Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Review

By | January 16, 2022
Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card

We at Cardexpert don’t usually prefer Kotak credit cards in the past because of its very low reward rate but it appears that the things are changing a bit lately so I decided to explore Kotak credit cards finally.

Here’s a quick review of the Kotak Privy League Signature credit card, the card that’s issued to Kotak’s premium banking customers.


Joining FeeNil
Annual FeeNil

The card is free for the Kotak Privy League Customers, Prima (2L balance) & above. It also comes as a paid version (renewal fee applicable) but its not worthy to pay in my opinion.


With the Privy League branding on the card, the design looks quite elegant without a doubt. It actually looks better in reality than on picture. Here’s a quick look,

Kotak Privy League Credit Card


Ongoing Rewards

Accelerated Rewards (5X)1.25%
Regular Rewards (2X)0.50%
  • RP value = 0.25 INR
  • Accelerated Rewards Plan: You can choose either shopper’s (or) traveller’s plan
  • Shopper’s plan includes spends done on: apparels, jewelry, consumer durable, restaurants, departmental stores
  • Traveller’s Plan includes spends done on: airlines, hotels, restaurants, international spends and travel agencies

Milestone Rewards

4,00,000 INR10,000 Points2,500 INR0.64%
8,00,000 INR30,000 Points7,500 INR0.94%
  • You’ll be eligible for either one, not both.

So if you manage to spend 8L under accelerated rewards, you would end up getting reward rate as good as ~2.2% which is as good as HDFC Regalia.

But that’s quite tough to attain because you can’t always spend under accelerated rewards at that spend range.

Hence, if you spend 8L in non accelerated category, you would end up with 1.44% reward rate, which is poor for a premium card.

Quarterly Rewards

  • 6400 Reward Points every Quarter (Value: 1600 INR)
  • Requirement: Spend Rs.1000 every month

This benefit is a recent change during the pandemic, otherwise you would get 4 PVR tickets, each 400 INR.

This is the main attractive benefit of this card lately as the returns on spend is pretty generous.

This benefit however maybe short-lived, as they may switch to PVR tickets in sometime, which will anyway be good as well if you’re into PVR.

Note: This benefit maybe eligible only for paid variant.

Lounge Access

  • Domestic: 2/qtr (via Visa signature)
  • International: Nil (4/yr for paid versions via Priority Pass)

They could have given Priority pass for free cards as well, as anyway they have the banking relationship with them. But well, as of now PP complimentary access is not available with free variant, but you can still get the PP membership.


  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.7/5

You get an outstanding value of Rs.6400 every year just by spending Rs.1000 every month. That’s the primary reason for anyone to have this card (as paid variant), apart from Kotak Merchant offers and other benefits.

Ideally the Kotak Privy League Signature credit card is good for anyone who’s new to Kotak and wishes to explore their premium credit cards.

Given that Kotak is gaining some traction with the new launches like the Indigo credit card, I wish Kotak soon comes up with a nice super premium credit card. The white card is not that great for various reasons which we will talk sometime soon.

Do you have Kotak privy League Signature credit card? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

22 thoughts on “Kotak Privy League Signature Credit Card Review

  1. Shivi

    Nice review though i don’t consider this card to be any more than a 3/5 (2.5?) given the high spend requirements for a decent value without any Intl. lounge access .

    The idea behind shopper/traveler plan is like trying to make one card out of SBI Simply Save and Simply Click.

    That value of 6,400 by spending 12K/year too leaves much to be desired.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It’s LTF for Prima accounts, hence no spend requirement. Well, it’s certainly 3/5 if they don’t have the 6400 INR savings.

      1. pujya

        But sid not everyone is going to be their Premium customer, no? I feel you should review a card according to what’s it’s official price is.

        Is the card worth if you’ll have to cough up the annual charges? No. But if it comes as LTF for a select few then maybe.

      2. Shivi

        Sid, the Kotak guys mention this 6400/qtr reward points is only for paid version. Can anybody cross verify again?

      3. Shivi

        Sid, this 6400/qtr reward points is only for paid version. It’s mentioned on their site too – “Bonus reward points! (Only for paid card)

        You will get bonus reward points on activation every month. If you spend minimum Rs 1000 every month, you would be eligible for 6400 reward points for that quarter. E.g. You spend Rs. 1000 in April, May and June, you will get 6400 extra reward points in the month of July.”

