Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) at Bangalore Airport Review

By | December 26, 2022

Update: This beautiful lounge is now revamped and renamed as 080 Lounge. Bangalore domestic departures also has another lounge accessible by most cards: BLR Domestic Lounge.

I booked flights between Chennai and Cochin with a layover in Bangalore Airport intentionally to enjoy the lounge perks. I had a 3 hour layover at Bangalore airport to explore before my next flight to Kochi. During my last visit to Bangalore Airport, i accessed the Plaza Premium Lounge (Domestic) which is on the opposite side of this lounge and so decided to go with Above Ground Levell Lounge this time.

Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) Entrance at Bangalore Airport
Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) Entrance at Bangalore Airport

Above Ground Level Lounges is maintained by BIRD Group, Headquartered in New Delhi, India. I guess this is their first Airport lounge in India. Let’s see if they come up with more lounges across other Airports as well.

Above Ground Levell Lounge First Impression – Wonderful:

I went with 2 of my friends and we got access to the lounge via Mastercard & Diners Club cards. I should appreciate the receptionist for wearing the smile during our check-in process. She answered my silly questions as to how these card partnership works etc without looking weird.

Above Ground Levell Lounge Reception
Above Ground Levell Lounge Reception

Most of the lounges i had been to in recent times treat us like, as if we were given a free service when i get-in with card access, but this lounge attendants did gave some respect as you would experience when you fly Business/first Class.

Ambience & food at Above Ground Levell Lounge

Its a big lounge and it wont run out of space unless the airport is highly crowded. During our visit, we were the only people in the lounge and i came to know that the runway is shut down at that time and so no crowd. After an hour or so, yes, people started coming in.

Above Ground Levell Lounge Buffet
Above Ground Levell Lounge Dessert

Food: I started with tasty corn soup and then with some chats along with Juices. They were all good. See it for yourself.

Above Ground Levell Lounge Corn Soup
Corn Soup
Above Ground Levell Lounge starters

We were even offered some complimentary alcoholic drinks as there were some promos going on, but we got to decline it as me and my friends are all Teetotalers (for time being) 😀

Ambience: They had vast seating area with great interiors and out of all domestic lounges i’ve been to in South India, this is the only lounge with Recliners. Looks like they’ve invested a lot in the lounge considering customer’s needs. It really helped me so much to nap for a while.

Above Ground Levell Lounge Bangalore Airport
Above Ground Levell Lounge Bangalore Airport
Above Ground Levell Lounge Couch
Above Ground Levell Lounge Couch
Above Ground Levell Lounge Recliners

After having a nap for few mins, i went and had Tropicana (grape) juice and left the lounge with a sense of fulfillment. The Artworks they’ve done on the wall was eye catching that i couldn’t stop myself from snapping them. 😀

Above Ground Levell Lounge Artwork
Lounge Artwork
Tropicana Grape Juice at AGL lounge
Tropicana Grape Juice at AGL lounge

Facilities at Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) :

  • Wifi: Yes, Very good speed.
  • Food: Yes – As good as 4 Star Hotel Buffet
  • Ambiance: Awesome interiors, well spacious & good hospitality.
  • Recharge Station: Yes, 3 Pin Plugs to charge your devices in most places.
  • Complimentary Access on: MasterCard, Priority Pass, Diners Club
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Overall, Above Ground Levell Lounge is one of the best lounges i’ve been to in recent times. Apart from usual lounge perks, you can have some peaceful nap in their Recliners which is unique with Above Ground Levell Lounge and not to mention, their hospitality was way too good.

Have you been to Above Ground Levell Lounge – Domestic Departure side? Share your experiences in comments below.

40 thoughts on “Above Ground Levell Lounge (Domestic) at Bangalore Airport Review

  1. Prashant Agrawal

    Been almost a decade since I’ve been to Bangalore. This year and this lounge. Done.

