ICICI DreamFolks Cards are replaced with New ones (without DragonPass)

By | March 28, 2021
ICICI Dreamfolks Card
ICICI Dreamfolks Card

I got the new Dreamfolks card linked to ICICI Emeralde credit card this week (late March 2021) and likely all old Dreamfolks cards issued by any issuer would get replaced with new ones shortly.

What’s happening?

Until now Dreamfolks was giving International lounge access using the partnership with Dragonpass and hence they were issuing Dreamfolks Dragonpass Privilege card.

But with the new development, Dreamfolks can give international lounge access on their own.

Hence, Dreamfolks has ended the partnership with Dragonpass and so ICICI Bank is sending out the new Dreamfolks Privilege cards without the DragonPass logo.

But nothing to worry, the card number remains same, along with the benefits.

Why it matters?

It is to be noted that Dreamfolks will now compete directly with Priority Pass, at-least in India for card-linked benefits.

It’s already visible as we can see the newly launched premium cards from Axis Bank (Reserve) and SBICard (Aurum) are going with Dreamfolks instead of Priority Pass.

This is happening primarily because credit cards can deal all kind of airport services with a single vendor.

So looking at the trend, we may likely see Dreamfolks cards with other issuers as well and that’s a good news because that will open opportunities for more complimentary airport services like spa’s, meet & greet, airport transfers, etc which is going to be the next big thing in Airport experience.

5 years ago “Lounge Access” felt like “Wow” to me but things are changing (maybe as lounges are crowded) and now airport concierge services gives that wow feeling instead.

It feels so good to breeze through the security in matter of minutes without even having to fly business class. And Airport transfers are great to have too. So why not!

I’m waiting for the day when complimentary meet & greet, airport transfers services become a standard benefit on Super Premium credit cards – likely those with >10K INR fee range.

That said, let’s hope that the virus keeps us alive until then to enjoy those benefits 😀

Author: Siddharth

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35 thoughts on “ICICI DreamFolks Cards are replaced with New ones (without DragonPass)

  1. Kunal kumar

    That said, let’s hope that the virus keeps us alive until then to enjoy those benefits …As well as the the virus allows airlines to survive till then..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Survival of Airlines is in the hands of Government.

      But if they don’t go strict on rules, people will blame the Gov. for increase in cases. Tough times for the Gov!

      1. Sharjeel shaikh

        Does dreamfolk charge to lounge access within india?.because priority pass is granting free access to lounge only outside india within india they charge
        Please provide info

  2. MT

    Airport concierge services are expensive, if they are dolled out to many , the benefits/ quality if service will drop, think of lounge access , as you said , 5 years ago it was cool and exclusive place to be , now a days , many cards gove access making it just a place for crowds to enter to get food cheap (free,2rs,25rs entry)

    1. Siddharth Post author

      The problem arises only when something is given on free cards. That’s why I’ve mentioned >10k cards. That wouldn’t affect the system I guess.

      Anyway I think the crowd in lounges helps in one way. More business is happening, so we may likely see more lounges in future.


      Believe it not u r also part of this so called crowds let give chance every one equally

  3. Praveen Katiyar

    Pls stay safe.. even virus is also waiting for complimentary meet and greet with u 😉

  4. Shivi

    ICICI started issuing the DreamFolks without DragonPass in January 2021 itself. It came with my (second) LTF Sapphiro card

  5. Varun

    When are ICICI ever going to change their trash credit/debit card line-up though, Payback et al? I wonder if they are doing this intentionally, leaving the card market to their direct competitor (HDFC) while focusing and monetizing their strengths instead (Technology – UPI, Fastag etc.).

    Also Sid – I keep getting calls for a Rubyx LTF. I am holding out until they ever offer me a Sapphiro LTF. But is it a good idea to accept Rubyx and then hope for an upgrade later on? Will that upgrade be to an LTF variant too?

    Not that ICICI cards (bar Amazon Pay) ever count as my primary ones, but still just curious.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They compete with axis/sbi. HDFC is far away. Hope they do something on premium cards. Let’s see.

