Hands on experience with BOB Eterna Credit Card

By | February 20, 2021
BOB Eterna Credit Card
BOB Eterna Credit Card

Bank of Baroda recently launched couple of new credit cards with Eterna being the premium variant given to the general public. I recently got the card and here’s my detailed experience about the same.

This article covers only my onboarding experience, if you’re looking for the features & benefits, check out: BOB Eterna Credit Card review

Application Process

As soon as I decided to get the card, I shared my details online, which basically captures your data and shares it with the closest region handling online applications, need not be the nearest branch though.

After about ~2 weeks of sharing details online, I got the call for applying without opening bank a/c.

I shared all required documents and the physical verification was done a week later. Its odd to see the verification guy taking a snapshot of the home (exterior).

Verification went through but the card was “not approved due to internal policies”. It actually got stuck in an issue that caused this.

The issue was some policy change, which now asks for BOB savings ac for new applications.

I started escalating and got it sorted. So they re-checked CIBIL for 2nd time and then the card got delivered within a week of approval.

Note: Some users are getting fully digital application process too via Video KYC.

Credit Limit

It came with a decent credit limit in the usual range given for any Premium credit card.

While the credit limit is lot lesser than my other super premium cards, it is sufficient to begin the journey with.


The Blue dart guy called me saying Sir, you’ve got a new card from Mastercard”. Basically Mastercard branding is heavily done on the outer package.

The card comes in a box (that’s not so intact) with a wallet holder. Here are some snaps of the package and the card:

Eterna Credit Card Box
Eterna Credit Card Wallet inside the box
Eterna Credit Card Wallet and box
Eterna Credit Card Wallet
Eterna Credit Card Wallet – Inside look
Eterna Credit Card with MITC and others
Eterna Credit Card and the Wallet

Its all good, except that I wish the wallet was in black colour. It’s actually more of a passport holder to use while travelling, than a wallet to store multiple cards.

I feel it’s bit bigger to hold and wander in airport. May keep your passport & ticket safe though. Good attempt anyway!

The Card

The Eterna Credit card has some shiny elements in blue colour, which I scratched by mistake while I was trying to get rid of the glue on it. You may not notice it much on image though.

The card has a clean design with numbers at the back. It looks decent in reality but lacks the WOW feeling.They should have picked a better colour here as this greenish look isn’t that great.

Add-On card

I applied Add-on card on netbanking but it doesn’t work as expected. So I had to send the docs again to email support to get it processed.

It takes about a week for them to process. Expect the card in hand in under 2 weeks of applying.

Add-on card comes with an elegant & beautiful hard cover box, unlike the one I got for the primary card, which were meant only for those with wallet, anyway.

Here are some snaps:

BOB Eterna add-on credit card box
BOB Eterna add-on credit card box
BOB Eterna add-on credit card - Inside
BOB Eterna add-on credit card – Inside
BOB Eterna add-on credit card - Closer look inside
BOB Eterna add-on credit card – Closer look inside

Net Banking

You can manage your credit card via Bobcards online portal. It’s not feature rich, but you can get basic things done like:

  • View statements
  • Unbilled txns
  • View reward points and
  • Redeem points for cash credit in a click (not realtime credit though)

You don’t have a mobile app. But you may use the net-banking on mobile interface and it works pretty well. 

The requests made on portal takes long time to get a response. That brings me to the next most important aspect of the product.

Service and support

Customer care is almost non-existent. Here is what I experienced:

  1. Phone Support: The dedicated toll free 24/7 Eterna support line (1800 103 1002) connects directly to executive and is better than regular support.
  2. Email Support: The dedicated Eterna email support is far better than the regular support with less robotic response. Response time is about 2-3 days.
  3. Social media support: They just take your details and “share with the team” but nothing actually happens. Hope this improves in future.

Generally, if there is an issue with reward points or others, expect it to get auto resolved in a month.

Things to note

  1. Milestone Rewards: 10K Points as milestone rewards (on spending 50K INR in 60 days) gets added on first statement itslef. Good work on that.
  2. Joining Fee Waiver: The joining fee reversal gets reflected on the next stmt. as long as the required criteria is met.
  3. Bonus rewards: Accelerated rewards like 5X gets added in real-time and will reflect on next stmt. for redemption. Expect stmt. to be generated within 3 business days of the next month.
  4. Add-on card: Its better to apply via eterna email support.
  5. Points Redemption: It takes a week for the team to process your redemption request once you place request on portal.

