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American Express discontinues SpiceJet Vouchers on Platinum Travel Card

American Express India just sent out an email to all platinum travel credit card holders on 29th June 2020 about the discontinuation of SpiceJet vouchers issuance from 1st August 2020. Here’s everything you need to know, The Change Here’s a quick look at the email just incase if you haven’t got it yet:  How does it affect? Here’s… Read More »

HDFC Limits Reward Redemptions to 70% of booking value on Infinia & Diners Black Credit Cards

HDFC bank just sent out an email to all Infinia and Diners black credit card holders today. The email comes with the subject line “You’ve unlocked savings on Shopping & Travel @SmartBuy!” which is funny, because the email is mainly about the new restrictions. Just like how Yesbank did with the latest devaluation, HDFC too included the MOST… Read More »

Credit Card Fraudulent Transactions increasing in India?

Despite improvements in technology and Artificial intelligence, Credit Card frauds remains pretty common across the world and so India is no different. This happens especially with international transactions as those type of transactions don’t require 2-factor authentication. Yes, you can Chargeback the transaction but now the problem is, it seems they’re not being honoured as its supposed to… Read More »