ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card Review (Amex)

By | October 24, 2016
ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card

ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card

As mentioned earlier in my reviews about ICICI Platinum Credit card and Coral Credit Card, ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card is the only card worth holding from ICICI bank at the moment. They have decent JP Miles earn rate on domestic spends and also the biggest advantage of this card from my perspective is that it has unlimited access to the domestic lounges. It allows access to most of the lounges that we listed recently in Mastercard affiliated lounges section.

  • “High Flyer Offer” gives you better welcome bonus miles.
  • Joining Fee and Annual fee is waived off for JetPrivilege Platinum Tier members.

ICICI Bank Jet Airways Amex Sapphiro Credit Card earn rate:

  • 5 JP Miles on every Rs.100 Domestic spends
  • 7 JP Miles on every Rs.100 International spends
  • 10 JP Miles on every Rs.100 spent on JetAirways website

ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card (Amex) Features:

  • Card Expert Rating: 4/5
  • JP Miles Earn Rate: 5 JP Miles (Domestic); 7 JP Miles (International); 10 JP Miles (JetAirways Website)
  • Joining Fee: Rs. 5,000 with welcome Bonus of 10,000 JPMiles
  • Renewal Fee: Rs. 5,000 with renewal Bonus of 5,000 JPMiles
  • Fuel Surcharge Waiver: 2.5% fuel surcharge waived off on fuel transactions of maximum ₹ 4,000 at any fuel outlet.
  • Complementary Airport lounge access: Yes, Unlimited with participating domestic lounges.
  • Foreign Exchange Markup fee: 3.5% + Service Tax

Its a good to go card with powerful JPMiles earn rate and is best suited for Jet Airways frequent flyers. Apart from miles, unlimited domestic lounge access is a great thing to have as mentioned earlier. If you’re a frequent domestic traveler, lounges will be of immense help to be productive with your time for which ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card should be in your wallet.

What do you think about the card? Worth it?

89 thoughts on “ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Credit Card Review (Amex)

  1. Sayan Das

    Hey Siddharth, I want to take on Jet co branded CC for their entry miles benefits & miles rewards on swiping. Since i own the diners premium, the best card (Jet HDFC world) is currently unavailable to me. The current options are the ICICI Sapphiro, IndusInd Odyssey & JET Amex. Due to 10 K charges for the Amex from 2nd year onwards, i am currently unwilling to opt for that card. Betwwnn Sapphiro & Odyssey, i am leaning towards the Sapphiro. Any help from your end would be welcome!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes, Sapphiro is one of the best for JP miles earning. Go with it.

  2. Mohit Jindal

    Which ICICI bank card offers Priority pass at the cheapest possible annual charges ?

  3. siddhant

    There seems to be change in lounge access for jet sapphiro card AMEX version, lounge numbers completely gutted horrible change

  4. Mandar

    Hi Sid,
    I like the ICICI Rubyx card. Can you please comment or evaluate that? I will mainly use the card for online shopping on amazon for books etc and daily payments. About once a year, I will also book a foreign airline ticket. If nit rubyx, the carn you recommend other cards also ? Thanks!

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Check HDFC Diners cards. It has nice 10X rewards.
      With ICICI, only the above reviewed card is good.

  5. ANOOP E S

    Thanks siddharth for the review. I’ve called the ICICI customer care and my Coral credit card will be upgraded to Jet Airways Sapphiro.

    They told me that this is dual card variant. As such I’ll be getting both Amex and Visa Cards. This is little bit interesting as the ICICI bank website is silent in this aspect.

      1. Adi H.

        Which other banks allows to hold multiple Credit Card apart from ICICI?

          1. Adi H.

            What are the requirements of SC and Citi Bank for the credit card eligibility?

  6. Ankit Jain

    This card can accumulate a maximum of 60,000 JPMiles in a year. A Rs 7500/- fee is levied to continue earning miles. This hidden condition makes the card useless for me.