So you’ll have to wait a month to check if the bonus rewards gets credited properly. I wish it syncs on the portal real-time as well, just like how HDFC shows reward points on unbilled txns as well.

Paying the Bills

BOBCards bill payments

BOBCards billing is done for calendar month and the bill is generated by 1st of every month.

Once the stmt is generated you’ll get the stmt email with the ability to pay the bill through various payment modes: this also includes debit cards.

And yes, you may grab the points on debit cards for paying the bill. I checked using IndusInd debit card and works well.

How to Apply?

You may apply Bank of Baroda Eterna Credit card offline through branch (or) through the online portal using the referral link below:


Overall it’s a good product with the kind of value it offers. I’m surprised to see BOB trying new things to make customers happy, by sending a wallet along with the card (only for first few customers though).

But there is no point in adding glamour without meeting the basic needs of the customer, like no clear timeline for fulfilment of offers and when coupled with non so instant customer support it makes things worse.

I wish the dedicated email/phone support gets faster & better in future. Else, there is no point in selling a premium product. 

Feel free to follow us on Facebook, so you will know instantly once I post updates on the pending queries raised.

Do you have BOB ETERNA or other Bob cards? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. 

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

142 thoughts on “Hands on experience with BOB Eterna Credit Card

  1. Rishabh

    I have got the card just by sending docs with C2C basis, no tele or physical verification at all. Just a goof up by bank in delivery address as they sent it to other address though I had requested for delivery at Permanent address. Took 1 week to sort it out and redirect it for the bank.

    1. Utkarsh Agarwal

      Did you applied online and what’s the minimum limit needed for C2C basis?

      1. Rishabh

        Got a call from agent, applied via him. Submitted all the docs on email, no physical docs or signature etc.
        I had card with limit in 6 digits so agent didn’t mentioned about minimum limit required.

    2. Harsh Rastogi

      Hey Rishabh, I have a couple of questions for you.
      How did you contact them to ship the card to permanent address? Did you already gave address’s proof for both current/permanent address?
      If not, did they ask you to provide proof for the permanent address before shipping to it?

      1. Rishabh

        Hi Harsh,

        In the application form there are three options to select mailing address: Present/Permanent/Office.
        Tick Permanent.
        Later on if dispatched at wrong address, then send address proof on email for permanent address once the card is returned back to bank. They redispatch the card same day then.

  2. Pankaj Gupta

    How long did it take from getting status “approved and will be dispatched in next 5 working days ” to actually receiving the card. Do they send / update courier details.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I only got an email and was delivered in 7 days. Got Bluedart notifications, don’t recollect any from BOBCards. But these may vary for others as my application got re-processed.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Tried PayZapp and got base points. Not sure about bonus points as its not fulfilled yet.

  3. Mahesh S. Panicker

    I have been thinking about applying for this card as my next card option. As a visually impaired person, due to ignorance at the lower end of the bank officialdom, I sometimes face difficulties when applying for credit card or any other banking facilities. So it is all the more important that the customer support system is functional. As a public sector bank I have less expectations from BoB, but your experience with customer support is not very encouraging.

    Just had a month long fight with Axis to get my Flipkart card, considering that I don’t have an account or any banking relations with BoB, think I need to really recharge myself before I put in the application!

  4. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Siddharth congrats. If you are okay can you tell us which bank’s card statement you gave to B.O.B. and what percentage of limit you got ?

    1. Saurabh

      I shared my HDFC CC Statement and got the exact same credit limit as my HDFC CC.

      1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Saurabh how much limit you got and what was your CIBIL score ?

  5. Shikhar Makkar

    Did anybody apply for this card recently, as in last week or so? I am trying to apply for it and after filling out my details, I am stuck on the message ‘Verifying your details’. Did anybody encounter the same?

    1. Amrinder singh

      Yes shikhar i am also stuck on the same page ” verifying your details” and nothing happening after that.

