Get upto 100% bonus Intermiles on card spends (ICICI/HDFC/IndusInd)

By | October 19, 2021
ICICI Intermiles credit card offer
ICICI Intermiles Sapphiro Visa credit card

Intermiles has been running bonus points offers on Intermiles co-brand credit cards since past couple of months. While I’ve noticed these offers run one after another, now it seems they’re running all at once, maybe as now Intermiles resumed issuing co-branded credit cards with all the partnered banks (HDFC/ICICI/IndusInd).

Here’s everything you need to know about the Intermiles offer:

Offer Details

SlabsSpend AmountBonus Points %Max. Cap
Slab 1>= 35000 INR50%3,500
Slab 2>= 70,000 INR75%6,000
Slab 3>= 1,00,000 INR100%10,000

The offer is currently valid from Sep 1st to Sep 30th and they may renew it for next month.

Fulfilment: Bonus InterMiles under the offer shall be credited to customer’s InterMiles Account within “90 working days” from the end of the Offer Period and base InterMiles within “45 working days” of generation of Credit card bill.

Activating the offer

  • ICICI Credit Cards: Type “Offer ICICI 1” or “Offer ICICI 2” or “Offer ICICI 3” and send the SMS to 56677 – Ref. Offer T&C for more details
  • HDFC Credit Cards: Type “Offer HDFC 1” or “Offer HDFC 2” or “Offer HDFC 3” and send the SMS to 56677- Ref. Offer T&C for more details
  • IndusInd Credit Cards: Type “Offer IND 1” or “Offer IND 2” or “Offer IND 3” and send the SMS to 56677- Ref. Offer T&C for more details

Note that you need to send the SMS above before initiating your transactions. Only transactions done after sending above SMS would be eligible for the offer. You would get a simple confirmation SMS once you send the SMS.

How much you can save?

  • 2.8% on ICICI Intermiles Sapphiro (Visa) Credit Card

While most Intermiles cards are low rewarding ones these days, you could get a very good return on spend if you hold one of the premium Intermiles cards.

Note that how much % you can save depends on the card you hold. Do refer the T&C and the links inside it that explains the offer on each card variant in detail.

I recently took the ICICI Intermiles Sapphiro Visa card (that story some other day) and I could see that it has the potential to give a decent 2.8% return on Rs.2.5 Lakhs spend. If you have Amex variant, it would give bit higher returns.

Overall its decent even for Visa, provided that you can redeem points for hotels quick and easy.

The above return on spend is calculated based on my recent Intermiles redemptions on hotels that gives me value of anywhere around 35-37ps per point.

Final Thoughts

While Intermiles cards are not my usual suggestion to hold due to its low regular reward rate, these bonus points offers does come handy at times.

Also, Intermiles has been quite active in updating their services with small tweaks here and there and I hope we get better redemption options soon.

Just incase if you’re wondering, offline Etihad redemptions via Intermiles are no longer active as of now. So hotels & flights are the best ways to redeem your unused Intermiles.

Author: Siddharth

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18 thoughts on “Get upto 100% bonus Intermiles on card spends (ICICI/HDFC/IndusInd)

  1. Akshat

    How does intermiles fare in your list of redemption platforms?
    I have never seen value enough to convert to intermiles and redeem. There’s always a better option be it Axis, Amex or Hdfc…. can’t say about icici points

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Are you referring to CC points to Intermiles transfers?
      Never suggested at the moment.

      1. Akshat

        Aside, earning points through other avenues (such as dineout and IOCL) and then redeeming through intermiles seem a lot of work with very low return.
        Any good suggestions there? both earning and redeeming

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Availing these 100% bonus points is the best way to earn Intermiles.

          Redemption side,
          I’m hoping to see Etihad redemptions to be back, hopefully in 2022, let’s see.

          1. Monu

            Is etihad back on intermiles.I can see fixed intermiles requirement for any day of a booking for same sector

          2. Siddharth Post author

            It was there for sometime with less InterMiles requirement but not seeing it since past couple of months. Not sure what they’re doing!

          3. Monu

            I tried to make a redemption booking for Etihad airways. Booking went into pending and was subsequently cancelled two days later. Anyone able to successfully redeem intermiles for Etihad booking?

          4. Siddharth Post author

            This happened with me on hotel booking as well a month back. Not sure if their overall system is having an issue.


        I also tried several times. But every time they denied saying they were not issuing this card. I will try again.

        1. Vinay

          Same thing happened to me. They had no idea what intermiles card was .Finally i was transferred to his manager ,who said that I could only apply for it at an ICICI Bank branch. When I went to the bank, they said only sapphiro is available and not intermiles co-branded one

  2. AAJ

    Redeeming at Fuel/Indian oil or Buying voucher/partly with Intermiles are good returns wise in my view.
    I have up my Intermiles card and couldn’t get any issues 🙁 any easier way to get one again?

  3. Fahd

    Might seem like a basic question but just confirming whether Intermiles redemption Air tickets are considered as revenue tickets?


    Intermiles comes very handy last moment when you need to book tickets just before 3-4 days from the trip date. Air tickets available easy from 10000 Intermiles. I would definitely suggest these Intermiles Co-Brand Credit Cards. I am using HDFC Intermiles Signature and I am really happy with it, it’s for frequent traveller.


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