080 Bangalore Premium Airport Lounge Review (Domestic)

By | July 6, 2022
080 bangalore airport lounge review

Bangalore had an amazing premium airport lounge previously called Above Ground level Lounge and it was closed for more than a year. Now in its new avatar at the same location we now have the 080 lounge, which basically refers to the STD code of Bangalore.

While we’re gonna see the review of 080 lounge at domestic departures, there is also another 080 lounge at the international departures, just like how it used to be before.

Both lounges are now owned by the airport and operated by TFS, the same company that operates most of the lounge & dining outlets across Indian airports.


TypePremium Airport Lounge
Card acceptedAmex, Priority Pass & few other cards
LocationFollow lounge signboard & take escalator on right
Plug pointsYes, in plenty
AmbianceBeautiful interiors & ultra spacious
Food options5 star buffet grade food

This is the best airport lounge not only at Bangalore Airport but also in the entire country.


Follow the lounge signboards that will ideally take you to the entrance from where you can either goto the BLR lounge (accessible by most cards) or this 080 lounge (premium) based on the cards you have.

You’ll need to take the escalator to proceed to the newly opened premium lounge located one floor (mezzanine floor) above. You may also use the lift located at the same side of the escalator.

Complimentary Access

Complimentary Access programs

Here are the cards that currently gives complimentary access to the 080 lounge located at domestic departures,

  • American Express Credit/Charge Cards
  • Priority Pass
  • Axis Bank Debit Cards (Priority & Burgundy)
  • IndusInd Bank Debit Cards (Signature)
  • SBI & IDFC First Debit Cards (Signature)
  • Other programs as seen on above image

They may add few more cards as well in the near future but I guess that will be limited to only premium cards.

Caution: Note that almost all Priority Pass cards issued in India are chargeable ($27 per visit) for domestic lounge access, except the PP issued with HDFC Infinia & Citi prestige.


Checkin counter

There were two check-in counters and fortunately there was no queue, as expected. I used one of my American Express Credit Cards to get access and was allowed in within a minute or so.

Seating and Interiors

The lounge was massive with so many sections designed thoughtfully to give a modern look.

There is a large dining area next to the buffet spread with quite a lot of dining tables. Here’s a quick look,

Dining Area
Dining Area
Dining Area - Occupied
Dining Area – Occupied
Bar Area
Bar Area
Lounge Area
Lounge Area
Lounge Area - Closer
Lounge Area – with plug points
Lounge Area - Other side
More Lounge Area
Modern Lounge Area
Modern Lounge Area
Lounge Area - closer look

Once you’re done with dining, you might want to catch up with some work, so they’ve designed a separate area with many desks and modern workspaces.

Modern Workspace
Modern Workspace 2
Modern Workspace 3

They also had few more of these with closed workspace which might help if you need to go for a quick zoom meeting or an important phone call.

Modern Workspace and lounge
Chairs facing BLR Lounge

Above chairs faces BLR lounge located on the other side which will get you the view and a lot of happiness, because other lounge is usually crowded, noisy with almost 100% occupancy all the time. Maybe BLR needs one more lounge.

So you feel special here, and here’s the view:

View of BLR Lounge from 080 Lounge
View of BLR Lounge from 080 Lounge

Once you’re done with the work, you might want to relax a bit, how about a library? Here’s a quick look at the library that has 2 nice throne like chairs,

Library - Inside
Library – Inside

I know that you may not want to visit a library, so how about a mini theatre?

They’ve a nice setup for a mini theatre with a large TV screen, except that only cricket plays there and you’re not given access to the remote. When asked, I was told that soon they may give internet access to the TV with Netflix and remote access.

Not sure how true was that, because who gets to choose what to watch may cause an issue.

Mini Theatre
Mini Theatre
Mini Theatre - Inside
Mini Theatre – Inside

Coming soon: VIP section. There is a VIP section just behind the check-in counter and its closed as of now. When I spotted that and asked, I was told that it will be opened soon and will be accessible only by business class travellers.

It’s an a-la-carte style lounge area just like the premium section of the Amex Lounge in Mumbai and will have its own live cooking station. It will be interesting to see that when it opens.

The only thing that I miss in this lounge is the comfy recliner, which used to be there in the Above Ground Level Lounge earlier.


You get almost anything you can expect in a lounge. Not just that, the food is also damn tasty.

So I went for multiple rounds and tasted almost everything they had, from main course to desserts and then some buttermilk and juices.

