One-on-one Credit Card Consultation [Paid]

By | June 10, 2024
credit card consultation

100’s of articles, 1000’s of comments and still unable to find a satisfying answer to your burning queries about living a life out of credit card rewards?

You’ve landed at the right place!

That’s right, I’m re-opening the one-on-one credit card consultation service for a short time.

You can talk to me directly over email, phone (or Zoom if you wish) and get all your queries answered in matter of minutes.

What I know

I’ve been using credit cards across multiple issuers for over 10 years – with annual fee of cards ranging from Rs.0 (life time free) to Rs.70,000 (expensive metal’s) like Amex Platinum and Axis Reserve.

At any point in time I hold 10+ credit cards in my wallet and I make sure all my spends are giving me sufficient rewards to fund my travels and bit more.

Note: This doesn’t mean you need to hold 10 cards too. Beyond 5 cards is usually a matter of choice.

I try my best to optimize my annual spends to fetch me at-least 5% return in 2024 and that’s what you may expect for your profile as well.

Quick Stats:

  • Travelled to: 4 European Countries, 2 African Countries & 6 Asian Countries
  • Business Class cabins explored (Domestic): Vistara, Air india
  • Business Class cabins explored (International): Etihad, Lufthansa, Cathay Pacific, Austrian Airlines, Air India, Thai Airways, SriLankan Airlines & Vietnam Airlines, Air Mauritius, Egypt Air (Please never fly on this)
  • First Class Cabins explored: Lufthansa
  • Hotel Chains explored: Marriott, Taj, Accor & Hilton

What You Get

Ideally, you can expect a simple strategy which you can put in action so that you can enjoy a complimentary vacation on points, or whatever your need.

You can also ask me anything that runs on your mind about credit/debit cards, forex, hotels, travel, tourist visa, etc.

The Fee

Update: Consultations will be handled post 5th July 2024.

You may however pre-book anytime!

One email
Email Response Only
Best for anyone with spends <15L
1 Detailed Email response
Follow up: Once (via email)
Valid for: 1 Week
Book now
One Call
Support over Call
Best for anyone with spends >15L
Call time: ~45 mins
Follow up: Once (via email)
Valid for: 1 Month
Book now

Choosing the plan

Note: Spends mentioned above are annual credit card spends.

# Beginner: If your credit card spends are <15 Lakhs a year, you may choose the Beginner plan. It comes with 1 detailed email response + 1 follow up email if required. Existing/old customers who’ve taken the consultation in the past can also take this plan to get a 15-min call instead of email response.

# Professional: If your credit card spends are >15 Lakhs & <30 Lakhs a year, you may choose the professional plan. This is good if you just need a quick one time strategy to get most out of your credit card spends.

Ideally, you can save over 1.5 Lakhs (as travel benefits) on 30L annual spend and you pay only 9,999 INR as consultation fee.

# VIP: If your spends are >30 Lakhs a year, be it personal (or) business/corporate spends, this is for you. This includes upto 2 major calls (45 mins each) in a year + I’ll be available for you anytime during the period over whatsapp/email to answer your quick queries. You can consider me as your credit card concierge.

Ideally, you can save over 2 Lakhs (as travel benefits) on 50L annual spend and you pay only 19,999 INR as consultation fee. This can also be paid via gift card if you wish. Please email me for more info.

What’s not included? Maximising high value Fuel & utility spends are not covered.

Which one to take? I would suggest VIP plan whenever possible. Because, looking at my previous conversations with wonderful people all over the country, I see that a longer call is inevitable on the topic. But if you already have an exposure about credit card usage/redemptions, you may go for the Professional plan

How the booking works? Once booked, You’ll receive an email within a day reg. next steps. If you think the email/call is getting delayed or if you’re in an urgency, please drop me a line here so that I’ll make sure you’re on priority.


1. I have read all your articles, will this consultation still be useful to me?

It depends. You’ve already read 90% of the content and you should be an expert by now. But if you think you’re missing out on something, I would be happy to answer in comments as well. Please drop your comments under respective articles.

2. I spend 5L a year on cards, can you optimize my returns?

At this spend level, best credit cards article is sufficient to give what you need. This consultation is mostly suited for those who have (or plan to have) annual spends >10 Lakhs.

