Redeem HDFC Infinia/Diners Black points for vouchers at 70ps/point

By | September 23, 2022
HDFC Infinia & Diners Black Credit Card

Note: Sep 2022 Offer updated below

HDFC Bank to everyone’s surprise has come up with an unbelievable offer, wherein HDFC Bank Infinia & Diners Black cardholders can redeem reward points for eVouchers at 70ps per point instead of usual 50ps per point.

Oct 2021 Offer

The offer is as simple as that and it’s only for 3 days. Here are a quick info on the offer:

  • Offer: Redeem points for vouchers at 1:0.70 INR for vouchers
  • Offer Period: 1st Oct to 3rd Oct 2021

While this is definitely an amazing news for most, don’t forget that we may get the ability to redeem for 1:1 for Apple products and Tanishq vouchers with Infinia metal card soon. (maybe also on regular Infinia, or at-least relatively easy to upgrade to metal from plastic). 

So if you’re an Infinia cardholder, you may need to think about it and redeem accordingly. And we don’t know about the “refresh” of Diners black cards either (as a part of existing hdfc cards re-launch move), which “may” include this 1:1 benefit as well. Mostly not, but there are chances as HDFC treats both cards at same level in most aspects.

To redeem, you need to visit the HDFC Smartbuy portal, choose your card under privileges and redeem accordingly.

I did a test redemption for 10K amazon vouchers and it works smooth. I was surprised to see the voucher getting delivered instantly. As you might know, this usually takes 3-5 days otherwise.

Sep 2022 Offer

HDFC Sep 2022 points Offer
  • Offer: Redeem points for vouchers at 1:0.70 INR for vouchers
  • Offer Period: 23rd to 25th Sep 2022
  • Detailed Offer T&C

The bank has re-run this offer for 3 days and the best option to redeem is for Amazon vouchers, just as before.

Note that this drops the reward rate of the card to 2.3% from 3.3%. So it’s not suggested to redeem all points, but makes sense to redeem some for the Amazon Pay needs.

Also note that Infinia has 1:1 redemption value for apple products & Tanishq vouchers, so this offer is mostly useful for Diners Black cardholders only.

To sum up, it’s better “NOT” to get excited and redeem all the points in your kitty at 70ps, especially if you’re an Infinia cardholder.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

152 thoughts on “Redeem HDFC Infinia/Diners Black points for vouchers at 70ps/point

  1. Shailesh

    Hi Sid, I already redeemed all my reward points for Amazon.

    Apple and Tanishq are good but not good enough. It would be grand if they directly do 1:1 rather than 70:30 but it’s highly unlikely as per my opinion

    For Apple products they have their own inflated prices and old models, I doubt they can procure iPhone 13 variants when apple themselves are out of stock. Tanishq Vouchers don’t allow you to buy gold coins/bars. But with Amazon Vouchers you can buy gold coins, buy anything on amazon, pay for UBER, utility bills since the credit is directly into Amazon Pay.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      True that.

      – Also can buy those Apple products in 3-6 months at a better rate.
      – And the Points redemption on expensive products may not be a good option if we need to go for service/exchange.

      That said, most of these aspects wont fit for impulsive buyers. 😀

    2. Srinjoy Sengupta

      Had just redeemed 2,30,000 point for luxe vochers ( Jimmy Choo) worth 1.15 lac on 22nd Sept itself. Conversion rate was 1:2.

      HDFC by regularly changing/devaluing their reward point conversions gives you the feeling of face palming yourself more often than not.

      This was a welcome change for the better for 3 days however it would have been nice if the customers could have got some heads up messages or mailers
      Lost 46,000/- in the process as I just missed it by a week. 😕🙄

      The very fact that travelling seems bleak now, had thought of redeeming maximum points before they started expiring. Turned out to be a bummer.

      Thanks for the timely updates through Sid!

  2. Ashish

    Do we lose all our points on upgrade from diners to infinia? If so I would redeem and upgrade.

