Now access Coimbatore Airport Lounge with a Mastercard

By | March 3, 2020

Coimbatore airport lounge was initially called as Avaachi lounge and that got re-branded as Blackberry Restaurant and Bar recently. It has been causing problems to many travellers when it comes to card acceptance & service since its opening and I always come across a negative comment about it almost every month.

So I decided to check out myself one day to see what the fuss is all about. Here’s what I experienced in the lounge during last week of feb 2020. 

At the lounge

  • Me: can I have access via cards?
  • Lounge guy: Sorry sir, card access is closed few months back. It’s only a restaurant now. Repeated that twice, infact with a confident smile. 
  • Me: Tring tring… “Hey Dreamfolks, I’ve a situation……..”
  • Dreamfolks Person to lounge guy (over call): What’s happening?
  • Lounge guy (to DF): Sorry sir, I was saying RuPay card has some issues. Yes sir, yes sir, we accept cards at lounge, only RuPay machine has problem. 
  • Me (mind voice): WTH?! You just said that lounge concept was closed.
  • Lounge guy to me (after call with DF): Sorry sir, we accept only Visa cards, many face issues, so we had to say like that. Also we don’t have any food now, that’s why sir. Chef timing is different. 
  • Me (mind voice): WTH?! New story again?!
  • Me: So what can I have now?
  • Lounge guy: Sandwich and some tea/coffee
  • Me (mind voice): So you’ve something!

Moral of the story: When you face lounge access issues like above, call Dreamfolks support (18001234109).

Accepted Cards

So they finally decided to swipe my card. I tested with all my Visa (Signature & Infinite) credit cards and all of them worked well. They can put the card into the machine and tell you available visits left if the card is supported. Below cards from my wallet are supported:

  • Sbi Prime
  • Axis Vistara Signature
  • HDFC Infinia
  • Axis Magnus (Mastercard)

Yes, you read that right. Now the lounge accepts Mastercard ( from axis only for now) too since past 2 months. And I continue to wonder why he had to say lounge is closed despite increase in acceptance with Mastercard.

Even one of the staff in lounge had Axis Privilege and he voluntarily gave his card for checking, which went through as well.

Further, they might soon accept RuPay & Amex as they’ve the devices ready, maybe waiting for approvals. 

The Food

I was well prepared for the situation like this so I didn’t really expect anything to have at the lounge. So ordered the Veg Grilled Sandwich and coffee to sample them.

I had very low expectation given how it all went, and just as thought the chef burnt the sandwich till it went almost smoky black.

Hmm, anyway I just decided to taste one of those 4 pieces and to my surprise it was really tasty and ended up consuming 3 out of 4 slices. Coffee too was good. So, food is overall good in my experience. 

The Interiors

The interior is really good as you see in the main review and the temperature inside is much better (colder) than the airport and of-course a quite and calm place with charging points all around. 


While it’s not an amazing lounge, given the interiors and the food, its really a good place to show up before your flight. While the food option may not meet usual lounge standards, it’s still a wonderful option for coimbatore airport. 

And by the way: While I was just done with the swipe, a couple showed up and enquired about credit card access. The lounge guy said “Yes sir, but we don’t have Buffett ………” with an awkward tone as I was nearby 😅

Had I been not there few mins ago, they wouldn’t have got the access and I hope this article helps many more who’re facing issue at this lounge.

Have you been to coimbatore airport lounge recently? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below. 

32 thoughts on “Now access Coimbatore Airport Lounge with a Mastercard

  1. Anand

    Brother I accessed this lounge on FEB 29 with my HDFC EASY SHOPVISA PLATINUM DEBIT CARD. Worked fine. The guy at counter never asked anything to me!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Maybe because this story happened on Feb 27 th 🙂

      So what food options they had by then?

      1. Anand

        Vanakam brother,
        -I was going for a 10:40 flight to MAA so I was there around 09:45-10:15.When asked for options they said: no breakfast option only snacks were the option like French fries,cutlet,samosas,sandwich kind of things.
        When I asked drink otions they said” You can choose one from Fresh Juice (had 5-6 options and taste was good) or choose one from drinks stored in fridge (coke,sprite,7up and so on)
        Have to mention The food and juice presentation as well as the taste was very good though!

        1. ANand

          Went in, Asked for complimentary acess with cards
          He replied.” Only select Visa cards are accepted do give your card will try and see!”
          Gave my card-Entered pin- Accessed it.
          No other conversation between us!
          The service was good too! Staff took care of me! informed me when the boarding started ! My experience with them was good!
          Only minus, if they accept more card and turn it to full service lounge then this would definitely be one of the best!


