About Me

I’m Siddharth, a Digital Marketer for about a decade, with Engineering background from Tamilnadu, India. Years back, I was searching online to apply for the best credit card for my usage and found no proper resources across the web for Indian Credit Cards.

So as a solution, I came up with “CardExpert” to help credit card holders spend wisely to earn maximum Reward Points/Cashback/Air Miles and Vouchers. Do you know that you can board at-least 10 domestic flights a year at FREE of cost? If you’re a regular reader here, you would know it 🙂

CardExpert is India’s only Portal providing REAL unbiased reviews and tips solely on credit/debit cards, helping over readers to choose the right credit card and make the best use of it. I review the widely used regular, premium & super premium credit cards, with pros/cons, unused tips and tricks to help you maximize the savings.

I’ve been using credit cards for about 7 years now and it helps me to travel almost for free. While the government pushing for a better Digital India, the competition is getting healthy in credit card industry and so it is the right time for end users like us to make use of these Credit Card perks.

Most of the articles are written by myself while some of them are shared by the contributors who are readers, just like you. If you are looking for serious help in making the most out of your credit cards, you can avail my Quick Credit Card Consultation.

Disclaimer: All reviews are personal.

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