Credit Card One-to-One Consultancy Service (over phone)

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Update: Credit Card Consultancy service is temporarily down for public. Kindly use this service only if you’ve got a confirmation from me.

It sounds too good to be true but it is possible to rake in Millions of Reward points & air-miles and use it to travel in Luxury at mind-blowingly cheap prices most of the time, sometimes even at FREE of cost. For example, I booked an entire trip to vietnam all for just Rs.3,700. I fly domestic business class like Jet Airways Business Class, Air India Business Class  & Vistara Business Class almost at zero cost. Not just that, I have also been flying internationally on Air India, Thai Airways, Srilankan Airlines & Vietnam Airlines, all in Business class, at fraction of the cost.

Who am I? I’m Siddharth from Tamilnadu – a Digital Marketer by profession & a Blogger by passion. I have over 7 years of experience in using finance products from various banks and credit card companies. Almost all my domestic & foreign travels are FREE, as they’re taken care by reward points, airmiles, cashback, & hotel loyalty programs. That’s all possible by using the right credit/debit cards & offers. You can learn more about me and the blog’s history here.

How Can i Help you? I can review your credit card usage pattern and come up with all new strategy to save as much as possible with your cards. I’m open for any questions reg. credit/debit cards usage, airmiles accrual strategy, EMI/loans, CIBIL score and anything related to plastic money.

Kindly note that 98% of the content is already in the blog inside 100’s of articles and 1000’s of comments. The consultancy is one of the quickest way to find them + know about the latest in credit card industry. I respond to most consultancy calls/emails in less than 24 hrs, as long as i’m not at work (or) travelling.

What’s Included in my Consultancy:

You can tap into my 7+ Yrs of Knowledge in credit card industry in matter of minutes, which includes but not limited to:

  • Optimizing Credit Card spend for reaping maximum reward points/cashback/Airmiles
  • Airport Lounge/ Priority Pass Tricks
  • Tips to save on hotel bookings
  • Impact of applying/holding multiple Credit cards
  • Airline Business/first class redemption’s
  • Proven methods to improve CIBIL score fast
  • Proven strategy to increase your Credit Card limit to 5 Lakhs or more (for HNI’s)
  • Tips to get approved for Super Premium Credit Cards
  • Availing Credit card loans/EMI @ reduced interest rates

Here’s How it Works

I’ve two packages to meet your needs, no matter whether you spend few lakhs or a Celebrity/Businessman with spends as good as a ~1 Crore a year.

The idea is to help you save more than what you spend on the consultation fee. If you’re new to this game, you could save as low as Rs.1 Lakh a year or as grand as even 10 Lakhs, based on your spends.

One email
Email Response Only
Best for anyone with spends <15L
1 Detailed Email response
Follow up: Once (via email)
Valid for: 1 Week
Book now
One Call
Support over Call
Best for anyone with spends >15L
Call time: ~45 mins
Follow up: Once (via email)
Valid for: 1 Month
Book now

Choosing the right Plan

# Professional

If you’re looking for a credit card usage strategy, getting approved for super premium credit cards, optimizing your spends (or) anything and everything that’s included in my consultancy as stated above, this is for you.

  • I’ll call you on your number within ~3 working days of receiving the payment.
  • Additional Benefit: Avail 50% OFF on my upcoming Books & other premium content.


Do you spend >50 Lakhs or maybe in Crores annually? Need Invite-Only Super Premium cards? Wanna fly First/Business Class with Airmiles, stay in 5 star hotels for free? Then, this is for you! Get answer to any query. I’ll personally help you as much as possible to get you the right super premium cards.

  • I’ll call you on your number within ~3 working days of receiving the payment.
  • Post first call, you shall also reach me 3 more times in a year for any credit card related queries.
  • Additional Benefit: Avail 75% OFF on my upcoming Books & other premium content.

Let me know your preferred time to call as well. I’m usually available between 3PM-9PM.

Further Support & Services:

The initial consultancy is only a starter. If you’ve taken any of the above consultation, you will receive lifetime periodic tips once/twice a month on your email. Additionally, you’ll be entitled for upto 75% OFF (as per the plan) on any of my future premium content/books.

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