      1. Shikhar Makkar

        Hello amrinder,

        Mine got sorted out. Yesterday, I received a mail to digitally sign my application. Did you get any such message?

        1. Vimalkumar patel

          Yes completed this step of digital verification and after that I have received video kyc link and my application done now waiting for bob cc

  6. HMW

    I use the BOB select credit card, used a Bob easy credit card for approx two years, and then they upgraded me to select, as you have already experienced, the customer care is pathetic, they had mysteriously added “Dadar” in my address for no reason as I don’t live there, and it took me hundreds of calls and emails and requests to get it removed, took more than a month.
    Also the credit limit is pathetic compared to my other cards, I’m only keeping it bcoz it has great online air ticket booking offers.

  7. Samrat

    Hi Sid which indusind bank debit card gives point on CC bill pay like you said

  8. Praveen

    I read this article couple of times, there is no info abt annual fee nor joining fee.. and point structure. Pls add that too if possible 🙂🙂

      1. Praveen

        Yes sid i jus skipped the link, found and read. I am also applying for this thanks a ton 🙏🏻🙏🏻

      1. Ravi

        The box was of better/premium quality as compared to what you have received but no leather passport holder.

      2. Ramesh Kumar

        I also received without passport holder, maybe if it’s only for first 100 customers as one of the reader said. It’s bit large rectangular box with lots of empty place with only documents.

        1. Shikhar Makkar

          Maybe we can ask Sid about this? Did you also contact the customer support about this?

          1. Siddharth Post author

            They usually don’t have any information apart from those which anyway you can get on netbanking. But I don’t think I’m one of those first 100.

          2. Ramesh Kumar

            No not contacted customer care, because it’s not mentioned anywhere(about passport holder).

  9. Rahul Singh

    Hi Siddharth, I wanted to get a amex card. Can you share difference between co branded amex cards vs card issued by amex itself.

    If I go for Indusland Iconica, will I be able to get offers from both Indusland bank and amex or just one?

    Also Amex is know to provide best customer service so just wanted to know who will provide support, amex or indusland.

    I have a HDFC classic account with good NRV and wanted to get regalia upgrade from moneyback( preapproved with Rs.60000 limit, ), is there a way I can get upgraded, RM is not helping me.

    I have an ITR of 7 LPA. Also have Axis flipkart credit card with 140000 credit limit.

    Sorry for long list of questions, I’m a beginner and wanted to understand everything before applying for card.

    1. Ankur S

      For co branded card, issuing bank will provide support in this case IndusInd. For amex support apply their card.

      Continue to use hdfc card and keep claiming limit enhancements and you should have regalia depending on your usage. Or you could fill and submit credit card form present on hdfc website (form centre) and drop that in bank drop box.

  10. Ankit Agarwal

    I too have a decent profile but my application got rejected (1st time in my life).
    Can you help with the escalation process?

    1. Gautam

      Must have been because of some error as it happened with me. In such cases, they will reinitiate the process on their own and send you the card in another 3 weeks.

    2. Sandesh Jain

      Did you take any step further? I am facing the same issue as well

  11. Shivi

    “Its odd to see the verification guy taking a snapshot of the home (exterior).” ~ Happened in the case of my SBI card verification in 2017 too.

    1. Sree

      This could be proof to show that they have visited the actual location maybe?

  12. Pankaj Gupta

    Dear PANKAJ GUPTA, your application 561801### for Bank of Baroda credit card is approved. It will be dispatched in the next 5 working days. For any assistance, email us at ccb at bobfinancial.com or call our toll-free 1800223224.
    I am getting this status(application status check on website)since 8 working days. On mailing at above address, I get a generic reply that your application is in process . Above mentioned phone number is non existent. Don’t really know how to find where my application is currently stuck. Other customer care numbers are also not able to help.

    1. pavan

      same thing happened to me and customer care is useless.. u got any update ?

        1. Prashant Tekriwal

          I got my card within 7 days of approval. The total time it took from applying and receiving the card was within 15 days.

          I think their service level depends on the city (not sure though) and it may also vary on case to case basis.

      1. Bala

        Atlast received message from BOB with the bluedart reference no. Waiting for the card to get delivered. It took exactly 10 working days to dispatch the card from Approval date.

