5 Best Super Premium Credit Cards in India for HNI

By | January 2, 2019

Updated on: 2nd Jan 2018

India is home to the 4th largest population of millionaires in the Asia Pacific region, with over 2 Lakh+ such High Networth Individuals (HNI) in the country. While you might wonder what makes one HNI, there is no standard put forth, as the definition of HNIs varies with the geographical area.

Who’s HNI? Wikipedia says, individuals with financial assets (excluding their primary residence) with a value greater than US$1 million are considered as HNI. In Indian context, individuals with over Rs.20 Lakh in surplus/savings or Rs.6 Cr in assets “maybe” considered as HNI.

Super Premium Credit Cards in India

India’s Best Super Premium Exclusive Credit Cards

So banks are willing to offer special Travel & Lifestyle privileges to such HNI’s who are likely to spend a lot on Travel, shopping and more.

More you spend = More Profit to Bank = Makes sense for Bank’s to offer you Privileges like Free Lounge Access

The income criteria is set high for most super premium exclusive cards primarily for a reason: Making it available to everyone makes it less exclusive and also in most cases, only a person in that range actually is in a position to enjoy the given beenfits. Here are some of India’s best super Premium credit cards with unique features and good value proposition,

1. HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card

With its lucrative 10X reward points program, its undoubtedly the #1 Credit card in India as of now. The 10X Program keeps getting extended since past 2 years and you may expect it to continue going forward. Even without the 10X points, it comes with a 3.3% reward rate by default on all retail txn’s which is good enough. The Points can be redeemed for flights, recharges, etc.

My HDFC Diners Club Black Credit Card (India)

Only downside though is lower acceptance of Diners cards in India compared to Visa/MC, which means, you have to keep a backup card handy. A Good relationship value with the bank + high spends + high limit (5L+) on existing card may help you get approved for this card.

2. HDFC Bank Infinia Credit Card

HDFC’s most Prestigious Infinia Credit Card comes with a credit limit of Rs 8 Lakhs and above and the unique NPSL* (No Pre-set Spending Limit) feature makes it stand out. Apart from that, it comes with Unlimited Lounge access for primary and secondary card holders via Priority pass program with 3.3% reward rate by default which makes it one of the most desired credit cards to hold in India.

The 5X/10X rewards program are getting popular these days with HDFC which increases the reward rate to 16.5% with selected partners.

With sky high income level expectations, getting approved for Infinia as a fresh card is pretty tough and you want to be a truly HNI for them to consider giving you one. If you’re upgrading, a very high credit limit(8L+) + very high spends on existing card + good enough income may help.

  • Reward Rate: 3.3% – 16.5%
  • Annual fee: Rs 10,000+GST (waived on 8L spends)
  • Full Review: HDFC Infinia Review

3. Citi Bank Prestige Credit Card

There are very few who hold this card in India, primarily because of the resistance with high joining fee. Redeeming the points for Airmiles and hotel loyalty programs is its unique feature. Also, with Unlimited Lounge Access via priority pass for primary and 4 Add-on cards makes it worth a lot.

If you are planning / doing trips in APAC, this card can help you save a decent amount (Hotel+ lounge+ Limo). This card is for someone who wants to spend on experiences than saving money.

  • Reward Rate: 2% – 10%
  • Annual fee: Rs 20,000+GST (no waiver)
  • Eligibility: Easy to upgrade from Premier Miles, than to get it as a fresh card
  • Full Review: Citi Prestige Review

4. Yes Bank Exclusive Credit Card

Yes First Exclusive Credit Card by YES Bank

Yes Bank is a new Entrant in credit card space by 2016, eyes #3 slot in 4 years and so they’re very aggressive in acquiring customers. With Yesbank Exclusive credit card, you get almost all of the features that you get with HDFC Infinia, especially the Unlimited Lounge access on primary and add-on card holders.

It’s easy to get approved by Card-on-card basis these days as long as you have 8L+ Credit limit on your any other credit card. On top of that, its issued as Lifetime free for a limited period. Its a must have card if you’re looking for International Lounge Access.

