Diners Club Credit Cards in India and its Acceptance

By | January 22, 2020

I’ve a special respect for Diners Club International credit cards because they are the founders of credit cards and the first company to introduce credit cards and charge cards to the world which was later followed by American Express.

However, in the present scenario, the initiator is lagging behind the companies that emerged later. In India, its good to see that Diners Club does put enough efforts to capture HNI market through its partnership with HDFC Bank.


Diners Club Credit Cards Acceptance in India – Diners Black Variant in Picture

In-spite of their acceptance issues, with their frequent 10X promotions and unlimited lounge visits on all card variants, Diners club still stand on top of the line with their unmatched rewards and benefits.

By Partnering with HDFC bank – the credit card leader of the country, Diners Club International issues 3 Credit card Variants (as of Jan 2020) in Indian market to fit into customers of varied income slabs. We’ve reviewed most of them, here’s a quick recap..

Diners Club Credit Cards in India

  1. HDFC Diners Club Black – (Reward Rate: 3.3%)
  2. HDFC Diners Privilege – (Reward Rate: 1.3%)
  3. HDFC Diners Club Miles – (Reward Rate: 1.3%)

Note: Diners Rewardz & Diners Premium are stopped. Diners Jet is out of topic.

HDFC Credit cards provides one of the best in class rewards and with Diners club credit cards, rewards goes unbelievably sky high with their 10X Rewards Promotions with which you can get upto whooping 33% reward rate on Diners Black Variant.

This means, all your Flight tickets, Flipkart/Snapdeal shopping are 33% cheaper than market price.

Impressive isn’t it? (Duration of this offer & participating merchants keeps changing from time to time)

Diners Club Unique Benefits

  1. 10X Rewards (as mentioned above)
  2. Unlimited International lounge Access to 600+ Lounges across the globe on Diners Jet/Black variants.
  3. Unlimited Domestic lounge Access on Diners Black. Limited on other cards

No card in the Indian subcontinent can beat the above benefits if you’re smart enough to enjoy the said benefits.

Diners Club Acceptance – In India

Even though HDFC does have very good coverage of merchants in Metro/Urban cites, it still needs to expand its network for higher acceptance rate. I can fairly put it this way:

  • Online Acceptance in Indian Websites: 90%
  • Offline Acceptance in India: 80%

Swipe Machines that accept Diners Cards in India: HDFC, CITI, ICICI, AXIS, Bank of Baroda, Yesbank.

Note: Above acceptance rate info are from my personal experience and it doesn’t give you the real % in the industry.

I see quite a lot of Indian websites these days that started accepting Diners cards, compared to the situation in 2014. This is partly because payment gateways are competing with each other to provide payment solutions with maximum acceptance to merchants to reduce the abandoned carts.

Major websites like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, Amazon, etc accepts Diners cards.

Diners Club Acceptance – In Foreign Countries

As Diners club does not exist in some countries, International acceptance is bit tricky. Diners club has partnered with couple of banks/card networks around the world to make sure International usage doesn’t get hit.

For example, if you’re visiting Japan, Diners cards are accepted in JCB machines, and Discover in USA and few other countries are there as well.

  • International Online Acceptance: 75% (Look out for Discover Logo)
  • International Offline Acceptance: 50% (Look out for Discover/Diners/JCB Logo)

From my personal experience, only Singapore has almost 90% acceptance, other countries are 50% or so when it comes to offline.

You can use Diners Club Credit Card issued in India on Paypal. It uses Discover network to process your payment.

Also, Discover/Diners card holders in other countries can swipe their cards in India on Rupay enabled Machines.

Note: Conversion rate of Diners is poor at times though, and may increase the overall spend by 1% or so.

Should i get Diners Club Credit Card?

I would say – it all depends on your usage. If you hold Diners cards, you need a backup Visa/Master card at any point of time. If you’re smart enough, you’ll get one Diners card to enjoy the frequent shopping/travel promotions, lounge access and have a backup Visa/master card from other bank.

