CRED RentPay Offer: Save upto 6.6% with HDFC Diners 2X rewards

By | March 4, 2021

If you’re paying monthly house rent you must already be using one of the best apps to pay rent online as they help you with rewards and additional credit period. One such app as CRED Rentpay that allows you to pay rent online using your credit card. 

Cred RentPay HDFC Diners Offer
CRED RentPay – HDFC Diners Credit Card Offer

Now there is an ongoing offer on HDFC Diners credit cards wherein you can get 2X rewards on all rent payments done through CRED. Here are all the details you need to know:

Offer Details

OfferGet 2X points on all rent payments done via CRED RentPay
Offer Period1st march to 31st march 2021 (Likely to be extended for 3 months)
Max. Cap2000 Bonus Points per calendar month
Eligible HDFC CardsDiners Black, Diners Privilege, Diners Clubmiles, (older cards: Diners Premium, Diners Rewardz)
FulfilmentWithin 90 days from offer end date

To max out this offer the ideal rental amount is Rs.60,000 a month. So if you’re paying rent above Rs.60,000 it may not be beneficial to you but it’s very rare, so the max cap. will not be a problem for most card holders.

Rewards Savings

  • Diners Black: 6.6% (As rewards)
  • Diners Privilege, Premium, ClubMiles: ~2.6% (As rewards)

As CRED charges ~1.5% as transaction fee your savings will be anywhere between 1% to 5% based on the card you are holding.

It’s a wonderful return on spend on Diners Black credit cards (~5% after fees).

Note: This 2K points is not part of the 10X max. cap AFAIK.


It’s a surprise to see 2X awards on rent payment apps and that too on HDFC Credit Cards. If it gets extended for next 2 months you could save a significant amount.

Apart from the HDFC offer you can also see many other offers on CRED rent pay like this one from BOBcards, but the Diners 2X HDFC offer is the best among.

Are you using CRED Rentpay or any other rent payment apps? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below

Author: Siddharth

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56 thoughts on “CRED RentPay Offer: Save upto 6.6% with HDFC Diners 2X rewards

  1. ManzB

    So you can get 5% just by transferring money to anyone including yourself/ wife, plus you can get upto 45 days credit worth 1%.. so approx 6%. Not bad.

      1. Akshay

        its not asking for any rent agreement,but is it fine to do so?

      2. ManzB

        That can be created using Rs 100 stamp paper. They are unlikely to validate the same.

        1. Prashant Bushan

          Wouldn’t this payment be considered as “income” for your friend, and wouldn’t he have to pay tax on it? Am I missing something?

    1. Rohit

      lol why people always find loop holes 🙂 Because of this rest of the population has to suffer.

  2. Saran

    Hdfc was running the same promo with Nobroker platform for rent pay in the last 2 months. Nobroker charges 1% processing fee vs 1.5% at Cred. Awaiting a HDFC partnership with Redgiraffe – they are clearly the least processing fee platform for rent payment.

    1. Ashu Munjal

      They already have tie up with Red Giraff, using it for last two years. Its the best.. I get reqred points, I get 5% cash banck ( only upto 100 Rs) evry month.

      1. Knight44

        Are you still getting reward points on rent payment?

  3. Abhi

    Past 3 months Nobroker was a diners 2X partner and that worked well as nobroker charged just 1% compared to 1.55% by Cred. Moreover there was additional 5% upto 500 cashback when paid through payzapp but that option cant be used with Cred.

    Sid, BTW, Diners runs a separate 2X program with a separate monthly cap which also includes Kalyan Jewellers, Nykaa, it’s been a few months now, and is another reason I prefer DCB over Infinia.

    Fulfillment is said to be 90 days but nowdays incremental X comes by 3-4th of following month.

  4. Priyansh

    One question I always had- when kept seeing this offer on cred- do they ask for a rent agreement? What if I am transferring to a friend or something?

    1. Sree

      Initially it was possible when they launched rent pay in CRED. But i think due to high volumes of transactions within friends/family they too made it mandatory to upload rental agreement

    2. chanduatla

      Yes it is possible as long as the rent is low like less than 15000 or 20000. for more rent payment, CRED will insist to upload rental agreement.

