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By | September 7, 2018

I’ve been availing the Buy 1 Get 1 offer on ICICI credit cards for years and i was always happy as i never had the quota issues with my ICICI Jet Sapphiro Amex Credit card. But one fine day while i was exploring Bookmyshow offers randomly, i figured out that the food combo was also available on 50% off with Visa Infinite cards.

So that’s when my Axis Vistara Infinite credit card got some work! The current bookmyshow offer is almost similar on both Signature/Infinite cards and here are the details,

Bookmyshow Visa Infinite Credit Card Offer

Visa Signature Offer

  • Get 50% discount up to 300 INR on movies and up to 200 INR on food combos (single txn)
  • Can be availed during: Thursday to Sunday
  • Limit: 1 per month
  • Valid till: 30th September 2018

Visa Infinite Offer

  • Get 50% discount up to 300 INR on movies and up to 200 INR on food combos (single txn)
  • Non movie discount : Get 50% discount up to Rs 500 on minimum booking of 2 non movie tickets
  • Can be availed during: Any day of the week
  • Limit: 1 per month for movies & 1 per month for non-movies
  • Valid till: 30th September 2018

My Experience

I was able to successfully book “Mission: Impossible – Fallout (IMAX)” + “Large popcorn + 2 Regular Coke” at Phoenix Marketcity, Chennai for just ~600 INR instead of ~1100 INR.

That’s easy savings of 500 INR with visa offer and i also noticed the food combo was at 25% off already. So that’s additional savings of 130 INR apart from the Visa offer.

  • Total Savings: 630 INR

This was probably the first Food combo order i’ve done online and i never knew its cheaper to book snacks with movies, just that i didn’t give much attention to it. You too?

Pro Tip: Add-On cards are treated separate, so you can avail this benefit on each of them as well every month. 1 Primary + 2 add-on = 3 txn’s per month. That’s sweet 3X savings! (doesn’t apply to HDFC Add-on cards as the numbers are all same)


Visa and Mastercard are facing big bad competition in the payments ecosystem in India due to Rupay & UPI payments. UPI is growing at rates like never before which obviously eats the profits of Visa/MC.

So they have to come up with compelling offers to stay in the industry. So good glorious days are here to stay 😀

I’ve been missing out on this offer for quite sometime, especially the food combo thing. Have you been availing these offers and from when? Feel free to share your experiences in comments below.

52 thoughts on “Bookmyshow Visa Signature/Infinite Credit Card Offer

  1. Mahendra

    Hi Sid,
    For visa Signature card, offer for food is flat 200/- discount but not 50% discount.

  2. Nishit Sanghvi

    This offer is running from about 6 months… I’m using it with my sbi prime card….

      1. Varun

        Citi Prestige
        HDFC infinia
        Standard chartered Ultimate
        Their are other few from Indusland and axix bank as well..

  3. ponbala

    Hi Sid,
    I checked this last week for booking my movie tickets in Madurai using BookMyShow. But when Saturday evening 4pm ,when it opens, i tries to use my visa HDFC MONEYBACK CARD, It show it should be registered for some visa infinity program.Does this only for High end visa cards ???
    But anyway I booked through ICICI 1+1 offer using my ICICI coral MasterCard 😁

  4. Nitin Khanna

    Add that for each supplementary card you hold (like I do for SCB Ultimate), this can be a very compelling proposition. I have 4 additional cards and generally avail this every time I transact on BMS

    1. Rohit

      Really, supplementary cards have same card No. and that is what you have to key in to check for offer eligibility in BMS. How that work then?

  5. Prashant Gupta

    But Siddharth this offer has been there for ages. Atleast 8 years. I have availed this many times with visa signature card. Also earlier they used to have red carpet offer where free tickets were given for premiere shows some 3-4 years back.

  6. Ameya

    I have not been using my ICICI Jet Sapphiro Visa Credit card to the fullest it seems! Your blog is a constant reminder to use the cards to the full potential!
    Also, I think you meant Visa instead of Amex on the hyperlink.

  7. Mouli


    I also started availing this from last month.One good thing is supplementary on card is considered as different card.

    If you have 1 supplementary card then you can avail it twice a month,one with primary and another with supplementary card(applicable for Signature as well as Infinite card)

    Really a great offer for regular movie goers like me

  8. Vivek Agrawal

    Yes, fortunately I had known this offer since 1 year. Initially diners rewardz used to give 1+1 on unlimited tickets and I was happy. But then they stopped and I wasn’t really eligible for most of the premium cards offering 1+1BMS, and for the ones for which I was eligible had annual fees. And I don’t like paying fees for credit card.

    So I opened a free account with idfc bank without any minimum balance requirement and they were giving idfc signature visa debit card to everyone. I have been availing this offer since then. The signature offer is valid on debit cards too. Not sure if there is any infinite debit card out there. Another point to note is that offer is valid for shows on any day but you can book from Thursday to Sunday only.

      1. Vivek Agrawal

        I have never availed food combo, didn’t actually care about it. So didn’t even notice if it was there

        1. Kunal

          Vivek, do you know if this offer be combined with idfc signature cashback offer? If not, will I be eligible for cashback offer on second transaction.