Update March 2017: Now Diners Cards are accepted in Amazon India as well 🙂

Update Dec 2018: Diners Acceptance improved in Vietnam considerably.

Do you have Diners Club Credit card? Share your experience in comments below.

156 thoughts on “Diners Club Credit Cards in India and its Acceptance

  1. Abhishek Roy

    Hi!! Greetings. The acceptance of Diners has drastically increased now a days. Actually, Diners Cards get accepted at POS machines by HDFC, Citibank and Yesbank. So the current offline acceptance in my personal experience is around 8-9 times out of 10. The only POS machines that as of now don’t accept Diners cards are from ICICI and Axis bank. Besides, Diners cards are also supported by all major Mobile wallets like Paytm, Mobikwik and PayuMoney. This way even if a website doesn’t support Diners card but support payment with these wallets, you can still make it work. So online acceptance is close to 9-10/10. The only major website that doesn’t support Diners card is Amazon.in. I own a Diners Rewardz card and have a back up card for those rare instances where my Diners Card is not accepted. Till now I’m very happy with the card.

    1. Manish

      Hello Abhishek,

      Thanks for sharing. Does freecharge accepts diners black credit card?


    2. sunil

      Hi, Roy

      Personally i will not recommend this credit card, I am traveling around the world, But This credit card dose not accept 99% swap machine. I facing lot of problems with this, Even though i wrote to HDFC about it nothing happens.

      Its OK may be with free access to airport lounges but its worthless.
      Considering regular credit card user i will not recommend this credit card, Please do not go for this. The Regalia is best.

  2. rahul rewari

    does the newly launched system of making contributions in national pension scheme NPS has diners card as acceptable means ? and how about the different payment gateways on the lic website .?

    and how to save most on payment of ” lic insurance premiums” ? and on premium of nps ?

    i have one more question
    is there any way by means of which one can get discounted cpp plan ?


  3. Sumeet

    You can use 00 in start of your card for making online payment.

  4. puneet venkata

    Hi Siddharth,

    I am applying for Dinner Club Black. Have you used this under “Discover Type” and checked. I use paypal a lot and with out paypal acceptance I wouldn’t want to apply for this.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, it does work on Paypal and uses Discover network for the same. I’ve read someone post about its acceptance in PayPal. It works!

  5. Vineet Verma

    Does Diners cards accepted on indian railways IRCTC site while booking tickets?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Haven’t tried directly.
      Still you can charge using Paytm wallet and use it on IRCTC. You get some cashback from Paytm too 🙂

    2. Piyush Kalra

      It does work on IRCTC. Although it doesn’t mention that discover is accepted. You can just use the HDFC payment gateway and enter the diner’s club card details even if the tab says ‘VISA’. It works!

    3. Manish Jain

      Yes, it does. You need to select HDFC as your payment gateway.
      Also, there is no processing fee charged for Diners Club Black on IRCTC using HDFC payment gateway.
      Also you will get 4x reward points.

      1. Anirudh R Gangavaram

        I am unable to find the HDFC Payment Gateway in the Credit Cards section. Can you kindly assist me in finding the same. Thank you.

  6. Deepak

    I hold HDFC Regalia, and thinking of getting Diners Club Black.
    Would HDFC issue a second card to the same person?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Highly depends on credit limit, your relationship value with bank etc.

  7. Sunny

    Just for the info, customer care executive in HDFC told that as per their records acceptance for diners is now around 86%.

  8. vaibhav

    Diners Cards are now accepted at over 1 million terminals. I recently found that they are accepted at ICICI, HDFC, SBI, Axis and Citi Bank POS machines. They are recognized as ‘Rupay’ in the card type on receipt, but the payment gets done. Initially I was also hesitant about getting a Diners Credit Card, but their increasing acceptance has sweetened the deal along with its 10x reward points offer

  9. Anand

    I have an HDFC all miles with close to 20k points and 6Lakh limit. Which one should I upgrade to and how to use the points most effectively. ( prefer using it on travel)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Upgrade to Regalia or Diners Black.
      Flights & recharges gives you the maximum value for money.

