Club Vistara Points Fest: Get upto 50% bonus points on point transfers

By | December 9, 2020
Club Vistara Points Fest

Club Vistara has recently launched Points Festa tiered points transfer promotion, valid for point transfers made during December 2020. Here are the offer details:

Offer Details

  • Offer: Get upto 50% more points on transferring your points from credit cards to Club Vistara
  • Offer Type: Multi-Tiered, as below
  • Offer Period: 1st Dec to 31st Dec 2020
  • CV Points valid for: 3 yrs (36 months)
  • Eligible transfer partners: Axis eDGE Rewards, American Express Membership Rewards, Club ITC, HDFC Diners Club Rewards, IndusInd Credit Card Rewards, YES BANK Credit Card Rewards
  • Limitation: Bonus points will be calculated per txn wise and not cumulative.
  • Fulfilment: 45 days after the base points is credited.
Transfer PointsBonus %Max. Cap
1,000 to 25,00010%2,500
25,000 to 50,00015%7,500
50,000 to 1 Lakh25%25,000
1 Lakh +50%50,000

You also get 10K points if you’re one of the top 10 to transfer points during the promo period. Also another 5K points if you transfer 100K+ and do a booking within the offer period.

Check out the full details of the offer on Club Vistara page where you’ve to register yourself to avail this promo.

Should you transfer?

That depends on many factors. Here are some:

  • It makes sense for you to transfer if you intend to fly Vistara in next 6 months or before. 
  • If you intend to transfer from Amex, you may re-consider that decision as Amex Marriott points transfer offer may show up anytime, as I see Marriott Bonvoy promos are already in full swing.
  • If you have HDFC Diners Clubmiles, that gives you a great value as you get 1:1 transfer even on non-super premium card.
  • If your CC points are about to expire, transfers makes sense.

Ideally I value CV points at 75ps (minimum). So with the 100K transfer you get 50K points which nets you at Rs.1 value

Its can actually be valued much more these days as airfares are relatively high, but I’m sure this will settle soon, in like 3-6 months as air travel is recovering.


It’s a wonderful offer for those who transfer over 50K and intend to redeem by early 2021. If not, its not suggested to transfer and accumulate the virtual currency.

That aside, I’m wondering why they are including only HDFC Diners cards for these CV transfer offers and not regular HDFC Credit Cards like Infinia or Regalia.

What’s your thoughts on the CV Points Fest? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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7 thoughts on “Club Vistara Points Fest: Get upto 50% bonus points on point transfers

  1. Navneet

    Hi Siddharth, why do you say the following?
    “It makes sense for you to transfer if you intend to fly Vistara in next 6 months or before.”

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It’s a general thumb rule I follow. Also, points redemptions are very lucrative these days as revenue rates are high most of the time. So given the situation Vistara may rise the points requirement for redemptions. So why risk?!

      1. H4z

        So adding some gyaan for infinia folks…

        Redemption from Infinia points is now capped at 70%. So a 10k air travel one will have to pay 3000 in cash

        If the option is provided for HDFC regular this would make sense as CV pts are 100% redeemable + may help in retaining CV tier.

        Any idea on transferred points expiry ? Is it 3yrs ?

  2. Karan Bhandari

    I won’t suggest, vistara points i valued at 1:1 earlier now it is 2:1. So don’t go for this.

  3. Raghavendra

    Hi Siddharth,

    I think it’s not a great option if we transfer from Diners black isn’t it?

  4. Fahad Memon

    I redeemed 16600 CV points from diners club miles card.
    Vistara requires less CV points per flight. This is giving me almost 2 Bom – Del return tickets… Value seems to be 1rs per 1 CV point

  5. Ankit

    Last time it was valid for Diners Clubmiles card also. now they seems to remove they card.


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