      1. Jatin

        Hi All,
        Please clarify below points:
        Upgrading from diners to infinia all points will be tranferred intact?
        Amazon pay balance has a limit of 10k spend per month, how are you guys going to spend vouchers worth more than a lakh that you have bought? Any way around this 10k spend limit?

        Another point i saw is while redeeming my points is ” if vouchers are not used within expiry date the points for unused vouchers will be credited back “

        1. Anuj Jain

          If you KYC at Amazon, I don’t think that there is any limit.
          I used Amazon pay for my yearly insurance renewal of 60k.

    1. Jatin Kumar Malik

      How to upgrade though? I am also looking to go to Infinia from DCB.

  3. Vishal Masand

    Redeemed 142800 Points for 100000 worth of Amazon Vouchers !! Thanks Sid for the quick update

  4. Prateek Mittal

    Best redemption still remain as it is which is flight and hotel with 1:1?

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Yes it is. But it’s good to have some mix, especially when you’re on too many points and less expected travel.

    1. subham

      For DCB & Infinia, here is a catch that for flights only 70% of total invoice can be redeemed with points and remaining 30% with cash, that feels similar to 0.7 value.

  5. Aditya Trimurty

    Knew signing up for your Alerts would be worth it.
    In the age of constant point devaluations I
    took the jump and loaded up on Amazon vouchers.

      1. Sharad

        How to set an alert? Is that done on FB page or portal or somewhere else? 🙂

  6. Ankit

    I will redeem for a phone I am looking for.. will see later about remaining. Though there’s a loss of 39% points value (considering instant discount and 5X rewards)

    1. Ankit

      I have DCB with 1.7L points. Would redeem 50K points for the S20 FE 5g. Is this a good decision? Please suggest.

  7. Sameer

    Hey Sid,

    I have 10L plus points on my DB which I wanted to use for international trip last year. Looking at the current scenario I don’t think I will be able to travel with family anytime soon. With the 3 years points expire in the mind and the Tanishq voucher that we may get a 1:1 ratio, what would you recommend? I was thinking of redeeming 2L points for Amazon GV.

    Pl suggest.

      1. Sameer

        Thanks Sid, redeemed 2L points 😊

        Whenever I travel in future, I can still book the flights from Smartbuy and earn 10X/30% back or get a much better deal on say MMT or direct from Hotel/Airline website.

        So this does looks like a best option to me.

    1. Jay

      I can not even imagine of having 10 points, curious to know where do you spend this much?
      Anyways congratulations for having more value of your rewards and off course Big Thanks to Siddharth for alerting.

  8. Varchasv

    Siddharth- Thanks for this update. Really loving this website. Any idea on how to upgrade from DCB to Infinia?

  9. Varun

    Thanks redeemed points for 1.5 lac Amazon voucher. Still left with 3.4 lacs points to redeem.

  10. Ramesh Shah

    Hi, I redeemed 45k worth of points for 30k vouchers about 4 hours back but still not received Amazon vouchers. Any one faced this issue? What to do now?

    1. Anuj Jain

      Yes, I redeemed in morning and then I got the coupons in evening.
      Make sure order is successful.

  11. Rohit

    After redeeming the points, I got a voucher code. But not the actual amazon coupons. How do I get the Amazon gift cards?

    1. Rohit

      I think you will have to choose Amazon pay e-gift card which might dispatch immediately. But as per siddarth screen shot he choose the normal Amazon pay and he claims he got it immediately.
      Can you please confirm which one to choose Amazon pay or the Amazon pay e-gift card?

    2. Sharad bengani

      If you redeemed post 9PM, the vouchers would be sent next day morning via email.

      1. Rohit

        I got a instant voucher code ..Do i have to do anything with that code or I would get separate mail for voucher which we generally add in Amazon pay gift section.

        1. Gurkirat

          You’ll receive separate mail with vouchers. I received vouchers instantly.