5. Amex Platinum Charge Card

Amex Platinum Charge Card (India)

Amex is known for its excellent customer service and with American Express Platinum Charge card, you can avail “Do Anything” Platinum Concierge services which helps you save a lot of time in planning your trip if you travel often. Their Visa services are quite good too.

You get Unlimited Priority Pass lounge Access for Primary + one Add-on card older. Apart from this, you also get access to: Delta Sky Club international lounges as well with direct card swipe.

Its for the affluent few and introduces you to the world of luxurious hotels, invite only events, etc. Major advantage is that you get elevated status with few hotel chains which can be highly rewarding if you stay with them, for ex, you get SPG gold with this card, which has quite a good value.

  • Reward Rate: ~1%
  • Annual fee: Rs.60,000+GST (revised, as on Oct 2018)
  • Eligibility: 15L Income p.a.
  • Welcome Bonus: Rs.40,000 worth of Taj vouchers (or) 100k MR Points


Looking at the card Benefits, you can see that each of the super premium credit card is unique in its own way. Most of them are famous for its extraordinary reward rate and Travel perks, like international lounge access and much more.

Which is your favourite super premium credit card and why? Share your views in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

93 thoughts on “5 Best Super Premium Credit Cards in India for HNI

  1. Urluck

    Is it true for HDFC Infinia and Dinners black card, your IT Return must be more than 30 lacs or so ?
    This cards are lifetime free or with annual fees ??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes in that range, i guess 45L for Infinia, these are for fresh cards. Upgrades are processed even at low ITR, but relationship value has to be good enough as mentioned.
      Diners Black maybe given LTF, but Infinia i don’t think so.

      All depends on the customer profile, based on which they may relax the fees.

      1. R M

        My regalia was upgraded to Infinia after they increased the CL to 10L. It’s still LTF like the regalia (as per the cover letter received with the card).

      2. Jaideepsingh Makkar

        I have a ITR return of 90 lacs but whom to contact for diner black LTF

      3. Srikumar SUNDARAM

        Hi Siddharth
        Good afternoon. Wanted to check if Diners black insurance cover of 50L is applicable for domestic hospitalisation as well? If not, do you recommend any other cards that have domestic insurance covers?

        1. Shivi

          No domestic hospitalization or medical insurance on any card.

  2. Abhishek Roy

    It’s always great to see these cards. Flashing these cards in the lounges gives you a sense of little pride. That sense of respect that you get from the bank when you say you’re already using their best credit card. It took us time and a lot of patience but yes, we now own two among those best 5. I keep smiling when I look back now. 🙂

  3. Majumdar


    For Infinia I believe it is much more stringent. They need take home salary (less bonuses) of Rs. 3.5 L per month. For DCB it is Rs. 1.75 L pm.



    I m using HDFC regalia, how can I upgrade to INFINIA?

  5. Sateesh guptha

    My annual income is 16.8lpa. At present i had hdfc regalia and amex membership rewards card. Both are life time free. Im looking for another good card. Pls suggest best credit card for me.

    1. Sumeet Kaul

      Hi @Sateesh, could you explain how did you get Amex Membership Rewards CC , LTF ?

  6. Dr. Ananth Prabhu G

    Happy to Have HDFC Infinia. Been using it for the last 2 years. Its one of the best credit cards. Period.

  7. Himanshu Jain

    Hi guys I suggest to have to cards .

    1 ) yes bank preferred

    Spends as much as you can on this card only as point conversation is very good which is 2 %

    And if you are able achieve 7.5 lakh it’s you get bonus point worth 5000 RS which become 2.6 %

    Which is as high as any other it’s also allow points on wallet loading like Paytm , MobiKwik.

    So you pay fuel by Paytm and MobiKwik earn cash back of 0.75 % as well as 2.6 % = 3.35 % which is unmatchable .

    2 ) hdfc regalia in signature variant used this for sharing priority pass with your partner and use for flight ticket if there 10- 15 % hdfc card .