3. Do you guarantee on getting me a super premium credit card?

The consultation gives you ways and means to get the card you desire – be it Infinia or Centurion. My suggestions have worked for over 99% of whom I’ve spoken to. However, it’s not guaranteed, as it depends on the individual’s profile.

4. Can I follow up later if required?

Certainly. I would be happy to respond to the follow up queries post consultation, preferably via email. If you’ve chosen VIP plan, I’ll anyway be available over a chat, anytime of the day for 1 Year!

5. Can you reduce the consultation fee?

The fee is designed in such a way that the consultation fee you pay is quite affordable in comparison to the gain as vouchers/points/cashback.

6. Shall I pay the fee using vouchers (or) points/miles?

Sure, I can take equivalent vouchers/points/miles from select brands! Please email me for more info. You may as well share your preferred choice.

Got queries? get answers, book your one-on-one credit card consultation now.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

79 thoughts on “One-on-one Credit Card Consultation [Paid]

  1. Priyansh

    The best part of this, I have loved is, you are up front telling users who have read articles or have low spends, that might not be for them. And even say you are happy to answer here if any for them

    Love the honesty. Hope more people are like you.

    Kudos to work you are doing mate.

  2. Addy

    Hi sid
    Yesterday while looking for a credit card holder (which can hold 10+ cards) online i was wondering which cc holder sid will be using for carrying his cards.
    Kindly share.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I usually hold 3 credit cards & one debit card, in a regular wallet (one from baggit – the best one I’ve ever found).

      But yes, I do have a very good un-branded long wallet similar to the one got from BOB eterna with a Zip (redeemed payback points long ago for that) to hold like 20 cards (some loosely kept).

      1. Arijit

        Very much interested to know about the Baggit wallet. Could you please share the model or the link to purchase.


  3. Paras Dutta

    Congratulations on this Sid.There is no one better than you when it comes to credit cards,points miles etc education. And Love the honesty ! All the best 😀

  4. Vikas Rathi

    Hi Sid,

    I really like the idea and honestly, I myself am I big fan of credit cards and keeping following what’s new in the market and how best to utilize the offers to gain from it. I would be really interested to get involved in any research and finding new content for the website on a voluntary basis.

    For other users, I would like to say that the charge of Rs.999/- might sound a bit high for 15 mins but we need to understand from his point of view and value the time that he is investing in the call. Also, it is a one-off cost that you will be spending which will be fruitful for the next 2-3 years.

  5. Ramprasad G

    Agree. A lot can be achieved in 15 min if kept focused. In some of my office meetings, good number of important decisions are taken within a 30min meeting, which otherwise would have easily taken 2+ hours in another company.
    It’s all about keeping focus & to-the-point.

  6. Shailesh

    You have no idea!

    I did a call with Sid back in 2017. It’s one of the best decisions I took in my life. With all the spending I was doing on my cards I was literally losing so much in rewards. On the call, he analyzed all the spending and pattern suggested me cards and also gave me the trick to get an invite-only ultra-premium card which I was unaware of and never thought I would be able to get myself. But I got it and the rewards I get for my spending on it are unbelievable for anyone.

    And just because of that card, no card in India is out of my reach. If I want to do it on a C2C basis.

    This is just my story, there may be many more like me.

  7. AAJ

    Sid, i can book and not use too, certainly me and others would have been benefiting more than what you have specified as charges.
    Serious note, thank you for all your efforts.

  8. Srik

    This Site is my daily first webpage i go thru online..
    bible to credit card users… i am enjoying this site since 2017 december.

      1. manoj singh

        Is there any way to get 50-60 recent comments can be displayed on webpage so that no one miss the comments even if there is no new article. Comments can be good food for frequent visitors. Hope you can modify your site a bit to accommodate bit more comments. Also I just saw recent quick update section also missing now. That was great section please get it back as well.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Comments: Needs bit of a work. Will try to implement.

          Quick Update is now replaced with Instant email alerts. Idea is to save your time. You don’t even need to visit the website now to know the latest updates. 🙂

          1. manoj singh

            Quick update was good to know what’s changed and any new offer rather then going into post and check new updates. Please start again quick update section. It’s really great section. It help to get to know fast updates

          2. Siddharth Post author

            There are some tech issues with it and hence moved that section to instant email alerts, which is even more useful IMO.