  12. Pavan krishna

    Seems like most of the amazon vouchers are sold out. Now we have only voucher+prime membership coupon combo, reduced the redemption.

  13. gala

    Are Amazon vochers sold off?
    can see only Amazon voucher only with Prime Membership.

  14. Roshan

    Amazon pat to MF or FD ?
    Amazon Pay India, the payment processing platform of American e-commerce giant, Amazon, on Wednesday, 8 September, announced its partnership with investment platform

    This partnership allows Amazon Pay India customers to invest in mutual funds and fixed deposits. “Kuvera will provide its services, products, and technology know how to create an exclusive experience for Amazon Pay’s users to facilitate investments into Mutual Funds, Fixed Deposits, and more over time,” reads the official statement, as quoted by news agency PTI.

  15. Ashish Nimodia

    Presently the amazon vouchers are available only with additional prime subscription n hence charging extra points. Anyway to buy only amazon vouchers?

  16. karthi

    now amazon vouchers not available for redemption???? only the combo with prim available. yesterday i had a problem with the site and they disabled my account for 24 hours and now this

  17. Yogesh Gandhi

    Only amazon + Prime voucher available now.
    think i am late to party 🙁

  18. Ashwani

    I was planning to use my 2 lakh points for Tanishq vouchers since my wife’s birthday is approaching soon. Was glad to get 1.4 lakh instead of 1 lakh. Didn’t want this opportunity to go. I dont want the uncertainty of ‘when Infinia Metal will be launched’, ‘if I will be allowed to upgrade’, and ‘will tanishq vouchers have 1:1 ratio’. Maybe I am at a loss, but I can live with that.

    1. Pramita

      Hi Ashwani,
      Kindly let me know how the process went for redeeming vouchers at Tanishq. I want to use them too.

  19. Hari

    It says “The card details entered is not enabled for Rewards program. Please contact the Bank for more details.” Any idea?

    1. Jatin

      HI Hari,
      I faced the same issue make sure you start your first 9 digits of card with double zero 00


  20. Rahul

    I have 3.5 lakh points on Infinia.

    Now wondering if i buy some amazon vouchers!

  21. Xander

    Was too worried about devaluation of points (had too many!).
    Redeemed a chunk for 2L Amazon vouchers, thanks to Sid!

  22. Vikram

    Sid, what’s this Infinia metal card you talking about? In your last post you said that HDFC disappointed us by not speaking about Ultra Premium segment. Have they now? And would people who just got upgraded from DCB to Infinia still be eligible for this metal card?

  23. Amit

    Rs 5000 Amazon voucher was available for DCB at 6.20 PM. I have used it and it got credited within few min. And I think we can redeem same voucher multiple times.

    Not sure about Infinia portal.

  24. Mahesh

    Although they have removed Infinia Metal card in the website, the card is still added in the MITC of HDFC credit cards. So just a matter of time I guess.

  25. Saurav

    You guys have received the amazon pay gift voucher details immediately? I did the redemption through the DCB site on 3rd morning, but not received the vouchers yet. The msg after payment said that within 4 hrs the e-vouchers will be received, but did not happen.
    Called up the diners helpline – they said it will take 24 hours, now even that is over.
    Any idea what I am missing here?

    1. Umesh

      Did you buy including prime subscription.? If yes, then it would take time . You have to follow up with them multiple times.. I did same thing for one of the voucher and got it only after 3 days

  26. Abhi

    Was able to redeem today also.. 4Oct 8am.. 7140pts for 5K amazon voucher.

  27. Surya

    Late to the party. Tried my luck, all vouchers are still available at discounted price (0.7₹/pt). Though i am only interested in Amazon vouchers.

    Thanks a lot sid !!

  28. Jay

    Strangely the offer is still going on and Amazon vouchers are available.