  13. Akshat

    @Sid, “You don’t have a mobile app”.

    Why do you say this. There is a BOB app ‘BoB credit card on the app store. Although it’s a bit websiteyy as the interface is a lot like the browser one but still..

  14. Harish Raj

    Have anyone actually used Domestic lounge access on an Eterna Add on card?

  15. J g

    Anyone else have trouble registering their card online? I got my new eterna but registration on their portal doesn’t seem to work.

    1. Ganesh

      I received the card today; but, facing an issue to register the card. Did you receive any input/solution from the bank?


      1. J g

        It worked on Monday, was not working on weekends. Portal keeps going down randomly.

      2. Prashant Tekriwal

        I too faced the issue while registering. I tried multiple times and after 8-10 attempts over 2-3 days, I was finally able to register my card.

        So just keep trying and eventually you will be able to register (hopefully 🙂 ).

        1. Gajanan Vaidya

          It test your patience 😀. After 15 attempts, my card got registered

  16. Mayank Goel

    The customer support of BOB is pathetic. They still haven’t replied to my query pending from last 15 days. Two times I got a computerized reply saying sorry for delay and your query will be answered within 3 days.

  17. Naitik Mehta

    hey i got BOB eterna card…my question is regarding FITPASS subscription which comes with this card…Fitpass is providing service in very few cities. and its not available into my city.how should i use this? Is there any way to use this offer? Any other have experienced this kind of Problem?

  18. Witz

    Hi. Suggestion required from forum members. My application was not approved despite CIBIL score of 835 and high credit limit on other card when applied on c2c basis although my itr is also good but i didn’t apply through that. They mention due to internal policies we are not approving your application and they mention “we will be happy to consider your application when you apply again with updated financial information at a later date.” What else should i do to get my application reconsidered or when to reapply. Thanks


      Might be they are giving first priority to bob account holders to approve cards. I was same confirmed by the bob cse last time, when i hv applied for their card. Later, i opened a SB a/c and after few days, i applied online with last year ITR form for the card by mentioning my customer id. That’s it, card got approved. I think this can be a easiest way to get card. Try it.

      1. Prashant Tekriwal

        I am not sure about this. I think they have some random criteria to approve/disapprove :).

        I don’t hold any BOB a/c but my card was approved and dispatched within 15 days of initiating the process.

        My CIBIL score is around 770 and I didn’t share any information other than what they ask in their application (i.e. no Card on Card basis approval).

    2. Nishant

      I also faced similar issue. I also applied on C2C basis and did my VKYC successfully. Then within 30 mins I just checked my application status and saw the same message t”we will be happy to consider your application when you apply again with updated financial information at a later date.”
      I fail to understand when I didn’t give any financial information them what updated financial information is BOB looking for??
      Are the applications being processed on a random basis??
      Even I have a score of close to 850

    3. Sandesh Jain

      Did you take any step further? I am facing the same issue as well

  19. Ankit Agarwal

    Absolutely amazing experience!
    16th Dec – I applied for eterna card with aadhar e-sign (I chose C2C)
    17th Dec – Got email for video kyc
    18th Dec – Done with video kyc
    20th Dec – Card approved. No calls, no physical verifications or anything. Mind it was a Sunday.
    22nd Dec – Card in my hands before noon.

    Couldn’t expect more.

    1. Vimalkumar

      Yea bob is really improving same step happened to me even hdfc axis r behind them in this digital process

    2. Prayag

      Buddy, the same happened with me. I applied around a week back and got a message from Bluedart today that it’s going to be delivered soon. I honestly wasn’t sure if I’ll be able to get this card due to just clearing the requirements but finally got it. I’ve bought this solely for unlimited domestic lounge access. If I can utilise that, I’ve more than made enough use of this card.

  20. Rishabh

    15x Points Credited for all the txns done online including wallet reload.
    This card is wonder at present till it continue works like this.

    1. Mayank

      Yes it is.
      In this month statement I got the bonus points for spends done in dec month also. I think for future transactions the points will be credited in month end only.

  21. Nikhil

    This card is doing wonders, Got membership fees reversed, Also getting 3.75% rewards on all kinds of online spends,Though it is mentioned 5000 points cap for 5X , but I got it way more than that, seems like no cap for now.

