Devaluation Alert: BOB Select Monthly bonus to be withdrawn from Sep 2021

By | August 13, 2021
bob select credit card

We had a wonderful news last week from Bank of Baroda Credit Cards as all their cards are now available at Lifetime Free pricing. But now we’ve a sad news!

As a part of the revised product features and benefits, there are various changes that’s expected to go live from 15th Sep 2021. Here are the important ones you need to know:

  • BOB Select: The USP of this card is the monthly 1K points bonus and this is being revoked from 15th Sep 2021.
  • BOB Easy: The 0.5% cashback benefit as stmt credit is also being revoked.

There are also other minor changes and you can go through all of them here.

So this is a big bad news for BOB Select credit card holders, as this move makes BOB Eterna to be the only card worth holding from BOB. But again, can’t get new ones now due to Mastercard ban.

Hence, if you’re planning to grab a BOB card with its LTF offer, you may better go for the BOB Premier variant instead of Select or Easy credit cards.

Author: Siddharth

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30 thoughts on “Devaluation Alert: BOB Select Monthly bonus to be withdrawn from Sep 2021

  1. Sumit Gupta

    Yes I got the email and checked the same. Very bad move by BOB as basic USP of the select card has been revoked. Will now look forward whether required on not even as mine is paid version.

  2. Ajai Singh

    This is indeed sad to see and the fact that I have just applied for a SELECT instead of the RM trying to force a PREMIER on me. I hope I get a call from the back team soon “Have been told will come within 15days” so that I can try and shift the card to the PREMIER.

  3. manoj singh

    I think we all should surrender BOB credit card. Then they will understand our pain and may be reverse their decision

  4. Sahil

    They haven’t even given the 1000 bonus points for paytm transactions (5*1000) in July.

    1. Himanshu

      Same for me, I had dropped them a few mails and even after escalating to highest levels, nothing.

  5. Kamal

    Hi Sid,
    For online only shopping purchase, so you still suggest Bob Premier?

  6. Rohit Bahl

    Gr8!! After removing the monthly 1K points bonus, they will further reduce the value of 1 RP to 0.20ps. It will be on the lines of Axis bank conversion-ratio. Now, BOB SELECT & BOB EASY are not worth taking, BOB PREMIER is the only option since BOB ETERNA has a Mastercard ban.

  7. Anu

    Man.. thats sad.. i just applied for Select version ignoring the Primier. Monday i shall contact for making changes in the Application
    Thanks for the update sir.

  8. Aashul Heda

    Very sad news. I just got the BOB Select card 3 months back. Now BOB Select is useless. With such attitude of BOB, it is expected that they may devalue BOB Eterna anytime soon

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Will take time to touch Eterna I guess, as they’re yet to touch even the slightly premium variant – premier.

      1. Sandeep

        Confirmed with eterna help desk the devaluation of points value from o.25 to 0.20 is for all cards including Eterna. Please verify at your end and redeem your points.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Wrong info for sure. Eterna support is very poor and illogical at times. Try to get email confirmation.

          1. Sandeep

            I agree, email confirmation is better than verbal. Will drop an email to eterna helpsesk and wait for confirmation we have one month to redeem in case bad news is confirmed.

          2. Ashutosh

            Eterna and overall BOB Financial Email support is most pathetic. I don’t even get an acknowledgement forget any response despite 6 weeks of continuous follow-up.

            Suggest to all to stay away from BOB Financial credit cards as all gimmiks don’t last long. Customer service quality is the only persistent differentiator in long run.

  9. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

    Recently applied for BOB Credit Card, sad to see this.

  10. Junaid

    Have not even received the card yet and already disappointed, the card is obsolete now. At least I got it via the LTF offer.

  11. Shravan

    Why they are not offering these cards as lifetime free online through their website??? Why they want us to go for offline mode when we can easily get video KYC done through online mode?? Please comment on these issues if someone has an idea.

  12. Samudra

    I have visited the facebook page of BoB Credit Card and they’ve posted on 12th August regarding the LTF offer and a link to apply online.

    I think this is also applicable to online applications. I DMed them on facebook, yet to get response.

  13. Sandeep

    What do you suggest – applying for LTF Premier card now or waiting for Eterna to be available?

  14. Ashish Bishnoi

    Hey Siddharth, Came across your site today. I can confidently say this is the best site among all online site for credit card information. Thanks for the hardwork.

    Also, Can you suggest a card or a combination which would give a good return on average spend of 6Lakh+ annually. Also please suggest what would be the ideal no of cards one should have or such combination.

  15. Athul

    Really appreciate this update, I was about to apply for Select today. Changed my decision, will go for Premiere i guess. (Only because it’s lifetime free).

  16. Niju

    I was planning to get a Select card and was in the process of completing the application, but somehow the offline eKYC didn’t work out.

    I will probably not go ahead with the application and give BOB a skip.

  17. Hasan Sajora

    I just got my BOB Select card delivered today but I’m not able to register my card on their website also thier app is also not working.

  18. Himanshu

    It is not like that they are crediting 1000 reward points for 5 transactions of at least 1000 reward points. I am yet to get any reward points for transactions of last 2 months and their customer support is shit.

  19. Nishit

    I have 1 question
    As par bob card customer care they are saying card annual fees they are charging in advance.. I have bob easy credit card.. They are saying that if I ll spend 35,000₹ in next year I ll get annual fee back.. Is that true? Or its charged for previous year?

  20. Gaurav

    Does this monthly bonus rewards withdrawal applicable on ICAI exclusive BOB cards as well?

  21. Shashank

    I applied for the Premier variant on 1st Sept and it got approved on 5th Sept. It was finally dispatched yesterday and I received it today. However, I have received the Select variant and my Credit Limit is 50K even though my CIBIL Score is 810+ and I have Amex & IndusInd Cards with 3L limits. Even ICICI had given me 83K limit right after my graduation in 2018. Anyway, guess something is better than nothing since it’s LTF and I’ll only be using it for Amazon and Cred offers!


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