    As yes preferred only give priority pass for primary holder and hdfc 6 entry for both

    I suggest to have one signature and one master card for everyone .too many card is mess and no use .

    If you can get both these card you get every thing available in market .

    1 ) total 4 + 6 priority pass which you can share with your partner equally.
    2 ) get 2.6 % reward return
    3 ) rewards on fuel by paying thru wallet
    4 ) buy 1 get 1 book my show
    5 ) lounge access domestic

    And finally do have idfc signature debit card can take care of movie expenses open join account and get 2 debit card . In same account .make fd deposit account @ 7.75% on 366 days

    Himanshu Jain

  8. Mohit Jain

    Hey Siddharth
    I would like to begin by congratulating you on having such insightful information about credit cards in India. I want to pick your brains on few thoughts I have regarding my Credit Card profile. To give you a brief review of my overall profile:-
    • Current card holdings
    o HDFC Regalia – Credit limit 6.07L- 0 Annual Charge (I am a preferred customer with HDFC bank and all my
    credit cards are lifetime free)
    o AMEX Gold Charge card – Last reported official support on my Card – 4.15L ( Never paid annual fees in my 6
    year tenure)
    o CIBIL : 818 (Down from 835 last year)
    o Total Annual spend on Credit cards : 24L+ ( Will increase it to 36L next year onwards)
    o I would want to stick to 2 Credit cards throughout ( keeping in mind on not to dent my Cibil score and also
    not to dilute my spends on multiple cards)
    • Target
    o Long term
     AMEX Black card by the age of 45yrs (Currently 32yr old)
    o Short-er Term (3 years)
     Card with enough points to travel return business class (for a couple) at least once a year.
     Points don’t expire (or gives reasonable amount of time to redeem)
    o Willing to pay any annual fees as long as I am able to get value out of it.
    • Current strategy
    o Use my relationship with my bank, HDFC to increase my limit to 8.0L+ in 2 years. Then hoping to get an invite for HDFC Infinia.
    o This would bring me on top of the ladder with HDFC and then I can focus on AMEX.
    o Once I have HDFC Infinia, I might pursue AMEX for AMEX Platinum Charge Card.
    o Then sit on it for about 5-7 years and have good spends on it.
    o Hoping to get an invite for the BLACK card post that.
    Kindly let know on what you think about this. Also, I would be happy to know any better/faster way to climb up the ladder and get those free miles. Keep up the good work.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      That sounds to be a nice plan. But it doesn’t work like that to certain extent. In next 5 years Credit cards in India will have a radical change, so there are many chances of New super premium cards in other banks as well.

      Coming to the point, For biz class tickets, you need to start exploring Jet Airways credit cards. For other benefits, you’re already on the right article 🙂

      1. Mohit Jain

        Hey Siddharth
        A quick update on my situation:
        • HDFC Regalia stopped giving points for spends on e-wallets. I have a monthly spend of about Rs 2L on PayTm for utilities. Believe it or not – I was actually redeeming my points for a DEL-BDQ return fair every other month. Almost 24k worth of free flight tickets annually.
        • Amex Gold Charge card also doesn’t give points for e-wallets loading. In fact that’s true for entire range of Amex Cards in India.
        Going forward, what is the best way to accumulate points for my annual spend of almost Rs 30L on utilities.
        • Would the spending count towards the annual milestone spending of some cards? Or utility payments Via CC are pretty much worth less now.
        • Any other premium card that still offers points for spend of utilities via e-wallets? Or the happy days are gone? 

    2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Wow Mohit you are an amazing person. You already have great credit lines. You should try to get some more cards.
      1. How much credit limit you got when you first started with HDFC ?
      2. How many times your credit limit was increased and by how much ?

      1. Mohit Jain

        Kindly see below
        1. I started with HDFC premium plus (My first ever CC) with Credit limit of 75k. With great credit discipline I was upgraded to my current status.
        2. The limit was mainly increased every 2 years, with the most recent being about 6 months ago. The jump in credit limit has over 1.5 lacs almost every time. I have never requested for an increase in limit but was always offered.