Everything tastes exceptionally good. The staff was clearing my plates one by one every 5 mins with a smile.

Food Plates
snacks and curd rice
Some snacks and curd rice
Desserts & Juice
rice plates
Some rice indulgence

I had a dinner buffet at ITC Royal Bengal that costs 2K INR just a day before I visited this lounge and I can tell you that this lounge buffet is as good as that.

Well, in-fact its much better, because ITC didn’t even have fruits or fruit juices. Here you get them all and even more, as they have a separate stand for aerated drinks and you can get some mocktails too (chargeable).

Food Spread with fruits and juices
Food Spread
aerated drinks

Bottom line

  • Cardexpert Rating: 5/5

The 080 Lounge is perhaps the best airport lounge in India without a doubt. I spent about 3 hrs in this lounge and it went like 30 mins – that’s because they’ve so many sections to explore and its easy to loose track of time.

During my first visit by April 2022, the lounge had about ~20% occupancy but during my recent trip by June 2022, the occupancy is as high as ~70% and it no longer feels pleasant. Though, the food quality and service remains good.

I hope they don’t accept even more cards which will make it feel like a fish market.

To sum up, what you get is basically a lavish buffet and a luxurious lounge, work & a mini entertainment area.

Have you been to the 080 domestic or International lounge at Bangalore? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

149 thoughts on “080 Bangalore Premium Airport Lounge Review (Domestic)

  1. Gkcards

    Went there today morning, nice ambience/food and very peaceful. The other lounge opposite to it had a big queue of ppl outside, whereas 080 had few people. Accessed it with PP.

  2. Shivakiran

    Hi thala. I visited this 080 lounge a couple of times in Feb and March this year. The occupancy rate and the food were the best. The quality and spread of the buffet is the best i have seen in Indian airport lounges.

    I still saw people trying to get in to 080 using their regular credit cards and the smart staff member at the entrance of 080 swiped their card and asked them to go to the BLR Domestic Lounge on the opposite side. Would love to spend good hours here in this lounge.

  3. Abhi

    World class and future ready. This kind of stuff is what puts Bangalore decades ahead of other cities. Such a large lounge for a busy airport is much needed but it’s so restrictive in terms of cards giving complimentary access, will this lounge be able to run full capacity despite such a busy airport? Also what are the charges for non-complimentary access? I increasingly see people paying to avail lounge these days.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Tie ups will improve soon but I hope their intention is not to have full capacity, which will basically ruin the experience.

      1. Abhi

        Yes without more tie ups they may struggle to reach their desired capacity. Nice pics and equally nice review. Next time I ll reach BLR airport atleast 5 hours in advance. Wish airports also start providing arrivals lounge, like they have in major airports abroad. As the charm of travel has shifted from flying to lounge (unless it’s B-class or above).

        1. Siddharth Post author

          5 Hrs is too early. Moreover, lounge has a board that says entry only 3 hrs prior departure. You can see it even in the above checkin counter image.

  4. Sandeep

    What card you have used to enter the lounge, I have priority pass with HDFC Infinia, do you see any additional charge when I use that ?

    1. Shivakiran

      PP card from Infinia should be fine. No charges or additional charges.

  5. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    India’s best airport lounge review by best eligible person in a best possible way. Hats off to you.

  6. Vijay

    Nice Review. Will try it out surely.
    Which are the Amex cards eligible for complementary entry?

  7. varun

    I will be traveling to Bangalore in May and return as well in a week. Is Diners black accepted there ?
    I have priority pass from Infinia and dragon pass from icici sapphiro card which probably i can use it.

      1. Srik

        For a few days, I saw 080 lounge listed in the Diners Club website, now it is replaced by the Bangalore Domestic Lounge

  8. Vaibhav Anand

    Excellent review as always.. Nice pictures!
    Just one question though.. Is there an additional charge for priority pass through indusind bank pinnacle world cc?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Glad you like the pictures. Thanks!

      Yes, it’s chargeable on Pinnacle. Have updated the article with more details around the Priority Pass linked access.

  9. Ashok

    I hope they come up with this concept at all major airports in India, because now every bank card gives access to airport lounges and the lounges are over crowded all the time. So they should definitely do justice for premium card holders by coming up with new lounges.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, it’s already happening, as most metro airports have multiple lounges. It will definitely get better, as anyway its a good business for lounges as well.

