HDFC adds Reward Points accrual details (per txn) to Infinia Credit Card Statement

By | March 17, 2021

One of the most demanded feature on HDFC super premium credit card products like HDFC Infinia & Diners Black is the transaction-wise reward points accrual details. This is primarily because the cardholders are having tough time to understand the fulfilment of offers like 10X rewards program and the cardholder had to call support every-time to check this information.

But now you no longer need to waste your time on call. The wait is now over (sort of) !!

New Features

I got my March 2021 Infinia CC statement and here’s what I see in addition to what we used to see earlier:

  • Feature Reward Points: You can now view how many reward points you’re earning against each and every transaction. This is for both Domestic & international transactions.
HDFC Infinia Credit Card statement with: Feature Reward Points
HDFC Infinia Statement with: Feature Reward Points
  • Rewards Program Points Summary: This must have been named as “Bonus Reward Points summary” for easy understanding. Basically this section shows the summary of accelerated/bonus reward points added to your reward points a/c in that particular statement period.
  • Cash back Summary: This section shows all the cashback you’ve received on your card a/c in that particular statement period. I see the global value cashback on my stmt, and maybe it may also show the fuel surcharge waiver as well.
HDFC Infinia Statement with: Bonus Reward Points Summary
HDFC Infinia Statement with: Bonus Reward Points Summary

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a wonderful feature to have – no doubt.

But if you ask whether this solves the problem – well, not exactly. It would have been LOT BETTER if the bonus points are reported against every txn just like the feature reward points.

But unfortunately it doesn’t work like that because the the fulfilment is not instant when it comes to most of the bonus reward points offers. So summary makes sense for monthly statements.

Maybe if HDFC wants to Woo their super premium cardholders, they could simply “update” the monthly statements after 90 days or so with the bonus rewards column (per txn) and make it available for download through net-banking.

Doing so it will fix the fulfilment queries once for all. This is very much doable speaking about the tech feasibility of such updated stmt’s, but the God decides whether it has to be done or not. πŸ˜›

And Diners Black & other cardholders.. sorry guys, it looks like a special privilege reserved only for Infinia, for now. But of-course the bank may enable this feature for others as well, if they ever feel the need for it.

That aside, this feature adds up a bit towards Infinia for those asking: Should I take Diners Black or Infinia?

Note: This feature appears to be rolled out in phases, so not all Infinia Cardholders are seeing this. However all should see very soon.

What’s your thoughts on this new feature given for Infinia Cardholders? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

I love credit cards, enjoy travelling for free using reward points & airmiles. Obsessed with business class cabins, airport lounges and luxury hotels.

80 thoughts on “HDFC adds Reward Points accrual details (per txn) to Infinia Credit Card Statement

  1. Rahul Rao

    Haha had tweeted about this just a day back and also gave it as a feedback glad to know they finally implemented it

  2. Arun

    I was waiting for this feature for a.long long time. What I was doing till now was to write high value or 10X transactions in notes and call customer care some months later to confirm each transaction, one at a time. This though still not perfect, will bring much needed transparency to 10X system.

  3. Mahesh S. Panicker

    This is progress for sure from HDFC that has an otherwise appalling trackrecord when it comes to crediting reward/cash points. I hold one of the most affected cards in this regard, the HDFC Millennia and introducing something like this for this card may not be in the making any time soon. But at least, they are making a move in the right direction in general and that in itself is good to note. Hopefully, even if the statements are not saying it out clearly, at least they will credit the points from now on for all their cards without the customer having to fight it out, every step, every month…

  4. Pranab

    For some strange reasons, my last statement (2nd Mar) is still the same old (no bifurcation of points)! Believe some other members also did get the old one. Is it in a phased manner?
    *Last month I changed my statement date, so the billing period was actually 47 days. Need to wait for next statement (2nd April).

      1. Vishal Shukla

        In my statement, it still shows 3 columns – Date, Transaction and Amount. Infinia card statement generated on 10/03. I need to check for the next statement release.

    1. Vinod

      I also have the same issue for my 15th March statement. No Bifurcations.

  5. Sachin Kumar Banthia

    Hi Siddharth,
    I checked my statement and realised that HDFC is not giving credit for rent payments (through RedGiraffe). Is that the case for you as well, if you are also using it.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      Sorry, not using RedGiraffe. But I can see the rewards added for CRED rent pay.

    2. Vamshi

      Yes, I also just realised that they have not been crediting reward points for rent payments made through Payzapp. This is ridiculous. Going to raise an escalation now.

    3. Prem Taparia

      They do give points for RedGirraffe transactions. But for some reason, they treat it as Insurance transaction, the points for which are shown separately at the bottom of the statement, just like the bonus points.

  6. Varun

    Yes even I noticed that no points for rent payment. I did payment via Payzap.

    1. BeingHuman

      @Sachin Kumar Banthia
      I called & checked with HDFC CC with regards to my particular transactions in January & February, they say points are credited.

  7. Rajesh Ravikanti

    I hold a Infinia MasterCard. I received my latest statement on 14-Mar-21 and I don’t see the split of reward points per transaction in my statement. Is it specific to Visa card holders? Am I missing something?