  7. Balpreet Singh

    Hi Sid,
    Great job on providing quality info abotu credit card landscape.

    I wanted to know about ICICI Rubyx Credit cards ( ICICI Offer Master / AMex – 2 Credit Card on offer in one account)
    How good are these compared to offerings by other players (Ex: HDFC Infinia / Regalia or SBI Elite etc.)
    Is it worth using these ( in terms of rewards or point – which get accumalated in PAYBACK )or any other offering ( like Lounge Access) etc.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      These cards cannot be compared with ICICI cards as they’re all completely different.
      Usually ICICI cards give very low reward rate.
      Please read the reviews of each to get an idea.

  8. Saravanan

    I’m having HDFC Jetprevilage World Credit Card with 3 lacs credit limit and 5.5 lakh itr. Is it possible for me to get this card?

  9. Jay

    Hi Sid,

    I just upgraded my ICICI Card to this Jet Sapphiro card. I never flown Jet Airways, its few years back I used once. Now I see that to redeem JP Miles I need to atleast use the JP Account twice in order to start redeeming the JP Miles. Is this true? If yes how can we can avoid this ? Any tricks ?

  10. Jay

    Anyone tried to open an Wealth Management SB Account with ICICI using this card? I wanted to open an zero balance savings account with their Wealth Management by using Credit Card relationship.

  11. Jay

    Update : ICICI Bank had kept my old HPCL Coral Card active even after 15 days of activating the Jet Sapphiro Card and when I called to their customer care today I was told that I can hold up to 3 different variants of Cards from ICICI Bank however limit will be shared with all the cards. Hence I’m keeping my old HPCL Card along with the new Jet Sapphiro.

    Also they have messed up my rewards points this month. They had still kept my HPCL Coral card as a Primary Card and hence the default Rewards Structure was Payback. They have transferred all my 11k points earned this month to Payback instead of JP Miles. Fighting with them from last 4 days to get it back transferred to JP Miles but they refuse to do it. Now I will have to escalate this..

    Regarding JP Miles Account ICICI created, you will have to manually enroll it on jetprivilege.com to activate the same.

    Also anyone tried to open their zero balance wealth management savings bank account using the credit card relationship?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You get upgraded to Wealth management when you have this card – no matter what balance you have. So why bother about Zero Balance? i wonder!

      1. Jay

        Sid, Wealth Management needs a TRV of 25 Lakhs which I may never do with the ICICI Bank. Hence checking out without the TRV of 25 lakhs can i get the wealth management savings accounts. Their wealth management services are very good and something which Citi Gold offers. You can even visit the bank on Sundays and get your work done on priority,

        1. Siddharth Post author

          I got it without the said TRV but just by holding this card. However, this is a limited one and does not get you all features of the actual Wealth Management.

          1. Manoj

            Thanks Sid for sharing useful set of information!

            I have applied for the Jet Sapphiro Amex Card. Curious to know whether the my existing savings account would be upgraded to Wealth Management saving account by default or will I have to follow up with ICICI & get it upgraded?

  12. Sayantan Dutta

    Hello Sid,

    Regarding the initial 10000 joining bonus jp miles I read somewhere that they give you 5000 first on payment of joining fees. For the remaining 5k, you need to spend 1,50,000 rupees in the next 90 days of card setup. Is it true?


  13. Prashant

    Joining Fee – ₹ 2,500 , Welcome Bonus JPMiles 10,000 , How you get 25000 JPMiles ?
    best time for joining Jet Airways ICICI Bank Sapphiro Credit Cards , or any other ICICI jet card to go for.
    Jet Airways Economy Class base fare waived off domestic air ticket code as a joining benefit, how much we can save with this offer ?

  14. Prashant

    1)this offer is good or should wait

    2)Jet Airways Economy Class base fare waived off domestic air ticket code as a joining benefit, how much we can save with this offer ?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      1. This is good if you want to spend less. They change offers ever 6 months.
      2. Approx ~3k value (my perspective). But it can also be more if the ticket cost is high. Dynamic based on sector, season.

