Avaachi Lounge at Coimbatore Airport Review (Domestic)

By | September 12, 2018

This is a review by one of our reader & top contributor Mouli who recently visited the all new Airport Lounge opened at coimbatore international airport.

Before Salem Airport reopened, Coimbatore Airport (CJB) used to be one of my primary airport to go around and now I’m excited to have an airport lounge here finally. Over to Mouli:

This is the first ever lounge in Coimbatore International Airport and the first in tier 2 cities in Tamilnadu. The lounge is located in the right corner after security check. Take the stair case to the first floor (As of now Lift is not operational).

Avaachi Lounge at Coimbatore Airport

Check In

Its mentioned only Visa cards are accepted. First I used SC Ultimate card and it got rejected error, message was like Card not configured.Too much Complication. Luckily I carried my SBI Prime card and that worked.

So always carry as many Visa cards as possible and in the reception they mentioned that they don’t get much support from DreamFolks. They are reworking to accept other cards also, so by next year they may accept most of the cards also.

Avaachi Lounge at Coimbatore Airport – Checkin

Lounge Interiors

Lounge Interiors are really good and the seats are soft. It has silent TV displaying the flight schedules and another one primarily with Sports channel.

Seating capacity is around 150 people and it has 2 sections – One for bar and another for food.

Avaachi Lounge – Interiors 1

Avaachi Lounge – Interiors 2

Avaachi Lounge – Interiors 3

Food and Services

As its hardly one month old lounge, still they are not clear on most of the aspects. No buffet available and prior to this they were running restaurant and still they are in the same mode. They have 2 menus, one for paid customers and another for someone like us who are availing complimentary lounge access.

I ordered Chicken Sandwich, Lemon Juice, Scrambled egg. All were really good in taste. When I asked for more they denied saying its limited for us.

When I talked to the Manager he said they are getting 370 INR/visit from Dreamfolks and that also they are not settling on time. In last 1 month, only 20 persons have availed complimentary lounge access and they are working on to bring in buffet.

Avaachi Lounge – Coimbatore Airport – Dining 2

Avaachi Lounge – Coimbatore Airport – Bar Area

Avaachi Lounge – Coimbatore Airport – Dining 1

Avaachi – Coimbatore Airport Lounge Food

Facilities at Avaachi Lounge

  • Wifi: No
  • Food: Yes, decent spread and No buffet
  • Ambiance: Nice modern interiors.
  • Recharge Station: Yes
  • Complimentary Access to: Visa Signature/Infinite/Business (Not All Visa Cards are getting accepted)
  • CardExpert Lounge Rating: 3.8/5 [yasr_overall_rating]


For a new airport lounge in a tier 2 city, its really good. Because of the card acceptance issue they are not getting good numbers. Probably by the year end it will get much better in terms of offering and card acceptance.

Have you been to Coimbatore Airport Lounge or planning to visit sometime soon? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

63 thoughts on “Avaachi Lounge at Coimbatore Airport Review (Domestic)

  1. Lol

    Its very helpful to get the lounge for free… Really interesting, after reading your blog My friend is travelling through flight only to visit free lounge.Have to thank you for the updates. Most of my friends who are travelling through flight once in a month don’t know about the Value of the Credit Card, Now they are realising that how foolish they were.

    1. Rupesh

      After reading above I have visited lounge. Experience is same fixed menu for VISA card.

    1. Mouli

      As I mentioned still card acceptance issue and few other issues persists
      So I feel its not good for 4 and and bad for 3.5.
      Actually Its 3.75 but gets truncated to 3.7

      1. Jay

        Now they have closed visa/master lounge facility here, it’s just bar n we have to pay for what we eat

    1. Mouli

      As no buffet is available as of now ,you can go and order from the menu and the pay for that alone
      Its Restaurant come lounge

    2. Agni Sharman

      it is a la carte. But not very expensive and still a good place to hang around hours before your flight. Has neat seating, power points, Live TV

  2. Ameya

    Nicely written Mouli!
    When I visited Coimbatore in December last year, let aside a Lounge, but a decent restaurant was also not operational. There were shops selling Sri Krishna’s packed foods, some knick-knacks. Also, one thing which I felt missing in the Coimbatore airport was the need for a Hot Chips shop / counter.
    Coming back to the lounge, it looks fairly decent. One grime about Indian Loyalty Lounges is that we don’t get to see the tarmac which is quite an enjoyable time passing activity for plane spotters like me

  3. Anoop E S

    I had opted to board a flight from Coimbatore only twice, as Kochi is my nearest. Both times my Jet Airways flight to Delhi was delayed and I really wished that Coimbatore gets a lounge. I’ve seen this restaurant and really happy that it is also functioning as a lounge.

