Image Use Policy

This page sets out the policies towards images – including format, content, and copyright issues.

Your Usage

Most of the images appearing on the website are of our own creation and we own the full license to use. You cannot use our images anywhere in any of your online or offline content without our written approval over email.

This also means you cannot copy our images that show up in the Google image search.

If you prefer to use our images in your branding/marketing material, we may give you the license to do so upon a small fee, which may vary from one image to another.

Kindly contact us using the contact page for more info.

Our Usage

While most of the images are created by us, there are chances that we may re-use the images that are used/provided by banks for marketing of any sort.

Apart from that, we may also use the images from web which we may think is usage by the public. If you see otherwise and if you own the image, kindly email us using the contact form from your registered business address along with copyright/license details, so we can takedown the same.