  15. NIKHIL M

    Hi Siddharth, I’m an ardent reader of cardexpert.in and I really appreciate your work. I’ve been using diners club rewardz for a year now but as you are aware, they have withdrawn their lounge access program since August 15 2017. So I want to surrender the rewardz card and would like to go for a credit card that’ll give me unlimited lounge accesses. I work with the government of India and I don’t spend much with my cards. I don’t mind an annual fee of upto 5k. I’m confused between ICICI Sapphiro Amex, icici sapphiro mastercard, icici sapphiro jet Amex, icici sapphiro jet visa…. Your opinion shall be much appreciated. 🙂

    1. Abhishek Roy

      If you want to take credit card just for lounge access with equally good benefits, go with IndusInd Iconia Amex Credit Card.

  16. Soham Desai

    Which one is a better bet – Jet HDFC World or Jet ICICI Saphiro(amex)?

    I am a first time user. Looking at miles, dining out and online spending benefits.

    Plz share your experiences.

  17. Shafiq

    I have ICICI Jet Sappiro Card and wanted to apply for ICICI HPCL Amex Card for fuel cashback, as HPCL has payback rewards and Jet has Air Miles, so will they change my JP Miles earns to Payback or Payback to JP Miles or they earn separately in separate accounts, as they will map the HPCL with my account.

  18. Shafiq

    Got Dragonpass within 12 Hours after placing request to CC for Priority pass replacement. Dragonpass have 2 lounge access worldwide and 2 spa visits complimentary. Dragonpass is complimentary with ICICI Jet Amex Sapphiro. No charges levied.

  19. SV

    Do we earn miles if use use this card for wallet payments? I searched on ICICI website but could not find it.
    Secondly, fuel surcharge waiver section in your post needs an update – its at 1% now.

    PS: You are doing an amazing job – I just could not think how much i was at loss before i came to this site. Keep up the good work!

  20. Narendra

    I applied for icici credit card. Without my consent they issued me jp miles coral credit card. As am not a frequent flyer i rejected it and they had given coral credit catd with 1lak limit
    Did i make the wrong choice? 😥

  21. Ashish

    Whats is the added advantage of this card if someone is already having a Diners Clubmiles card ? What are the chances of Diners 10X rewards being extended after 31 March 2018 ?

  22. Shafiq

    I recently visited ICICI page of this card and found that Supplementary Cards of AMEX Varient (Not VISA) were also eligible for unlimited complimentary access.
    Anyone have used AddOn Card for lounge access to AMEX lounges? Plz share. I wanted to apply for my family but as AddOn cards were chargeable hence wanted to know the lounge benefit before applying.

    1. Shankar

      I have a coral card, is ICICI good in upgrading the cards, can I try for an upgrade to Jetair Saphire Amex variant card?

  23. Ashish Nikhare

    How redeeming JPmiles for Long distance First class ticket is way advantageous than redeeming for Domestic Economy tickets ? Can anyone explain !

  24. Ameya

    Hi Siddharth
    I wanted to know how the JPMiles earned are credited to our JP account. As in, do we have to raise a request to redeem the JPMiles earned on these cards or they are automatically credited to our respective accounts?

  25. AS

    Now no unlimited Complementary Airport lounge access, I was applying for this card and got this news.
    Need suggestion for applying credit card , looking for credit card which giving good credit limits if I apply card on card , and also automatically increasing limits time to time , have a credit card with good credit limit and CIBIL is 800+

  26. Sivashankar Jagadeesan

    Hi Siddharth, I currently have ICICI Platinum chip card given as LTF for applying through online.

    Can i ask for an upgrade to this card – Jet Airways – ICICI Sapphiro Card and ask them for LTF?

    am a Privileged ICICI bank customer and hold an ICICI bank SB a/c for the past 15 years.