  10. Ranjit Kumar

    If i have add on credit card for my wife . Can i and my wife both use an airport lounge?

  11. chinnaprasad


    am using hdfc diners club rewadz but i want change to hdfc diners club black
    am getting take home salary : 37800 / fast 6 months am spending more than 50k using hdfc diners club rewadz
    am i eligible for this card

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Talk to your RM, if you spend 50k per month, they might consider.

  12. Wasif

    Hey, does dinner reward card get accepted at Amazon? I’ve heard it doesn’t… Please confirm…

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No you can’t as of now. However, i was said they’re in the process of implementation. We can expect it sometime in 2017 maybe.

  13. Abdul

    I have a diners premium card. I will b going to qatar soon. Is this card valid in the middle east ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not much. You can never have this card as a primary card. Always have a backup Visa/MC.

  14. Ankita Bajaj Shankar

    Hey! My husband has a diners and he gets all these cool benefits! I have been using an icici cc for last 12 years and do spend a lot on it. It get zero benefits except some silly payback points which are no good!

    Can he apply for me to get a diners?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      He can get you an Add-on Card. else you got to apply on your name as primary card holder.

      1. Amex Guy

        If you read the fine print, most benefits, including unlimited lounge does not apply on add-on card. If you’re in for benefits, apply your own card separately.

        The only benefit of getting an add-on is that you guys can pad up those 10X rewards together and spend easily I guess.

          1. Jayanta

            But HDFC’s website says that the lounge access is only for primary card holder

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Yes, but it works. Maybe for sometime

  15. Mangala G

    How do i pay my LIC preimium thru dyners club rewardz credit card, since there is a acceptance problem in LIC login


        I registerd late in smart pay , actually after bill generation , currently its showing no pending bills, any other platform on which i can pay lic premium and earn atleast rewards points?

  16. MUKESH

    I have just received my Diners Club International Hdfc credit card, but I haven’t hdfc bank account to generate 4 digit pin. When I went to ATM machine, there r long que for withdrawal of money due to demonetization. Can u advice me how will I generate my 4 digit pin?

      1. Priyanka

        Call the customer care. Wait for the credit card option. You will get one option for creating credit card PIN.

  17. Tarun Sharma

    Any idea about possible eligibility of Diners Club HDFC Cards? Especially Black/JetPrivilege ones

  18. Vaidy

    Does paytm accept diners club card for loading money into the wallet ? Also, what about using paytm to pay bills as a gateway ?

  19. Chaitanya Varma


    I’ve observed diners card working on ICICI machine as well, any info ? If yes then it would be accepted at most merchants ….considering POS machines of HDFC,AXIS,ICICI are widely used.

    Will it work on SBI and YES Bank machines?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, i heard so too about ICICI recently.
      I think it’s accepted on SBI too. Not sure about Yesbank machines.

  20. Suresh


    I already have HDFC REGALIA FIRST credit card.
    Can I apply for diners club premium as well? Or does it get rejected from the Bank?

  21. Soujanya

    I have a Diners club card. U can buy it as a second credit card. You can not rely on it as the acceptance is low. I tried to pay insurance and it did not support. Useless for me.

    1. krishna

      we must have back up card, most of the time diners didn’t work for me when i wanted.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Good relationship value with HDFC and decent spend on existing HDFC card should help for the upgrade.

  22. s r sharma

    I am a hdfc diners club credit card holder .
    I asking why this card is not dip/swipe in SBI swipe machine.
    Anybody give answer

  23. Gagan

    I have got the offer to upgrade to Diners black after lot of emails with HDFC finally. I was holding a Regalia earlier. My question is will i be paying the joining or annual fees for Diners black?

  24. Gagan

    I already got it yesterday. In case if they charge I can get it refunded right ? And also has the acceptance increased in last one year? What are the major issues with a 14digit card ?