    3. Ankur Mittal

      Having more cards doesn’t hurt your CIBIL score. I have infinia, diners black, yes first exclusive, ICICI jet sapphiro, citibank premiermiles, SBI elite, PNB and indusind card and still my CIBIL score is 844.


      1. Praveen Perumalla

        Awesome, Ankur. You’ve covered all the providers 🙂

      2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

        Outstanding collections Ankur.
        How much limit you have in each cards ?

      3. Bhairav

        Infinia and Diners Black both? Since when did HDFC issue 2x Super Premium cards to one customer?

        1. Ankur Mittal

          The limits are 8 and 4 lac. Regarding issuing both the top cards, it depends on how much business you do with the bank.

          1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

            Ankur thanks a lot for your reply.
            I have annual business income Rs. 4 lakhs and currently I have HDFC Regalia First ( 1.8 lakhs limit ). Do you think peoples like me who don’t have home, cars, two wheelers, business ,etc. loans with HDFC and who just only have saving account and 50k monthly card spends can get Diners Black or Infinia in future ?

        2. Ranjan

          I also hold both Diners Black and Infinia. Imperia customer with over 50 lac NAV with HDFC. Both of these cards are LTF and I have 3 add-on both as well with unlimited lounge access.
          Despite all these I am still fan of Amex Platinum, nothing can beat the benefits of this cards.

      4. Mohit Jain

        I am always a big advocate of less is more. It’s only finite amount of expenses I can put on my cards every month (assuming each spent is done with keeping rewards points in mind). I’d rather put it on just a few and avail compounding benefits. But, yes maybe you are right; it shouldn’t affect the CIBIL directly. Also, since you are like a supermarket of cards, could you guide me on the best one which still gives away points for Utilities payment via e wallets?
        Thanks much!

  9. Neo

    Will the people holding all these cards with such fantastic limits care to elaborate what they do for a living? You guys are making us lesser mortals envious!! 🙂

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t know about others, but I hold the citi prestige and diners black and play reserve. I am a mere software engineer in Bangalore.

  10. PUNEET

    I have HDFC MONEY BACK CARD WITH LIMIT 3.60LAC from 2015
    NOW HOW CAN I GO FOR HDFC DINNERS REWARDZ OR REGALIA CARD need any card related to movie ticket or airport lounges

  11. Shiladitya

    I have applied for yes bank first exclusive card based on my salaried income.
    I got a call within few mins of application which I was unable to take.
    So, asked the executive to call tomorrow.
    Will keep all posted on the process but seems like they are super eager to get new customers

  12. Amiksh Patel

    How would you compare the HDFC jet diners card to the HDFC diners card?
    Which is the better option?

  13. Naulik Patel

    How would you compare the HDFC Jet Diners card vs the HDFC Diners Card. Which is the better option ?
    I currently hold a HDFC Jet Diners Card and am thinking of switching to the HDFC Diners Card?
    Am I being wise doing this

    1. Amex Guy

      I’d stick to Diners, perhaps because I don’t see much value in JP Miles. It’s significantly better to get a generic miles program like PremierMiles for economy, and their business upgrades aren’t that useful because 1.) They offer free upgrades a lot if you travel a lot with them and 2.) No leg in India is long enough for business trip to be of value. Their international business was OK, nothing to write home about, but good overall. However, that too is of value while only upgrading within APAC. Now, for APAC, your usual Diners allows transfer to Singapore Air. Use that. The redemptions to business and even their elusive first class are really good and worth the money. Also, you can get JP Miles as well. So not really much value with Jet Diners as such, unless you’re hell bent on travelling business with Jet, which isn’t that much value to begin with.

      To also accrue KrisFlyer points wile you travel within Indian, an advantage JP Miles have, you can use Vistara, which gives Kris points on flights. So you have a like-to-like option now on Singapore Air which has better redemption options.

      Also, your usual Diners points can be used as cash credit while booking economy/business cash trips. So if you decide to save money one day instead of gunning for a first class upgrade, you at least have that option.