    1. Shrinand Iyer

      The name is no longer Avaachi lounge. It is rebranded as Black Berry Restaurant and Bar. The lounge access works with only Visa cards. Funny enough, the transaction slip still holds the name Avaachi.

  4. Sumeet Gupta

    Only visa cards, strange, that too without buffet. Normally visa cards are least accepted at pan India other airport lounges.
    No rupay, MasterCard, diners or amex acceptance, is the reason for less number of people availing the complimentary facilities.

  5. Aakash Anand

    Hey i do have few Questions as i live in Coimbatore and i have a flight next week.
    1) i own a HDFC Jet Previlege Visa signature debit card could that be used?
    2) It is run by Dreamfolks right? But why no information about it in Website.
    3) Is alcohol complimentry for Visa Signature holders?
    4) Owning a business class ticket could i go in for free?

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      1. Not guaranteed unless you try. Official Visa website doesn’t mention regarding this lounge but I found this lounge name in some PDF document so this access may vary from bank to bank

      2. Please check Re # 1

      3. There is no Complimentary alcohol in Domestic airport lounges. In International airport lounges, We will get complimentary alcohol. But AFAIK, Only for Priority Pass, Lounge Key, you will get unlimited alcohol else only 1 glass, this applies to AGL in Bangalore too. But interestingly Plaza premium lounge provides Unlimited alcohol even for cards like Visa, Master, Diners, Amex.

      4. It depends on the Airline tie up with lounges. Airlines have such tie up only in Metropolitan cities. So the Airline may not have tie up in Coimbatore.

    2. Mouli

      As I mentioned even few Visa card has problems so take all the Visa cards
      It’s available in the Visa lounge list.
      Alcohol is not complimentary in any of the domestic lounges
      Don’t think so

      1. Agni Sharman

        Mouli, Alcohol is complimentary in many lounges in india and is limited

        1. Mouli

          In India also Alcohol may be complimentary in International Lounges but haven’t come across any domestic lounges in India serving Alcohol complimentary,

          Plz let us know the domestic lounges in India that serves Alcohol as complimentary

  6. Boopathy

    I’ve been to this lounge recently and had a bad experience. Had multiple Visa cards including Visa Infinite, but no card works here. Reported to the person at the desk but he seems not bothered much. He simply replied that it’s privately maintained lounge and asked me to check with credit card issuer.
    Hope they rectify this issue at the earliest.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Lounges in some cities are excluded (or maybe not yet included) by banks irrespective of it being Visa Infinite. Call Dreamfolks support and talk to “Pushpak”. I’ve informed him about this issue. Your inputs to them might help to fix this issue 🙂

    2. Nisanth P

      Same experience for me too. Just now I came out of lounge.. First the lady at the reception said they are not accepting cards and no free lounge.. I asked there used to be isn’t it. Then she said will check with manager and come back. One more gentleman was waiting there.. Manager came and he swiped his card. Got thru… I’ve a regallia card, swiped it and he said card is not configured… Tried another Icici card that also didn’t work….

      I asked the manager why’s it so. He’s not in a mood to reply first and the attitude was as if he’s doing a charity. When I asked twice he said if I swipe 100 cards one may work. So can’t do anything… I didn’t even say thank you and came out..

  7. Hariz Usman

    I visited Ava hi lounge yesterday…..but they told its not a complete lounge and only certain Visa card is accepted….no pp master or Amex is accepted there…I returned disappointed…….not worthy……

  8. Ravi

    I’m planning a travel tomorrow, having HDFC JETPRIVILEGE card and American Express Jet airways card, will it be helpful for me Access Coimbatore lounge

  9. Kuldeep

    Is the airport lounge available at Coimbatore domestic terminal. Actually I going to Delhi next week from Coimbatore airport by Air India. And I have SBI prime Visa Credit Card. Am I eligible for complimentary lounge access??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You should be able to access it, but if not, do let us know. Many were facing problems in accessing the lounge since opening.

      1. Sam

        Even today (Feb 14th 2021) they aren’t accepting HDFC REGALIA CREDIT CARD.

    2. Mouli

      Yes,its available in the first floor.SBI Prime and Elite cards are the one that is working in this lounge.
      I used SBI Prime couple of weeks back also.This is not like other lounges and you wont get buffet
      Sometimes they will say it wont work but insist them to try your SBI Prime card
      They will server Rice,Rotti,Dal ,1 veg or non veg gravy and gulab jamoon

  10. Krishnamurthy Sankaranarayanan

    As on date, they don’t call themselves as lounge but a bar that provides complimentary access to selected VISA cards only…
    My ICICI BANK VISA card was rejected….

  11. Agni Sharman

    This place is not operational anymore. VISA Signature and VISA infinite Cards are no use here .

