Advertising Policy

Display advertising

Those advertisements you see in the sidebar, or sprinkled throughout the page are display ads served by google or any other services depending on when you see it. I do-not have control on what ad you see, as its taken care by the respective service providers.

Apart from that you may also see our own products/services depending on what we could offer at a given time.

Sponsored posts

We may accept a fee from an advertiser for a sponsored post that’s fully written by the respective service provider. This will always be labeled with an additional disclosure, so that you know the content itself was paid for directly.

Affiliate relationships

You may see affiliate or referral links across the site that earn us a commission when you make a purchase or apply a credit card using that link.

This doesn’t make any difference to the content we create & publish.

Editorial disclosure

All the opinions, ideas, and analysis here at Card Expert are my own, or those of my contributors, in which case they are representing their own opinions. None of the advertisers or banks or service providers I work with get to review or edit any of our content, and unless specifically noted, none of our posts are sponsored or endorsed by any other entity.