    1. Nikhil

      True that. This site has been 1 stop destination for any credit card related queries.

  9. Boopathy

    Dear friends,
    I am a silent visitor to this site for quite some time, don’t normally leave comments. Just was going through the comments here, thought of just throw in some points in my view. I had a one-on-one discussion with Siddharth and believe me it’s really worth to have a word with him if you guys are really serious into credit cards, points, miles etc.. He has loads of knowledge and any doubts on any cards he has an answer to it. So I feel the discussion thread going on about the cost isn’t the right way. Those who needs more knowledge and information on credit cards can use it and others can pass it, it’s that simple. Do remember he is sharing loads of information on credit cards for FREE through his blog and I am sure many have benefited through it.

    Good day!!!

  10. Rajiv

    Dear Siddharth,

    I have been following your site for about 2 years now. And I must say your site has been real instrumental in my journey from 4 cards to 25 cards now. Have tried different types of cards and enjoyed perks of different types.

    It is a hobby that helps save a lot of money and enjoy some real good perks. Your analysis, updates, comments from followers are source of real time learning.

    In fact it has made me help a number of people in my circle to optimise their spending and save decent sums.

    Thanks to you Siddharth.

  11. Ronak Dhoot

    Dear Siddharth,

    I have been using this website since last 2 years. All articles are very informative and you are doing a great job in providing timely updates. I am sure all are benefited in some or other way.

  12. Ekansh Mishra

    Great content.

    Thanks a lot!

    Any Chances Prices for call may dip back to Rs. 499/-?

  13. Ashish

    I consider myself power user of credit cards. But as outcome of this call I have already received Infinia card for my wife within a week, for which I had already reached out to her RM multiple times with no results. I got few more tips but just being able to upgrade from Regalia to Infinia will bring in few thousands worth of reward points every month.
    So definitely worth at any price and my call lasted around 20 minutes. You need to know what you are looking for and have your possible questions ready before call. Thanks Siddharth. For most people this call will be super useful at even 4999 and won’t be exaggeration to say even that amount can be recovered every month in additional reward points.

  14. Amitabh

    That will be really good for those who want one to one help from you. It is because of you that I developed interest in credit cards and managed to get cards like Infinia, yes first exclusive, ICICI Amazon pay, Amex MRCC, axis bank ace and now IDFC select. Even I answer people’s queries on cards and the credit goes to you.

  15. Pulkit Jindal

    Thank you so much Siddharth. I got upgraded to Infinia Metal from diners club black. Your consultation paid off, really worth it. You were so polite in explaining the things, infact I was a bit hesitant to ask more questions. But your tip paid off and got upgraded to Infinia Metal from Diners Black.

  16. Yatharth

    Hello sir,
    I just became your fan, the simplicity in your articles just made me subscribe to your newsletter within a few minutes.

  17. Arjun

    Thanks for taking time to answer my long list of queries.

    I received the pending 12,500 points (5x rewards) on Axis credit card within 5 days of escalation as you said.

    Also Infinia is approved and accumulated more than 10,000 points already. Thank you very much Sid.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sorry, no idea to discount it Swapnil. It demands more time all through the year!

  18. Nimesh

    Took Sid’s consultation in 2019 and now we have 2 Infinia and 1 Diners Black International in family. I take minimum 100 flights a year and Diners black is very handy for lounge access.

    I also took another consultation last month when he re-opened it, to fix low credit limit issue on Axis bank credit card. I now have 5X more limit, all thanks to Sid.

  19. Shivanshu

    If you really want to earn then why don’t you open a yt channel instead of luxury price subscription. This is not going to work for long time as the people who will take this will be very less. But on youtube it will give you your desired payment and reach towards lakhs of people.

  20. naveen

    Hi Sidarth,

    I am looking for 1 year support 7999/- any discount available as same like 4999/- 40%off wih end on Jan 31st 2022?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, Naveen. No plans to deep discount it in future either.

  21. Rajesh

    Hello why are you not approving my question?