  5. Niju

    The No Broker offer keeps beating this for the last few months.
    Until last month Diners cards were having 2x rewards on No Broker even when paying through Payzapp which gives a further 5%(limited to 500) as cashback

    The only downside with No Broker is that the rent payment gets delayed occasionally and their support team doesn’t have a clue as to what has happened whereas in case of Cred RentPay its pretty fast and usually gets credited within a couple of hours time.

  6. Rushabh

    There is one more offer running for HDFC Credit Cards – to get 2021 Rupees Cashback in 3 months started during last month. Not sure whether both these offers will be applicable for HDFC Diners black now. Anyway, both of them are good offers from HDFC Bank.

  7. Ashu

    How is it better then ehichnchsnged less then. 0.5% fee on rentals .there you anyways get normal reward points from diner black,plus you get 100 Rs cash back as 5% bill pay promo if you pay through payzapp. Rental is a regular payment, why should I go to cred which charges higher fee and has a short term promo.

  8. Chandranath Mondal

    Hi Siddharth – thanks for keeping us updated with very useful information. I have a different question – can I pay loan EMI with a credit card?

    For example – Bajaj Fin Serv gives advance payment option, where you can choose Bharat QR as payment mode. So, I can pretty use Payzapp or a similar app to make the payment using a credit card.

    The advance payment will get adjusted in the next EMI, so you can avoid the ECS next month.

    Please share your thoughts, or I would request you to create blog post if you feel that’s worth.

    Thanks again!

    1. Chandranath Mondal

      My question was with respect to the impact on CIBIL score? Will there be any, in that case?

  9. Radz

    Payzapp offer for march is a better offer . They are giving 2.5K for 25K payment as cashback .
    also regular rewards on DCB+400 voucher on nobroker .

  10. Mohan

    I’m not sure if the max cap is for total points (2X) from this transaction or for 1X. If it is former, then max 30k only benefical.
    I didn’t get any related info in T&C mentioned. Did you check that?

    1. Abhi

      Max cap of 2K is over and above regular 1X.
      If you pay 59K rent, Cred charges Rs915 fees (1.55%). On 59915 you get 2X, i.e. total 3990 points.
      You will max out on a rent of Rs59085.

    2. Ankit Maheshwari

      The language in terms & conditions reads as under:

      Maximum total reward points that can be earned per calendar month during offer period for eligible
      transactions across all the participating merchants are 2000 Reward Points

      Guess 2000 includes the base reward points as well. Happy to be corrected though

  11. Sandeep Kumar

    What is the minimum rent that you can pay?
    It’s an effective gain of 2.26% minus Rs.125 for Infinia and DCB card holders already paying rent using Redgirraffe on Payzapp.

  12. Pranav Sharma

    Will this be extended any changes of nobroker as partner

  13. Ram

    Using hdfc millennia credit card via payzapp thru no broker is far more rewarding

    1. Ashutosh

      Hey, can you tell me what is the offer? Nobroker charges 1% as fees?

  14. chanduatla

    Excellent. Further can be extended with another offer of HDFC, title as “get ₹ 2021 worth gift vouchers for paying ₹25,000 or more for 3 months starting from Feb 2021”.

  15. chanduatla

    Now this offer of 2X is showing up to 31st May 2021 in CRED app. That’s great. but not clear in terms mentioned about 2000 points per calendar month or till May 2021?

  16. Amit

    Oct to Feb, same offer was on NoBroker and since its rates is 1%, it was better than Cred Pay.

  17. Mahesh S. Panicker

    Used Cred rent pay for a couple of months in April-May. Then switched to No Broker. Nobroker has a lesser processing charge at 1 percent, and more importantly, has a regular 5 percent up to 500 offer on paying with Payzapp. On using my SBI Simplyclick, I can get a better return than the processing charge. And if you are willing to put in the struggle with HDFC customercare, use HDFC Millennia on Payzapp to pay rent on No Broker, and get 5 percent up to 500 on Payzapp, and 5 percent up to 750 on the card.
    Cred has regularly been providing card offers on different cards, ICICI AmazonPay, Axis cards, BOB, SCB, and now the HDFC offer. But the eventual returns are nowhere near close to Nobroker through Payzapp. And they have a higher processing charge.