  8. Prashanth M

    Looks like this either only for Infinia card holders or being rolled out in phases. Received my statement for DCB this morning, I still see the old format!

    1. Venkatesh M

      Thank you Sid for sharing such an useful information with fellow members. I have a Infinia MasterCard from HDFC and I didn’t see the featured rewards points break up by transaction in this month’s statement and it is a complete no-brainer from HDFC. Based on my relationship with them over the last 13+ years, I found their practices to be very inconsistent. One can get a different response for a same question from their phone banking, virtual RM, email Helpdesk, and not to forget grievance cell

  9. Sankalp Agrawal

    Got my Infinia Credit Card statement today, but it does not have any additional details of reward points. It is in the same old format. Am I the only one who got the statement in old format or do I have a company? I am not the imperia customer, is that the reason?

  10. Prateek Mittal

    My statement is generated on 10th March but there is no bifurcation of points. Not sure how are they implementing.

  11. Shashank Goyal

    My bill generated today (received over e-mail) and I see the same old format.

  12. Gautam

    Received the infinia statement generated on 13th March without this feature.

  13. AshishR

    ok this will sound wierd

    my statemensts generated on 15th march

    my visa infinia has latest updated statement with feature rewards points column [paid variant]
    my mastercard infinia has old statement without feature reward points [ LTF]

    so looks like new statement is visa or paid variant specific

    1. Rohan Varshnei

      Hi Ashish – could you tell me any major difference between the two variants of the card? Thinking of upgrading DCB to Infinia. Thanks.

    2. Varun

      How did you managed to get both variant. For me they upgraded from master to visa on request.

  14. Upendran m

    I too received my Visa Infinia stt yesterday without this feature

  15. Pranab

    Hi Sachin & Varun,
    I’m paying rent in Payzapp bill pay (Redgiraffe) for the last 1 year. Initially there was no issues on RPs. But somewhere in Oct-Nov last year, I didn’t get it. I followed up with Infinia CC for an extended period and finally got it after approx a month. Same story repeated next month. But then I was getting the points normally w/o follow up but on T+3 days whereas for other transactions I get RP on T+2.

  16. Prashant Gupta

    its a great feature. My statement generated on 8th March has this.

    1. Shivi

      Their service, like every other private bank, is only good if you have NRV for their top most account variant. Depends branch to branch, RM to RM

  17. Rahul

    HDFC had started sending bonus points sms per transaction but it has again stopped it.. This may be due to the TRAI thing.. Not sure.

  18. Dhiraj

    Hi Siddharth,
    Have been offered upgrade to MC Infinia with annual fee. Currently have Regalia LTF with limit of 8.75 lakhs.
    Should I wait for FYF or LTF offer or take the upgrade with annual charges.

  19. MJ

    Hey Sid

    Just noticed international lounge access has been removed for all ICICI debit cards plus the domestic lounges have also been limited to a handful with t&c such as limited quarterly spends to get access to the lounge.

  20. Pranav

    A welcome feature. A point about updating past statements, it is a banking industry standard, or rather, industry sin to update past statements. Any past updates or modifications are always reflected and adjusted in subsequent statements. Although, this is a relic pf the time when statements used to be paper and sent by mail. But banking industry doesn’t change that fast just because tech allows it.

  21. Praveen Katiyar

    Recvd statement generated on 16th Mar without breakup of points per trxn.
    Hold a preferred banking with hdfc.
    The wait doesn’t seem to be over for all.

  22. Amol

    Hi. I am holding regalia first credit card for 1.5 years. Have a credit limit of 3.12L.
    Recently received upgrade offers to Regalia/Indigo 6E Rewards XL. Both are lifetime free.
    Which one is better to go for?

    FYI, the other credit cards apart regalia first, in my portfolio are:
    1. ICICI Amazon pay
    2. ICICI Sapphiro
    3. Flipkart axis bank
    4. SBI Ola money
    5. Yes Premia
    6. HSBC Platinum
    7. Citi Rewards credit card.

    1. Ankur S

      Upgrade to Regalia.

      Once you select co brand hdfc card. Updates don’t come. Have read instances of jet cards users facing same issue.

    2. Saurabh

      From my own experience, I realized good thing about Regalia is – it gives you realistic prospects of reaching Infinia/DCB in future(took 2 years for me). If you are not a very frequent flyer(that too with Indigo), Regalia is better to have.

  23. Siddhartha Tiwari

    My visa infinite variant shows points, and my wife’s Matercard variant doesn’t show points in the statement, both generated on 13.03.21.

  24. AK

    Any mastercard variant holder got the new format in statement or received only old?
    I belong to the mastercard variant in the recently upgraded LTF category, did not receive the new format of the statement, mine was old format only.

  25. Dev

    received statement on 15th but without these feature ..mine is mastercard variant.

    1. S&S

      Infinia Visa here.

      Statement generated on March 16th without points breakup.