        As i visit coimbatore airport lounge on 17th feb 2021 for my personal work, as normally i went to have food in lounge via my debit card, the counter person deniey-reason was due to corona all free facilities are closed, i request him to give me food as i was hungry, at last he told me that your card is not working, then i gave him 4 more debit card of different hdfc,icici,bank of india and the federal bank ltd, surpriseing he deney all the more interesting things happen i told show him 2 days before proflie that i had used this card at Kolkata and delhi airport..but they smoothly accepted.
        So i request you kindly clear the matter and the person who are victims (should punished by airport authority)
        Again i had done my program on 06.03.2021 to travell coimbatore to mumbai by air india 2 p.m.
        So i request you not to insult your passenger- might be request that please send me mail for excepting lounge facilities on 6th march 2021

    2. Bhavesh Awasthi

      I am writing this Comment from the Lounge itself and the author is right. They mentioned that we allow Priority passes. Then I asked them about the cards and then He said “yes”. First time by looking at the card he said that This won’t work. I requested him to try that card and “BOOOOOMMM” it worked. The Lounge manager was searching for reasons. You can choose either Snacks (Sandwich, cookie and coffee) or Lunch/dinner( biriani,raita and gulab jamun). They will serve it once only.

  2. MM

    Great work Sid, I don’t know why these lounge folks are so unscrupulous.
    I had a similar situation like this in the Bangalore Airport lounge, international departures. Due to the so called renovations, they are only allowing businesses class passengers in the lounge, and for all cards, PP, they are swiping and sending folks to a nearby restaurant for a mediocre buffet without alcohol.
    I asked them to swipe my PP(citi prestige) and my Amex Plat Charge, and still didn’t allow me in (I was traveling premium economy, Sq) , and said I can pay extra Rs 2500 to access the lounge. I called amex concierge and they spoke to lounge reception over the phone, but couldn’t convince them.
    So one holds the amex plat charge card and cannot even access the lounges properly even though it’s listed in their app/website.

    I’m sure I’m not the first one here to experience this major inconvenience. Do share your experiences and how to fix this situation.

  3. Sudheer

    Nice article. Why you contacted DF? DF card for Domestic SPA and international lounge right?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      DF is the backend service provider for airport lounges.

  4. Mouli

    Great to hear this Sid and good work

    At what time you visited the lounge ?I am used to access this lounge and sometimes they said the same lie that they said to you and I replied my SBI visa card works here and try it lets check whether it works or not?

    For lunch,I used to get Rice/Rotti and Dal + Chicken or Veg gravy + gulab jamun

  5. K agrawal

    DF supports all airport lounges in india ? Can u share the contact information for the same.

  6. Rohit

    It is a shame when staff at lounge behave like that. I was denied entry at Chennai international terminal for DCB card even though it was listed by diners . They said entry is only for business class and pp holders. Should have done what you did but since there were other lounges too I walked off

  7. Saksham Dhawan

    Could you please share dreamfolks support number?

  8. SKJ

    Delhi International Airport T3. Pride plaza lounges at both A and B lounges refused to accept any visa/ MasterCard/Diner’s card today.
    They are saying about RBI order on yes bank. Didn’t understand the logic. But, unfortunately sitting at the gate awaiting flight for last one hour. The flight is getting delayed. No use of about 4 Credit Cards and Three premium debit cards.

    1. Pankaj Gupta

      As far as I recall, this lounge at T3 uses Yes bank’s pos terminal, which might have become non functional

  9. Pradeep

    Hi Sid ,

    10 comments an hour, will keep us busy all day.
    Comment approvals are give aways too 😉


  10. SURESH


    I was at this lounge on Oct 29, as I was returning to Mumbai. Had to spend about 3 hrs to flight boarding. Used Infinia to use the lounge facility. The counter guy was noted to be having zero knowledge of type of cards thru which you can use the lounge. He just swipes your card and if the card machine accepts, you are in.

    The counter guy informed that about 10 days back they re-opened the lounge, and presently for CC lounge users they will be offering only two types of fixed packed menu as complimentary- one with Veg Pulav, Raita & Gulab Jamun and the other with Snacks ( I think it was with chicken sandwitch). No coffee/tea/drinks.

    Being lunch time, ordered Veg Pulav. Little disappointed with quantity, though tasted good. So forced to order some from A la carte menu.