  29. Sharad bengani

    Its 4th Oct morning, the offer is still available 🙂 I was able to redeem for Amazon vouchers at 70p value

  30. RB

    This offer is still running, although it was mentioned that it’ll be until 3rd Oct only. Also, yesterday night, Amazon vouchers without Prime Subscription were not available. They are back now!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It looks like the Amazon vouchers are not available at night for some unknown reasons. Same happened a day back.

  31. Chintan

    Got Late 🙁
    Please update whenever this happen again.
    Also let me know if there is any option to get mail or notification if there is an update on your card, for me Black. Because I mostly receive mail from HDFC after offer expiry.
    Sid please add an option, I want a mail whenever an article has Infinia or Black in title.

      1. hardik

        Thanks a lot for this insta alerts, i can redeem my infinia points. I am really thankful to you for this amazing website and timely alerts for 3 days offers.

  32. Shivi

    New super premium card going to be launched by HDFC Bank by the name of Galaxia (Metal Titanium). Annual fee would be Rs.20,000 + GST
    Fee waiver annual spend of 25 lakhs.

    Infinia devaluation coming soon!

  33. srihari

    Thanks a lot Sid for the timely update. Based on the previous comments from various users, I am cautious on not loading all the amazon vouchers to my amazon account(1 Lakh redeemed). I am quoting the amazon account being locked/disabled without any specific reasons. So I am doing a cash and carry these days(adding the voucher just before making a transaction in Amazon.

  34. Karan

    Hi Sid, and all you expert folks, firstly thanks for the blog, it has been very educational, keep up the good work!
    Would love to get your advice – I have a Citibank Salary account and an ICICI-Amazon CC. I am thinking of getting either a Regalia or Infinia as my 2nd CC. Yearly income 30-35 lakhs. Spend mostly online.
    Q1 – Is it recommended to shift the salary account to HDFC as well (since Citi going down anyways) before requesting for the CC vs. applying for the CC first? How is HDFCs banking experience (Citi has been great 🙁 )?
    Q2 – I was torn between Amex & HDFC for my 2nd CC – but slightly inclined towards HDFC due offline coverage issues with Amex – is this still the right call?

    1. S&S

      Someone else can comment about shifting salary account to HDFC.

      What I’d like to say is:

      1. With 30-35L you wont get Infinia. DCB & or Regalia higher probability.

      2. Trying becoming an Imperia customer (HDFC super premium account).
      A super premium credit card is part of the features and benefits.
      If you get a good RM and given the current times you can still try and push
      for Infinia.

      3. But then, like someone was saying, with Infinia Metal round the corner and
      Galaxia in the air, it’s better to wait for a while before making a move.

      4. Why not take an Amex too ! It’s easy to fulfil Membership Awards Cards’
      monthly milestones (1000 points for 1500x 4 transactions every month +
      1000 points if your monthly spends reach 20,000 per month).
      Having a Regalia can give you a shoot at Infinia going forward, depending
      on how generous HDFC gets .
      Having a DCB may stagnate you, without Infinia upgrade option, while also
      having acceptance issues, offline.
      In the past as an Imperia I was able to split card limit between DCB &
      Regalia. Many others too have experienced this. Not sure if HDFC still
      offers this combo. (Not to forget HDFC is not issuing Diners Cards

      All the best !

  35. Apoorva Tiwari

    Hi Siddharth
    What’s the Infinia metal card and the 1:1 redemption offer? This is the first time I heard about it.
    That would be a great way to use a chunk of my points since air-travel is still a distant dream.

  36. Vipul Aggarwal

    I made a mistake, I missed redeeming the points to Amazon vouchers. I like booking directly via MMT and I could use Amazon vouchers to pay there.

  37. RM

    Hey Sid!
    Any update on the rumour about the new HDFC Galaxia (metal) credit card. As per the leaked MITC, annual fee is 20000₹ plus GST with a fee waiver on spends above 25lacs a year. Having said that, 7RP/150₹ seems to be to good to be true if 1RP=1₹ like Infinia or DCB. Looking forward to more updates from your side.