  14. Pulkit Bakliwal

    Hi Siddharth,

    Could you suggest which is a better card ? The dinner’s BLACK or the HDFC Infinia ?

      1. Pulkit Bakliwal

        you mean black gives you superior features ? Because i have generally seen a problem of acceptance of Diners as I am currently using Diners Jet which HDFC is offering to upgrade to Infinia.

        Waiting for your feedback.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          If the acceptance is important for you than the 10X rewards, yes, Infinia is better in that case.

          1. Ramesh Kumar

            In recent times based on my experience it seems like many bank swipe machines started accepting diners club cards and also got email from HDFC few weeks ago saying now it’s accepted in 2.5 million swipe machines(just for information on June 2017, it’s just 1 million).

  15. Shree V Mundhra

    How would you rate the new Standard Chartered Ultimate Card with respect to the cards you have mentioned in this article.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Good enough to add to list. Might update article soon.


    Please review IDBI euphoria travel credit card available on MasterCard variant. It was shared to me by my friend, in which he says has a while lot of benefits with an annual fees of 1499+gst only, which primary includes unlimited lounge access (within India).
    Also, would be great to hear ur reviews on Kotak bank credit cards which unfortunately have not been lined up in your esteemed list.

  17. RahulV

    @Siddharth, HDFC mentions Diners Clubmiles credit card as super-premium credit card in their website. Do you think the same way? I think the 1 RP = 1 AirMile on Clubmiles should make it a super-premium card.

  18. jitendra kumar saraogi

    i am already having yes preferred card with limit of Rs.177000/- but i am also interested to get yes exclusive card on card on card basis as i am having a sbi prime card with limit of Rs.505000/-.
    so please advise me suitably in this regards.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Points Guy India

      If you already have yes first preferred then you cant use card on card offer to get yes first exclusive,
      only was forward would be to use yes first prefered as much as you can and also keem high balance in yes bank savings account,
      and check with yes first cards customer care every six month to know weather you have upgrade offer or not.

    2. AshishR

      You cant get YFE card, requirement is 8L CL
      Instead apply for hdfc diners club black

  19. jitendra saraogi

    Thanks for your responses.
    Please also suggest how can I get Hdfc diners black card with 5 lac limit on sbi prime card however I am also having Hdfc Regalia card already with limit of Rs.442000/-.
    Your help will be much appreciated.

  20. Chaitanya Choudhary

    Hey, I have AmEx Platinum Reserve and a lifetime free Gold Charge, I got reward points equivalent to the annual fee. I am planning to get rid of both of them and getting the Platinum Charge. Do you think that’d be better?

    1. Naveen Kumar

      Lifetime free gold charge? How u get life time free charge Card, and mine is 4500+gst? How can I convert my gold charge Card to ltf card+

  21. Nikesh Shukla

    I am looking for unlimited lounge access in and out of India,for primary and add on card members. I zeroed in on Citi Prestige, Yes First Exclusive and HDFC Infinia. Let me know if I am missing any other.

    Can you tel me which one will be the best in terms of features, rewards viz a viz annual fee?

  22. Amlan Mishra

    Isn’t SC ultimate credit card eligible to be placed in this list?

  23. RM

    Hi Sid and others, need a suggestion. I’m holding 3 of the top 5 cards listed here – HDFC Infinia, Yes exclusive and HDFC diners black (as an add on to my father). Now, I have a free for life citi rewards card with only abt 2.5L credit limit, but relationship of more than 15 year old. I’m suggested I should continue my oldest card as it helps in my credit rating. Should I still keep it or close this now, as other cards are enough and way better for me. I think less cards mean greater peace of mind!

  24. Prateek

    I was wondering if you would advise me on the best redemptions for my Amex Gold Charge Card. I have ~40,000 MR points on this card which I want to redeem to my JP Miles account. Do you think this will be the best redemption or are there better value options?