  25. ROHIT M

    I was pleasantly surprised to see diners is now accepted on Amazon. I wonder if HDFC is planning some tie up with them.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They were working to fix this since long time 🙂

    2. Jay

      Where did u find an option to add the diners card at amazon? For me its still shows only Visa/MC/Amex.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        You can still enter your Diners Card and it will display the Diners Logo on the right side.

        1. Sulabh Gupta

          Have you actually tried this? Yes it does show diners logo when you enter it but after payment, Amazon sends an email after a few minutes to “revise payment” saying that the payment could not be processed. I asker their customer support and they confirmed that they do not accept Diners credit cards.

          1. Siddharth Post author

            I haven’t gone beyond that step, but someone said it did went through. No idea how good they implemented it.

  26. Malavkumar Patel

    Here is a useful information on Diners Cards acceptance based on my experience.
    I recently went to McDonald for burger and gave them Diners Rewards(My Add on card, My wife is the primary holder of the card) card for payment, This is a chip card so guy inserted card in machine but payment didn’t go through so i asked him to swipe the card and to my surprise the payment was successful,
    The same thing happened to me at Hypercity, Inserting the card in machine didn’t work but it worked when i swiped it,
    I went to purchase some clothes at local garment shop and asked him the same but card didn’t work for Inserting or swiping and garment shop owner had SBI Machine,
    You can try to swipe it if Inserting fails, You might succeed, I have succeeded at two out of three times.

  27. Srikrsna

    An info for all those who have Diners club card. Home grown Rupay has tied up with Discover/Diners Club for processing Rupay in overseas countries where Rupay is unavailable. This also means in reverse, Rupay enabled terminals also have capabilities to process Discover/Diners Club which MIGHT BE COMING SOON. I tried to figured it out when I saw a shop having TMB bank POS sticker which had Visa, Mastercard, Rupay, Discover logo. At present I see Diners club enabled HDFC, Axis and Pinelabs Plutus POS can only accept Diners club.

  28. Sanjay Sood

    A correction Siddharth Diners card doesnt work on SBI machines.

  29. Sayak Mukherjee

    When will Diners club get accepted in SBI swipe machine???
    This is the only machine where it doesn’t get accepted.

  30. Nitesh

    Hi sid, i want to upgrade my card to diners black from jetprivilege world. The limit on the card is 2lacs and i max out every month. In total i spend 24lacs p.a from past 3 years and never missed out single payment.. Will the bank upgrade the card?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It again depends on the relationship you have with the bank.

    2. Sunny

      1) Why haven’t you applied for a higher limit? Or bank upgraded you automatically?

      Seeing your usage pattern, it seems rather surprising your limit hasn’t been increased.

      Did you check the ‘Card Limit Enhancement’ option in online banking?

      2) Upgrade might depend on salary, your bank/deposit balance, current card usage

      Why don’t you try for Jet Diners? Seeing you have a Jet card, I am assuming you are in it for the miles

      If you try for Jet Diners, let me know also what is the eligibility or criteria, coz I am looking for the same upgrade after sometime

  31. Lalit Singh Bist

    Hello Siddharth ji,

    I have got my HDFC Diners club international (rewards) credit card few days back and i had already created my pin through one time password but when i am doing to transaction on grocery store or petrol pumps, machine don’t accept my card, it has been shown “declined or error Or not supported”.

    Can you help for this issue.

  32. Manoj Kaushik

    Good News!!
    Discover cards and Diners Club International® (DCI) cards will be accepted at at NPCI ATMs and point-of-sale terminals (RuPay enabled POS) for purchases in India.