  2. Santhosh


    Can we take a guest for free with Diners Club Premium card?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      No Santhosh. You need a separate card for the guest 🙁
      But there’s a way, you can use same card in other lounge which is in same domestic level: Plaza Premium lounge

      Hope it helps.

  3. ASIS

    HI SID

    I have one Axis my wings platinum mastercard & one idfc visa singnature debit card . my wife also have an idfc signature debit card . ( both card has two access facilty per qtr )
    we want to access lounge first time. our child is 3 yrs. two card is enough for our family entrence? or we have to pay any extra amount for our child ?


    1. Siddharth Post author

      This varies from lounge to lounge. Pls contact the lounge

  4. Sumit

    Does this lounge accept HDFC Regalia? (VISA)

    1. Siddharth Post author


      Update: Now they accept. It keeps changing!

      1. Madhusudhan

        Hi, Sorry to correct you. This lounge accepts HDFC regalia Visa credit card also. I personally own it & used it in this lounge 4 times. Also, pls communicate thru ur blog that Paytm debit card now gives free access (2/quarter) in most of the lounges. Plaza premium in bangalore is one of them. Sadly, Above ground level is not there in the list.

  5. Sumit

    Is there any authentication charges unlike VISA/Mastercard on producing PP?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      No, you wont even get a notification on swipe.

  6. vishnu

    Perhaps the best lounge I have ever been to. I entered the lounge at around 5:30pm and tried using samsung pay instead of swiping. I just informed the receptionist that I would be using my MasterCard and she pulled out one POS machine. I just opened my Samsung Pay app and just placed my device on the POS machine and a beep sounded from the POS machine. The receptionist was like how did you do? and for sometime she was skeptical if i rigged the pos machine until the slip was printed and she cross checked some number in the slip in the computer. Still she was not having any idea of how it worked and asked me how it worked. I just pointed out a samsung pay sticker which was on the same pos machine where I used samsung pay and gave a brief explanation on how it works. Lol. Her reaction was if she was listening to some sci-fi story. And by my side there was one guy who was requesting another receptionist to swipe his Priority pass card twice, as he wanted his friend to use the lounge access as well and ta da it worked. Both of them were given lounge access. And with this its confirmed, you can swipe your PP for multiple guests who accompany with yourself. The lounge was just opposite to Plaza Premium Lounge. The lighting was better in AGL lounge. Seating was slightly better, kudos to those recliners. Bold move from AGL. The kitchen was a see through kitchen and this lounge offers one of the best foods with a huge variety. Its a full course buffet. No snacks or refreshments like other lounges.. rather than that… this lounge offers you a full course buffet!!! Plaza Premium Lounge stands nowhere near to AGL in this category. Salads were like any other salad except panneer tikka salad. Then directly to main course, chowmein, thai gravy, rajma, veg korma, butter chicken, chapati, rice, and so on…. Desserts were even good. Especially the fruit cream cake, with each layer having a different fruit flavor. Softy cones were also offered Just Amazing. And guess what, Alcohol was still served for free…..My thoughts:- A premium lounge, which is way better than Plaza Premium Lounge in Bangalore.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience Vishnu 🙂

  7. Riya

    I have an HDFC international debit card (Mastercard) which I confirmed has 2 complimentary lounge access left.
    May I know under this what all free services i can avail if I went to AGL/Plaza lounge in Bangalore?
    I’m travelling alone & my flight is at 5:45am, I was planning to reach airport by 12am given the scarcity of cabs after that hour.Can i spend the entirety of the waiting time in the lounge?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can avail everything that you see above. Yes, you can spend rest 5 hrs in lounge, though as per rules its only 3hrs or so.

      1. Riya

        Great..thanks so much for the prompt response.. 🙂

  8. snehasis dutta

    I am having HDFC Diners Club card & hoping I will get complimentary access to PP & AGL both.
    My wife has HDFC Signature card. Does she get access with that card? If not, how much I need to pay for her & my daughter ?
    One more thing, while swiping the card do I receive any notification on my mobile or email ?
    Thanks in Advance.

