2X Rewards on IndusInd & YesBank Credit Cards

By | April 30, 2020
IndusInd Credit cards 2x offer

Just like as we’ve seen the AMEX double rewards last week, now we’ve a similar 2X rewards offer from both Yesbank and IndusInd that’s worth exploring. Here are all the details,

Indusind Offer Details

  • Offer: Get 2X rewards on online spends
  • Offer Period: 26-April-2020 & 03-May-2020
  • Spend Type: Online
  • Min. spend: 10K INR
  • Max. bonus points: 200 (Seriously ?!)
  • Source: Email/SMS

While 2X points on some cards like Iconia AMEX is very good as it fetches 4% return on spend in the weekend, the Max. Bonus, min. Spend and the offer period are not in line at this point in time.

They should have given a longer offer period with better max. Bonus cap to attract customers.

Yesbank Offer Details

Yesbank Credit cards 2x offer
  • Offer: Get 2X points on all grocery spends
  • Offer Period: 28th April to 31st May, 2020
  • Spend Type: Online & offline (Grocery spends only for both)
  • Min. spend: Nil
  • Max. bonus points: 5000
  • Source

A decent offer not only on yesbank credit cards but also on their debit cards. If you’re using yes first preferred, this would fetch you 1% rewards and on exclusive it’s 3%

That said, now the question is, will you rely on yesbank products and offers going forward while their operational stability will be tested in coming months?


While it’s good to see the offers flowing from these small issuers, I’m hoping for the big guy to give us some surprises. 🙂

So what offers are you really using during this lockdown period? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

18 thoughts on “2X Rewards on IndusInd & YesBank Credit Cards

  1. Arnab Chaudhuri

    You mean spend 10k for 200INR cash value for indusind? Is this a joke ?

    1. ICONIA

      So, 4% value back that too in statement credit is joke to you ?

  2. BhavyeG

    Hi Siddharth
    Are you continuing with your relationship with Yes Bank after the bailout? I am in two minds about wrapping up my accounts with them.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Reduced the exposure. But no plans to close the card for now.

      1. BhavyeG

        Okay. But I am having Yes First Family accounts and need to keep 8 lacs cumulative balance in all accounts. So unable to decide what to do.

        1. Himanshu Kainth


          Why do you need to keep 8L in yesbank ? For YesFirst ? I also have Yes first family accounts but not keeping any balance for over a year now. They aren’t downgrading the accounts.

    2. Rohit

      I have utalized the high interest Fd rate from yes bank. There is a lockin period for SBI and LIC to not sell their 75% share for 3 years so you can at least for 1 year invest without any fear and for more safety might be maximum put 5 lakhs. And when it comes to stock I lost trust on Indian Financial system 🙂

      1. BhavyeG

        Yes but that 5 lakh process is very tedious if Yes bank sinks again. I have opened an account with IDFC first now. The rates are attractive but again it gives a feeling if it will also meet the same fate. I am thinking of asking my family to shift money into Kotak.

        1. Rohit

          Many international bodies have a watch on Yes bank. So no way anytime it would sink again. thats the reason government has backed it. Do not invest in any smaller state sponsored financial institutes (eg :PMC) . Most of them are 50 Plus years old but dont get carried away by their interest rates. I have read that even Kotak had some issues but they some how got it covered up. Unfortunately now most of them are manipulating up books so its difficult. Best is spread your money across.

  3. Nikhil

    For groceries.. 10x on bigbasket/specncer/bigbazar via hdfc smartbuy vouchers seems best.

    1. BhavyeG


      I have HDFC Regalia First and I want to know if I buy grocery vouchers on smart buy and redeems points earned on the transaction then how much value back does it give? As far as I know standard reward rate of Regalia First is 0.8%. So do I get 8% as points?

  4. Naresh kumar

    Yes first pref 1% reward rate after 2x points? Shouldn’t it be 2% sidharth?

  5. Ashish Nikhare

    Another 2X RP offer from Indusind on CC from 20 July 2020 to 20 Aug 2020 max 2000 RP & minimum spends Rs. 20000/-. No restrictions on category of spends (about wallets not specifically mentioned). Offer fulfillment by 30 Sep 2020. Add-on cards eligible. Targeted ! Open to selected CC holders who received communication.
    –received on my pinnacle card today–

  6. Abhi

    Yes Bank seems to be finding its feet somewhat. After LE offers in past 1-2 months to various customers, they have now come with a targeted 2X offer: 1900 bonus RP on spending 38K from 11-30Apr. Bonus to be credited in 45 days.


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