  33. Manav

    Just got my upgraded Diners Black over weekend.
    My initial experience on POS acceptance. Diners card didn’t work in Lifestyle & max stores ( even though lifestyle showing up as 10X partner). Strange isnt it? For that matter these machines could accept, Amex & Rupay ( apart from Master & visa)

    In one of my transaction at lifestyle, I saw a spare HDFC card swipe machine with them, asked to swipe on that machine.. then it worked.
    Even in pantaloons, it didnt work.
    I have a Yes Preferred as well, so not that big a hassle, but still…

  34. Ket

    Which Diners Club variant is issued to Preferred Banking customers? And what are the lounge access benefits for that variant?

  35. Ram

    Please update Diners Rewards HDFC credit card which is equivalent to VISA/Master Card; in some options only we found Master/Visa for online payment. Recently when I gave my card in one of the restaurant where SBI swipe machine it does not accept.

  36. Muthuraj

    Paytm not accepting the diners club card in add money option, what can i do?

  37. Anoop E S

    I had to make an online payment of exam fee in USD. Today was the last date for getting a discount of 30%. I was little bit overjoyed as HDFC is running the 10X promotion for international transactions. The merchant website accepts “Discover” card payments. But the payment didn’t went through and error shown was invalid card number.

    Called HDFC customer care and they could not help at all…

    At last, I had use ICICI Jet Amex card.

    So the availablity of discover as payment type doesn’t guarantee for acceptance of HDFC Diners cards…

  38. Prashant Gupta

    Received email with following message “Enjoy the exclusive Diner Club experience
    at Card Swipe machines from all banks.*”

    Really nice think.

  39. Prashant Gupta

    So i have just returned from Hong Kong, it was useless there. No one accepts diners/discover in Hong Kong/Macau. Only place it was useful for the arrival and departure lounge. I used Yes Prefered for all the shopping and the conversion rate was very good, better than the currency and travel card that i carried…..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Acceptance is good only in the west AFAIK. I came across a store in Singapore that has Diners Logo but the cashier says that her manager doesn’t allow her to accept Diners even though it technically works.


    Can someone confirm if Diners Card works in Thailand smoothly?

  41. Mushtaq ahmed

    Diners hdfc credit card is not working kotak mahindra pos machine request to hdfc resolve the issue

  42. Gagan

    Just got a Diners Club Black post reading the great reviews here. Just wanted know what are the benefits of spending on utilities. Secondly can I use the add on card for any co traveller for international lounge privilege or the name on boarding card has to match?

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Recently Many people reported that usage of add on card for international access is being charged. So better to avoid it.

  43. Surya

    Just got my DC black.. after reading so many issues over acceptance should I start using it or ask them for replacement to VISA/ MasterCard

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      If you’re using the card in India, You don’t need to worry about the acceptance at all. Diners is accepted in most of the POS nowadays. Only few banks POS like Kotak Mahindra Bank, Karnataka Bank etc… doesn’t accept Diners card.

      Internationally acceptance could be a problem but in India you don’t need to worry about it!

    2. Rohit

      Hi Surya
      Are you using diners club black? I have been offered but I am hesitant to take because of its wide availability. Someone has posted that inspite of accepted by Amazon India still it doesn’t work. I checked with super market where I shop regularly and they said no to diners card. What would you suggest whether it’s worth to upgrade from regalia and I guess dinners card would be paid and not a ltf card. .

      1. Red Power Ranger

        Its very much of use because of that 33% reward rate, even if you dont get it LTF.
        If u are an online shopper, then almost all major websites accept it and you will get back the cost of the card and more. But, if you are shopping offline for all your needs then you need to have a back up Mastercard/Visa as back up.
        Also it works with Amazon.
        My Suggestion: If you can get it, dont miss it !
        Hope this helps.

        1. Rajeev

          Works with amazon but not with amazon pay. Like let’s say when you are paying on swiggy using amazon pay. Doesn’t works on amazon prime-now (their grocery app) also.

      2. Suresh

        diners is accepted everywhere, since it uses rupay network. you can ask the shop guys to try it out.

        i never faced rejection in diners card in india.