  10. Credit enthusiastic

    I’ll be soon traveling in Vistara business from Bangalore to Delhi, Do business class passenger can access this lounge directly?

  11. Iyer

    Have used it quite a few times since Feb. It is the best lounge in India as of date. I stopped using lounge at Blr airport prior to this as it use to get too crowded as almost every card was accepted. Now there is something to cherish for premium card holders.

    Btw on another note I heard from hdfc bank that they are soon coming out with a super premium credit card above Infinia.

  12. chait

    I had being this lounge some months back
    i was surprised to see on how much of variety of things which are available to which we hv access for which i had not got to see it before

    hoping this time too i get to spend time here before i head to the flight .

  13. vivek

    can we access this via PP issue by SCB Premium Super value titanium credit card ?
    Premium SVT offers 1 complimentary lounge access /Month

  14. Alok

    I believe 080 is only for super premium or premium cards only else priority pass AMEX Plat/ Travel

    1. Sandesh Damkondwar

      Yes DCB is also premium card, they should have added in the first phase release.

  15. duckhunter44


    1. I have a Diners Club Black card (upgraded from Regalia a few years ago). I tried to enter the 080 Lounge using DCB but was told that it’s not accepted. The Regalia I had earlier came with a free Priority Pass (which seems to be accepted at 080 Lounge). I don’t understand why an upgrade to a (significantly) better card should take away privileges.

    2. The “Access the exclusive” signboard image posted above has MakeMyTrip listed but does not specify which card. Will the MakeMyTrip ICICI Bank Platinum Credit Card grant access to this lounge?


    1. Rakesh

      The access via PP issued for regalia card is chargeable . My friend accessed it and a bill of $27 was posted in his regalia card statement within 90 days of usage.

    2. Shobhit

      MMT icici card was not accepted and they asked a charge of 750 to be upgraded to 080 lounge.

      I went there yesterday. I dont know why MMT has been mentioned there.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Maybe MMT is selling lounge access as an add-on with flight tickets?

        1. Hari

          Correct. Checked with the lounge manager. They accept MMT lounge access vouchers. Same for Intermiles vouchers.

  16. Manish

    Arey they accepting dreamfolks privilege card ? IDFC first wealth one I have

  17. Rakesh

    SBI platinum debit card on visa network is accepted at the 080 lounge . For master network , not sure.

    1. Rakesh

      Sbi platinum debit card on master network is not accepted. I checked it today.

  18. PT

    They accept Visa Signature cards as well. Visited yesterday and used 2 Amex cards (Plat Travel) and 1 Citi Prestige to get access for 3 pax.

  19. Amar

    Went there today – crazily crowded and staff weren’t smiling!
    Food, however, was great and truly the best among all Indian lounges.
    Funny thing they rejected my Axis Magnus Visa Infinite card but accepted SBI Prime Visa Signature card.

    1. Rakesh

      Yes , I visited today . They rejected axis Magnus card but accepted bank of Baroda Eterna card.

    2. Rakesh

      Yes axis Magnus card is not accepted. However BOB Eterna on visa network is accepted.

  20. Charmi

    Hello, I see in the image that Axis Burgundy debit card is allowed. Does it still hold true and is it complimentary?

  21. Sahil Prajapati

    I was initially told that this lounge is only for business class and first class ticket holders.

    Then I went again and told them I see it as free on my priority pass, and then they agreed otherwise they were sending me to the normal one right beside 080.

  22. DR

    Curious whether all AmEx cards are accepted here or only some? I can’t get an AmEx card issued currently because of the ban but have a corporate AmEx card issued by my company. Traveling out of Bangalore soon and wondered if corp AmEx cards can be used for 080?

    1. Abhi

      Visited 080 3h45m prior to departure, they requested me to come back when only 3hrs are left. So went to the older plaza lounge for an hour, they didnt care about my departure. An hour later I came back to 080. Used my RBL Signature+ DEBIT card, which essentially is a Visa Signature debit card, to get complimentary access. Occupancy was less than 5% past midnight. Almost half the folks that I noticed who tried their luck with 080, returned downstairs due to lack of complimentary access, and went to the plaza lounge. Few cards currently work complimentary at 080.

    2. Abhi

      Amex Platinum Corporate card will give you complimentary access. Make sure your corporate one is Platinum. Among personal ones, MRCC, Gold and lower ones won’t have complimentary access either. You need to have Platinum Travel, Platinum Reserve, Platinum, Centurion, Amex Jetairways.
      Among non-Amex any Visa Signature Credit or Debit card should work (complimentary).

