HSBC RedGirraffe Offer: Get Upto Rs.5,000 cashback on rent payments

By | May 1, 2020
HSBC RedGirraffe Offer on RentPay
RedGirraffe RentPay Offer on HSBC Credit Cards

As rent payment services are seeing huge competition at the moment with the launch of CRED RentPay, here’s an amazing offer from RedGirraffe on HSBC Credit Cards. As Redgirraffee is already known for their super low service fee of 0.39%+GST, this is definitely a surprise. Here are the offer details.

Offer details

  • Get 5 days cashback of your 1-month’s rent
  • Max. Cashback: INR5,000
  • Minimum transaction amount: INR 20,000 (paid towards monthly rent)
  • Eligibility: A minimum of 4 rent payments (one in each calendar month) from 23 April 2020 to 31 October 2020
  • Additional charges applicable on rent: 0.39%+GST
  • Terms & conditions

As per T&C, “Cardholders shall have to make rental payments for the registered RedGirraffe ID on HSBC Internet Banking only after the receiving said email from RedGirraffe to be eligible for the Offer“. So this could be a targeted offer.

If you have not received the communication, you may need to check once with the customer care (if it connects!)

That aside, offer may look complicated for some at quick glance but the terms & conditions makes it easy to understand though. They’ll basically calculate your average daily rental (across 4 months), then multiply it by 5 for calculating the cashback for 5 days.

Ideal rental amount to maximize the cashback is: Rs.30,000/month which nets at about 4.5% return on spend overall.


Truly an amazing offer at this point in time but the question is, Who really holds an HSBC card? Unfortunately not many. Anyway, if you hold one, don’t miss out on the offer.

Just incase if you run out of money to pay that credit card bill, you could check out CRED Stash for some quick cash.

While its a good offer, RedGirraffe could have made this kind of high value partnership with Amex or maybe even Citi to run such offers.

Did you receive this offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Rohit Devangan for sharing the offer details.

Author: Siddharth

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21 thoughts on “HSBC RedGirraffe Offer: Get Upto Rs.5,000 cashback on rent payments

  1. Harsh

    Hi Siddharth, I have an advance plat card but didnt receive any offer. So might as well be targeted. Another alternative is payzapp+hdfc rewards debit card combo which gives 5% rewards as cashback and 200 payzapp billpay promo

  2. KARTIKAY GAUR has also started rent payment. Any idea about the charges? Thanks!

  3. Ankit Vaidya

    I hold HSBC credit card along with diners black. However, I feel the offer is same as diners black. I get ₹200 cashback when I pay the rent through payzapp along with 3.3% reward points. For Rs. 20000 rent, this comes out to be around ₹866 per month. For four months, it becomes ₹3464, which is almost same as HSBC.

    1. Prem Taparia

      True, but you have not accounted for the HSBC reward points (earned over and above the cashback) earned during these four-five month of rent payments. Also this offer definitely makes sense if the rent payments are huge (in the range of 30-50K).

    2. Vikrant

      Hi Ankit, Could you explain how you do that. I have a diners black. My rent is 17000. I need to recharge my payzapp wallet with 17000 and then send money to my owner via UIP?

  4. Prem Taparia

    Sid, this offer seems to be open to all HSBC card holders. The line where it says “Cardholders shall have to make rental payments for the registered RedGirraffe ID on HSBC Internet Banking only after the receiving said email from RedGirraffe to be eligible for the Offer“ seems to imply that any NEW Redgirraffe user needs to first receive the tenancy agreement validation email from RG, and only then can they make the bill payment through HSBC Netbanking.

    Any EXISTING RedGirraffe user (whose tenancy agreement is already validated) should be able to make the bill payment immediately after registering the biller on HSBC netbanking.

    Another interesting point is, this offer is separately applicable for Add-on card holders. So if one has multiple rent payments to make (two RG IDs) AND ALSO has an add-on HSBC credit card , then he could utilize the benefits twice, by using the Primary and the Add-on card on HSBC Netbanking. Super-offer!

      1. Prem Taparia

        You’re welcome :). Infact thanks to you for sharing this amazing offer. I maybe able to utilize the offer benefits THRICE….since I have two rental payments to make every month and I have three add-on HSBC cards. By carefully utilizing atleast 3 HSBC cards over the next six months (ensuring each card is swiped once in each of the four months), I could potentially earn Rs15K cashback!

        1. Cav

          Prem, The supplementary cards do not show in the HSBC netbanking portal. You might want to check with HSBC, as to how you are going to make payments using the HSBC supplementary cards. HSBC currently does not have any answer to this. If you find a way, pls share.

          1. Prem Taparia

            Yes Cav.

            This is unfortunate. The HSBC phonebanking team had no answer to this query. I have left them the feedback to enable the addon cards in the drop down list while making the bill payments, but not very hopeful though. So, the max cashback of Rs5000 would be beneficial if the rent payment is around Rs40000. If the rent payment is more than Rs40K then it’s better to use super premium cards like Diners or Ultimate or Infinia.

        2. Cav

          The TnC are being changed. Only primary card is eligible for this offer. Supplementary cards not eligible.

  5. Amann


    Even has started Rent payment. Very simple process like Cred. Maybe simpler. They charge 1 % for credit cards. No Pan or Paperwork/ agreement required.

    Somehow I was charged 0% charges on 1st try. But now it is showing 1%.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yeah Aman, looks like you enjoyed the 0% launch offer. Detailed review live.

  6. Rishabh

    I read somewhere on RedGiraffe HSBC Offer page, to add RedGiraffe as a biller, HSBC Security Device will be needed. Can anyone confirm more on this?

  7. Ramesh Padmanaban

    The comments for this topic are not appearing. When i click the link in the comments section it is taking me to the topic but comments are not visible.

    1. Ramesh Padmanaban

      After posting it has been enabled now. Thanks

  8. Ankit


    I am already registered with RedGirraffe and have been paying my rent through it for over six months via my HDFC Regalia. I also have an HSBC Visa Platinum card.

    Can I switch the credit card from HDFC to HSBC Visa Platinum to start making the payments to avail the offer?
    Will HSBC Visa Platinum be eligible for the offer?

  9. Mouli

    I havent received this offer and seems they are asking to validate using the security device.Not sure whether all are having the device ?

  10. Tushar

    The offer can be availed on Primary Card & is not applicable on Add-on Cards.

  11. Nilesh

    “HSBC Security Device will be needed” this is mentioned in the offer page on HSBC. apart from saying that payment needs to be done through internet banking. Does it imply that this is available only for HSBC bank account holders. Can someone share some insights on this

  12. Rohit devangan

    Got a notification from CITIbank on redgirraffe offer. Checked on RG website too. Has anyone received a similar notification?


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