  44. Pooja

    Siddharth, can you update us on the acceptance levels of DIners card, is it better or worse than Amex. Also, wrt points and offers which is better, infinia or diners.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      The acceptance of diners is better than amex. As of now diners is better because of 10x points.

  45. Kanika

    Recently, I have used my HDFC diners black in Singapore and it was accepted everywhere (OG Stores, Orchard Road, Vivo City Mall, Mustafa Center, restaurants and even in Cabs/taxi) etc… except Mc Donald’s

  46. Aswin

    Any opinions or feedback on the HDFC Diner Club MIles card? I’m looking at upgrading to it from my current HDFC JP Platinum as this card allows me to convert points to different airlines.

    1. Amex Guy

      If you always find yourself converting to JP, you might be better served with Diners Premium. Only get Club Miles if you have a strong focussed plan on how you want to use points to get better returns than Premium.

  47. Vk

    Hi, One query – my DCB has 7lakh limit and there is an option to do LE limit enhancement to 7.5lakh. I am a moderate user with 20lakh spend pa. Should I accept the auto LE or try and get higher LE through my RM?

    I was of the view that lower the limit better the safety – foolish conservative view. And had earlier denied many auto LEs.

    Appreciate your help. Thanks.

    1. Satish Patil

      Go For it, a higher credit limit can help you to get better ultra premiums cards or Upgrades in the future.

  48. Shivi

    Take the auto LE offer. Never deny it. You can always set your own limit via Hdfc netbanking!

  49. Rohit Roy

    As of today how is the acceptance ratio with diners card in India. Whether makemytrip, airbnb and yatra accept diners card?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      The acceptance has greatly improved. Accepted online in almost all sites. In small cities also acceptance is increasing and in some places whete it was not accepted one resort told me that they are in process of applying for diners as big cities customers have diners.

    2. Shail

      These days Diners acceptance is pretty good. Atleast I never faced any issues online or offline.

  50. Ajay

    Diner club is not accepted by google apps (gmail for business) and even apple doesn’t allow diner club for recurring payments. Huge letdown for me.

  51. Yashvanth

    Is HDFC dinner card accepted in US consulate Chennai? I don’t know which swipe machine they use. I experienced, Many time my transaction failed due to machine merchant’s use.

  52. karuna

    I have diners club international card. Can i do payment for online purchase through this card . Actually i want to do shopping from Max online store but at there they need 16 digit and on diners there is only 14 digits. how can i do shopping through this card…

    1. CAKS

      No option for Diners under credit cards.. do the following:
      Add your card in paytm wallet. On max store choose “wallets” option and select ‘Paytm’. It will take u to paytm wallet, where u can see ur diners card and pay using that card.
      Same way u can add card in Paypal/Mobikwik and use it.
      Or buy Max gift cards from Paytm or other sites using Diners card and use these giftcards online/offline – Read T&C carefully before purchasing.

    2. hochimin Jose

      Add 00 in front of the card number and try it, some places it works in that way

  53. Saurabh Mathur

    Can I access airport lounge for domestic travel in foreign countries with hdfc diners club credit card?

  54. Rao c

    Hi, i spend nearly 10k in a month on groceries. Basically from reliance fresh, bigbazar and spar…. Does any one of they accepts diners club hdfc cards ? Am planning to take one of any one of them accepts it .
    Thank you..

    1. MT

      Go for a diners card , smartbuy has 10x evouchers for bigbazaar and spar , buy those and redeem at stores , it wont matter whether they accept or not.. most of them do accept on rupay POS terminals

  55. Guharup

    I have diners card black and all above is true. Bit hdfc service for such high end card is bad. Concierge is always busy. Reply is with one day lag. Any queries require repeated followups. Creates negative customer experience.

  56. Vijay Kundu

    Hi Siddharth,

    Can you use HDFC Diners club black card for doing LIC insurance premium payment online? Are there any additional charges?

    I am going to get this card in next few days therefore want to understand its acceptability online/offline channels.

    Your response will be appreciated.