      1. Raja

        Any list of visa signature credit cards being accepted? I have Axis Privilege, IDFC select and BOB premier credit cards. Are they all accepted? Someone said Axis magnus on visa infinite wasn’t accepted, so wondering how they are allowing/denying.

        1. Rakesh

          Axis credit cards are not accepted at 080 but idfc visa signature and higher variant debit card , Bob premier and higher variant credit cards are accepted.
          What I have noticed that most popular banks’ credit card like hdfc , icici,citi ,axis etc …are not accepted .these bank may not have done tie up with 080 but unpopular banks’ credit and debit card like SBI, IDFC, BOB whosoever has complimentary access are accepted at the lounge.

        2. Abhi

          You can try any Visa Signature credit or debit card as long as the card has lounge feature, as most banks offer anywhere between 1 to 4 complimentary visits per quarter, and some altogether don’t offer any. Strangely Visa Infinite which is higher category than Signature is so far not offering complimentary access, except BoB Eterna.

  23. Bala

    Just used the lounge today. Please add IDFC Visa Signature Debit to the list of allowed cards.
    I used an IDFC+PP. Icici banks Dragon pass doesn’t work though so its a shame.

    1. Rakesh

      As per Visa card list of lounges , 080 accepts all visa credit and debit card provided the card has lounge access facility.

    2. A Nandakumar

      I had availed the services of this lounge by using IDFC debit card in May 2022… With the same thought, I went and showed the card. It seems they had revised the partner banks and now IDFC credit/ debit cards are not allowed as of today. To my bad luck, I used the SBI Prime card last visit for this quarter today morning at Chennai lounge and was out of free visits with Prime card.
      Had to use TFS lounge in the opposite side, which is generally crowded. I could hardly see anyone in 080 lounge.

    1. Vinay

      Diners black? This lounge doesn’t appear in the list of lounges for Diners Club (as on 30th May).

    2. Sandeep Kumar

      As of 24th June 2022,DCB is not accepted. I used IDFC Visa Signature debit card to get into the lounge. Food had varieties and was good.

  24. SMK

    Your review was so informative… Is both BLR Domestic Lounge and 080 Domestic Lounge operated by Travel Food Services?

  25. Swapnesh

    Hi Can anybody tell me whether IDFC First Signature debit card is accepted in 080 Lounge ?

    1. S&S

      Still only Amex and Axis the last time I visited, which was 10-12 days back, if my memory serves me right.


  26. Niketh

    Can anybody tell is HDFC MILLENIA VISA SIGNATURE DEBIT CARD is accepted or not?

  27. Nikhil

    Nicely written review. Been to the 080 lounge 2 days back. Occupancy was around 10% in afternoon. From food to ambience, everything is just awesome. Less crowd make it even better. Yes they are accepting BOB eterna visa credit card. Guess, it’s one of the best domestic lounge in India.
    P. S.- They allow you to enter the lounge only 3 hr prior to flight departure

  28. Dr. Aneesh T

    They allowed access with my idfc signature debit card. A lot more cards have been added to the list since a few weeks as I was told.

  29. Vrajesh Bhavsar

    Just 2 rupees to own this entire space for hours, Damn!
    Here is my experience:
    I was shocked when I entered in 080 lounge for the first time. The ambience, cleanliness and entire space was so precious. As I love to do street photoshoots, I clicked a lot of photos in entire space because it has so many attractive spots to capture. Food was fresh, delicious and of course enough in quantity. They have a lot of dissert and cooldrinks.
    I want so thanks Mr. Dilip who works at Bar Counter in 080 Lounge. He helped me get a good pictures at Bar Table.
    I hope I get a chance to visit 080: Bangalore Premium Airport Lounge (Domestic).
    Vrajesh Bhavsar

  30. Vasu

    Access denied on Diners Black and HDFC Platinum MasterCard Debit card as on 12th June 2022.

  31. Soham

    Is Axis Bank Rupay Platinum Debit Card acceptable in this lounge ?

  32. Sasikiran

    I have been to the lounge yesterday (15th june 2022). Most credit cards are still not accepted. Only Amex platinum worked. Idfc debit card worked.
    It said intermiles accepted, but neither them nor me are not sure how to use in spite of being platinum tier member.
    While the lounge is nice, I don’t think so much hype is not required, except for the fact it is little less crowded. I am sure it will not be the case once other cards are accepted.
    The food menu is same in both lounges yesterday when I was in during lunch time, so nothing great about it. In case someone is not able to visit it owing to the current restrictions on limited cards, don’t worry, you are not missing anything 🙂

  33. Shukla

    Is axis Bank priority debit card accepted in 080 for complimentary access?

