Amex Platinum Charge Card Upgrade Offer [135K Points]

By | February 5, 2024
Amex Platinum Charge Card Upgrade Offer

American Express India is aggressive in promoting Metal card ever since 2019 as they sent out the upgrade offer to “almost” all existing Amex Cardmembers with 125K points as welcome bonus, instead of the usual 100K points.

After that Amex was only sending upgrade offers in the range of 100K-110K MR points. But now in Jan 2024 they’ve come up with the best ever upgrade for Amex Plat Charge Card in this decade: 135,000 Amex MR points. Here are the details along with the previous best offer we saw in 2019.

135K Upgrade Offer (Jan, Feb 2024)

  • Joining Fee: Rs.60,000+GST = Rs.70,800
  • Welcome Offer: Get 1,00,000 Membership Rewards® points on upgrading to the Platinum Card & upon spending Rs. 50,000 on the Card in first 60 days of Card membership.  Additionally, as part of this offer, an additional 35,000 Bonus Membership Rewards® points will be credited to your Card Account within 120 days from the successful processing of Card application and fulfilment of requisite criteria. So total 135,000 MR points.
  • Offer valid from 1 January 2024 – 31 January 2024 (extended through Feb 2024).

Note that this can be availed only if you’ve received the targeted offer on your existing American Express Credit Card.

If I have to compare it with the previous offer, it seems they’ve removed the “renewal” benefit, which anyway isn’t a big deal as you can see below.

125K Upgrade Offer (Previous best)

Amex upgrade offer 125K points
  • Joining Fee: Rs.60,000+GST = Rs.70,800
  • Welcome Offer: Get 1,25,000 Membership Rewards® points on upgrading to the Platinum Card & upon spending Rs. 90,000 on the Card in first 3 months of Card membership. (100K regular points + 25K points extra)
  • Renewal offer: Rs.20,000 worth Taj Vouchers on first year renewal.

This maynot be the best upgrade offer as few of them were able to grab the metal card for 35K+GST joining fee (by swapping jet card) and lock in that low fee for life – which is amazing but that may not return anytime soon.

Should you go for it?

For first year, its an outstanding offer and if 50% or even 30% bonus on Marriott points transfer offer shows up this year too, you would be lucky as you could get an amazing value when you redeem the points with Marriott Hotels or by further transferring to United Mileage Plus.

If you prefer simpler redemptions, you may as well go for Taj/Amazon Vouchers or others via Amex Gold Collection (24K or 18K) as long as either Gold charge (or) MRCC is in the same pool of points as they can be linked together.

That aside, getting value on regular spend or via benefits that comes with the card demands a lifestyle of it’s own. Do have a look at the detailed review of Amex Platinum Charge Card (updated for 2024) for more on that.

What’s your take on the latest Amex upgrade offer in 2024? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below,

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

40 thoughts on “Amex Platinum Charge Card Upgrade Offer [135K Points]

  1. Aryaman

    Looks like a targeted offer! However I’m sure they’ll be happy to offer 125,000 points for anyone upgrading to the Platinum.

    1. Ashish

      I didnt get the offer, but when I asked for upgrade over the call, there manager did mentioned on her own to give 25 k extra joining points

  2. Rakesh

    Hi Sid, seems you saw my comments and posted this article 😉 and you might have received invite too !

    I’m also thinking if amex can give the 50% Marriott conversion this year as well.. but Platinum points won’t get expired right.. so even if we get the offer sometime next year too.. it would be great offer I’m thinking 🙂

    and any expiry on Marriot points ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Actually posted the article and saw the comment 🙂

      – Marriott points expire after 24 months of no account activity. To keep them, you just need to earn or redeem points or stay in a Marriott hotel

    1. Rakesh

      I believe, most of Plat Travel cards got the upgrade this morning 🙂

    2. Manish Shrivastava

      I also got this offer , I am holder of platinum travel, MRCC and gold card . It seems who has completed milestone in platinum travel may be getting this , but like someone commented even if one has smart earn and MrCC they also getting so not sure what is the criteria of getting this offer ?

  3. Mrunal

    I called them up and they say no such offers we have. Can you please connect me to some one from American Express to validate this


    1. Neo

      Unless you got a mail, Amex wont be able to help you. Your best bet is to get 110K points via online referral.

  4. Gaurav Malik

    There is something called One Card that is coming soon. Metal based card and they claim its free. The Founder has mocked on twitter and gone ahead and said its time to stop paying 60K for metal card. Apparently once it is launched finer details would be known…

  5. Reuben

    Even I received the same offer and I upgraded my card. The best way to get back that 70800 is by converting 125000 points to Amazon vouchers. Redeem those points in the 18-carat gold section and for every 18000 points redemption, you will receive 8000 worth Amazon vouchers.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Its an option, but not the best option to burn 125K points.