  57. Sharathkumar Anbu

    Nowadays acceptance seems to have gone down very badly. The places which used to accept Diners black earlier is no longer accepting it probably because of higher MDR which was introduced few months back. Nowadays with such restrictions, reaching milestones for fee waiver and claiming renewal milestone benefits like amazon prime, Makemytrip black gonna be tough.

    Very bad 🙁

  58. Akansha Kumar

    Looks like Diners Black card is no more giving 10X for participating merchants.
    I do not find it on their website anymore .
    Can someone please clarify this?

  59. Arnab Chaudhuri

    A small update. All sbi pos machines which depends on pstn dialup with landline accepts diners club. The new ones which are gprs based is not accepting diners though it can be activated on request just like amex on sbi pos.

  60. Aniket

    As of this writing, Diners Black Card is not accepted in PayU, Paytm, AirPay.. Transactions are failing on PayZapp(HDFC App).. not sure if i would encourage people to buy it..

    I got this card last month, seems like the bubble has bursted and i am very late to the party.. Most of the perks have gone away.. Like the 10X rewards people mentioned above..

  61. YC

    HDFC offered me LTF Millenia card on the basis of my existing HDFC Savings account. Its not a salary account, just their basic savings account. Applied for the card online and the executive asked me to enter his employee and branch code while entering details. Within one hour, got the virtual card on email. The image was of a Mastercard along with my card number printed on it. While saving the card on Amazon got to know that its a HDFC Millenia
    Diners Credit Card and not a Mastercard as per the depicted on the virtual card.
    Don’t know if they are trying to push Diner cards more now without even informing the customer or its a random distribution. Hope it will be having a better acceptability as I guess there is no way now to change it to Visa/Master or that change might be possible when card upgrade is offered in future or I’ll have to stick with Diners only in future.

      1. YC

        @Arnab, I didn’t specifically applied for Diners.

        I had applied for Millenia card through net banking. I was automatically allotted Diners.

  62. Ashok M Jethwani

    I have this card i did not choose for and diners card was delivered to my surprise.now online I have been trying to contact customer care representative for days but no option to talk to customer care representative.i wanted to know if this card work in UAE or not and can I withdraw cash In UAE?yet awaiting a reply seems no one cares much to reply.Am surprised a lot.others cards sbi,axis and HSBC also I have but in pandemic time too customer care representative is available to reply.however shall wait a while if no reply then shall cancel this card.

  63. Keyur

    It’s not enabled by razorpay by default. Hence ApartmentAdda or FreshToHome is not accepting it. Even payzapp fails. Looks like diners has kept MDR fees very high.

    1. Shivi

      The revised (beginning mid March) MDR of Diners is now high. Earlier it used to be at par with Visa/MasterCard as our very own RuPay was on Diners platform. Even Visa and MC have increased MDR. Also, Kotak cards are charged higher MDR than other bank cards even on same platform!

  64. Abhishek

    I’m getting an option to choose between DIners Club Privilege and Regalia, both LTF. Please suggest which one should I opt for and why? Thanks.

  65. Yashas Manikkar

    I got this card in October-20 before the HFDC LTF trend and HDFC RBI CC Ban Trend also I got it converted to LTF in January 21 as I crossed the annual milestone spend in 3 months because of Lockdown increased spends.

    1. Online-> No complaints as it worked 100% everywhere including 2x and 10x HDFC programs.
    2. Offline-> 1 out of 10 places(mostly very small shops/fuel place it fails)
    3. Add-On-> Process is simple to get add on cards which will have exact same card number with just name change and if they hold a HDFC account its just few clicks in netbanking else its paper process (Setting pin for add on is a headache but i found the process)

    Process to set Add-On Card Pin(Never even think to click on send pin via post as it resets pin each time you raise the request)
    1. Go to hdfc netbanking and generate a green pin/sms otp
    2. Go to ATM -> Insert Card-> Click set pin-> Enter otp(Step-1) -> Enter new Pin
    (Confusion. If you have 2 add on cards then you need to generate pin 2 times)

    Except the add on card setting pin issue, eveyrthing else is good. I had by mistake clicked on send pin via post which reset my pin which I had already set and then I again had to change it so be careful and dont call customer care or choose send via post but just do via OTP(which you can generate from netbanking)

  66. Aswin

    I’m seeing my hdfc diners club miles card throw up a lot of “restricted card” errors in the last two weeks. It’s been declined for 6 of the 11 payments I made this week which is extraordinary!! The last straw was me being unable to make a payment via cred on my diners today. Is anyone else seeing such a large issue off late?