  25. Shankar

    Hi Sid,

    With so many changes that have happened in these cards including devaluations and other new cards having been launched, can you please revise / update this article with a fresh look so that they become more relevant again and help us all.
    Thank you for all your time and efforts in keeping this website happening and exciting. This is a ready reckoner for Indian CC market. Please continue the good work.


  26. Dr Rajan

    I had an infinia VISA for last 4 yrs but changed it to Master because of limited access in India. This change was a month back and I recently also obtained 2 ICICI Emeralde(me and wife) with 3 add on 2 months back (upgrade from Sapphiro). My wife also has a Master Infinia HDFC. Can you suggest a plan for optimal use with these high value and a little punishing cards. My utility bills are typically 40-50 Lakhs. and another 20 Lakhs for rest on an yrly basis.
    Negatives for Emeralde are no Dragon / Priority pass for addon, High minium spends per yr for fee waiver(15L), Low reward points and I am unaware of the possibilty of spending the accumulated points on tkt purchase or hotel booking

  27. Vikas

    Hi can you suggest a good card for me. My spends are around 10-15L on credit cards per year, it may extend upto 20L as well. I want cards with cashback or points being able to used for credit card statement. I don’t travel much and I don’t live a luxury lifestyle. Just plain old cashback is fine.


    I am NRI customer and do not have any credit card from India. Can you suggest good card to use it in India as well online shopping

  29. Ranjan

    Lucky to own all the above 5 cards.

    Next target Amex Black Centurion. Any pointers how to get it. Holding Amex Plat since 2 yrs.

  30. Sakthivel

    My annual income is 9pa. At present i had hdfc cash back , amex gold charge , amex travel card and amex membership rewards card. Im looking for another good card. Pls suggest best credit card for me. I am exception spend based offer for all the times. Please help me.


      HDFC Infinia is the best Credit Card to have in your wallet with very good reward points and ease to reimburse them through their smartbuy site.


    Welcome Bonus on American Express Platinum Charge Card has been increased : Rs.45,000 worth of Taj vouchers (from Rs. 40,000 worth Taj Vouchers) (or) 100k MR Point from Jan-2020

    1. MT

      60K taj vouchers or 125k points if upgrading , and 20k taj vouchers on renewal of card (if full 60k fees paid) , some are getting 35k +Gst for lifetime if swapping from a Jet airways card

  32. Gaurav Goel

    Hey Siddharth ,
    I am currently using a HDFC regalia card with a limit of 550000. Do you think it is a good idea to get an Amex platinum charge card as my annual spends is more than 7 lacs on credit card.

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      What is ur strategy to maximize the benefits of the Platinum Charge Card?

      Frankly 7 Lacs spends is too less to maximize the benefits of Platinum Charge Card. The annual charges are 10% of the annual spends. And if you annual spends are within India without any major vacations etc., then you are going to bleed more than you earn.

  33. Rajiv

    Great Article.
    But i think a bit outdated now.
    time to update the list.

    My suggestion to include ICICI Emeralde for its reach and facilities.
    SBI Elite is another awesome card, with great spend based graded reward programme.

    1. Shivi

      Emeralde and Elite?! Premium yes, super premium definitely not!

    2. Tejas Ghongadi

      I would put the Regalia over SBI Elite any day in terms of rewards. SBI Elite is by no means a Super Premium Card. Used it for over 7 years and the max. reward rate achieved was 4-5%. Closed it and moved to a combination of HDFC DCB, SCB Ultimate, YFE & Amex MRCC

      1. Shivi

        I wish i could get into Amex platform. These morons don’t consider tier 2 towns 🙁

  34. Jai Bhim World

    I have a Diners Black & Amex Plat charge card but in my opinion both of them are not good cards. Black is a cheapest & Amex is a most expensive card in terms of annual fee (close to 75K annually). Amex’s dedicated lounges are at just 2 airports, Delhi T3 & Mumbai T2 domestic. Miles wise, both are not good cards in comparison to SBI Air India card. Amex is accepted at few arrival lounges at T3 Delhi & you can avail Tea/coffee there for free. Now come to SBI Air India Signature card. It is really a nice card for FF miles & also for airport lounge access. It gives you a cash withdrawal limit, like Amex card & Black card (for few). It would give you super return in terms of miles. I earned to & fro Tickets to United States from New Delhi. Also, travelled several times in Business class for free by redeeming my miles earned through SBI card spent in a year cycle. If you spend 10 lac in a year, you earn not less than 5 business class tickets on domestic sector & at least one economy ticket to London. That’s a super premium card. Think of it.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      If i spend 10L through smartbuy on infinia. I can get Rs3L points minimum and imagine the number of business Class tickets one can get on domestic and no. Of international tickets.