  34. Basant

    On visa lounge list, its written lounge 080 accepted. Do they accept hdfc easyshop visa platinum cards?
    Do sbi mastercard platinum now accepted ?

  35. Basant

    Hi siddharth,
    Is there any way to find which particular card accepted in 080 lounge? We have to ask abt each card here and there??
    Do all banks visa signature cards accepted here??

    1. Rakesh

      Visa has done tie up with 080 but it all depends on bank issuer whether they provide the benefits on the card.

  36. EKTA

    after mastercard ban removal, do any mastercard accepted at 080 lounge.

  37. rahul

    can hsbc visa card be used?
    and what are the walk in payment charges like? incase you want to pay and use the lounge

    1. Rakesh

      If you are paying in cash, the charges is rs 750 plus gst.

    1. Rakesh

      No icici , hdfc , axis credit card accepted till 14 June 2022

  38. Basant

    Any review of 080 international departure lounge ? Is menu and card accepted are different in both lounges..

  39. Raja

    *** They said like visa signature is for debit cards and visa infinite for credit cards (AU Zenith was accepted). I think Axis/HDFC infinite is also not accepted. DCB is also not accepted.

    1. Vish

      That’s right. They were sending all Axis/HDFC card holders to the other lounge. Got through with SBI PRIME (on visa signature).

  40. Alekh Khanna

    Visited this lounge today ie 25th June.
    No HDFC, ICICI accepted. DCB/Infinia holders were sent to BLR lounge. Even Axis CCs were denied, DCs were accepted.
    AMEX Plat Reserve works, but 1+1 not accepted. Used Priority Pass for my better half.
    Kotak Visa Sig DC and IDFC Visa Sig work (according to the reception staff).
    Such a confusing entry policy. Nevertheless, lounge was easily at 80%+ capacity (4-7 pm). Still better than the BLR lounge. Food is strictly average.

    1. Naim

      I used it on 23rd June.
      All VISA cardcs (signature & Infinite accepted) I used mine IDFC VISA infinite + Signature and AU Zenith card

      1. Arunkumar

        Hi Naim,
        Were you able to avail companion entry 1+1 with your IDFC visa infinite card?

  41. Shabir Hamid

    TLDR: If your card is not accepted, it’s not worth paying ₹750 unless you’re hungry and cannot enter BLR lounge because it’s crowded.

    Update: IDFC Visa Signature Debit Card not accepted on July 1st. Staff told that they accepted it till the day before but from now on it’s not going to be accepted.

    I went downstairs to BLR lounge only to see it crowded than Chickpet Market and the waiting time was 30min+. Hence, decided to enter 080 by paying ₹750 + GST. 080 is definitely premium look wise and in terms of amenities. But the food provided was okayish and nothing worth mentioning. I guess both lounges share the same menu.

    1. duckhunter44

      Thanks for the update!
      What about the IDFC Visa Signature Credit Card? Has access been revoked for their Credit card as well?

  42. Alok

    I just Checked for BLR Airport for HDFC Diners Privilege too has only BLR Lounge and not for 080 lounge.

  43. Arunkumar

    Hi mates, is IDFC VISA Infinite debit card accepted at 080?

    Idfc visa infinite has even 1+1 entry.

  44. Ravi

    IDFC credit cards including Visa infinite not accepted.

    SBI visa signature debit card accepted
    DBS visa signature debit card accepted

  45. Nikunj

    Just checked the diners club website for list of lounge access and found 080. I haven’t verified this but seems it is recently added. So HDFC diners cards should be accepted.

    1. AbhiKohli

      And the other one is gone from Diners network. Also, as per HDFC CC section, list of lounge access is changing from 15 Aug. Very few lounges will be accessible. From 35+ to around 10. Blr, Delhi, Mum, Chennai & Hyd. All other gone. (Not only for Diners, for all other cards as well, except Infinia.)

      1. Nikunj

        080 lounge is better than the other lounge (BLR) so this is an upgrade for diners club cards at least. Not sure about other non-diners HDFC cards.