    1. Abhi

      Payzapp cashback cap for nobroker is down to 400 now. Payzapp cashbacks are on a general decline.

    2. Pranav Sharma

      That too reduced bro to 400 hdgc reducing cashback day by day

    3. Ratheesh

      I am not getting 5% cashback as 750.. this transaction is only considered as offline wallet load..So 1%only

  18. Ratheesh

    I used to pay rent via nobrocker via payzapp with millennia card.. I get ₹500 from payzapp. But millennia card only treat it as offline wallet loads, so only 1% unlike the 5% what they advertise..

    1. Mahesh S. Panicker

      Need to contact the bank on this. HDFC has been pathetic on Millennia point credit, you really need to keep taking this up, I’ve got the points at 5 percent, each time it is a struggle though… You would have to escalate the issue, at least to Priority Redressal, the lot at Grievance Redressal are mostly clueless and on top of that, quite ignorant and rude too.

  19. Ayush Agrawal

    To everyone asking about rent agreements: Yes, cred asks for rent agreement in certain cases. I was asked. However, the payment was cleared within 7 hours of uploading the rent agreement, which I think is great.
    After this offer is over, I’ll move back to payzapp.

  20. Rishabh

    The TnC says 2000 points. So this means 1000 bonus points only. So max transaction would be INR 30000

  21. Abdul Hameed

    I pay my rent with nobroker where rent agreement is mandatory. And I use cred to transfer the money to my parents as does not require rent agreement there . Getting good benefits from both the platforms.

  22. Tanmay

    Quick question: Using DCB will I get both offers ie
    a)2X rewards and
    b)Rs 2021 cashback over three months on HDFC cards

    rewards is sure, but what abt the cashback offer.

    1. Abhi

      Tanmay, just check if 2021 cashback is applicable on paying rent through Cred or not. The offer is explicitly shown on nobroker, but I dont see it mentioned on Cred or magicbricks, although the T&C says it is applicable for customers who have not made rental payments in last 3 months across NoBroker or any other platform using HDFC Bank Credit Card. 2021 offer is Feb-Apr, and Cred became 2X partner only in Mar. Should enquire with CC.

  23. Anuj Chopra

    There are 2 offers running on nobroker. 1. 2021 Amazon vouchers on diners card for 3 months payment, 2. Payzapp cashback of 400.
    I made the payment of 30000 on nobroker. This was done on payzapp using hdfc diners card. Does that mean I will get both 400 cashback plus Amazon vouchers? Or are the Amazon vouchers only applicable when payment is done using diners directly and not on payzapp?

  24. Amrish

    Can someone who’s actually received the bonus points confirm whether the 2000 cap is on 2x points total or the 1x cap. The T&C are not very clear. Also, if we make multiple payments in a month, will cumulative of all transactions count towards the cap or only the first payment

    1. Prateek Jhunjhunwala

      Were you able to figure this out? Is 2k for bonus points or for base+bonus limit? What is the max rent we can pay 30k or 60k?

      1. Amrish

        Not really but I went ahead and paid rent > 30k. For some reason I didn’t any bonus points in last month’s statement. Current months statement is due in couple of days. Will know once the statement is generated. Will let you know.

    1. Rohit

      What about insurance payment? Any offer for DCB for paying insurance in June month?

  25. Babu

    I have started paying rent on CRED with my HDFC Diners Club Black credit card in February for the first time, Continued in March and April.

    I have received the 2x Diners Club reward points for the same period, but the ₹2021 gift cards hasn’t been received yet. First gift card should have been received by 31st May. Today is June 27th. Haven’t received any.

    Was the ₹2021 offer not applicable for me?

    1. Mouli

      Have you used your HDFC card for rent payment anywhere else like Redgiraffe ,Nobroker or some other portal, if so then you wont get the gift card as per T&C


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