      2. Thomas

        The food combo on signature cards was available since years. But infinite did Not have the food combo. The food combo has started on infinite only since 2 months. Earlier it was only 300 off. If u look at the scb ultimate terms and conditions page it’s still written 300 off and nothing on food combo. But now since 2 months the visa site also has been updated about food combo. Sadly both signature and infinite expires this month donno about what’s in store

  9. Vivek

    Hi Sidharth, I noticed this offer from VISA SIGNATURE almost 6 months back and I have been availing this on my Axis SELECT (VISA SIGNATURE) card every month.

  10. Amann

    RBL INSIGNIA CREDIT card gives me straight benefit (read discount) of Rs 500 every month. Even on the 1st ticket. Don’t see it getting better than this.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Cool. Now its more like SBI Elite offer.

      But their AQB expectation is high. Are they strict with it?

      1. Amann

        You can try to negotiate with them Sid but I think 30 lacs NRV is required. They will open the Insignia savings account and Credit Card to all family members on 1 NRV.

  11. Parth Buch

    Is this a new offer ?
    I have been using the SBI Elite card for ages to claim movie tickets.

    F&B options might be new though.

  12. Kevin

    I have been using tse offer for almost 2-3 years. The offer will work for Supplementary cards provided they have a different card number. For example, the HDFC Regalia primary and add-on card have the same card number and so, I can use the offer only once.

  13. Prashant Agrawal

    I remember trying to book discount combo online with Signature BOGO movie tickets but the option to order food never came till the tickets booked confirmation screen.

    Where is booking flow does the booking food combo screen comes?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Next to seat selection.

      Maybe the said theatre doesn’t have food combo option.

  14. Mahesh

    Similiar kind of offer which i use is Indusind Signature Legend.
    Buy 3 tickets get 3 free per month. Food combo upto 50 per free ticket, 150 per month.
    Legend reward rate – 2% in weekends and 1% in weekdays (which can be redeemed against statement credit) but joining fees is high Rs.10k +18%gst without vouchers.
    Its a good card for long run.
    One more special thing about the card is Numbers will be printed in the back not front.

  15. Rohit

    BMS offer on Visa cards may be the longest running offer. I’ve been using it since 10 years. In the old days, it used to be 1+1 for Visa platinum then they made it for Signature and above.

  16. Ajay khanna

    Hi everyone
    Does anybody here have bought car with credit card.
    Can someone tell any merits and demerits for doing so

    1. Pankaj Singhal

      I bought a Kwid on credit card. They charged 2% extra. But since I bought it on Diners Black and Yes First Exclusive, I was ok in terms of earning Vs. cost.

    2. Kiran


      Yes, but these people charge on credit / Debit card swipes for 2% and 1.75% respectively. I did bargain for long and got it for 1% but another issue is most of the card showrooms does not accept Amex Card.

      I was surprised to hear that Harley Davidson – Bangalore themselves does not accept Amex even for service payments which is really sad.


  17. Mrinal T

    They have a limited number of tickets in bith signature as well as infinite program… i have been buying tickets in inifinite program over last 6 months , very useful when used in the first 10days of the month , towards the end of the month , it shows quota has expired

    Yes bank / kotak bank signature variants and SBI elite 2 tickets or 500 rs off offer last till the end of the month

  18. Prashant

    its a very old offer and I am using it for more than 1 year
    This offer is valid for any visa signature /infinite credit or debit card.

  19. Srinivas

    Best way to use offer is with IDFC signature card which has 250 cb,1+1 and ,200 off on food .I usually watch films with food for mere 200 RS in PVR .Hope this offer extends

    1. Murali

      IDFC Debit card having this condition to get 250 CB

      “The Bank Account (linked with debit card used for transaction) must maintain an Average Monthly Balance of Rs. 25,000. The cashback will be processed within first 15 days of the next calendar month by IDFC Bank.”

  20. Aakash

    My hdfc moneyback is going to expire in this december. Any suggestion…shall i go for diners to regalia…and how shall i proceed for upgradation.

    Ps i already have AMEX gold and cities credit cards my income is 50+ in hand

    1. Shaan

      How to get a Visa Infinite Card , I prefer credit card as no need to pay any extra charges. ( Can’t afford SCB Infinite Card ).

      Any other way to get a Visa Infinite Card , Visa Signature Cards – SbI prime, HDFC Reglia buthiw can i get a Infinite Card.

  21. Aayush

    This offer has been available for over an year now, I have a feeling they’ll extend the date validity date from 30th September to sometime next year 🙂


  22. Akhil

    Hey Sid,

    Earlier it was very easy to get this offer(Signature).
    But last to last week I attempted thrice (obviously different dates) and didn’t succeed. Every time quota exhausted error was there.
    Any idea if they have reduced the quota.
    Note: I attempted the booking as soon as offer is enabled on that day.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I had the same issue when i tried with 3 of my Signature cards a week back. Ended up using Indusind Offer which worked.

      So yes, it seems Visa is cutting down on the numbers.

  23. Thomas

    Offer has changed now. 50 percent off on food also now not 200 flat as before

  24. Mohan

    Can anyone inform on whether this offer is valid on JetPrivilage HDFC Signature debit card? Thanks.

  25. Apoorv

    Is this offer available on Kotak Royale Card as well ? It is a Visa Signature card.

  26. Arjun Jayasimha

    Is the visa signature/infinite buy 1 get 1 free on movie tickets offer still there on BookMyShow

  27. Akshay

    Hey Sid,
    Currently I am unable to find this on BookMyShow. Can anyone confirm?

  28. Vamshi Krishna

    Is this daily quota? At what time of the day is the quote reset – 12AM?


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