        1. Ashutosh

          080 is included in the list of lounges for Diners cards. as per the Diners Website

        2. AbhiKohli

          ‘Better’ is subjective. I saw on PP also that Plaza is gone only 080 is left. So either PP is closing/for repair or getting out of reach for all cards. So in that case everyone would be crowding 080. And I think it would be same as Plaza now.

  46. Sushanth Vasista

    IBL Legend credit card and SBM Niyo Forex debit cards were accepted on July 4th. Their team is unclear on the spectrum of cards accepted, occupancy was less than 20% on Monday morning.

    Waiting to try the international lounge in a couple of months time, hope they do not revoke access to the same cards I presented.

  47. Ravi

    @Siddharth Lounge access for all HDFC credit and debit cards (except Infinia) are changing from August. There is no information about diners or priority pass as of now, but it should remain unchanged. It is available only in the 6 metros now. I think it would be worthy of a new article under the lounge headings.

    Could you also check if other banks are also implementing changes on lounge programs? Domestic lounges have been extremely crowded the last few years.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It’s a good news for the reasons you just mentioned. Most of us anyway have atleast 3-4 cards, so I don’t see a problem.

      1. Ravi

        Yep I got upgraded to Infinia from DCB in June, and I hope the priority pass program stays. The Delhi T3 domestic departures has a separate area for Visa/Master/Rupay which is perpetually crowded, and luckily the separate area for PP/DCB helps me out since I travel through there quite a bit. I asked if they would accept my Infinia card there and was denied.

  48. Arunkumar

    Accessed the lounge today-
    cards allowed- Amex, PP, Axis Debit, signature cards of select banks

    IDFC & Kotak cards have been discontinued

  49. anjali

    will they accept amex card issued abroad ? or they only accept amex india card? plaza premium used to accept, i want to make sure about 080 . anyone tried before ? thanks!

    1. Alok

      They are accepting Amex issued from abroad as i saw few foreigners use it in bangalore 080

  50. Bhaskar

    4 Aug – They accept Amex CC, PP, Indus Infinite debit card. IDFC CC has been discontinued. BTW, only 1 person per credit card even if the card issuer says more than 1 per quarter

  51. Alok

    080 is now accepting SBI Prime VISA Signature and on 13th i flew to delhi and was suprised they asked me if i had sbi visa signature and they readily said acess 080 lounge and it was real good and not so crowded as only AMEX and Visa Signature SBI Prime is allowed along with Vouchers of Dreamfolks, makemytrip priority pass dragon pass. The opposite lounge was completely crowded. IT was real pleasure to have ones lunch and drinks in 080 lounge. spacious and pods were beautifully placed for reading and i could see one of the woman had literally slept in it. and there is a workstation with glas pod and one of the traveller was sleeping in it instead of working.

    Plaza premium in delhi today was very very empty and i used my diners privilage as it has 12 per year access to lounge . but in delhi visa master and rupay were in different section and they do not accept visa signature in plaza premium lounge but acceptable in normal plaza lounge. Security was very tight and passengers were of long queue outside Airport. some how i managed to get into a queue which moved faster and was able to clear security faster.

  52. MMM

    As of 11th August, 080 accepted Indusind legend and Yes first preferred card.

    They said they also accept Niyo global debit card.

    Food was average and it was less crowded !!

    1. Rajesh

      On Aug 20 they refused entry with my Niyo Global Card at the international 080 lounge

  53. Abhi

    RBL Enterprise Debit card allows complimentary access at both 080 domestic and 080 international, twice per quarter.

  54. Guru

    Today following cards were not accepted when I visited 080 lounge:

    1) Axis Vistara Signature (They accept Visa only cards, but not accepting this card)
    2) HDFC Regalia (MasterCard, this card was also not accepted in Mumbai T1 lounge)
    3) Yes First Exclusive (MasterCard, my colleague’s Visa variant card was accepted)
    4) StanC Ultimate (MasterCard)
    5) Citibank Premiermiles (MasterCard)
    6) HDFC DinersClub (fellow traveler was denied entry on this card)

    All these cards were accepted in BLR lounge.

    1. Alok

      They accept SBI Prime Visa Signature card, Last month i went with this card to 080 lounge. Tommorrow am flying to Ahmedabad via mumbai from bangalore. So will revisit 080 as it is less crowded and buffet was to good. Bar was quite good had two mugs of beer before flying to delhi ITC Welcome Dwaraka.