      1. Nikhil

        Spent around 90K & got 13.5K points in last month. Hence 3.75% reward rate assuming 1 RP= 0.25 paisa. At this rate it’s even better than infinia if we look at pure rewards.

    1. Gautam

      I guess you have not considered the bonus reward points of 10k.

      Just for the benefit of all, I got fee reversal and 5x points in the first bill.

      1. Nikhil

        Obviously I am considering 10K bonus points as separate. With all calculations, I am getting 5X for all online spends beyong 33K spends also. Verified it in 2nd statement as well.

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          I think it’s 5K bonus per month, so spending upto 40K will be gives 5x rewards then only 1x.

    2. Rajesh Kodityala

      It seems they have corrected 🙂 now.. all the points credited earlier are reverted or corrected in next transactions..

  22. Sandesh Jain

    My application got rejected because of some internal policies. My cibil score is 801. Not sure what could be the reason behind? Anybody can help with the escalation process?

  23. Sahil

    For those who are holding DCB, is there any particular type of transaction where this card could be really beneficial? 10X Insta vouchers/5X Amazon/3X Flipkart for DCB covers most of the spectrum for online spending.

    The only use case where Eterna may be beneficial is Rent and Insurance, where again DCB keeps releasing offers and currently has 2X and 3X schemes respectively. Other utility bills can again be paid via Amazon Insta voucher.

    For wallet loads, i would prefer a combo of Amex MRCC and BOB Select rather than BOB Eterna.

  24. Sumit

    Applied for select card and got it approved 4 days back. yesterday got a sms from BOB giving bluedart tracking details. BUT to my astonishment the Bluedart showing shipment to BIHAR( I am in Delhi) . called Bluedart they told the shipment is in name of some other person/diff mobile no etc. Called BOB , NO Response. Dropped an email. Wondered whether they send My card to wrong address or sent wrong tracking to me?? Such blunders by bank are not epected. waiting For further update.

    1. Sachin

      How long did it take for approval? I had applied in 17th December completed all procedures including video KYC. But application status still shows in process. Anyway to know what is happening?

  25. Rajesh

    I applied for Eterna online with e-verification using Aadhar on 05/01/2021. I have not got any acknowledgement receipt or 10 digit application Reference number. I only have a long Application Form number which I cannot use to track the applications status.
    Please suggest if this is normal?

    1. Sachin

      Application number would be generated and sent to you in 2-3 days by sms.

    2. Ganesh

      It may take longer, it took 15 days for BoB to respond with application details.

  26. Ramesh Kumar

    It seems now the 5x reward points is being posted on transaction settlement instead of posting on statement generation. That’s very nice instead of calculating and tracking later.

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        Last month it’s not like that. I can notice from this month only.

        1. Tanmay Lodha

          Because BOB faced 5x issue when the eterna launched, now it’s resolved. I am old user of BOB cards and hence I know the same.

      2. Niraj

        Not happening for me. I haven’t go even the base points for my online rent transaction

        1. Ramesh Kumar

          It’s not shown on dashboard, you need to check in redeem reward points section.

  27. Sandesh

    Hello @Siddharth Could you please share how you escalated the application? My application got rejected, even though cibil is 801. Your inputs will be appreciated.

  28. ARR

    Hi all,
    I sent an sms to Eterna number. One of the executives called me to collect the documents. I sent the documents through WhatsApp to the executive.
    I applied on 02/12/20 through HDFC card on card( HDFC card limit is 9.7 l.)
    Cibil (789) enquiry was done after two days.
    One of the executives visited my home and took the photo of the house.
    I got a rejected message after a week.
    I called the executive to reapply and the same was done.
    Once again Cibil enquiry was done.
    I got the rejected message once again.
    I requested the executive to find out the problem. The executive told me that there was some technical problem at the bank end.
    He applied for the 3rd time.
    Cibil enquiry was done for the 3rd time. It was approved for the 3rd time.
    The card was approved and delivered on 06/01/21 in a simple cover without any passport holder.
    The credit limit is Rs.3,00,000/-
    I immediately registered in the online portal. The interface of the portal is ok.

