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HDFC adds Reward Points accrual details (per txn) to Infinia Credit Card Statement

One of the most demanded feature on HDFC super premium credit card products like HDFC Infinia & Diners Black is the transaction-wise reward points accrual details. This is primarily because the cardholders are having tough time to understand the fulfilment of offers like 10X rewards program and the cardholder had to call support every-time to check this information.… Read More »

Now Redeem your HDFC Credit Card Reward Points to CASH

One of the biggest expectation on HDFC credit cards by many entry-level to premium card holders is the ability to redeem reward points for direct cashback, as flights/hotels or even the shopping vouchers don’t excite many. If you’re one of them, I’ve a news you. HDFC Bank finally decided to give you that privilege of redeeming your reward… Read More »

Changes to HDFC CC Reward Points from July 2017 and Why it shouldn’t bother You

There has been lot of buzz lately related to HDFC credit card reward points program changes from July. These are very minor changes for most of them and is primarily made to stop few people from abusing the system. Here are the changes as per HDFC: EasyEMI and e-wallet loading transactions will not accrue Reward points. Reward points… Read More »