American Express India Refreshes its Credit Card Designs

By | April 27, 2024
American Express India Refreshes its Credit Card Designs

American Express India is beautifying their credit card designs and they’ve started with the work slowly since early 2024. From what I see, this is more of a global move in which most cards would now look similar across the world. 

Amex has been gradually implementing it in India in the past few months. From what I understand, they’re doing it in batches for certain cards

  • Batch 1: Plat/Gold charge & Corporate Cards
  • Batch 2: Plat Travel Card
  • Batch 3: Reserve (Probably)
  • Batch 4: MRCC/Smart Earn (Probably)

If this goes as I assume, eventually they would have redesigned almost all cards by year end. Here’s a quick look at some of the cards in its updated design alongside the old design, so you know what changed:

Batch 1

Amex Platinum Charge Card

Amex platinum Charge Card Design Change

The changes on Platinum Charge Card are subtle but it now looks crisp, simple, clean & elegant. The border has become smaller and that makes it feel like a bigger card when you hold it in hand.

Not to mention that the name “Platinum” now goes to the back of the card, which is quite a surprise.

Amex Gold Charge Card

Amex gold Charge Card Design Change

The changes on gold charge card are more evident and it now looks as good as plat charge but in gold. The gold colour is slightly lighter than the old design.

Personally, the best thing that I like about the new gold charge card is that the card numbers at the back are “bigger” and in beautiful font. The simple embossing of numbers is even better than the one on plat charge. 

Speaking of gold charge card design, I hope India someday gets the “rose gold” design in future. I’m quite positive that we’ll get one soon (maybe 2025 or later), but let’s see when!

Corporate Cards

Amex has 3 corporate cards in India: Plat, Gold, Green. While Plat & gold cards are similar to the personal cards with word “corporate” on it, the green card is the new & noteworthy design change and it looks beautiful for sure.

Batch 2

Amex Plat Travel

Amex Platinum Travel Card got a complete refresh and looks lot better than how it used to be. If you look closer, it’s actually the same design as on the existing Smartearn card but in silver/grey colour.

That said, it looks like Amex is getting away with “platinum” in the travel card, obvious because people often get confused with the platinum charge card. So likely they’ll now call it as “travel card”

Batch 3

Reserve (Prediction)

While this is pending and likely go live by May 1st week along with the change in benefits, I’m assuming it will be same as Travel card with “Reserve” on it or maybe a darker version of the travel card as below:

Batch 4

Amex MRCC (Prediction)

Of all the cards that Amex has, MRCC is perhaps the only card that actually needs a design refresh as it’s one of the “ugliest” of all the designs that I know of and definitely not an Amex standard. 

While this is also still pending, it’s probably queued for the last batch. If I predict it right, they might bring the yellow/golden tint design of travel card to MRCC, like below. 

Amex SmartEarn (Prediction)

While the current design on Smartearn Card is decent, the blue tint is too dark. Rather, some lighter versions like below as seen in other countries would be great to have.

Card Replacements

If you like the new designs that has gone live on Batch 1 & 2, simply open your Amex app and request for replacement at free of charge. While replacing, the card number doesn’t change but the CVV’s will change. If you need the card numbers to change, you may call support and request for the same as well.

And if you don’t prefer to change the card numbers/cvv and still wish to see the new design, you may apply for the “account card” from your amex account. It’s basically a supplementary card on your own name which cardholders can use to segregate expenses.

I took the account card for plat charge because my cvv’s are fancy and I don’t wish to loose them.


As you might know, design is one of the factor that I consider while reviewing credit cards and there are at times when I get cards just for the design (not a suggestion for others!).

While design doesn’t reward you, it somehow gives you a good feel while taking that card out each time. I don’t get that “feel good” factor on HDFC Infinia, so I can say that, lol.

And of all cards with Amex, Amex Gold Charge used to give a great feel good factor every-time I used to use it back in time when Amex was restrictive in issuance. Not only the design is good, but also Merchants used to wonder from which country I got the card and with name “American” on it, they mostly ask, “Are you from America?” 😀

So it’s good to see that Amex is refreshing their cards to have a beautiful uniform design across the globe. 

That said, what’s your take on the new Amex credit card designs that’s already live? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

20 thoughts on “American Express India Refreshes its Credit Card Designs

  1. Sudip

    I feel you Sid as I myself is a design centric person.

    Thanks for the article.

  2. Amit Thakur

    Great to see the new designs sid.

    You said you don’t want to lose your fancy CVV. You mean 4 digit code on front of the mostly irrelevant 3 digit one at the back.

    Can you give an example of a fancy CVV ( without of course disclosing yours obviously)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Both 3 & 4 digits changes.

      Fancy in the sense, they’re repetitive / consecutive which makes it easy to remember.

  3. Dinoop

    @Siddarth, Have you mistakenly exposed the card number in the smart card or is it a dummy number?

  4. Dev

    I must say I’m disappointed by Plat Travel design – they could’ve done so much better.

    I’ll keep my old design card for now lol.

  5. Rajdeep D

    Hi @Siddarth,

    Following your blog since a long for cc reviews.
    Can you help me with the following if it’s not a big deal for you.

    I can’t use my hdfc or axis cc on outbrain, they are required a US cc or candaian cc…What to do?
    Any card which you could suggest.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      From my experience, when regular visa/MC cards don’t work, Amex passes through.

  6. Prarabdh Bharti

    “along with the change in benefits” in case of Platinum Reserve
    What are the changes being implemented?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Accor plus membership,
      2X spend requirement for 2x value voucher.
      Intl lounge access
      Golf access now only based on spend.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I was thinking to get one because of it’s design but looking at ultra low returns, I didn’t continue. 🙂

      P.S. Currently away for next few weeks, will cover it in detail sometime next month.

  7. Siddhant Chawla

    Got the Platinum Travel Card with the updated design, it looks like a glorified Smart Earn Card to me and doesn’t feel as premium as the original card. It feels more flimsy. The card is made of 85% recycled plastic which is awesome, but I yet found the old card having more attitude and character.
    I’d opine to keep the original one if it looks pristine but if it looks worn out, go for the updated design.

  8. Gurpreet

    I ordered the new palt design , loved the highlighted logo of American express in the new card. The old one I will keep as a momento as I love American express btw , my 90 % expenditure is on amex , I wonder why people claim that it doesn’t work anywhere , i have used amex everywhere and only once or twice the merchant said they don’t have the machine 😂

  9. Suraj Raushnee

    Just checked with AmEx. They’ve completed the design changes on only the Platinum Reserve & Travel cards. The rest of the cards are uncertain. Very curious to know why they haven’t gone ahead and done what you had said Sid and refreshed the charge cards first.

  10. Vikram

    Just closed my Amex Platinum Reserve credit card the week before last. Wanted to close it last year itself but they revoked the membership fee as I’d been a customer since 2016. This year they didn’t offer that but gave me some insight on the benefits that come with it. I told them that I do know all that and have other cards that offer most of them, if not all. They then accepted to close my card account.

    I was expecting that they’d offer me another year free. But I guess this is better because having a card and not using it, which I haven’t used for many years now, is just a liability. One card lesser is always good because I do have 6 cards without this including the Amex MRCC.

  11. S Saxena

    Hello Sid,

    Spoke with Amex on chat and the rep says that MRCC card re-designing will happen for sure but no timelines given. He said probably by the next month. Could you check out if that is the case?

  12. Sudip

    I’m truly surprised how you predicted Amex reserve card so accurately; Amex website has been updated with card design changes :

    Wished, they had made the design changes first in their most ugly looking and rewarding card – Amex MRCC.


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