  29. Mouli

    Got the card with 3L limits bases on card -card of HDFC DCB
    Initially it was on hold as I didn’t have original PAN and video kyc was not completed
    After few weeks got message that my statement got generated with joining fee without receiving the card after escalation then they dispatched the card
    We need to enable online transaction in their portal and after 24 hrs only online transactions work

  30. Nikhil

    Today my points redemption request was processed. redeemed 40K points for 10K statement credit.

  31. Utkarsh Agarwal

    Did any self -employed person without a BOB bank account receive the card?


      It is not being offered without Bank of baroda account. My wife had an account with erstwhile Vijaya Bank( now Bank of Baroda) and I was joint holder in said account. I got card within a week. But without the Card holder.

  32. madhavan mehta

    can you please tell me some debit/credit cards with zero markup fees and having high reward points rate for international transactions,my online international purchases would be around USD 2.5 million i.e rs 20 crores

  33. AG

    Applied online today. Just gave the 10 digit Application Number. It asks me to eSign the application, but it redirects me to the same page, Just struck there.

      1. AG

        *My timeline*
        Applied: 03 Feb 2021
        VKYC: 15 Mar 2021
        Approved: 22 Mar 2021
        Dispatched: 23 Mar 2021
        Delivered: 25 Mar 2021

        1. Mohan

          were you following up them? or you just waited till you get VKYC call?

  34. MUTHU


    I already having bob select card. Can I get this card and use it for 11 months and after than can i close this card (If limit not reachable)? Please confirm,

  35. vijay pathak

    hii i need to know
    15 rewards point on 100rs transaction applicable on all online transaction or only on site like flipkart amazon?

  36. Harish Raj

    I have been looking for a confirmation from Someone stating, they were able to use a BOB Eterna AddOn Card for Loung Access.
    I finally, decided to test it myself and Could Confirm, that AddOn card do have Lounge Access. I tried it in Bangalore today. 🙂

  37. senthil

    I had applied and did aadhar e-sign. cibil check was done today and application number was generated but when i checked the application status – it shows rejected. Video kyc link is not received.
    Will this be a error or hiccup at back end or they process it within a day of applying and give the status. Have a decent profile with 750+ cibil

    1. senthil

      Update – I got the card approved and received within 5 days of approved status on the tracker. However, there seems to be some error/issues in their system and the initial application status may actually not be true (if it shows not approved due to internal policies). I got the video kyc link but had so many technical issues – couldnt use wifi as it said can’t do kyc on vpn, had to switch to mobile network – got connected however the agent wasnt able to see me or hear me, consequently my link couldnt work as the system recognised that i completed my kyc. After many hiccups , got a new link and proceeded with all my earlier issues and got the card. One good thing though, everyday Contact centre/marketing called me to check why I hadnt completed my Kyc /offered me physical kyc option etc. Good to see a PSU bank doing this, though I felt the way they talk is bit rude 😛

  38. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Do BOB provide automatic limit enhancement like other banks ?

    1. Zephyr

      Yes they do. Got a limit enhancement offer around 2 months back after having used the card for 3 years.

    2. Zephyr

      Yes they do. Got one around 2 months back after having used the card for 3 years.

      1. SAMEERTEZ

        Yes. I have both BOB EASY & SELECT cards. Rather got both in hand with a gap of 3 months last year.

      1. Mannat Juneja

        Hi Sid,
        I have recently got hold of my 2nd Eterna Card. LTF with separate limit.

        1. Sandesh

          Hi Mannat, could you please explain how you got 2nd Eterna, and that too LTF…?

          1. Mannat Juneja

            Hi Sandesh,
            The first card I hold is Eterna from December 2020. I had actually applied for LTF Premier on the website. The video KYC and home visit was also done for the 2nd time. Only after the card was received by me did I get to know that I have received Eterna instead of Premier. I then wrote to them and got a confirmation on email that my 2nd Eterna is LTF.

  39. Mannat Juneja

    Hi Sid,

    Have you tried redeeming the reward points?
    Is statement credit the only option or can we redeem for vouchers also?
    As I checked, I was only able to find the statement credit option.
    If an option to redeem for vouchers is available can you please share the process for the same.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Only Stmt. credit for now. Voucher maybe available in sometime, by year end maybe.

