Marriott Bonvoy Offers: Get 50% Bonus + Enjoy Off-Peak redemption rates

By | May 27, 2023

Marriott has been sending offers on points purchase ever since lockdown got lifted. But I didn’t cover them by then as there is no point in grabbing the deals when the situation is very much uncertain and as not many are on road.

Now things are changing a bit as people are coming out for safe travel and I’m very much surprised to see some properties getting fully booked. So these offers may help those who’re travelling amid Covid-19.

50% Bonus Points Offer

  • Offer: Get 50% bonus on purchasing Marriott Bonvoy Points
  • Min. Points to buy: 2000 Points
  • Max. Points: 150,000 points
  • Annual Limit: The current limit for buying MB points is 150K annually (up from usual 50K)
  • Offer Period: Valid till 22nd Dec 2020

Ideally you get close to 60Ps per Marriott Bonvoy Point with this promo. As you might know, I value Marriott Bonvoy at 50Ps (minimum) but it can get you value as high as 3Rs too, as I got with one of my previous redemption.

Off-Peak Redemption Rate

  • Offer: Redeem points at off-peak rates (33% fewer points than usual)
  • Booking Period: Dec 14
  • Stay Period: Feb 28

Even though Marriott is promoting this as 33% off and make it a fresh offer, it is actually the existing system wherein you can redeem points at Off-Peak rate. This is determined automatically based on the billing done by the respective hotels. 

I’ve booked at Off-peak rates previously even before covid, it seems many properties has been enabled now with off-peak rates, for obvious reasons.

Maximising the Marriott Offers

  • You may use Amex Platinum Charge card to 3X rewards as you will make this payment in USD.
  • You may use Infinia or Diners black to get 3.3% back + 1% cashback via global value program
  • You may transfer your 100K welcome bonus from Amex Plat Charge to Marriott to redeem at Off-peak rate
  • You may transfer Marriott Bonvoy points to Airmiles at 3:1 with 5K bonus on transferring 60K points

Should you grab these deals?

Its depends on various factors, here is one:

  • If the property in your wish-list have the Off-peak rate enabled and if you intend to do the stay in the said time period, its definitely worth it.

Remember that this is the peak season and we’re getting off-peak offers. Its good for now, but what this means is that after peak season gets over by ~ Feb 2021, we may still be able to redeem the points at off-peak rates, if Marriott wishes so, due to low business.

Yet, not to forget that the revenue rates are low already. For ex, Sheraton Grand, Mahabalipuram was selling at 8K INR in Nov 2020 and at 30K points redemption.

But now they’re available at 12K INR revenue rate or for 20K points. This along with Marriott Gold (via Amex Plat) may get you upgrades. So the offer works well for now, but if you look at the price a month later, it may go back to under 10K INR.


If you are planning a trip for Dec/Jan vacation, this maybe a good deal to grab, based on which property you’re exploring.

Further, cancellations on point redemptions are quick and easy too. That’s an additional advantage with Marriott Bonvoy.

Are you buying/redeeming Marriott Bonvoy Points? Do let me know in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

Helping Indians to choose right credit cards, pick right offers and enjoy luxury vacations for less. Day & night exploring the spiritual reality of our human existence.

29 thoughts on “Marriott Bonvoy Offers: Get 50% Bonus + Enjoy Off-Peak redemption rates

  1. PT

    Marriot to airmile conversion is 3:1 with a bonus of 5K airmile if you transfer 60K points.

  2. Abilash S

    Does Marriott to Airmile conversation make sense? Doesn’t seem to be in my calculations. An example would help! My preference is Amex Plat!

    1. Shri

      It doesnt, not for domestic travel anyways. if you are planning international with some of the airlines with good redemptions for business class only then it makes sense.

  3. Ankit

    In your experience how many days do purchased Bonvoy points take to credit to your account?

  4. Sambit

    I’m planning a Dubai trip (5 nights) in Feb 21 & seeing that JW Marriott Marquis is available for 40000 bonvoy points a night. Which seems to me is an off peak rate. Whereas if I book by paying directly I get it for 600 AED per night . Under such circumstances does buying points and booking make sense?
    Also if I cancel later on after booking thru points, do I get my points credit back in my Marriott bonvoy account?

    1. Ankur S

      Based on cancel before period mentioned at time of booking (1- 2 day before arrival), you will get your points back. Compare the points buying rate + points that you will have foregone if you would have booked with cash and then use that to compare the paid rate to check if its better to book with points or cash.