    May I know the reason behind?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It needs a long answer. Quick answer is: Yes. But it might take an year or more to reach the goal. And by then the system may change. So it’s more of hit or miss.

  22. RK D

    I never commented here but never missed an article since 2018. After seeing other reviews on Sidd’s consultation I decided to write few lines too.

    I gone for his VIP Consultation last year, on request. Even though I was eligible for all cards I did not find time to understand how these rewards work. Sidd helped me apply for few super premium cards and also on redeeming those points whenever I needed. He usually replies real quick, in few minutes to max an hour with details I needed.

    My wife and Kids are happy because of the additional points vacations and points shopping we did in 2021. Sidd also helped me get an excellent retention benefit on Amex metal card which I never know it can be done.

    Above all how can I forget about our hour long conversations on spirituality. Thank you very much for all the help and the effort on Cardexpert SIDD.

  23. Hareendra

    You obviously have lot of knowledge and experience about making best out of credit cards. Is it possible to share your insights on patreon instead of consulting sessions.

  24. Rahul

    Hi sir,

    can you please review the salary accounts from different banks and suggest good cards accordingly.


  25. Shubham Jain

    Hi Sid, I am avid reader of your blog and really value the honest and to the point review by you on new/existing cards. I am a credit card enthusiastic and currently hold around 15+ credit cards (oldest being 9+ years now) from almost all major banks with limit ranging from 82k to 7lacs per card.
    My annual spends range between 20-30 lacs.

    I recently came across this article and realized that maybe even after knowing so much about various card offerings, I am not able to utilize them completely in terms of rewards, which makes me think of opting for your consultation. However I am still not able to make up my mind.

  26. Tejas

    Hi Siddharth,
    I am very regular reader of all your blogs which are very detailed one and to the points explained. As of now, I am new to airmiles and hotel loyalty programs. I have started exploring and trying to understand these miles games so that I can get best possible value from the point. Main reason is I have plans to do international travels in the future. Can you please help me on deciding if opting for consultation service will be helpful? My annual spends are 10-15L.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      International airmiles program is an ocean which I haven’t explored yet. So I wouldn’t suggest taking my consultation “as of now” if that’s the primary reason.

  27. Avinash

    Dear Sidharth,
    Do you also provide consultation for privilege banking/ premium banking?

    Thank you,

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve a decent exposure in the segment. Please write to me, might need to know the needs in advance to see if I can help.

  28. Rushab Shah

    Hi I would want to take this consultation but I need one very specific help which would want to discuss. But first about me, I hold like 5-7 CC and my spends are good but still feel there is a lot of opportunities which I am unable to grab and take advantage of. Also, trying to apply for very specific card since a long time but getting rejected whereas I have other card which are quite premium as compared to one I am getting rejected. Don’t know the reason for the same.

  29. Anirudh Sharma

    I’ve a citi premier miles card (21lac limit), while Magnus and Onecard have 10lac respectively.

    Recently got Amex platinum travel with only 1.25 limit, can you help obtain better credit cards?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Hi Alphonse, I’m sorry that I couldn’t respond to the emails. I’m either travelling or bit occupied lately and hence consultation is turned off, it should be up in 2-3 weeks.

      1. AR

        Dear Siddharth, Thank you. I understand you are traveling. Please let me know once you are back or if you are able to squeeze sometime at your convenience.

          1. A

            Dear Siddharth, Just checking to see when you would be available.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Kindly allow a day or two, will revert back on email.

          3. A

            Hi Sid, Sorry to be following up one too many times. Any chance you’d be available in the near future.

          4. Siddharth Post author

            Apologies. Unfortunately got into a health issue, might not open consultation for next 2 months but will try my best to handle your’s in next 2-3 days.

          5. Siddharth Post author

            Just responded to the email.

  30. Abhishek

    Take care and rest Siddharth . Wishing you speedy recovery to good health


    Take care, Take rest, we will wait

    Wish you a quicker recovery
    Back to normal

      1. balaji

        Bro, it’s concerning to see you frequently falling sick. Hope it’s not serious. Please take care. My prayers with you.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Thanks & All good now!
          This one is worthy of an article, will do in a day or two. Will be useful for many.


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