense anymore to go for HDFC Infinia? I am observing their rewards multiplier thing and recently they have made it as useless as possible. Only the Instant vouchers thing is the one that gives you real benefit but that is also a real pain. When you go offline shopping, you shop on the spot. And also in the case of online shopping, the downside is that in case of refunds and all that, your money would be sitting idle in your individual merchant wallet and not in your credit limit.

    With annual fees of almost 15k (including GST) and no real daily use rewards multiplier option, seems like SC Ultimate is a much better choice.

    Your thoughts?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You’re right if you’re speaking of only rewards.

    2. Ravi

      They’ve started issuing infinia metal as LTF, so if you can push for that it’s still worth it.

    3. Ajeet

      Even Amazon has opted out of smartbuy platform from 1st July, so not sure if rewards are worth anymore

      1. Mayank

        Not exactly. As per draft paper they are going to charge 2% similar to swipe so none of the shopkeeper will accept the payment through credit card. And also currently rupay card is only supported so I am not hoping big change for quite some time.

  96. Jen

    what is the best card for travel miles etc ? I currently have hdfc regalia , unable to upgrade it to HDFC infinia as of now . Any other alternative I can look into ? Thank you

  97. Shanky

    Hi Sid,
    Great article and information. Stumbled on your post here and personally wanted to dive into Indian credit cards. Was wondering what are the elite credit cards we can get with max travel rewards point as sign up bonuses and has great partner airlines and hotel program transfer. I have been eyeing AMEX India but want to see if any domestic banks has some great sign up bonuses too.

  98. Manish

    Hi Siddharth.. Waiting when you will add standard charted smart card and sbi cashback card in the list 😁😁

    1. Mayank

      SBI cashback card looks very good. Max cashback limit is 10000 per month, which will come once u spend 2,00,000 in a month.
      Its much better than SC smart card in this case.

      1. Abhi

        Maybe a worthwhile replacement for icici-amazon and axis-flipkart too. 5% cashback on insurance and NPS looks decent, in many cases enough to overcome spend criteria to get renewal fee also waived. They have obviously kept rent, wallets and utility bills out of 5%.

        1. Mayank

          I think this card will be a very strong competitor for BOB eterna. With automatic statement credit feature, 5% online cashback and max spend limit of 2,00,000 for online cashback (as compared to 40,000 for BOB eterna), this card has major advatages.

        2. balajic

          Check the TnC :
          Utilities payments are defined and determined basis MCC categories communicated by Networks and include the following MCCs 4900, 9399, 4814, 5960 and 6300.

          6300 corresponds to insurances . so only 1%. event taxes are 1%.

          BTW I got the virtual card instantly and I got 5% cashback for paying school fee

          1. Anupam

            I heard that many applicants are getting charged a joining fee of 999/- within 2 days of applying, inspite of No joining fee in the card. Pls confirm if you were charged this.

          2. Mangesh

            Congrats…..Can you please confirm credit limit provided since I also got the card approved in transit now the credit limit is very less.

            I also have another card from SBI but it seems the limit are not shared.

      2. Rohit Bahl

        Hi Mayank,
        You read it wrong.
        Just read the Fine print-terms & conditions for SBI Cashback card.
        It clearly states:-
        – The cardholders get a cashback of 1% on all offline retail spends & utility bill payments.
        – 5% cashback on all online purchases. Under this category, cardholders can earn accelerated cashback for spends up to Rs. 10,000 per month only. After spending Rs. 10,000 on online purchases, only 1% cashback will be earned in this category as well.
        – No cashback is accumulated on certain categories, including Fuel Spends, Wallet Reloads, Rent Payments, Merchant EMIs, Cash withdrawals, Balance Transfers, etc.

        So, 5% will be given for online spends upto Rs.10,000/- excluding the above mentioned categories.

  99. Vikrant pitke

    My strategy for fuel:

    Buy HPCL/BPCL vouchers via American express rewards multiplier page.
    Use the vouchers at pumps allowing voucher usage.
    Since amex platinum travel gives 3X Points on rewards multiplier, I can easily ear anywhere between 2-6% value back based on my redemption (flight booking or marriott bonvoy). The only issue is we are restricted to a few pumps accepting vouchers. I use my LTF indianoil citi credit card as a backup.

