Diwali Offer: Get Tanishq voucher worth Rs. 5,000 with ICICI Credit & Debit Cards

By | February 26, 2019

While every other credit card issuer has been running impressive credit card promos this Diwali season, ICICI has been quite silent for a while and now finally they’ve come up with a cool promo on their Credit & debit cards – Yes debit cards too. Here’s the offer:

ICICI Diwali Offer – Tanishq voucher

Diwali Offer on ICICI Credit & Debit Cards

  1. Offer: Tanishq voucher worth Rs 5,000
  2. Offer Period: 2nd Nov to 6th Nov, 2018
  3. Min. Spend: Rs. 50,000
  4. Offer Reward Rate: 10% + Regular JPMiles/Points
  5. Maximum one voucher per card account
  6. Excluded Cards: Business, Commercial or Corporate Credit Cards
  7. Fulfilment: The winners’ list shall be displayed on ICICI website on or before Jan 31, 2019. The dispatch of the gifts will start after Feb 6, 2019.
  8. To Enrol: Give a missed call on 7069440449 from your registered mobile number.
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ICICI Bank’s Diwali offer has arrived so late but with a very good reward rate. And if you’re holding the Amex variant, you may probably double dip with the Marriott Dining Voucher Promo.

The wonderful news is the offer is also applicable on Debit cards. Also, technically, you can avail it both on credit & debit card as its different “card account” not different “cardholder” but we never know what ICICI decides.


I’m excited to see ICICI bank react to this mad Diwali season and join the other card issuers with an good spend based offer. But only downside is that the offer period is quite short.

Looking at the recent improvements at ICICI bank on credit cards front, from MMT card, Manchester United card(!), Amazon Pay Card to Marriott Dining Voucher offer & now this offer, it seems the team finally woke up to business.

All these maybe because of the new CEO? Anyway, it looks like we have even more to come in near future. Lets wait & watch!

Update: Winners announced. Check out Credit Card Winners List & Debit Card Winners list

Update: ICICI started dispatching Vouchers from 24th Feb 2019 for the Winners.

Whats your take on ICICI Bank’s Diwali offer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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63 thoughts on “Diwali Offer: Get Tanishq voucher worth Rs. 5,000 with ICICI Credit & Debit Cards

  1. Anshul

    Didn’t receive any confirmation SMS on giving missed call on 7069440449 from my registered mobile number.

  2. Prashant Gupta

    Here is another offer from icici:
    3 month interest free holiday. Dues to be paid after 3 months. I remeber HDFC used to give this offer 3 years back. This is good offer for festibe season.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ah payment holidays with ICICI is interesting. Did you get the email?

  3. Prakhar

    In conjunction with Marriott offer, this one is too good to be true!!

  4. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    I have also got e-mail for 3 months interest holiday.

  5. Ebin Johnson

    Is there any excluded categories? Also can we combine the vouchers for a single purchase, if we have more than one…

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Exclusions: Not any mentioned yet.
      Combining Vouchers: I did in 2016 but it could have changed. Depends.

  6. Sharad Bajaj

    I have 3 ICICI cards.. how do in know which card gets registered on giving miss call?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      My assumption:
      They’ll pull all cards registered with the phone number (so all your cards gets registered)
      Then check each if they qualify for it.

      Still, get a confirmation from bank to be on safer side.

      1. Nipun


        Mostly ICICI Bank considers only 1 card and rest all as supplement cards, do u get 3 different billing and different due dates??

  7. Kiran

    I have a 50k spending I can’t avoid (hospital bills). I gave a missed call but I haven’t received any confirmation. What do I do?

  8. K Parashivaiah

    The offer clearly says that : “this program cannot be clubbed with any other program ……..”. So, double dip with Marriott dining voucher is not possible.

    2. Purchases made on all linked cards to card account will be considered for calculating toatal spends.

  9. Sreehari

    1. Does one have to recieve an invite for the offer? I didn’t receive any, but can I still participate? ICICI T & C states “This Program is brought to you by ICICI Bank’s credit and debit cards department and is made available only to Cardholders selected at the discretion of ICICI Bank.”

