About Me

Who Am I?

I don’t know who I am. Neither you know who you are, or, do you? really?! You simply associate your past memories and think that it’s you. Think about it for a moment.

Okay, that may sound weird, so let me tell you who I am.

I am one of the billions. I am stardust, gathered and showing up in human form on planet earth for a short while. Well, you are no different than me in that aspect. 

Hmm, but you are not here to read these spiritual views, isn’t it? 😉

Well, I’m Siddharth from Tamilnadu, India. I started my work life as a freelance Digital Marketer. Few years ago I got into this game of credit card rewards that helped me explore the world (few countries) at a fraction of the cost and their never ending experiences.

Since then I couldn’t exit this game! It was initially an addiction, then I realised that it is an addiction, but I continue to play for fun.

Siddharth Raman

Me on Vistara Business Class. (Costs me 2% of the actual fare)

Now, do you think you know who I am?! Yes, you do, but its relative and not absolute.

For ex, Sun rises in the East and sets in the west is the relative truth. But the absolute truth is that Sun never rises, nor sets. It’s just that Earth revolves around the Sun and it makes all these changes. Isn’t it?

So the truth is that I still don’t know the absolute truth of who I am and I’m in the process of finding it through Yoga and Meditation.

I’ve experienced few miracles in this process but I am still in search of THAT which is NOT. When I find, I will let the world know. 🙂

So why am I here?

Years back, I was searching online to apply for the best credit card for my usage and found no proper resources across the web for Indian Credit Cards. So as a solution, I came up with CardExpert.

The site helps you spend wisely to earn maximum Reward Points/ Cashback /Air Miles and Vouchers so that you too can enjoy free flights, hotel stays and what not, you may enjoy free vacations all through the year, just like me.

If you’re a regular reader here, chances are you never pay for flights or hotel stays. Speaking of hotels, you should check out my recent stay at Taj Mahal Palace, Mumbai

Gateway of india

View from my room at The Taj mahal Palace, Mumbai

How Cardexpert helps You?

It simply makes you a CARD EXPERT w.r.t. any knowledge on credit cards no matter how dumb you are now in the field.

CardExpert is India’s #1 Portal providing REAL unbiased reviews and tips solely on credit/debit cards to maximize the return on plastic spend. I usually review the widely used regular, premium & super premium credit cards, with pros/cons, unused tips and tricks.

I’ve been using credit cards for about ~10 years now and it helps me to live on points for most of my basic needs. Now its time for you to enjoy that 🙂

Most of the articles are written by myself while some of them are shared by the contributors who are readers, just like you.

If you are looking for help in making the most out of your credit cards, you can avail my Quick Credit Card Consultation or simply browse through the website and grab all the information, for free 🙂

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