  2. Naga Kiran

    Holding LTF “Privy League Signature Shopper Credit Card” (holds Prima account) from past couple of years, but didn’t notice about quarterly rewards (6400 rewards points for 1000/- transaction every month). Is it applicable for free cards also?

    It’s not clear from the conditions as mentioned “Bonus reward points! (Only for paid card)#”

    1. Murali

      As per T&C of this card, Bonus of 6400 reward points will be credited only for paid card and not for LTF card. Confirmed by RM.

      Bonus reward points! (Only for paid card)#
      You will get bonus reward points on activation every month. If you spend minimum Rs 1000 every month, you would be eligible for 6400 reward points for that quarter. E.g. You spend Rs. 1000 in April, May and June, you will get 6400 extra reward points in the month of July.
      # Crediting of reward points in lieu of 4 PVR tickets is an interim change in the feature of the card

  3. Ankit

    Ooh.. I am having this card and was unaware of anything. I thought it’s a waste card in my portfolio. Thanks for info.

  4. Lav Kanodia

    Is the quarterly reward mentioned anywhere?
    I am seeing this for the first time
    Have been holding it as LTF for more than 2 years now

    1. Manjunath U

      Quarterly BONUS rewards are only for paid version, international lounge visits are complimentary only for paid version. For complimentary cards, priority pass free for 1 yr. Priority pass visits can be added as a prepaid option at discounted rates. revolving credit will remain 2.49% per month for both variants, while paid version gets markup fees of 2%, for complimentary its 3.5%. You can select Shoppers or Travelers plan based on your requirement for accelerated reward points collection.

    2. Ankit

      It is there on their website and it states that it is available only for the paid variant.

    3. Nikhil

      It is clearly mentioned in official page that quarterly benefits applicable only for paid cards, wonder why there is confusion. It is useless card in case of LTF. I have been holding paid version of this card & already availed 12.8K cashback since pandemic.

  5. Ankit Garg

    4 free PVR tickets every qtr feature is for sure only for paid version of the card else how will Kotak market their PVR specific cards. They have PVR Gold & platinum variant cards- both paid! and one needs to spend minimum Rs 10000/- per month to get 2 PVR tickets (value of Rs 400/- each)

  6. Ankit

    Was pretty surprised to see a Kotak Card being reviewed here as we rarely see Kotak cards review, they being last on the list with least benefits and reward value. Good to know that they at least have accelerated rewards in place though clearly not up to the mark.

    Me and my wife have been using Kotak Privy league Signature credit card since last 3 years which is LTF as we hold Prima accounts. In last 3 years barely have we come across any good benefits except for the PVR Kotak Super Saturday Offer. This PVR offer and VISA signature card was the only reason we opted for it. With poor rewards value as against Regalia which I was holding earlier, my all spending was confined to Regalia. I now hold Infinia which I believe Kotak cannot match in benefits even in their distant dreams. I have availed occasional Bigbasket discount offers on Kotak cards but surely not anything additional than what other card issuers offer. Plus, you miss on regular e-commerce tie-ups which you see for HDFC, SBI and ICICI as Kotak is nearly absent there.

    Also, there is a railway surcharge waiver if you book rail tickets on IRCTC but it is capped at INR 500 for a calendar year.

    With the new reward structure too, this card shall still remain last on my list. In any case, I do not see a value in going for the paid variant. LTF still may be a good option.

  7. Karan Bhandari

    I’ve been holding this card more than a year, 6400 benefits for paid card.
    But still card is good.
    Kotak merchant offers are there and will be more there in future.
    Since kotak is vs idfc bank. So there will be better offers for sure.
    Mid cap bank space is going to heat up.
    There casa is lying for years now.
    IndusInd takeover failed and then citi one.
    So yeah too much funds and they are very conservative for loans.

  8. Prashant

    Is there any sure shot way of getting a call from them ? I’ve applied numerous times on their website for their card, application number gets generated but never received a call from them.

  9. Sunil

    Indusind Legend is better than this where we can earn 16,000 Reward points by spending 6 lakhs in a year and better lounge access , book my show and low forex charges.


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