  100. Vaibhav

    Super comprehensive bog Sid. Thank you!
    I have a query. I have HDFC Regalia and Amex Gold. My wife has a Diners black. Both of us have add on cards for each. For our International trip spends however, only Regalia works. Acceptability of Diners and Amex is poor to Nil across Europe. HDFC is dilly dallying on upgrade to Infinia despite our spends/Income crossing any thresholds that they might have.
    What card do you suggest we should go for to use as a primary replacement card (coz we do try and use Diners mostly in India wherever accepted) that also works (so Visa/MAstercard) and gives us good value internationally.
    Many Thanks

  101. MrNightStar

    Axis provides OTP on mail. IndusInd used to have static password for when OTP couldn’t be delivered.

    Sid, please writeup a post regarding these small QOL, if there are other banks providing similar facilities.
    IDFC, SBI, OneCard, ICICI don’t from my experience.

  102. Mahesh S. Panicker

    SBI does send OTP on mail. Haven’t used OneCard, but yes, ICICI and IDFC doen’t.

  103. Manikanta


    Thanks for the timely updated list.
    A few changes need to be added to axis cards after they were devalued recently.

    Eg:Below are new exclusions in ace
    1)Gold payments
    2)Insurance payments
    3) Govt institution payments

  104. Hridesh

    Hi. Love your reviews. Can you kindly make a review on the SBI CASHBACK credit card i have a simply click card and Flipkart axis card but i think it will be a better fit for me as i mostly spend online.

  105. Rohit Bahl

    Hi All,
    Now for Rental Payments ICICI, SBI & Axis bank have started charging a processing fee of Rs.99 +GST from 15 Nov.2022 onwards to discourage rental payments.
    Axis bank anyways do not give any rewards or cashback for such payments.
    Lets see which other banks would follow the suit.

  106. Rohit Bahl

    Hello All,
    New thing I came to know about all these cashback credit cards- be it
    SBI Cashback/Axis ACE/StanChart Smart credit card. You cannot use these cards for making payment of flights/hotels on MakeMyTrip. I was shocked to see that. I tried making the payment for Vivanta hotel booking but upon entering the card details, it started showing the message- This card cannot be used for this transaction.
    It means, they don’t want the customers to get a cashback for mere 15k also. Its a joke, really.
    Anyone else, please check & confirm.!!!

  107. Ajit

    Hi Sid… wonderful article… Can u suggest me a Good Credit card. I’m earning 9LPA and using Citi IOCL card and AMEX Rewards card with 4.2L limit. My monthly usage of credit card varies from 4-8L per month in various usages mainly international purchases. Both these cards have 3.5% of Markup charges. So which card i can go for with good rewards returns and markup charges. Thanks.

  108. Himanshu Jain

    I have been few which I feel best at movment and are almost free

    1) Axis Google ace ( for utility 5 % and offline spends at pos 2 % )
    2) SBI cash back recently launched ( all online , even school fees , I get 5 %
    3 ) BOB hpcl card – 5 % at petrol max 6250 per month ( enough for city drive )
    4) Yes Bank exclusive – insurance premium around 1.5 % reward rate
    5 ) Rbl insignia – 500 flat on bms

    Utility – 4 lakh per year @ 5 % – 20000 Rs cashback
    Online – 4 lakh per year @5% ,20000 Rs
    Offline – 2 lakh per year @ 2 % 4000 Rs
    Petrol – 60 k -@5 % 3000
    Insurance – 40 k – @ 1.5 – 600 Rs
    Book my show – 6000 Rs

    On spend on 11 lakh + may 50 k which don’t earn points or cashback

    47000 instant cashback which around – 4.10 reward rate .

    + 6000 book myshow
    + 12 international lounge – 6 rbl + 6 yes
    + 32 domestic – 8 rbl.+ 12 yes + 4 axis + 4 Bob + 4 sbi

    Axis – 2lakh fees waive
    SBI – 2 lakh fee waive
    Bob – 50 k fee waive
    Rbl – around 30 lac balance of all family member in our case 6 account – 5 each got free card for life time .
    Yes Bank – this was also free

    I also use few debit card with exclusive benifit

    Yes Bank exclusive – 250 off flat bms pm
    Pnb select health card – 1 free health check and 1 spa access in city in a year next 50 % off very useful .

    Bogo offer most bank give but not very useful mostly 200 – 250

    Visa offer keep expired

    So above 5 card you can easily get it you know how to play your game .

    Hardcore credit card user. With right way .

