Get Taj Experiences E-Gift card worth upto Rs.5000 with ICICI Amex Credit Cards

By | October 14, 2019

Just like 2018’s ICICI Marriott Dining Voucher Offer, this year too American Express partnered with ICICI Bank which is one its co-brand credit card issuing bank to reward its customers for spending on Amex Co-brand cards. As expected, the offer is similar to IndusInd Taj Gift Card offer. Here are more details,

ICICI Bank – Amex Taj E-Gift Card Offer

  • Offer: Spend and get complimentary Taj Experiences E-Gift card worth upto Rs 5,000!
  • Spend Criteria: Spend Rs.50K to get Rs.2K Taj Voucher, or spend Rs.1L to get Rs.5K Voucher.
  • Excluded spend type: Wallet Loads
  • Offer Reward Rate: 4-5% + regular Points/JPMiles
  • Eligible Cards: All ICICI Amex Cards including Jet cards.
  • Offer Period: 5th Oct – 5th Nov 2019.
  • Fulfilment: 31st December, 2019
  • How to register for the offer: by giving a missed call on 7069666887
  • Offer T&C

If you consider regular rewards, you could net at 6% return on spend with most cards, which is pretty good. This is much better than the Indusind Amex offer as they demand 50% on offline spends.

Thanks to Harshal Ajmera for sharing the ICICI Amex Taj offer details.


Just like every-year, this time too ICICI is informing the cardholders about these spend based offers only in the last moment. Even now I haven’t received the offer on email despite holding two ICICI Amex Co-brand Cards: Emeralde Amex & Coral Amex.

However, it shouldn’t matter as its not a targeted offer and is eligible for all, as long as you give missed call on above number.

That aside, let’s wait and see if they also come up with a debit card offer similar to Tanishq Offer as they did so in 2018.

What’s your thoughts on ICICI Amex Offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

24 thoughts on “Get Taj Experiences E-Gift card worth upto Rs.5000 with ICICI Amex Credit Cards

  1. Ankur

    Hi Sid,

    Not related to this post but to your ICICI cards –
    So now you have 3 ICICI cards – Emeralde, Coral and Amazonpay. Is it beneficial to hold Amazonpay card or now it’s just parked with no usage ?

    Asking because thinking of usefulness of Amazon card if holding diners clubmiles.

  2. Lalit

    @ Siddharth Sir, Not relevant to post, But which card offers best Rewards for Offline shopping (Not Store specific).

    PS : I need a card which i can swipe in any POS Terminal to get good amount of cashback. Like Flipkart Axis offers 1.5% Cashback.

  3. Ankur

    Hi Lalit,

    Below cards offer cashback –
    Icici Amazon pay card
    Axis Flipkart card
    Citi paytm card
    SBI ola card
    Hsbc cashback card
    Hdfc millinea card

  4. Sanket


    This is wishful thinking but you should probably look into creating an app where all current CC offers and promos are updated. The user can then refer to the app while making a purchase as to which card to use for max returns/cashback/rewards etc.

  5. Pranab Das

    Hi Sid,
    I reached the spent threshold (100K) on 9th Oct but enrolled for the offer only after getting your post, 16th Oct. Am I eligible for 5K GV.

    1. Praveen

      You will be eligible… I have received earlier in such scenarios…. They just consider the entire offer period no matter when you register..

  6. Shri

    Does any know why applying AMEX platinum charge online would trigger 3 different CIBIL queries?
    I went through the the referral link on 28th Sep however didn’t fully submit. Received an email on saved application and submitter that on 8th Oct.
    Now I see queries on 28th, 8th and 10th.
    I refreshed my Cibil report today and I can see 3 pulls on 3 different dates. Is this normal or should I raise dispute?

  7. Rohit

    Has anyone got the taj voucher? Was hoping to redeem it for a stay coming up next week – but no sight of the voucher yet :/

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I’ve received the Taj voucher and redeemed it as well.

  8. Kapil

    Has this been fulfilled yet? The fulfilment mentioned was 31st Dec.

  9. Bhavin Shah

    As per the post, fulfillment is 31st Dec, anyone received voucher?

  10. Bhavin Shah

    Just read terms and conditions in above link. “The E-Gift Card will be sent to the qualifying cardholders by January 31, 2020 (“Fulfillment Date”) on their registered email or mobile numbers with the Bank.” Siddharth sir is lucky to received early or is it differnt fro diff cards. I have ICICI Amex Sapphiro card

  11. Arun

    Spoke to CC and the representative said the fulfilment date is 31 Jan 2020.


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