    The lounge has been converted to a Restaurant and bar and so the lounge is closed

    1. Mouli

      Really, will check next week
      Even my Signature and Infinite card didnt work here.Only card that works for me in SBI Prime

      1. Siddharth Post author

        They’ve renamed it to “Blackberry Lounge” now.

          1. Siddharth Post author

            Not yet Mouli.

            Knew the updates as someone I know visited it few days back.

        1. Brijesh

          Its just a restaurant now, no more lounge characteristic

  12. Arun

    Thanks to Spicejet delay. Just checked at the Blackberry restaurant and bar. They have some “food offer” for select Visa cards. No other cards are accepted. Ppl can walk-in and order food.

    1. Mouli


      Whats was the food offer and which Visa card did you use?


    1. Mouli


      I have used it 10 days back,it works only with SBI Prime Visa card

      1. Suresh

        Is it? The guy at the counter clearly said there is no lounge , will try again sometime later.

  13. Dishant

    We were travelling in business class and had access to the lounge at Coimbatore airport.
    Trust me, the staff was very rude and was behaving as they were doing a charity. The said that there is a limit to the number of drinks you can take as well as the food is not free and you will have to pay for it. I paid for a business class ticket, which includes lounge access, now would have to pay for food as well. Anyways, we sat there and they staff was constantly checking when we were leaving specially one guy named Sallu.

  14. ANand

    Vanakam guys!
    UPDATE: Accesed this Lounge with my HDFC Easyshop Visa platinum card on 28 FEB 2020. It worked fine.
    1 meal and 1 drink to be given. Had few words with the staff there, they are ready to make it as a full service Lounge also they were saying MasterCard & Rupay machines are ready, we are waiting for some approval. They also had talks with priority pass,Lounge key,Dinners club, they have buffet ready the just need some approvals it seems!

  15. Moulieswaran


    Thanks for the update.What drink are they offering ?
    What cards are the accepting now,is it only selected visa cards ?
    They were saying since my visit that they are planning to make it a full service lounge

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Visited the lounge few days ago and I’ll share a detailed article on that shortly 🙂

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        It would be great and helpful, I’m also travelling from CJB in two weeks.

    2. Anand

      Vanakam brother,
      -I was going for a 10:40 flight to MAA so I was there around 09:45-10:15.When asked for options they said: no breakfast option only snacks were the option like French fries,cutlet,samosas,sandwich kind of things.
      When I asked drink otions they said” You can choose one from Fresh Juice (had 5-6 options and was good) or choose one from drinks stored in fridge (coke,sprite,7up and so on)
      They said they were in tie up with an Axis bank Master card (don’t know which card) can acess the Lounge.
      EDITED: Sid’s mentioned the card correctly in the new review

  16. Raj

    Hello Is Could we access this Lounge with HDFC Infania (Visa) card?

  17. Lakshmaiah

    They have only fixed menu, veg biriyani and raitha or chicken biriyani raitha.
    Not even soft drinks are complimentary .
    I have all cards that are acceptable. I used Priority pass.
    More over , finding this place is very difficult.
    Since I had time to my flight, I searched in Google and found location. They should put one board for lounge . Most of the people are not utilizing because they don’t find the lounge location inside airport.

  18. Veerapandi

    I hv visited CJB on 2nd Aug.Blackberry lounge is in closed condition.

  19. Rishikesh Jalan

    I recently visisted on November 12th. There was no buffet, only fixed menu but quantity was good and the taste was great!

    We got access on Visa card without any issues. The tea was very tasty.

  20. Pravin Rajan

    Today is 24th Feb 2022. The issues with card still persists. Master card, Visa and RuPay all my cards got rejected. The staff insist that it’s a Bar & Resturant and not a lounge and accept only few cards… Long way to go for Black Berry…

  21. Vinay Kumar Patri

    This is not a Lounge. If you assume you will get free stuff with your Domestic and international priority cards you will be disappointed. Infact there is no loungue in Coimbatore Airport. It is truly disappoonting to see airport in such an upcoming cities like coimbatore, there are no lounges.
    Infact credit card companies brag a lot while issuing cards but not all cards work in all airports even if there were lounges there.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Accessed it at-least thrice in the past 1 year. Good from my experience, for now!

  22. balajic

    Welcome Sid !!!
    It’s been quite some time since you posted. Hope you had good vacation.

    BRW what is the meaning of Avaachi ? Is it some Tamil word ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I had a good vacation with Covid lol. Got infected almost after 3 yrs.

      No idea on Avaachi. Looking at the double a, they must have seen an astrologer. lol.
      Anyway it’s now called Blackberry lounge.

  23. Ramesh

    It’s not a lounge like in other cities like Kochi and bangalore. Serve only 2 rice dishes and sandwiches. No buffet.
    Card companies which have a tie should note this and improve upon this

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yet I still prefer those 2 dishes over 100’s of dishes served in lounges across the world. 🙂


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