    2. Neo

      Hi Sambit,
      So if you pay cash it will be roughly 12k INR a night (assumed AED at 20). For 5 nights this is 60K. With the points it will be 40k*4 = 160K ( 5th night is free ). Plus keep in mind, unless you hold a Platinum or above status with marriott, there wont be any breakfast included in the room rates when you do a points redemption.
      And yes, points get credited back to the account if the booking is cancelled.
      Best of Luck

      1. Sambit

        Thanks! But wouldn’t 160K points be more expensive even with the 50% bonus offer going on? So would it make more sense to pay cash for now & wait for a better value later on to use my points when room rates are more expensive? That way I’ll be earn points for my stay as well. New in the game, hence seeking advice.
        And generally wondering under what circumstances would these point bonus offers make sense.

        1. Neo

          Yes, buying points is usually not a great idea. Pay for the stay & start accumulating points.
          If you have amex cards, amex transfers to Bonvoy 1:1 which is something you should look at.
          Best value for points is at the extreme ends of the spectrum (Cat 1/ Cat 8 hotels).
          Also, look to maximize promos which Marriott runs if they are compatible with your travel plans
          Good luck

          1. Sambit

            Thanks. Is Marriott running any promos right now? Where do I check to get updates about their promos? Do they notify in their App or need to visit their website? I heard they sometimes run offers like 1:3 Amex points conversion.

        2. KARTIKAY GAUR

          Don’t buy the points if you don’t plan on using them in the near future. 50% bonus is pretty common from Marriott. Also, dubai has very low rates for 4/5 star properties hence it’s not generally a good place to burn points. Category 1 properties could give some nice value. Other than that, properties in expensive cities like Tokyo, London, NY etc or resort properties like St. Regis maldives would help you save a lot of money if booked with points.

          1. Sambit

            Yes got it. Which high end properties in India would make sense to book with points? Also wouldn’t high end properties cost more points?

  5. Gkcards

    For points redemption, it seems it’s Room only rates and certain categories of rooms only. How do you take care of food, as that will be a big expense at hotel, and also how to get a room which is not being shown in points based reservation? I dont have any hotel status with Marriott


      If the room type is not available for a points based reservation then nothing can be done. Also, the food costs are to be taken care of separately and paid in cash. Bonvoy platinum provides free breakfast though.


    @Sambit Actually, the revenue rates currently are so low that it’ll be tough to justify points based bookings anywhere. However, there are a few properties which can give good value – Fairfield by marriott and four points by Sheraton properties, ITC kakatiya (category 1), JW Marriott mussoorie, Westin Sohna, Marriott resort Jaisalmer.

    Higher end properties do cost more points but consider ritz Carlton tokyo for example, it retails for more than 60K at times. That’s where points can be very useful.

    1. Sambit

      Thanks @Kartikay Gaur! Just booked JW Mussoorie with points. But don’t understand why cost is so high when booked in cash for this property, but points do low. Yet to understand the dynamics I guess!

  7. Sambit

    So I booked 5 nights by bonvoy point advance, now I have earned the points that I need. Can any one help me with how to deduct my points & lock the reservation?

  8. Sambit Kumar Mallik

    Anyone knows what’s the difference between Marriott Bonvoy membership and club Marriott membership? I happen to have both but not sure whether I can use both to my benefit!

    1. MT

      Bonvoy is the loyalty program where you get access to perks according to your level of loyalty with the chain when you stay with them (direct booking) , club mariott entitles you to access gym swimming pool discounts on food at your mariott properties and a free night at your base hotel(if membership is purchased directly and not via Infinia)

    2. Abhi

      Bonvoy is all about points that can be used to redeem for stays in Marriott, and there are various ways to collect them. Club is about getting upgrades/discounts during your stay using vouchers. If you have both, try combining them for an enhanced stay experience.

  9. Ankit kumar

    I recently got Amex plat travel and MRCC card and was thinking to make use of 1:1 conversions of mr points into Marriott points. But I’m struggling to understand how 1 Marriott point gives you value of 1rs. Can you make a guide or tutorial about Marriott Bonvoy and how to maximise the use of Marriott points.

    1. Amol Godase

      same here, also i want to ask that how can we use marriot points for breakfast, lunch/dinner? On marriot bonvoy site they only allow to book room against points. So if we manage to stay at marriot using points but Consedering rates for buffets/ breakfast it will so much costly deal…Please help me in that concern

    2. Vineet

      I booked Sheraton in Srinagar for 50000 points for 5 nights( 5th night free). The cost of 50000 points comes out to be approx 47k and the room rate for 5 nights 68k. I assume the breakfast can be managed in the difference or less. I transferred my points from Amex plat travel using the bonus points accumulated at 1.9 lakhs and 4lakhs. Since this trip was planned in a hurry I missed out on previous bonus offers from marriot or I would have gotten a value of more than a rupee per point

      1. Ramesh

        Hi Vineet,

        How was your experience on stay with points in four points by sheraton in srinagar, I am also planning to book this property, any insights will be helpful

  10. amol godase

    so the thing is before we convert amex points to marriot points we should check specific marriot hotel rates first. If we are getting good value of points against rates in money go ahead with points.


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