  38. Sandeep

    I hold a Regalia card for 2 years nows. Recently got the offer to increase the limit to 15L. Do you think I will get the chance /offer to upgrade my card to Infinia in the near future ??

  39. Rohit

    I think hdfc would again bring this redeem at 0.70 coz very soon internatinal travel would get resumed and it’s a profit for bank to let go at 0.70 when compared to 1 Rs equivalent.

  40. Sreetharan

    I’m stuck with my LTF Diners black now for more than a year with same credit limit of 5.3 lacs. Acceptance is becoming poor day by day though i live in a metro. Is there any way i can upgrade to Infinia or the new infinia metal/galaxia when they launch?

    1. Rohit

      Heard that new galaxia card is 24k as annual fee. If I had a Ltf dcb I would happily be with it. I have a backup card for DCB. You can easily get Amazon pay card which is best is what I feel since it’s LTF. Icici bank was humble enough to even offer me LTF rubyx card. Unless you are going to book a flight worth 1 lakh I feel there is no need of upgrading to infinia. Since my dcb is a paid variant and I am planning to fly once open I will ask for infinia.

    1. Mahesh

      Not concierge, you can call imperia / infinia customer care for this if you already hold an infinia plastic card. I was told that they can take a request if I am interested, but since my card is LTF now, and the one we request wont be LTF, i did not go ahead with the request.

      1. Rahul

        I called they said they do not have much information and are not taking requests. Once officially card is launched only then they shall be able to take requests

      2. Vikram

        Is it at least first year free? My Infinia plastic variant is so and it’s just about a month old. I am just wondering if I convert to the metal variant would it still be FYF.

        1. Mahesh

          Vikram, For me they told it will be a paid version. So I will wait for few more months once it gets released and settled and then decide after seeing the difference in benefits between the two and if the change is really worth it considering my current inifinia is LTF. In your case if its just FYF, you can go for the metal one, as anyways they will be giving points for the free realised.

          1. Vikram

            Thank you Mahesh. I’m not split on whether to upgrade now itself or enjoy FYF free of the plastic and then aquire metal.

        2. Rohit

          @Vikram: You were not able to upgrade from DCB to Infinia for a very long time and had lots of arguments with HDFC too. So, Finally how did you get the upgrade? I am also stuck with DCB.

      3. S&S

        Got the same offer when I spoke to Infinia customer care.

        Not exercising the option.
        My card is up for renewal in March.

  41. Babai Das

    Can anyone tell me if i can get a notice from Income Tax if I spend more than 10Lacs in a financial year using one credit card (considering my income is more than this expense)?
    This includes my extended family member’s expenses as well.

  42. Arun

    Thank god! I didn’t waste my points before.

    Now I can happily redeem at Tanishq store at 1:1 ratio .

    1. Anshul

      They should come up with 50k, 1lac Tanishq vouchers. They currently have only 1k, 2k, 5k and 10k vouchers.. It’s a waste of time to use multiple vouchers during redemption. Even the billing guys seem disinterested and unwelcoming when you throw a bunch of vouchers at them to punch in and more so if there is huge crowd!! No one buys jewellery for 1-2k at Tanishq! Poor execution.

      1. Karan

        As per RBI master guidelines for GV’s and prepaid instruments, max GV value cannot exceed 10K per instrument

    2. Vicky

      I also used 1.2 lac tanishq voucher . But found tanishq making chargee vy high at 25%

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        When you pay remaining 30%,whether it’s considered as voucher purchase and that’ll fetch 5x?

  43. Dattatreya

    Aren’t we getting 1 RP= 66Ps already while exchanging for statement credit. So 70Ps is not great of an offer to buy vouchers.

    1. kanav soni

      What is the statement credit option. I f you can elaborate.