      1. Ebin

        Not exactly since wallet loads doesn’t accure any points and cap on insurance transactions is another issue with HDFC cards. No such issue for SBICARD. Added to that not everyone can’t get an INFINIA….

        1. Shivi

          HDFC Millenia card has 1% reward on wallet reloads. What cap on insurance transactions are we talking of?

    2. Neo

      DCB gives you 1:1 points conversion ratio which means you could travel in any airline / class/ alliance & rake up FF miles on those bookings as well. If the SBI AI card works for you, its great but for someone who doesnt travel much AI it might be a waste.
      Amex plat charge is great for hotel memberships & for transferring points to Bonvoy which opens a lot of avenues to transfer to airline programs which we dont have access to in India ( Alaska, AA, United, etc).
      My two cents here…

    3. Tejas Ghongadi

      With regards to Amex Platinum Charge, I would agree that its not worth the money (Annual Fee) for most people. Only a limited few will be able to milk it to the maximum. Ideally, a person should evaluate well in advance before taking up this card with such a high annual fee.

      Diners Club Black on the other hand is an exceptional card in overall terms. I find it quite surprising when someone complains about it not being good enough and specially comparing with the SBI AI Signature card. 33.3% Reward Rate on almost everything. RP to Miles conversion at 1:1 ratio for 3 different airlines (British Airways, Vistara & Singapore Airlines) and Intermiles. Unlimited Lounge Access to Primary & addon cardholders. Lowest foreign currency markup (1% considering Global Value Program) and other offline 10X Partners which again give 33.3% returns.

      Add to that Complimentary Memberships of Amazon Prime, MMT Double Black, Club Marriott, Times Prime, Zomato Gold and Forbes Digital Subscription. Quite frankly, in my opinion, it doesn’t get better than this.

      1. Santosh Kumar

        Yes, you are absolutely correct. One last thing we can only hope for is a metal card (obviously optional and probably with a 1000 rs fee)

      2. KD

        I think the main gripe people have with a DCB or Infinia in comparison to other cards, is that its very difficult for a person to get one. 😀
        Im assuming someone who has a DCB and an SBI card both, would surely make the wise decision of using a DCB for all 10x and regular spends unless the other card was having some specific offer on the purchase.

        The second drawback is that it doesnt provide points on Paytm. So when it comes to wallet spends, I use my SCB Ultimate in place of my HDFC DCP.

      3. Shivi

        I don’t think he is aware of any of the features of DCB or privileges of APC.

  35. Amitabh Maheshwari

    SCB Ultimate is also a great card, and so is AMEX MRCC. If used properly it gives a reward rate of a super premium credit card. I find HDFC customer care really bad.

  36. rajesh

    Are there any other credit cards which gives a default reward rate 3.3% on general spending. I would like to explore, please suggest.

  37. Naga

    Dear Sidharth,

    Could you please revamp this page.
    These cards no longer look so premium.
    Especially diners, yes first exclusive.

    Infinia is still ok 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      So many pages need to be revamped. Most content look old to me now. 😐

  38. Ashutosh

    Hi Siddharth, I think a long due article on the credit card classification, particularly super premium is due. In light of latest devaluation as well as removal of benefits by HDFC Infinia, Diners Black , doubt if the super premium category needs more invite only cards (e.g. Amex Centurion) many of which are not available for general public 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Isn’t the Super Premium card section on Best Credit Cards article sufficient? If not, I’ll have to add all SP cards to list, do you think that helps?


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