Kotak White Card: Hands-on experience

By | July 24, 2022
Kotak White Card: Hands-on experience

This is a quick article about my hands-on experience with Kotak White Credit Card. If you’re looking for features and benefits of the card, you may find the same here: Kotak White Card review.

Getting the Card

An upgrade request was taken to upgrade my Kotak Privy League credit card to white credit card and the same was processed within a week. 

The upgrade request can be made via phone banking just like how it works with Axis Bank Credit Cards. 

There doesn’t seem to be a strict time period between new card issuance / upgrades but I gave about 6 months cooling period.

I could have also applied for the White card as a separate card but I don’t find a need to hold multiple cards from Kotak at the moment, so upgraded.

And not to mention that fresh credit card applications with Kotak takes about a month to be processed.


Well, we’ll have to call it as “unwrapping” instead, as there is no box. The card comes in a sort-of premium envelope which was surprisingly handled well by BlueDart, so much so that it looks clean & fresh.

The kit has a neat and simple cover holding the card with minimal contents. Here are some pics,

Kotak White Card - Cover
Kotak White Card - Contents
Kotak White Card - card and contents
Kotak White Card - Welcome Letter & Catalog
Welcome Letter & Catalog
Kotak White Credit Card - Closer Look
Kotak White Card - closer look
Kotak White Card

The credit card was upgraded without credit limit enhancement as it was anyway holding a good limit already.

But as a sweet surprise, I also saw (on app) a generous 60% Credit Limit Enhancement offer after few weeks of white card issuance and I gladly accepted.

Final Thoughts

For a very long time Kotak Mahindra Bank has been playing with the entry-level segment only and now it’s nice to see them coming up with good range of premium credit cards (White, White Reserve, Zen).

While these cards are not really rewarding when compared to the competition, I’m sure they’ll get there soon, as more and more customers are becoming card experts.

Apart from the features and benefits it’s quite surprising to see that the bank has also given some attention to some finer details for the white card, like: card design, simple welcome kit & simplified rewards.

Hope we’ll see more interesting cards from Kotak in the future.

Author: Siddharth

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12 thoughts on “Kotak White Card: Hands-on experience

  1. Pragyan Sen

    The more I see different card launches, the more my faith on SC Ultimate solidifies. SC Ultimate is the best no nonsense credit card ever period.

    1. Prem Taparia

      Heartily agree. Std Chtd Ultimate is really the ‘Ultimate’ credit card. A completely ‘No-Nonsense’ card.

    2. Anup Deshpande

      True that. No card can match the consistent and flat reward rate of 3.3% across categories including fuel.

  2. Lav Kanodia

    Is this also being offered as LTF like the Privy League card on upgrade? I hold an Optima tier Savings account with them so I received their Privy Leaugue Signature LTF CC long back.
    I think this card is not given as LTF even on upgrade. Would be nice if you could confirm this.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It is LTF and you can see that on Kotak website as well. Here’s a quick look:
      Kotak White Card Free variant

      1. Lav Kanodia

        Thank you for sharing this.
        As I understand once issued as LTF, it should not be chargeable even if one is no longer an Optima or higher variant customer.
        So this seems like a better product than the KPL Signature CC

        1. Nikhil

          Kotak PL CC is also offered LTF, once you downgrade then also it remains LTF. Also it’s quarterly cashback benefit is very useful.

  3. Satinder pal singh

    Kotak Mahindra Bank ,in these days they given worst service .I am holding NRE ,NRO account more then a decade. Big transaction s every month but what I am getting no fastag issue for me because I am holding NRE account .From last few years I am trying to apply credit card but no result

  4. JaY Srivastava

    Wow this Card looks amazing, I am really looking forward to get one soon.

  5. Darshdeep Singh Grewal

    I called Customer Care for Card Upgrade request, they denied my request. What’s the exact thing I have to say to get this White Credit Card.

  6. Akhil

    I was informed by my RM about this pro-approved “White Card” offer from Kotak with no joining or annual fees due to my NRV. However, I decided to obtain this card for my wife instead, given that from July 1st onwards, credit cards fall under the LRS for foreign expenditures with a 7L limit. To avoid the 20% TCS, it may be beneficial to get individual credit cards for all family members.

    Honestly, the reward/point system is not great and quite disappointing. The Priority Pass also comes with a validity of just one year! One of the few perks this card offers is fraud insurance coverage up to 2.5L, which brings peace of mind when using card details on international sites and POS.

    As we didn’t have a Kotak credit card, we decided to apply for one via RM, the entire process was digital.


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