  44. Dattatreya

    If you use offer @0.70Ps
    Spend 14280RP = ₹10000 GV only

    If you use Statement credit method
    14280 RP = 9520 rupees (statement credit)
    Spend ₹10000 = ₹10000 GV+ 1667 RP (smart buy 5X)
    Spend ₹9520+₹480= ₹10000 GV+₹1111 (statement credit)
    Spend 14280 RP= ₹10000GV+₹631

    You save approx ₹630 for every 10k GV you redeem if you skip 0.70Ps offer and use statement credit instead.

    1. Chintan

      I guess this isn’t correct, statement credit gives only 30 paisa per RP

  45. Sujit

    Any0ne has redeemed their points for an Apple product? Any idea if it shipped by Apple itself and what are the timelines?

    1. maddox

      I have bought an ipad pro 12.9 inch on Nov 1. It was shipped on 9th Nov. from some Banglore site and will be delivered on 13th Nov. Let’s see how it turns out.
      Infinia rewards took 8 days to process the order and provide an AWB number. The product can only be shipped to the address on the infinia card statement.

      1. Sujit

        Thank you. I got my phone within 5 days of order, but after incessantly following up with the concierge service. Getting the tracking details was a pain. They had no clue who was going to ship and when. In fact they asked me to contact Imagine, when the product was going to be sent by HDFC rewards vendor.

  46. Prateek

    Will I get 10x points if I buy lifestyle vouchers from Amazon through smart buy portal?

  47. Nitin

    Sid, Can you find out regards how to redeem Diners Club or Infinia reward points on Apple products? If so, which apple resellers allow points to be redeemed and what is the process for the same

  48. Dogomo

    While redeeming points for Tanishq vouchers or Apple products, on the 30% paid via cc we get 5X or 10X points?

  49. LKG

    when is this redemption offer coming back? I never get any email from HDFC for this offer

      1. Manoj

        For 1 lac amazon voucher, if used for flight ticket booking, one has to consume 142857 points with current 0.7 value/point. If smartbuy portal is used for flight booking for 1 lac, 70000 points are used and one gets 5000 points (5x) on balance 30000/- to be mandatorily paid by Infinia. Thus one gets value of 75000/- in using points +card on one lac spend. Whereas by amazon voucher, one has to pay (or loose) extra 42000 cash/points. Thus IMO the redemaption for flight booking gives best value .

  50. Varun

    Thanks redeemed around 1.4 lacs points (total i have around 2.6 lacs) for 1 lac of amazon voucher on my Diners black and Infinia card.

  51. R

    Thanks for the news.

    I have HDFC plastic infinia, I use Tanishq 1:1

    You may want to update the article.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, took about 3 hrs for me when I tested it today. It keeps changing though.

    2. Chintan

      Depends upon your luck. Once I received within 1 min another time it took almost 24 hours

  52. Monu

    This offer is not good for infinia cardholders as Tanishq vouchers are available at Rs1/point. Also one can get instant resale value of Tanishq vouchers (around 80%) on many websites). So I wonot go for it.

  53. Sunil

    Thanks. Redeemed 99,400 points for 70,000 of Amazon Vouchers. Used 50% points.



    1. Ashish

      Vouchers are available, just checked. You need to go to rewards in hdfc Infinia at smart buy and then apply a filter for Amazon.

  55. manoj kumar singh

    Redeemed 1lac points for 70000…. Rest i will use later. Good offer. Was worried what will happen to our points

  56. Ashish

    This is equivalent to Tanishq and Apple voucher and being amazon is open for any other gift card/recharge/bill pay etc so is definitely great offer. I didn’t realise this till last year but have redeemed all points today. Only risk is if there is good offer to convert to airline/hotel points later.

    Let’s say you want to buy flight tickets/Tanishq voucher for 142857. You will pay Rs 100000 through points and rest cash. For cash part let’s say for flight you get about 7200 points. Now you can break that into 2 txns of 100000 through Amazon flights and get offers as well and do another one on hdfc to get 5x rewards. Or buy 100000 Tanishq voucher on Amazon and buy rest of Tanishq voucher using hdfc card or through Amazon vouchers bought using hdfc card. But now you can also buy any product or any gift card available on Amazon. If booking lower value flight can buy makemytrip gift voucher and get 5% further discount, get gold coin or other jeweler vouchers if you don’t want Tanishq vouchers.