    Considering NIL option in the airport then, had no other option.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for reporting. Good to see lounges start to function in small cities as well.

  11. Mouli

    Coimbatore lounge is operational as on Dec 27th and now they accept selective visa card and Diners card.I used my HDFC DCB and they offered Chicken Sandwich/Cookies/Tea/Water bottle. Sandwich was tasty. New Manger from TFS Chennai and he said they are shortly going to bring in more cards and buffet also

  12. Shivakiran

    Vanakkam Thala,

    I visited the lounge yesterday. The interiors are same while food menu is restricted with very little choice to choose from. No splurging on food as it’s a limited menu and limited serving per person. Dinner options are Veg Fried Rice/Veg Schezwan Fried Rice/Chicken Biriyani/Dum Biriyani. No option on drinks (paid section is separate). Lemon soda was complimentary. I ordered veg fried rice which was delicious and freshly made since it’s a restaurant.
    Accepted cards: Diners/Priority Pass/Hettich Advantage club. No Visa acceptance when I visited them.
    I would give this lounge a miss and head to Annapurna restaurant below the lounge. Great and tasty food from Annapurna for a nominal cost would tilt me in favour of skipping the lounge the next time I visit CBE airport.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yeah, no one can come closer to Annapurna / Saravana Bhavan taste in TN. Yet, consider doing a charity by swiping though, when complimentary visits are available in plenty 🙂

  13. Dr Mohit Sharma

    hello everyone !
    i’m a student and don’t know much about these.
    can i call dreamfolks customer care if this happens with me with my hdfc regalia (visa sign) ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You can, but they can’t do anything if the machine doesn’t allow access.

  14. Rajesh

    Dear all,

    Further to Sid article,

    As you enter, they clarify outright this is not a, lounge. It is defined as a restaurant and bar which runs a complimentary food program on some select cards like HDFC infinia, Diners black etc.

    The following observations noted:

    1) If you show business class boarding pass treatment is different. Even drinks are offered complimentary with la carte menu.

    2) If you swipe 2 INR( complimentary access), HIGHLY limited options
    Either a) veg/ chicken biryani with raita, gulab jamun
    Or b) Veg/ chicken grilled sandwich with tea/coffee with one salt cookie

    3) If you swipe priority pass, you have complimentary access to la carte menu with priority waiter service. ( My understanding is nominal 35 USD will be debited unless of course,the priority pass also gives complimentary access based on the T& C)

    So as Sid mentioned earlier, do some charity, and try using those multiple complimentary access on those multiple cc we hold while awaiting your flight at Coimbatore International Airport.

    If anyone has any other experience do share.

    Thank you

    1. Rajesh

      All guests kindly note

      you have to cajole them to use the latest pinelab swiping machine which debits the nominal INR 2 ; which is not very prominently displayed or maybe intentionally hidden inside the front office counter ; otherwise they will swipe your card in the other 3 older machines they hold, which are probably not on boarded for the complimentary access, and automatically the machine says ” Access denied” or some similar error message.

      Sid encouragement with his telephonic confirmation with dreamfolks team motivated me to do the swiping “charity”.

      Thanks for reading.

      Sid has been a blessing for cc users like us, hence wished to share this specific issue at CJB( Coimbatore international airport)

  15. Rishikesh Jalan

    Accessed this lounge today. The manager at the front desk was fine and mentioned the accepted cards Visa Infinite, Signature and Diners, SBI prime.

    Regalia, Kotak Signature , SBM Niyo etc are not accepted. I got access on IDFC Select Signature and Indusind Legend Signature cards. He mentioned that its not a full fledged lounge and showed the fixed menu.

    Chicken or Veg Sandwich, Tea/Coffee and one cookie or
    Lunch option Biryani with Raita and Gulab Jamun.
    You get one small water bottle too.
    The sandwich was fine. Coffee was good. Tea was ok. Lounge is good. Other paid options and drinks available.

    I think they have improved the customer service as they dont deny them straight away. We had no fuss with them as experienced by other members earlier.
    My first visit to this lounge was about 2 yrs ago.

  16. Roshan Sankar

    I visited this lounge on 30th Jan 2024. The lounge is exactly how described by everyone above. Unwelcoming staff, rude manager, limited options of sandwich or biryani written on a dirty, tattered piece of laminated paper floating around as a menu. This is despite travelling on a business class ticket. I reconfirmed a couple of times whether there was a different menu for business class travellers but the manager said its the same for all. Not a pleasant experience at all.


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