    Have they provided Jet Airways – ICICI Saphiro card as LTF to anybody you heard of?

    Which one is considered best? i) Acquiring these cards and accumulating JP miles for Jet Airways flights or

    ii) Using Amex Platinum Travel card and getting Indigo Vouchers?

    which one is beneficial for us?

    1. Sreehari

      Airline co-branded cards are almost never provided LTF, so don’t think so.

      JP MIles are redeemed best for business/international travel where you can get value as high as Rs.1 per Jp mile. Amex vouchers-SpiceJet or their own OTA (Indigo no longer issued) is best when the ticket costs are low since value of a point is fixed. So it depends on your travel pattern.

  27. Sivashankar Jagadeesan

    Among the ICICI cards this seems to be the best with unlimited domestic lounge access with Amex Variant and 2/Quarter with VISA variant.. I am going for this Card despite the high annual fee. Thanks Sreehari for your valuable info

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Unlimited access reduced to 4 on Amex variants.

      I’ve used this card recently for lounge access and it clearly says remaining limit: 3 on the slip. Good days are gone 😉

  28. Ashish Nikhare

    Can a holder of this ICICI Jet airways sapphiro credit card hold a ZERO balance Wealth Management account with ICICI bank ???

  29. Rajiv Kumar Singh

    Hey I am using AMEX GOLD card.
    Most of my expenses are for Flight and Hotel.
    Can you suggest a good card for me, where I don’t want to pay annual fee.
    May be like spend 3-4 Lakh and waived off.

  30. Anoop E S

    Siddharth.. I got an incredible limit increase offer on my Jet sapphiro which gave me almost a heart attack. They offered me an increase of credit limit from 1.26 lakhs to 7.20 lakhs directly. The message I got 2 days back for the limit increase was a little bit strange asking me to send a reply “within 30 minutes”. I saw the message on the 29th minute and sent confirmation immediately. Next moment, my limit was increased to 7.20 lakhs.

    I ‘ve both amex and visa variants with a shared limit. But I noticed that limit increase was affected on amex variant only and the visa variant was showing 1.26 lakhs. I spoke to customer care on the same day and today evening they informed that limit has been increased for visa variant also.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Mind = Blown 😀

      “within 30 minutes” is very strange too. Never heard this from anyone. Lets see if others too have experienced this.

      1. Mickey

        Yes I also received the same sms for LE on my ICICI coral card just 3/4 days back. And again it said only valid for next 30 minutes. I didn’t take it because I thought it was some kind of marketing play.

        I called the Bank next day and the offer is still valid, so this 30 minutes thing is just to entice the customers I think?

        1. Meet

          How much limit increase in your credit card , I have also coral waiting for LE

      2. Amit Kumar

        Hi my platinum chip card limit is also increased instantly from 300000 to 420000 after one year and now they are offering me spphiro card ltf and I am already a privilege customer with no saving account and on my netbanking of ICICI Bank for privilege customer they provide free cibil report with unlimited access.

        1. GTMAX

          Hi Amit,

          Have you went ahead with this upgrade? If yes, is the upgraded card ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Amex actually offered to you as lifetime free??

          Would like to have inputs from others as I was of the knowledge that co-branded cards can never be availed as lifetime free. If someone has any information about the same do share.

    2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      Wow Congratulations Anoop E S. Can you explain in details about your journey with ICICI credit card. It will help a lot of people.

      1. Anoop E S

        seems like many guys here received this offer.

        My usage was maximum. There were several instances during the last 6 months where the some automated transactions or standing instructions (like paytm automated balance addition) got declined due to insufficient funds. There were some instances of advance payment before the due date as the limit was already reached. Some forex payments were made through this card, as Diners card was not supporting those websites.