  109. Anoop

    I’ve SBI IRCTC CC and recently applied for SBI Vistara CC. It was declined stating “as per our policy, we will be unable to process your credit card application further for issuance of another credit card.”
    Just wanted to know if SBI have policy of one CC for one customer or anyone holding multiple CC from SBI”., if yes then what’s the way to get the 2nd card.

    1. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Anoop,
      There is no such policy of SBI for one CC per customer. I hold 3 credit cards with SBI- Prime, BPCL & Cashback.
      You try to look for an upgrade option from SBI cards portal or apply afresh from the website.

  110. Sandeep

    Sid do you think Post recent downgrades HDFC DCB still holds value to find its place in this list ?

  111. nsy

    Service communication

    Sub: Revision in the Reward Points Program & Fee structure on your HDFC Bank Credit Card. w.e.f 1st January 2023.

    Dear Customer,

    We have an important update for you.

    There is a revision in the Reward Points Program on your HDFC Bank Credit Card as below, w.e.f 1st January 2023:

    On the HDFC Bank SmartBuy portal, the redemption of Reward Points for flights & hotel bookings will be capped per calendar month at 1,50,000 Reward Points for Infinia, 75,000 Reward Points for Diners Black and 50,000 Reward Points for all other cards.

    On the HDFC Bank SmartBuy portal, the redemption of Reward Points for Tanishq vouchers will be capped at 50,000 Reward Points per calendar month for Infinia cards.

    Redemption of Reward Points against statement balance (CashBack redemption) will be capped per calendar month at 3,000 Reward Points for Millennia, Easy Emi millennia, Bharat, Pharmeasy and Paytm cards and 50,000 Reward Points for all other cards. w.e.f 1st February 2023

    For select Products & Vouchers, the redemption of Reward Points will be capped at 70% of the total value. The remaining amount must be paid using the same Credit Card w.e.f 1st February 2023.
    This is not applicable for Infina & Diners Black cards.

    a. Rent payments will NOT earn Reward Points on all the cards

    b. Government related transactions will NOT earn Reward Points on all the cards except Business Regalia , Business Regalia first, Business Money back, CSC small business moneyback, Paytm Business, Flipkart Business, Retailio, Best Price Save Smart, Best Price Save Max and Pinelabs

    c. Education related transactions will NOT earn Reward Points on Business Regalia , Business Regalia first, Business Money back, CSC small business moneyback, Paytm Business, Flipkart Business, Retailio, Best Price Save Smart, Best Price Save Max and Pinelab

    Reward Points earned on grocery transactions will be capped per calendar month at :

    6a. 2000 Reward Points for Infinia, Diners Black, Regalia, Regalia Gold, Regalia first, Business Regalia , Business Regalia first, Diners Privilege, Diners Premium, Diners Clubmiles, Tata Neu Infinity cards and,

    6b. 1000 Reward Points for the rest of the cards

    Revision in Fee structure w.e.f 1st January 2023:

    For rent payments made through third-party merchants, a fee of 1% of the total transaction amount will be levied from the second rental transaction of the calendar month.

    If you conduct a transaction (in-store or online) in Indian currency at an international location or with a merchant located in India but registered overseas,a dynamic & static conversion markup fee of 1 % will be charged.

    We assure you the best of our services always.

    Warm regards,
    HDFC Bank

  112. Ashutosh

    Hi Sid

    Many thanks for continuously helping your readers with offers and reviews. Recently many banks (e.g. HDFC, Axis) have not just removed categories like rental payment, insurance, government services (e.g. NPS) from reward eligibility but have also started charging 0.5%-1% extra for these.

    In consideration of the same, would you recommend any credit cards specifically for rental payments, insurance, government services (e.g NPS) ? I totally understand if your answer is not supportive of using credit cards for such payments.

    1. Deepak

      I too am looking for the same category of cards as you, did you find anything ?

      1. Mahadevan T S

        I think the HSBC Cash Back card and IDFC First cards still work for this
        Insurance: HSBC CB gives 1.5% if paid directly and online. Paying through wallets will get you nothing. In fact, wallets are the only exempt category of this card.
        Government services: Just paid my advance income tax using both. Will update here if it works.
        Rent: IDFC provides 0.75% cashback and charges nothing additional to what the rent payment service might charge. HSBC will not earn anything if paid through wallets like Paytm, Freecharge etc.
        NPS: Yet to check, but I am guessing HSBC CB should work similarly to insurance.


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