  40. Anurag

    will i get 5X rewards in tanishqgoldenharvest online, anyone confirms??

  41. Arul

    I have applied BOB credit card . But I checked my status ” card not approved because of internal policies ” like that message came. Now they send link for KYC.
    Should I go for KYC VIDEO VERIFY.
    Already card not approved.
    Is it necessary to give KYC .PL.suggest

  42. Kunal Verma

    The BoB eterna website now shows 15x rewards on “online shopping” not on “online spends”.
    Did anyone had any effect on reward points especially this month?
    Before the statement I can see only 4k points for this month(in the portal) for more than 40k online spends (Insurance payment + other online payments).

  43. Ashib Abdulla

    Hi Sidharth

    It was quite late for me to stumble upon your website after using credit cards for over 7 years.. Nevertheless after your reviews, I have decided to review my extant cards too..

    Applied for Bob eterna.. There are some hiccups.. In process now..

    I have a query wrt rewards.. If we spend 41667 per month, the rewards is 6250 monthly.. Hence 75k annually.. . But with monthly cap of 5000,how is it possible?

    Plz could you clarify..

  44. Sunny

    Did you recive the ETERNA Wallet with card or before or after card ? Its kind off look cool. I am thinking of getting one if they are still providing the Wallet with card.

    1. Balpreet Singh

      Same question. I got the card yesterday ( 24 feb) in a box. But without this Eterna wallet

  45. Sameer Desai

    Has anyone applied for the Eterna card recently & suggest the ease of application? Saw Sid’s & some other experiences about ask for an SB account/random declines etc. Has that been smoothed over?

    1. Abhi

      If they insist on SB (for me they didnt), then open SB, get the card in hand, close the SB, keep the card.

    2. Balpreet Singh


      I got it without SB account.

      I visited the BOB Branch on 1st Feb. Insisted on Eterna. The CC guy gave up in couple of minutes after initially telling me its only paid.

      Gave them all document, had an inperson verification at home( office closed, else they would have gone their too) Yesterday 24th Feb finally got the card.

      Customer care is among the slowest. Not able to register my card. After 5-6 calls finally got thru today morning to know, their website has issue and I should try only on Monday 28th feb


      1. Fahim

        Did you mean, he took your application for LTF eterna?
        Can you please let us know, what is the criteria for LTF eterna?

        1. Balpreet Singh

          Fahim yes he took it as LTF. On top of the card application they wrote “Life Time Free” as well . Might be for backend team to process it accordingly.

          About criteria, don’t remember 🙂 I got to know about eterna card from this forum and went to the local BOB branch. Gave them Salary slips etc as income proof and it was done

      2. Sameer Desai

        Thanks for the detailed response, Balpreet!

        I’m thinking to apply online. BOB’s Eterna page shows an *apply now* option which redirects to a form & thus seems functional by the looks of it.

        Card is attractive enough for someone with my spending patterns/appetite so am keen on it. However, the applying process (esp in this digital age) & the customer support seem to be the hassles / roadblocks which is why I’ve kind of held back thus far. Might take the plunge in the upcoming days & try out.

  46. Gaurav

    Is the milestone benefit of 10K applicable only for the first year or for the second year too?

  47. Zephyr

    I hold BOB Premier CC. Has anyone holding any BoB CC tried to upgrade to LTF Eterna CC? Is there even an option for upgrading.
    The BoB CC guy at a branch told me that I first need to surrender my existing card, wait for 3 months & then apply for Eterna!!

  48. Rishabh

    Finally got my 1.5 yr Old Eterna Card (Master Card Variant) converted to LTF this week. Had decent spends last year to get annual fee waiver and good spends in last 2 months almost above 50% of credit limit.
    Just requested via Email to check if possible to convert my card to LTF and they replied with an offer for LTF conversion which I happily accepted.

    Took 2-3 weeks in getting email response.

    1. Tegradragon

      Would you mind telling what ‘offer’ did they extend for LTF conversion?

  49. Shubham Jain

    Thank you so much Sid for these articles, I applied for Eterna online and got the card last month. A great rewarding experience so far, really like the card overall.


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