    3. Jay

      Same here. Got the LE offer from 2.74l to 9.8l . Sent a SMS and it was increased immediately. However same as yours it affected on amex variant only and the visa variant was still showing my old limit but after a email to WM Team they increased it manually.

  31. Hari

    Sid, as per T & C on the website with effect from June 18, 2018, the number of complimentary lounge accesses has been limited to 4/qtr for both Jet Sapphiro and Jet Airways Sapphiro Cards for AmEx variants.

  32. Hari

    Requested an upgrade to Jet Sapphiro and got it as separate card and not as an upgrade. Received only the Visa variant with a limit of just over 20,000/- (you read it right). When checked with Cust care, I am told that for an upgrade the limit on the existing card should be at least 1,25,000/- and as the limit on my existing card is below that, they processed it as a new card and created a new account without my consent. Coming to the limit part, they are not willing either to increase the limit or adjust the limit on the existing card. On one hand they say we need a limit of 1,25,00 to process an upgrade to Jet Sapphiro and on other hand they give you a limit of 20,000 for a so called premium card. When I asked the CC rep how I can book a flight ticket with that limit, he even suggested that I can use this card for other purchases and wait for the LE to happen.

    1. Avtar Singh Kalra

      same thing happened to me.. how long did u have to wait for before your card arrived? im waiting for my card and when i contact bank call centre, they have no clue of any upgrade. But im certain the card will come as i received an SMS and a call as well.. when upgraded to Rubyx at that time also this problem had occurred.
      any inputs?

  33. Avtar Kalra

    Icici earlier used to decline saphirro. They are Now upgrading almost all their customers.
    Im also upgarded from jet rubyx to jet saphhirro
    Lets see what comes
    Any idea about dargon pass
    Does it come automatically or do we have to speak woth them and apply for it

    1. Hari

      Yes, I received my Dragonpass a couple of days back. We don’t get proper information from customer care. Initially, I got a message that my request for the card has been declined. After a week, I received another message that my application has been approved.

  34. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Mickey how much was your old credit limit and what is your new limit if I may ask ?

  35. Ashish Nikhare

    Siddharth ! Please review the new ICICI Makemytrip Visa Signature Credit Card !

  36. Shiva

    Got a call today offering a Upgrade of my 2 moths old JA ICICI Coral Card to Sapphiro . i was told my new cards would arrive in 5 days and Dragon Pass in 10 days.

  37. Saroj

    Hi Sid,

    How do you see the Jet Airways Co-Branded Card Currently? Jet Airways Situation is not good and they are going stop Lounge Access for Jet Privilege Platinum and Gold Members for economy class starting from 1st Dec.

  38. Karun Gupta

    Hi Siddharth,

    I recently got the Amex variant of this card, but I want to know if I will also be getting the Dragon Pass, or is that only for the Visa variant of this card? I got only the Amex variant, so I wanted to clear this part of it.

  39. GTMAX

    As I read in some other articles on the website and on this blog post, there are people who have got an auto upgrade offer to a LTF Amex Sapphiro Credit Card from a Platinum/Coral Credit Card. This is a super amazing offer to get and that too without having any savings account relationship with ICICI.

    I am planning to apply for an entry level card of ICICI (May be Platinum/ICICI MMT Platinum) with the ultimate objective of receiving such an upgrade offer to Sapphiro card down the line. Do co-branded cards(in this case ICICI MMT Platinum) have chances of receiving an upgrade offer to another co-branded card (ICICI Jet Sapphiro). What could be the chances as the co-branded partner in this case would change from MMT to Jet. So are banks flexible enough to provide such auto upgrade offer? Or should I better just proceed with normal ICICI Platinum card application in case if that has better chances of an upgrade to Sapphiro? Also along with the credit card, will opening a ICICI savings account help towards a LTF auto upgrade to Sapphiro?

    Any ICICI and co-branded CC card experts around, kindly guide as to how auto upgrades are triggered for these cards?

