BLR Domestic Airport Lounge with Business Class Section Review

By | February 19, 2021
BLR Domestic Lounge

Earlier, Bangalore airport had two lounges at domestic departures: Plaza Premium and the beautiful Above Ground Levell lounge which I used consider to be the best airport lounge in India accessible via cards.

As of Feb 2021, the Above Ground Levell lounge is gone (may come back in different form) and currently we only have one lounge named “BLR Domestic Lounge“.

BLR Domestic Lounge - You see this just after security

Location: The BLR domestic lounge is nothing but the renamed Plaza Premium Lounge and you should see the signage as soon as you pass the security.

The lounge is big enough to handle the crowd that the Bangalore Airport sees and as a development they have a separate business class section to it as well. Here’s a quick look into the lounge,

Common Area

BLR domestic Lounge - Common Area
BLR domestic Lounge – Common Area

Accessible via: most credit/debit cards

You get very good seating area spread across the lounge and as per Covid protocol the middle seat is left empty.

If you don’t need food or done with it and need some peaceful time, you may move to the other side of the lounge, which they usually open when the main area gets crowded.

Nothing much changed here when it comes to interiors as the setup is almost same as the previous Plaza Premium lounge.

Business Class Section

BLR Domestic Lounge - Business Class Section
BLR Domestic Lounge – Business Class Section

Accessible via: Business Class tickets only

Fortunately it also has a separate business class section dedicated for business class travellers. I had the opportunity to explore this section as I was flying Vistara Business Class from Bangalore to Delhi by early Feb 2021.

The business class section is located at one end of the lounge with good proximity to the buffet area.

The business class section is compact but with good interiors it looks decent for the load it has. It could hold about ~15 at a time and while I was there it had about 33% occupancy.

BLR Domestic Lounge - Business Class Section - Entrance
BLR Domestic Lounge – Business Class Section Entrance
BLR Domestic Lounge - Business Class Section - Interiors
BLR Domestic Lounge – Business Class Section Interiors
BLR Domestic Lounge - Business Class Section - Seating Area
BLR Domestic Lounge – Business Class Section Seating Area

Overall you can’t expect much here, but you get: less noisy lounge area, privacy & no crowd. That is all a business class traveller needs. So it fulfils the purpose but nothing more.


Overall its a good lounge for the footfalls it sees now. But it seems to get bit crowded at times as I saw 10+ in queue at front desk while I was leaving the lounge, not bad I should say if we compare it with the Delhi lounge.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 4.2/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

I don’t usually visit this lounge in the past (2016-12018) when it used to exist as plaza premium because the Above Ground Levell lounge was not something one would wish to miss.

But this time I had no choice, yet its good to see the lounge in new form with business class section. I wish the other lounge re-opens soon with similar setup as before – I miss those spacious interiors, recliners, massive food spread, etc.

Have you been to the BLR domestic airport lounge in its current form? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

30 thoughts on “BLR Domestic Airport Lounge with Business Class Section Review

  1. Shivi

    I don’t see Visa & Priority Pass card logos on the board there. Does it not accept these two cards?

  2. Abhi

    Noticed this section in my Dec visit. BLR is a crowded airport even during covid, even lounge is packed, so would be good to get access to this section. The other lounge opposite to this one is being renovated for a long time now, presumably something nicer coming up there.

  3. Srikkanth

    Well does plaza premium lounges can be accessed for free .? I have pp with Infinia and citi prestige

    1. Soumitra

      You can access with your PP and even with Citi Prestige for free

  4. Harish Raj

    Where is this Lounge located. Is it the one at the entrance after security check.

  5. Rishabh

    I visited in Dec 2019, and the same Business Class section was available for all.
    I used the same section with my DCB & DCB Add on card. There was no mention about Reserved for Business class during my visit.

  6. Nihal Basnet

    I had visited in Nov 19. It was crowded to the core…. The staffs were having a tough time handling the crowd, was a total chaos. I hope now the situation is better… In my opinion delhi lounge handles people professionally and they have some very motivated work force. Just my opinion. Good article though

    1. Soumitra

      I visit the BLR lounge every month and IMO staff did their best to maintain the highest standards of hygiene.
      Compared to November, the no. of restrictions on movement within the lounge has reduced hence staff is able to handle things even better.

      1. Samir

        Is it open this month? About to head to the airport several hours before Intl departure.

  7. Ankit

    Do you need to show your business class ticket to access the business class reserved area? Or would the lounge voucher that you get being a Vistara Gold/Platinum work?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      If they see a business class ticket, they will point you to the business class section. Its not for Vistara Gold/Platinum AFAIK, but that works in Delhi T3 Plaza premium.

  8. Aakash Coimbatore

    Thala! After a very long time, you are back with reviews! Expecting more reviews (Flight, Hotel, Lounge etc..) from you from your recent NE INDIA TRIP! Looking Forward thala!

      1. Basant Motlani

        I have business regalia. Can i use add on at same time with family members.

    1. Ankur S

      If card has lounge access, check the list on cards website to confirm for locations available for use.

  9. Aka

    How is the arrival lounge at T3 new delhi? Is it accessible through DCB ?
    Also, is the lucknow airport lounge operational right now ?
    Members please respond .thankyou

  10. iyer

    They have opened a new lounge for priority pass & AMEX cards last month. It was very spacious and nice experience.

  11. Sandeep

    The one on the above level is functioning. I don’t remember the name (in case it has changed) but accessed it in March 2022. It was only accessible via American Express cards and Axis Bank’s Debit cards. I guess they will be adding more cards shortly. The best lounge experience in India.

  12. Traveller

    None of the Citi Bank cards are accepted here. In Visa cards also, they have few categories, But most of them are accepted. For Master card they charge 25 rupees.
    Entry is allowed only 3 hours before departure, other option is you can swipe card two times to get prior access.
    No Card entry is 950+Tax.

  13. Kishor Modha

    Yesterday I was at BLR domestic lounge. I was pleased with the service from the staff. In particular I would like to mention Ms. Sreesasha. Even though she was busy, she gave my wife and myself excellent service. She deserves a special mention.
    Sreesasha, keep up the great se egg vice.


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