  55. Dr Sadhana Bose

    A constant and longterm personal favourite, I returned to Bengalaru domestic lounge (080) after a hiatus of 3 years. The ambience, food, service and staff are as good as before, with some new additions. A stopover in this lounge is a great freshener and also good for the soul. Keep up the quality and class!!

  56. Shreyas Patel

    Hello all , went today , they don’t accept axis bank debit cards now. Tried mine (Axis bank Priority DC) , denied
    Was told only Amex, PP, DP/DF, few visa infinite and signature cards only.

    1. Raja

      You axis priority is Visa or MasterCard? My visa card worked fine in June. MasterCard is not accepted.

      1. Shreyas Patel

        My Axis Priority DC is visa.
        They have also removed Axis bank from the display board of eligible card/pass

  57. Thomas

    Why do they keep changing lounge access cards daily till now axis cards priority were accepted.

  58. varun

    I mistakenly used my Yes bank exclusive priority pass here. Will I be charged ??
    I also had infinia priority pass but by mistake I used wrong one. I am yet not charged anything. In case I am charged can I request Yes bank to refund.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Infinia priority pass can be used in Indian lounges but Yes bank exclusive priority pass will be charged if you use in domestic lounges. You can’t raise request for refund as per their terms and conditions and it won’t be reversed. The charges will be posted within 3 months.

    2. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Varun,
      Any PP is acceptable in 080 but only HDFC Infinia PP is the one which isn’t chargeable even for domestic usage, rest all banks charge standard $27+GST for use of PP within India (be it Domestic/international lounge)
      If you have used other bank PP, you will be charged for the same, bank wont reverse that amount. It will reflect in your statement in 3 months.

  59. Sanchit

    Are we sure Axis Burgundy works here? Thinking of opening an account just for the lounge access.

    1. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Sanchit,
      Axis bank cards are not allowed in 080, you can use them in BLR lounge.

    2. Rakesh

      @sanchit, burgandy and priority debit card issued by axis were allowed till 31 aug22. Now no axis credit and debit card accepted at 080.

  60. Sandeep

    Can anyone please post a picture of the list of accepted cards that they display at the entrance? It would probably be different from the one in the reiview.

  61. Saurabh

    Can I take my 5 year daughter into 080 lounge on my other eligible bank card?

  62. Parth Shah

    I have Amex card (Australian issued Amex ultimate card ) and Visa signature card issued by Nab ( an Australian bank) are they allowing foreign issued credit cards?

    1. Rohit Bahl

      Hi Parth,
      I guess they should allow, any international credit card which gives Airport Lounge access, they accept.

  63. Rohit Bahl

    Hi All,
    Yesterday night, I called 080 Domestic lounge to enquire about the cards they accept, I was informed only the below credit cards are accepted and the rest have a tie-up with BLR lounge(Plaza).
    1. SBI Prime-Visa Signature.
    2. Yes Bank-Visa Signature.
    3. IndusInd Bank-Visa Signature.
    4. Priority Pass.
    5. AmEx Platinum & Silver.
    6. Citibank- Visa Signature.
    7. DBS- Visa Signature & any International credit card having Lounge free access, Intermiles voucher & MMT voucher.

    BLR Domestic Lounge (plaza) tie-up with:-
    1. HDFC Bank
    2. ICICI Bank.
    3. IDFC Bank.
    4. Axis Bank.

  64. Kiran

    All HDFC and AXIS cards are redirected to the domestic lounge opposite 080. The domestic lounge is very crowded.

  65. Varun

    I visited this lounge this weekend. Only priority card was accepted here among the cards which I hold.
    The other cards I checked with them which were declined are hdfc Infinia visa infinite, yes exclusive master card, diners black, dragon pass by idfc weath.

  66. Arin

    Thanks a million Siddharth for this amazing review of the B’luru airport lounge. I’ve a few questions if you could:
    1. I’ve to-n-fro red-eye flights during Diwali time this year. Do they allow to relax, lay down in the lounge during that time? Are they open at night? That is when, I feel, it’d be most useful 🙂
    2. Also, I have a couple of Std. Chd. cards and a couple of SBI Cards and one Kotak card (DigiSmart and Platinums, I suppose) – will they allow me in with any of those?
    3. Finally, if none of the cards are allowed, will they allow access after a payment/charge? Also, approx. how much would that be?

  67. Rahul

    Hi – can we access with a Air India Business class ticket to the 080 Domestic lounge? Also is there a separate line/queue for biz and first class pax or same line as cardholders?


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