  9. Shekhar

    I am carrying two VISA signature card with Complimentary lounge access along with a Priority Pass . My wife carrying a Dinners club Rewardz card. I wanted to avail Above Ground Levell Lounge. Can My wife Swipe the card for free for herself? And Can I get the free access through Priority Pass? Otherwise I have to go to Plaza Premium..I guess. And also what is the transaction charges for Dinners Club Card and Priority Pass?

  10. Shekhar

    What is the Transaction Charges for Free access through Dinners Club Rewardz card and Priority Pass?

  11. Raghav Kumar

    I have a simple sbi debit card but it is MASTER CARD , so is it complusory to get any access from our bank or any master card will do …. Actually my card is like 4 to 5 years old 🙂

  12. capeleo

    are cold drinks unlimited? the last time I went to the plaza premium one and there the cold drinks were unlimited

  13. Usha

    Can I use ICICICoral debit card to access the AGL Lounge ?

  14. Ashish Nikhare

    Can RUPAY Platinum Debit Card holder access this lounge ?

  15. jatin mittal

    does this lounge accepts hdfc platinum debit card

      1. jatin mittal

        i have hdfc easyshop platinum debit card. And how i can find out whether my card is on mastercard netwrok

          1. jatin mittal

            so whether hdfc easyshop platinum debit card is elegible for lounge access

  16. Debanjan Guhathakurta

    I’ve a Standard Chartered VISA platinum debit card. Can anyone kindly tell me how much I’ve to shell out to access the AGL lounge? Is there any sort of discount? Thanks in advance.

    1. Mouli

      It will be around 1500 and no discounts, if you have any other credit card with complimentary lounge access then you can access the lounge without any cost

      1. mithun

        I have SBI Prime and have got the PPass card, do i need to pay for the food/drinks?

  17. Ranganath

    Is there soft drinks and big water bottles almost like 500 ml available in the above ground level lounge ?????

    the last time i went to the lounge i was not able to find it !!!!!

  18. Nisanth P

    Which lounge is better in B’lore airport? Above ground level or Plaza premium?

    Plaza stopped accepting Regalia cards, accepts Diners, during my last trip I went upto plaza, the area was too crowded but I was not in a mood to go down all the way and go to other side to AGL. So ended up here.

    My reviews Plaza Premium :
    Was there on (27/02) Food options was limited but good. too crowded at peak evening hours. I was there couple of months ago also on transit, it was around 10 PM when i reached, food options almost finished, only rice was left. Still the lounge was crowded.

    AGL : Was there almost more than an year back. It was thru a Voucher redemption I got from shopping, If I remember the food option was better then, (so was in plaza also that time). During last visit looking form Plaza side, AGL side was less crowded.

    Can you compare both a give suggestion

    1. GTMAX

      IMO if you just compare on food taste, Plaza Premium is better than AGL. In all other possible aspects, AGL is better.

  19. Anantpalsingh Chouhan

    AGL Did not accept my HDFC Regalia card Mastercard last time, so had to go to Plaza Premium Lounge. I also have ICICI Sapphiro Mastercard and AMEX card. Will these be allowed at AGL ? I am travelling in 4 hours.

  20. SS

    This lounge has been changed name as “BLR Domestic Departure Lounge”

  21. vansh

    I have this HDFC easyshop Platinum DEBIT card.
    As per mastercard policy i do have lounge access.
    But my question here is if my flight is at 7:30 in the morning and I reach by 12 midnight.
    Sometimes I am allowed to enter airport before 2 hours of my flight departure.
    Then it takes around an hour for luggage drop, collecting the boarding pass and the security.
    Remaining i have just 30 minutes and meanwhile the boarding statrs.


    1. MT

      get into terminal when the check in counter opens , check in and clear security and go to lounge , 1 visit is usually limited to 3 hrs , but most of the time they dont bother you unless the lounge is full to capacity….now if CISF doesnt let you into the terminal until 2 hrs before flight , its their choice , nothing you can do about it other than request them to let you in early

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