Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card Review

By | May 19, 2021

I’ve been getting review requests for Kotak credit cards so much so that I decided to finally write about it. The reason why i had not reviewed Kotak credit cards is because most of them are very low rewarding with no USP, except the movie benefit linked cards.

The review of one such card is what we’re gonna see now. I took help of the actual cardholder to give real life user experience. Let’s get into the review,

  • Joining Fee: Nil
  • Annual Fee: 499 INR + GST

Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card

Kotak PVR Gold – Features & Benefits

This card primarily gives movie vouchers on spends and so reward points concept doesn’t apply here. You get PVR vouchers every month based on the spend milestones as below:

  • Spend 10k INR and get 1 PVR Voucher worth 400 INR (Reward Rate: 4%)
  • Spend 15k INR and get 2 PVR Vouchers worth 400 INR each = 800 INR (Reward Rate: 5.3%)

Here is what actual cardholder Varun Patil say about Kotak PVR Gold credit card:

I’m spending more than 15k per month and getting 2 PVR tickets each worth 400. I usually go for PVR recliner, if ticket price is 400, i need to pay only 32 rupees (internet handling fee 25Rs & 7Rs GST). It’s not applicable on PVR gold and IMAX, but still it’s fully worth.

It makes sense to hold this card if you’re frequent to PVR cinemas and choose recliners over other seats as non-recliner seats are usually priced under 300 INR.


As you can see, you can get a very good reward rate north of 5% when you spend 15,000 INR in a month, making it one of the nicely rewarding card if used right.

Still, it may not make sense for many for 2 reasons: first, you’re limited to PVR and second, unless you can hit 15k spend in one shot or two you’ll have the stress on mind all time.

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.5/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

So, it’s totally up to the cardholder lifestyle/location/personal preference to go for it or not. What’s your take on KOTAK PVR Credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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34 thoughts on “Kotak PVR Gold Credit Card Review

  1. Karthik

    If you need movie benefits the use IDFC Signature debit card. It gives 250 rupees cashback on bookmyshow per month. Signature debit card requires 25k maq. Thus making it 16% value – 3k as bookmyshow cashback and 1k as interest @4%

    1. Raj

      I opened a IDFC account with 25k deposit online. How much days it will take to receive the debit card? It has some service request opened displaying Account Upgradation.

      1. Karthik

        Usually you need to go to branch or they will come and collect the docs. Post that you will get the welcome kit within one week.

  2. SaurabhN

    Thanks a for the review.
    I hold Feast card since many years and simply love it as it provides 10 percent of value spent on Dining and Entertainment categories. So it’s direct 10 percent of value added as rupees in my account max upto 600 Rs per month.
    It had some minor clauses to achieve it but it’s easily achievable. Though major downside of this card is it doesn’t give normal reward points other than above written category.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      But nowadays one can easily get 15- 20%discount on bill using various credit/debit cards, eazydiner, dineout and zomato gold. So having card for dining does not make sense. And also if you pay through nearbuy u get 40% back and dineout wallet u get 20% back and 5% for ya allet top up.

      1. SaurabhN

        Yes but this not discount, its reward points you get on the bill paid, and each reward point is equivalent to Rs. 1. So its saving on any restaurant/movies where other card discount don’t work.
        I also have Zomato Gold membership & use sites like Nearbuy but they don’t work on many merchants.
        Since its a LTF card I use it on merchants where other discount don’t work.

    2. Bhavye G

      Kotak Feast card gives cashback only on first 5 transactions done on movie and dining which makes it not worth it instead Kotak Delight card gives unlimited 10% cashback on dining and movies. I am using Delight card since 6 months now.

  3. Satish Kumar Agarwal

    Dear Sid

    I applied for Kotak PVR Platinum credit card in October 2017 and it got approved. CL provided was 30K only. Later on I came across your blog “cardexpert.in” and by the time courier person arrived for delivery, I refused to accept. Reason: as you have been replying again n again that reward rates of Kotak cards are horribly low.

    Though it may be good for some people more than other bank cards. One example given in your review itself. And just to explain you get 2 pvr vouchers with Kotak PVR Platinum CC on spending 10K only. But annual fee is 999/- + GST. And it can’t be reversed in any case.

  4. varun patil

    Thanks for putting up my opinion on this card.
    Yes, it’s true this card is only useful for regular PVR goers, I still have 4 unused coupons.
    I would personally rate it 4 starts, but you’re a experienced credit card user, so I’ll take your judgement.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The rating is for overall userbase and yes for some it could even be 5 star 🙂
      Thanks again for your inputs.

  5. Mickey

    Or just use Citi cards on Paytm every Friday where you get 100% cashback on 2nd ticket so it’s basically like 1+1.

    1. Dr. Mohit Arora

      There are lot of cards for buy 1 get 1 free on Bookmyshow.
      Indusind world debit cards, Sbi Elite ,ICICI Bank Coral, Rubyx and Sapphiro Debit Cards, Axis Burgandy debt card and a lot more.
      Getting credit card just for movie benefits doesnt sound that worth ofcourse when mentioned that fees cant be reversed.