    1. Ajay

      I got the same issue last week on a POS. My online transaction today went through though. Not really sure what happened. I think that error might be due to unsupported POS.

      1. Sri

        I’ve seen this happen to me many times. The issue is that the vendor might have blocked Diners Club from being accepted. I’m saying this because I see Diners being accepted on the same machine and same bank.

  67. Manjusha Kandalgaonkar

    Can I used Diners Clun International card in Groceries shop like Big Bazar or DMART?

  68. BABU

    hi i have to pay my cc and i have hdfc diners club crd but iam unable to pay from paytm,amazon,gpay ,phonepay anyother optioon i have excluding netbanking

    please help its urgent

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      You can use Cred. What is the issue you are facing with Paytm credit card bill payment? I have paid my diners black bill in Paytm multiple times.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      Use credit card bill pay. Please be advised that it may take 2-3 days to get this amount credited to your credit card account.
      Google Diners Bill desk, generally the first link will take u there. please check if it’s genuine.

      Hope it helps.

  69. N


    I tried using my hdfc diners for contactless txns in india but it doesn’t work.
    Has anyone faced the same issue?

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      On most of the POS machines contactless don’t work. On Pine lab and hdfc bank’s new POS machines it worked. However, haven’t faced any issue using chip so far.

      1. Srik

        Contactless payment with Diners club is a hit or a miss. So, whenever the shopkeeper asks me “WiFi idya? ” (Does it have Wifi)
        I simply say no and ask them to use the chip instead.

  70. Srik

    Another issue with Diners Club is online payments. Most (non-Amazon/Flipkart) merchants use Razorpay for payments and it doesnt have Diners card turned on by default. To me, online acceptance of Diners is a bigger issue than offline.

    1. Ashish Nikhare

      Add money to Payzapp by Diners card & pay on unaccepted websites with Payzapp Visa Card. Just an additional step of adding money in Payzapp. I had been doing it on most educational websites and it worked wonders.

      1. Sri

        I did that initially..but later HDFC stopped giving reward points for payzapp.

        1. K Prakasam

          You load money in ola money wallet and spend using ola prepaid card both offline and online. You will get rewards for money loaded in ola wallet

        2. Ashish Nikhare

          Its a gamble ! Sometimes you get, sometimes you don’t. Similar happens even with Add money in Paytm wallet.

  71. Arnab Sinha

    Using HDFC Millennia on Diners Club platform. Contactless transactions don’t work. Also, Apple does not accept Diners. Otherwise didn’t face any other online/offline acceptance issues

  72. vadakkus

    Diners Club cards make sense only of you live in a metro city. The are accepted nearly nowhere outside these major cities, not even at large stores, malls or even automobile dealerships! The acceptance rate in Kerala is practically 0. Wasn’t able to use it at even one place in the past 2 months. Tried at aleast 10 places offline and 2-3 online places (not the large ones). No merchants have even seen a Diners card. Don’t know why they even offer it here. I think I will cancel it or ask to get it changed to Regalia .

  73. vikram

    Many shop owners are not still not fully aware about the Loot by diners club. Normally a shop owner calculates 2% extra on swiping charges. but when 1 to 2 % is given to the owner of the card it is deducted from the payment to the vendor. Once a shop owner realizes he has suffered loss entertaining diners club customer. in the future he refuses all diners club card or asks for rupay visa or mastercard.


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