      Best bank keeps getting bested by others.
      Too big to implement genuine feedback regarding appalling customer services.


  26. Ajai Singh

    No point distribution on my FYF Visa Infinia. The CC had no idea of it but my RM said it is being rolled out in phases.

  27. Kunal

    Statement generated today with old format. MC Infinia user. Looks like rollout is in phases.

  28. Rohit

    Been to bank yesterday and met cc incharge. I asked him whether I can swap DCB to infinia and asked about people who got LTF infinia from regalia. He said that offer came for only 3 days and people who saw it got it including branch manager. I asked whether he could make a request and he denied as usual and said it is not in their hands. One or two years before I could agree the difficulty of getting Infinia but i am not sure what is the problem now for the bank to swap card to LTF atleast to preferred/imperia customers.
    Can anyone confirm whether able to swap from DCB to infinia ?

    1. gitns

      Download the card upgrade form from the HDFC website and post it to their Chennai address, bypassing the middlemen. I found the branch, RM and the cc team useless.

      Got my DCB LTF upgraded to Infinia LTF in 3 days. Not sure in the credit limit matters, as I had > 8L limit on DCB.

      1. Santosh Kumar


        I also have a DCB LTF but are we sure that infinia will also be given as LTF?
        How did you go around this. Can you please let me know. While I have 8L+ spends yearly but just don’t want to be under pressure.


      2. Santosh Kumar

        Hi, I also have a DCB LTF have a 10L+ limit.

        I want to send for an upgrade to infinia but the only question I have is, how can we be sure if the upgraded infinia will come as LTF. Any suggestions for this?


  29. Rahul

    No breakup for me in mastercard infinia statement generated 18th march

  30. Rahul

    I have a DCB and I’m getting the points for each transaction since last cycle. Maybe they are implementing it in phased wise approach

  31. MSJ

    Happy days indeed! Indivdual transaction breakup is a step up. May still need to maintain an excel to calculate the xtra reward points.
    Recieved my statement today! Makes tracking 50% easier.

  32. Gautam Garg

    Received statement with transaction level points details on 14 March for my paid Visa Infinia card.

  33. K Nayak

    Dear Siddharth, can you please explain how to get offers (without applying) for credit card(s) from banks that we dont have any relationships with? Thanks in advance.

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      Simplest way is to have more friends like me (having more than dozen cards) and visiting regularly.

      Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  34. Adil Chopra

    Hi Siddharth,
    Could you please explain reward point accrual for the 10X/15X schemes for DCB/Infinia, in case we go for an EMI transaction?
    The customer executive said that RP are accrued based on every EMI payment and that payment would in turn reduce the respective month’s general 7500 cap as well.
    Does this mean we shouldn’t go for EMIs in this particular scheme?

  35. Praveen Katiyar

    Will I get points for payment made to NPS using my Infinia ?

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      Will I get points for payment made to NPS using my Infinia ?

  36. Raghu

    The statement generated on 26th March with no detailed reward points accrual info, but for the first time under Important Information, they mentioned this:
    “Please do not use your personal card for working capital funding or any other business requirements.”
    Did anyone receive such a message ever? Pls share any thoughts on this.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Added to all stmts I guess. They started doing this since past 2 months or so, so that when they debit the points they can show you the proof that they’ve already warned you. πŸ˜€

    2. Shivi

      I received it starting January. Just your friendly neighborhood HDFC Bank advice i guess

    1. Namit

      Statement generated Last Week, but no breakup-points yet.. perhaps our MC variant will reflect the points in a phased manner!

  37. Atul

    Received Visa Infinia Statement on 26th March , yet no points break-up.

  38. Richard

    Is it just me or did anyone else find the reward points credit on HDFC Infinia lesser than usual in the March bill? I think they didn’t credit the additional (10X or 3X – X(base)) reward points in March but do let me know if Im the only one getting this feeling. This feature of transparently showing the reward points earned, with a retrospective update for past statements post considering cancellation periods etc , will really close loop this for anyone who is a points junkie.

    1. Sandeep Kumar

      I received sms of crediting March smartbuy bonus reward points on 30th March. But points are less.

    2. Shashank Goyal

      Same here. If I am supposed to get 5000 accelerated reward points then I got only 4500

    3. Anshul

      Received 11k points only instead of 30k points for march which were credited on 29th march itself

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They had another issue last 2 days. I don’t think RBI would clear it anytime soon.

  39. Rahul

    There was this smartbuy extra offer in December about 15x on amazon. Has anyone got points for that?

  40. Linga

    Are we getting reward points for adding money to bbdaily wallet? Though it it is technically a wallet it acts more like grocery purchase only I feel.

  41. Pranab

    Today received the second statement after the points bifurcation implementation, yet I’m not getting the point details.
    Mine is MasterCard FYF variant, subsequent annual fees were waived off based on spends.

  42. Karthik N

    Guys, I spent decent amount during extra saving days sale using DCB. When i checked the statement there are 9000+ reward points in adjusted/lapsed column of the statement. Any idea what that means ? I got the card couple of months ago so no chance that they can get lapsed. Please help !


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