    2. I called up the customer care and they mentioned that even after completing the requisite spend, only a few select customers are chosen to get the voucher, that’s why they publish the list of winners. Can they exclude customers like this or was this an agent just screwing with me?

    1. Monish

      This is what I know as well but after reading this article I thought everyone will get. Now u are saying so I am not going to complete this.

    2. Nipun


      Few decision are to be taken for time…. You are just switching your card for a extra reward if dont ripe not to worry a lot.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for sharing.
      P.S. Do you have the link for Debit card winners?

          1. Sreehari

            My name is not mentioned in the winners list despite registration through missed call and spending more than 50,000 in the specified time period 🙁 How do I make a complaint regarding this?

          2. A2Z

            ICICI shows transperany in winners atleast.
            Have not seen with HDFC, Indusind, IDFC or any other bank…
            In all cases winners shall be declared on their web page but they never publish.
            Worst is HDFC bank which never give details of benefits being credited.

          3. Raj

            was this offer a lottery? I did spend more than 50,000 on debit card but name is missing.

          1. Amit G

            I thought ICICI was balancing out only married guys like us. Beer for the guys and Jewellery for the wify. 😛

            It was not difficult to locate your name in both the lists 🙂

    1. Raj

      My name is also not there. Was this offer a lottery or everybody who did spend more than 50,000 got it?

  10. Shasidhar

    Used my wifey card for the spends and what a great relief to see her name in the “winners” list.
    If she had not “won”, I would had to return her the spend amount + purchase her Tanishq jewellery as penalty.

    Anyways, this voucher will be a new reason to purchase some jewellery and I am sure will end up spending a lac or so just to use the voucher.

    How are others going to use this voucher? Keep the comments coming.

  11. Prakhar

    So for my November spend of approx 80k in icici card, I got Marriott voucher, Tanishq voucher and 1000 cashback under payday offer. Not bad at all!

  12. Abhishek

    With the voucher, can I buy a gold coin of 2 gm and sell it off at Tanishq voucher?. If I buy Jewellery then there will be making charges and other charges. Any suggestions?

  13. Nipun

    Can anyone tell what was Cards Engagement Promo – Credit Cards – Tanishq – Dec 1, 2018 to Jan 15, 2019.

    This offer was on both credit and debit cards… Did we miss it?? – Link

  14. Jay

    I used my card and wife’s card during this offer period. We both are in winners list. Waiting for vouchers to get received.

  15. Jay

    Update :

    We inform you that, there is 15 days delay in dispatch of Tanishq voucher.
    We have uploaded winner list on the website for the Tanishq offer.
    As per below enclosed URL, please recheck the winner list with credit card last two digits.
    Winners are announced basis customer who have given missed call to register for the campaign and have spends Rs. 50,000 or more using Credit or Debit Cards during the offer period.

    Unfortunately the list is showing my name but the last two digits of my card number is wrong..

    1. Siddharth Post author

      They’re displaying CC ac no on list and not the Card No. So worry not!

      P.S. To verify, you can check the Credit Card ac no on CIBIL.

  16. Jay

    thanks Sid, just checked my CIBIL report and it displayed same a/c no as last two digits displayed at icici website

  17. Nipun

    Is there any update on the dispatch of the voucher? 15 days of delay is also over, still the customer care have the same version.

  18. Ramesh Kumar

    Today got congratulations letter from ICICI with 5K tanishq voucher with 6 months validity enclosed.

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        GV comes with usual TnCs like can’t be exchanged for cash, not transferable, should be used within validity period, accepted only in authorized tanishq showroom. So it seems like it can be used against your tanishq bill to get discount upto Rs.5000.

  19. amit kumar

    Is there any SMS from ICICI bank regarding the dispatch of these vouchers!

  20. Nipun

    No communication regarding dispatch, received the voucher… not sure its for debit card or credit card…

    1. Kiran

      Hi all,

      I haven’t received the voucher yet, anyone along with me ?

      If none I’ll call up the costumer care and check the status.



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