  57. Rohit

    I dont know how many of you redeemed with massive devaluation I am not even able to earn 1000 Points in month for DCB. Since I already redeemed last year some 50k points will use 1.5 lak points for some international travel.

  58. kg

    For flight travels in India, isn’t it better to transfer the points to Club Vistara points or intermiles points? The transfer ratio to CV points is 1:1, and CV points are generally valued at around Rs. 1.25.

    1. manzb

      The value of CV points are around 0.8 to 1.2.
      But if you buy using Amazon Pay, for the same ticket you can most cases get a 10-12% discount and on top of it 8-10% as CV points. So your 0.7 value gets bumped out to around 1.
      But with Amazon pay, you are free to use it for anything, It is like a hard cash as most online sites accept it as a mode of payment.

  59. Rahul

    Since July some of smartbuy points are not coming.. earlier they used to come t+3.

    They are crediting some points on t+3 but not the rest.

    This is happening across whether it is vouchers or flights etc

    Are others facing the same issue?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      I faced the issue for few transactions, it’s not credited on T+3. So I had to raise compliant to Infinia customer care to get the missing points.

      1. Rohit

        From past 1 week dcb voucher purchased through smart buy bonus points are not getting credited after T+3 DAYS.. Any changes on that or I should raise a complaint?

    2. Anshul

      I haven’t received for few transactions for June as well, on reporting cc says i will get after the end of month as per the 90 day schedule when this was reported 15 days back to cc. Till date status is same

  60. Rahul

    Today, my infinia stopped working on Gyftr website.

    Gyftr guys are saying that hdfc has blocked this card on Gyftr.. HDFC infinia helpdesk has no clue

    1. RKS

      Same here.. checked and got it.. may be we have to wait till a month

    2. Shivi

      Not only yours, all of my circle Infinia cards, ~ approx 17, are not working. Maybe tokenisation woes. Wait till Monday/tuesday i guess

    3. Gautam Garg

      There is some issue with saved cards. Please retry and explicitly enter card details on the payment page.

  61. Rohan

    I don’t see 1:1 vouchers for apple products? ( I see only tanishq). How can we buy the latest apple products (All I see is iPhone 12 on smartbuy) for 1:1 RP value?

  62. Prateek

    Hey Sid

    I am planning to buy iPhone through Croma website. I am buying Croma vouchers through gyftr. Will I be able to use multiple vouchers to buy one product? Is there any limit to use these vouchers? Your answer will be helpful.

    1. Abhi

      Croma vouchers if you redeem on croma website there’s a limit of 5 vouchers, regardless of denomination. But in-store there’s no limit, you can use any number of vouchers of any denomination.

    2. Anshul

      Also, there are two kinds of Croma Gift Vouchers. One which is 16 digit numeric voucher with 6 digit numeric pin. Other one is a 10 character alphanumeric voucher starting with “CV”. While purchasing online on Croma Website you cannot combine these two categories of vouchers and can only use upto 5 vouchers (of only 1 kind in a single transaction). However at the store you can use any number of vouchers and can also combine the 2 categories of vouchers in a single purchase.

  63. Mugunthan


    HDFC introduced Amazon Shopping Vouchers in Smart buy portal.

    Existing old one is Amazon Gift Card.

    Whats the difference ?

    Amazon Gift Card can be used for Shopping as well as bill payments/ recharges/insurance payments etc.

    New Amazon Shopping Vouchers can be used ONLY for Shopping.

    Whats the need for this is to be seen.

  64. Mugunthan


    We can buy 10K Amazon Gift Card and also 10K Amazon Shopping Voucher.

    Both comes with 5X rewards.

    For this month, I got Regular as well as 5X reward points credited immediately.

    For me, only the last month 5X rewards are pending with Infinia card.


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