      Also have a question.
      I am looking for a good reward credit card which they can provide me on my itr 4.75 lacs.
      I am currently holding YFP(2.4 lacs limit) on 3 lacs FD
      HDFC regalia first( 1.5 lacs limit) on 2 lacs FD
      Sbi simply click(50K) limit.

      I am looking for better rewards and milestone benefits than YFP. Any advice for me?

        1. Dr. Mohit Arora

          No option for upgrade yet in Sbi app. Also Amex requires ITR more than 6 lacs for professional and mine is 4.75 lacs only.

          Any other card for reward more than 2%. Any suggestions Siddharth?

  6. Mouli

    What kind of spends are considered as eligible for meeting the 15k?
    Fuel,Insurance,Paytm and other wallet spends are considered or not ?

  7. Mouli

    400 rs voucher can be used to book multiple tickets also ?
    Any T & C for using the voucher ?
    No fee for first year,right? and for paying the annual fee do we get any vouchers?

    1. varun patil

      One coupon for only one ticket.
      Coupon not applicable on gold, imax, 4DX and playhouse. Only regular PVR 2D and 3D movies.

  8. Mouli

    Most of the offers in other cards are for minimum for 2 tickets but at times when you are going alone to movie you wont get much offers that’s where this card will be handy

  9. Dhiraj

    I use this card alongside SBI Elite and RBL Movies & More cards for movie offers. Process to redeem includes sending an SMS and receiving promo codes to be redeemed in PVR website.
    As rightly mentioned in the article, booking recliner seats will get you the best value of the promotion.
    Big advantage with this card is validity of the codes. You can claim for codes until end of each month(for previous cycle) and they are valid for another 60 days. This means almost a validity of 3 months, which is not the case with any other card. This way you can also accumulate codes, if you cant use it in a given month. You may also book more than 2 free tickets at a time(with accumulated codes), though IMAX, 4DX and Gold are not allowed.

  10. Aayush

    This may seem like an interesting offer, that being said we should not consider the reward rate as 4% and 5%.
    Since most of the other cards we have already offer us one plus one option(50 perecnt off), by using the Kotak offer we end up only saving the other 50 percent. The effective discount is only 2% and 2.5% additionally.

    Not worth the return in case you already avail discounts on movie tickets 🙂

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Interesting & valid point Aayush.

      Yet, for those who watch too much of movies they may still consider 5% 🙂

  11. Gaurav Malik

    I have a Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card, earlier they used to give 4 PVR tickets per Quarter as I was using the paid version of the card ( Rs. 5000) and conditions of fee waiver was that need to spend 7.5L in a year. Once I did that they said I am not eligible for the free tickets as it is a free version. I have not yet closed this card as it is almost 6 years since I have this card but already put it in cold storage. Hardly have I seen any mouthwatering offers on Kotak Credit Cards. Plus there reward programme is also not worth it.

  12. Vivek Sinha

    Hi Sid,

    I use my PVR Platinum Kotak credit card, where you get 2 PVR tickets worth of Rs. 400 each on spending of Rs. 10,000 a statement cycle. To spend Rs. 10,000 per month I pay my rent using this card + Redgirraffe (charges Rs. 46 per 10,000). So I get like almost 8% in return. You can mention this in you blog maybe.

    1. Santosh Sawant

      If the tickets value is less than 800 then can we include food combo in it..? & what about limit enhancement offers?

  13. Ankit

    The way I optimize my credit card spend is that I only put 10k a month on Kotak PVR Platinum. It gives me a sweet 800 Rs. Worth PVR tickets. Even after deducting annual fee, the reward rate comes north of 7%.
    To ensure no headache, I just put 10k on Paytm at start of month and use it towards bills, Uber etc.

    And I make sure no other spend happens on this card. And the remaining goes to my Jet Amex Platinum.

    How about that

  14. Mouli

    If the ticket price is 200 and If i purchase snacks worth 200 ,still I can pay the complete 400 rs using coupon or for food I need to pay extra?

  15. siva

    Need some info on the add-on card. Kotak website says the benefits are available even on the add-on card. So should we need to spend 10k even on the add-on card too to avail the free tickets on it ?

    1. Prithivi

      Hi Siva,
      I just explored that option. I have spent 10k on both primary and add-on cards separately. But still I have got only 2 vouchers for my primary card. I think, just for the calculation of 10k spending per month, the cumulative spending of both primary and add-on cards considered. The eligibility is maximum 2 vouchers per month.

  16. Nipun


    You can review kotak Royale card which have a better value with you reaching there mile stone programe.

  17. Ravi

    How good is kotak in credit limit enhancement ?
    interested to apply for kotak cc, though I did not find any card rewarding

    1. abhishek Indore

      For me, Kotak Bank is great in credit limit enhancement. I have Kotak Royal Signature Card. It was issued to me with total Rs.1,00,000/- limit and after four months they offered me total limit of Rs.2,00,000/- . During that period I spent total about Rs.75,000/-.

  18. Arjun Singh chouhan

    This card useless If you fill RS150 petrol, then you deductt RS161


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