    2. Neo

      Those 125K points could have given you a free return biz class trip to Japan on JAL . Certainly not the best way to utilize the points.

  6. Gaurav SIngh

    Hi Siddharth, thanks for sharing this article. Regular use of your website and appreciate your feedback. So I am guessing this offer is not applicable for new joinees? I currently use Axis Vistara Infinite and really like the value I get out of that. My secondary card is HDFC Regalia, and Regalia pales in comparison to total points earning potential of the VIstara infinite and the Amex platinum. So I am thinking of applying for the platinum because the additional benefits definitely outweigh the initial cost I reckon.

  7. MT

    do they credit 100k points on crossing 90k spends and then25k points later? Or full 125k should have been posted together ?

    1. jk

      100K points will be credited after spending of 90K in 3 months time. 25K will be credited in 90 days.

  8. Rakesh

    Submitted upgrade form on 16 JAN, recieved call from Amex platinum team that card is going to upgraded, just some email acknowledgement they took.

    They gave me option to choose from 125k MR points or 60K Taj vouchers, I obviously choose 125K points over Taj vouchers.

    Just wondering how long it takes to get the metal card from the time we confirm amex team to process it !

  9. Gaurav SIngh

    Hi Guys, Can somebody pls confirm if this is only applicable for upgrades or fresh applications as well?

  10. Abhi

    I took the upgrade in Jan 2023, when 1.25L points were offered, but was eventually awarded 1.35L points. Got 1L + 25K + 10K points.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Nice. Was it automatic or after a request they gave the remaining 10k points?

  11. Sayam

    Can we redeem the 135000 points for the 24/18 karat gold collection. Because called amex to check if that was an option and they said no.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can, as long as you’ve a Gold Charge or MRCC linked to the Plat Charge account as already mentioned.

      If not, nothing should stop you from getting one to enjoy the Gold Collection.

  12. vadakkus

    AMEX is still really unusable outside the Metro cities. Even then, it is still difficult to find acceptance outside the hospitality industry and especially among SMEs and other providers like vehicle dealers and travel agents. Even worse is that then a lot many online services including school/college, government, small e-commerce and even some insurance websites do not accept AMEX cards!

    Forget about using it once you exit the Metros where acceptance of AMEX is the exception rather than the norm. I live in Kerala and use my two AMEX cards only on AMEX Gyftr. Believe me, I’ve tried, but even in big cities like Kochi, you can count the (non-hospitality) places that accept AMEX on your fingers. Hell, even huge brands like LuLu do not accept them! (Pothys does, but they are very reluctant). Funnily enough, nearly everyone still thinks it is a “foreign card”. “Sir, do you any card that was issued in India?” LOL.

    AMEX has to really work on their acceptance levels if they want to get any kind of market share in India. If it were accepted at even 80% of the places I would chuck all my other cards (except one VISA) and get only an AMEX Plat for all my transactions.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Amex Merchant business plays the premium game and yes, can be seen only with high margin businesses for obvious reasons.

      You’re all right, except that I wish to say that it has relatively lot better acceptance when it comes to online.

      I think it can never be a primary card, and for the same reason they prefer to issue cards to those who already hold some other credit card.

  13. Saras

    Hi, any idea how long do they take to process the upgrade offer?

    I had sent in my request 2 days back, just received an acknowledgement mail from them on the day of upgrade, nothing since then

  14. Rohit

    The offer is extended to end of Feb 2024. Just got mail from Amex informing about the extension.

  15. Alok

    Me too received upgrade offer, last time it got rejected due to income issue 25lakhs. last time too it was upgrade through email text offered on travel plat and they had sent a link to apply and then update the info along with income. however this time they have sent on email like a advert and not separate link but just a upgrade radio button. Am bit unsure to upgrade now as i have still left with 59k to reach 4lakhs milestone 2nd time. I also met their 3lakhs spend offer for 12k Taj voucher when i called care they said it due to be issued in July 2024… Too much time. And by 31st March i reach 4 lks then i get additional 25k MR and then i have to think to upgrade it will see if it asks again income i would pass it. let us see

  16. Amitabh Maheshwari

    Took the offer of 135K points. They credited all 135K points in one go.

    1. WallStreetBets

      Hi Amitabh. Firstly, congratulations on the offer, and getting the points in one shot!
      Secondly, when were the points credited? On card approval? Issuance? First usage? Or the same day after making a total of 50k spend?


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