  40. Sharathkumar Anbu

    Hi everyone,

    Could anyone tell me if there is a way to apply for ICICI credit card on Card to Card basis? I have HDFC DCB card with 5 Lakhs limit. With that will I be able to apply for LTF Makemytrip Signature credit card?

    For Self employed professionals, ICICI is looking for 2 ITRs filed as professional but I have only 1 though because I was Salaried for almost 4 years.

    Your help is appreciated.

    1. Vinod Kannan

      @Sharathkumar Yeah… U can apply for ICICI Card through C4C basis… And i dont understand why they ask for 2 ITR for self employed Professionals… Could u please explain this? Im a Salaried Professional working in a Government hospital + Self Employed Business man… Im filing only 1 ITR…

      1. Sharathkumar Anbu

        Hi Vinod,

        What I meant by 2 ITR is ITR for current year and ITR of last year and both should show you as self employed professional.

        Last time when I requested ICICI to take application on card to card basis, they said that they don’t take card on card application.

        Hi Sathish,

        Yeah. 2500 joining fee is perfectly fine because we get 2500 lemon tree vouchers and 1500 My cash and mmt double black membership. That’s too high benefits.

    2. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      MMT ICICI Signatures card is not LTF. It has one time joining fee of 2500+ GST

  41. ARR

    Hi all,
    I’m from Hyderabad. I wanted to apply for this card as ICICI is aggressive in these days. When I wanted to apply, they told me that I need to give a cheque for at least Rs.1,00,000/-. They told me that the more amount you maintain in the account, the more credit limit you get. So, I gave the initial cheque for 5 lakhs. But, there was no response for 15 days. They said the reason there was some problem with the address. When I escalated the same through the local RM, they approved the card. They provided me only Rs.50,000/- credit limit as I couldn’t maintain much amount in my account. I showed only only two lakhs. They provided me dual variant Amex and Visa with sharing limit. Initially I received the Amex variant. When I asked them to issue the Dragon pass, they said that it’s issued only with the visa variant. Then I requested them to issue the visa. I received the visa variant and Dragon pass within one week.

  42. Arnab Chaudhuri

    Got my jet sapphiro amex + visa limit upgraded from 50,000 to 4 lakhs. Very happy 🙂

    1. ARR

      Hi Arnab,
      could you please share your credit limit enhancement process with us?
      How long have you been holding the card?

      1. Arnab Chaudhuri

        I took the card on July 2018. Roughly six months. I wrote an email to ‘senior.management@icicibank.com’
        I must tell u that ur experian credit score must be over 800 as ICICI relies on this instead of CIBIL. But Cibil too must be over 750. Over that if you hold other credit card from other banks, with 1lakh+ credit limit, this might help. My Experian score is 816. Also if you have a good balance in your saving account in balance+deposits like over 5 lakhs that might also help.

  43. ARR

    Dear all, I confirmed with the ICICI customer care that there won’t be any joining fee or annual fee for first year! It’s free. I received 10000 JP miles also and i’m Waiting for the jet code.

    1. Arnab Chaudhuri

      Login to jet privilege account. Under my jp wallet option whichbyou can find from top right corner under a menu, u can get the code.

  44. Ashish Nikhare

    Got an Instaloan type of offer on Jet Sapphiro Card. Got amount equal to 60 % of Credit limit with lowest rate of 13 % per annum (1.08 % per month) with reducing balance with minimal processing fees – all for 1 year tenure. Considering the Instaloan rates of 18 % to 19 % on HDFC Credit cards, Icici seems to offer much better loan rates. Share your views.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Yes ICICI is much better for now. If you plan to take it, call cust. care and you may even be able to negotiate on processing fee/ROI if the amount is high.

  45. Poornith Ninan

    Is there a way to get a renewal fee waiver for the the second year based on spends?

  46. ARR

    Hi all,
    Here is a good news for all of us. We can redeem our JP Miles with any flight in India and abroad. Please check it.


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