      I don’t think they upgrade from LTF cards. Better to wait, maybe raise the txns/balance on a/c and hope for Sapphiro LTF. Having premium savings a/c might help as well.

    2. Sayantan

      Keep 2 lakh rupees as MAB for 2 consecutive months and you should get a LTF Sapphiro offer.

      I got Rubyx by maintaining 1lakh for 2 months

      1. Vatsal

        Well, now I feel stupid paying for Joining + Annual fees for Rubyx. Did you call customer care for this, or did the bank reach out to you?

      2. Prem

        Sayantan is right. I got the Sapphiro card offer by maintaining 2L+ for 2+ months. I did not even know that it was a requirement to get a premium credit card like this. As a normal routine, I opened my iMobile app and logged in to check my balance then suddenly a popup for lifetime credit card was shown then I immediately applied and got approved within a minute. Hope you will get that too!

        1. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

          Congrats. Was this your first ICICI card and what limit you got.
          I have ICICI Platinum 93k and APay 80k but I don’t have savings ac. In the imobile app I see upgrade offer to a paid variant of Sapphiro. But I want Lifetime Free Sapphiro. What to do guys ?

          1. Prem

            Yes, it was my first ever credit card and to my surprise they gave me 7.2L limit. I think to get a LTF premium credit card you must have a savings account otherwise the bank won’t give you because maintaining a high balance in your savings account benefits them so in return they provide these offers.

        2. Srikkanth

          Do u hold any icici cards before this offer showed up ? Or getting icici credit card for the first time ?

          1. Prem

            My first ever credit card after multiple failed attempts to get APay card.

        3. Varun

          Let’s hope so. I already have the Amazon card btw, remains to be seen if ICICI offers multiple LTF cards.

    3. Mahesh S. Panicker

      Actually, having experienced different bank’s reward portals, I don’t think Payback is such a bad option particularly at the entry/semi premium segments. They have the largest collection of vouchers than anything that HDFC would offer on their reward portal to even semi premium cards or for that matter SBI. And if you use Amazon/Flipkart regularly and if you don’t have one of the HDFC 10x/5x lineup of cards, using Payback would be quite valuable.

  6. Deepesh

    Just checked – my Dream folks card (issued in Jan 21 with LTF ICICI Sapphiro CC) is already without Dragonpass

  7. Ajai Singh

    I used to get free Airport Transfer Service on my Citi Prestige but ever since they have axed that, I have been searching for something similar but to no avail. My Infinia has Airport Transfer Service also but its always way way too expensive. My Amex reserve CC has nothing and am holding it till I get a Platinum invite again or they do some major changes to this card.

    On a side note after I cancelled my Citi Prestige I was told the remaining fee will be refunded and it has not till now and its been almost a year.

  8. Vivek Singh

    Is airport transfer services are free? Or it is paid service?

    If free , can you please suggest the list of card providing this

  9. Kumar

    Could you post an article on the basics of all these airport services. What do they mean, what is involved, which part is complimentary and which is not, etc.

  10. Seema Lall

    I want a list of lounges I can access with my Dream folks privilege card ..

    1. Shivi

      Email ICICI/DreamFolks customer care; they will send you the list. It updates every quarter

  11. Ashwin

    Actually lost my DragonPass card before even using it once, was lazy to apply for a replacement, glad to receive the Dreamfolks replacement card now.
    Do I need to set up any PIN now? Or can I just swipe it in a lounge? Any help appreciated.

  12. Sanidh

    I received my ICICI Sapphiro credit card today, but the package didn’t contain any Privilege Card in it. I am a bit confused on as to how this works and/or do I have to apply for it separately?

  13. Sonu Ajwani

    I just received my EMERALDE card, a direct jump from Rubyx (LTF). Just paid the joining fees as well. I really want to understand, if I should hold onto the card for future updates and improvements or should I surrender the card immediately and request for refund. Also, is DF a good privilege partner to consider?


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