HDFC Bank 10X Rewards Program Update (October 2019)

By | December 2, 2019
  • Update 1: Extended further through November 2019
  • Update 2: Updated article is here

HDFC Bank Credit Card 10X rewards Program under smartbuy has been extended yet one more time for October month. The last major update was on August 2019 which can be seen here. Post that, HDFC removed Payzapp as a part of Diners 10X by September. Now here are the updates for October.

Smartbuy – 10X Rewards

  • Extended till 31st Oct 2019
  • Everything else remains same
  • Offer T&C

Diners – 10X Rewards

  • Valid till 31st Dec 2019
  • New merchants: Ola, First Cry
  • Txns done on both offline stores and Online websites of First Cry and Godrej Nature’s Basket are eligible for 10X.
  • Ola post-paid payment can’t be done via Diners card as of now and hence not eligible for 10X.
  • EMI transactions are not eligible for this offer
  • The incremental 9X Rewards will be posted within 30 days from the end of the calendar month
  • Offer T&C

Diners 9X turn around time is lot better compared to Smartbuy and I can confirm that I’ve received 9X points for Payzapp txns done during Aug 2019 already.

Some more tips:

  1. Get 10X reward points on Uber Premium Rides. (1st Sept – 31st Dec 2019). Offer T&C
  2. Smartbuy offer from (1st to 6th Oct 2019) which allows triple dipping via 10X + 250 Cashback (on card) + 500 additional cash back (via Payzapp) on min.spends of Rs 3000. Reference from comment


Addition of Ola is a very good move both for bank & end customers. Note that small payments for rides under Rs.150 wont count in this 10X, or even for regular points.

But for those who spend high on Ola rides like Ola Out-station or Airport transfers, it would give great savings.

While we can understand why Payzapp was removed from 10X so fast, I wish it comes back with some exclusion, like utilities.

What’s your take on HDFC 10X program extension? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Thanks to Shawn for sharing the updates on 10X.

179 thoughts on “HDFC Bank 10X Rewards Program Update (October 2019)

  1. Pranab Das

    Hi Sid,
    * Isn’t the 10X RP in smartbuy a permanent one as it’s mentioned in card features (benefits).
    * I got the additional 9X along with the normal 1X (no 3+current month’s waiting). It’s 10X on T+2 days. My RP balance was X on 29th Sep, transacted Rs.12593 in FK through smartbuy on 30th, RP balance on 2nd Oct was X+4150.

  2. Nishith

    Lol OLA. First they come up with their own card that gives 7% cashback on ola rides and now they team up with diners club bringing the effective rewards rate to 33%! Its like they don’t even want to develop their own offering. What’s the point of having the olamoney card anyways?

    1. Umesj

      Diners is only for the premium segment and not everyone can get that

      1. Nishith

        Not necessarily… HDFC is nowadays providing a diners clubmiles/rewards card as a lifetime free starter card.

    2. Abhi

      10x RP is anyway temp offer and would eventually go away. Moreover it is different target segments.

  3. SH

    By the way they are giving 10x for Uber rides in the premier segment car. You can see this in the Deals section of SmartBuy.

  4. mukul

    Did anyone revived 9X points for flipkart translation done via SmartBuy for 1st and 2nd October transactions ? Typically all flipkart transactions 9x posting happens on next day of 1x posting but when I called customer care today they told for 1-3 rd October transactions it will take upto 90 days but I do not think that is correct so want to verify the same . Also Sid you mentioned you got all 9X points for August PayZapp , did customers care confirmed or you matched with your calculation as I haven’t received PayZapp 9x either

    1. Pranab Das

      I got the 10X RP today for the Flipkart transaction made on 3rd. As mentioned in my earlier post today, no waiting for 3+current month. It’s T+2 days for 10X points.

      1. Neo

        Its amazon / forex loading which usually takes the 90 days. Flipkart usually is T+2 like you said.

      2. Anjul

        Is 10x applicable on NRI infinia primary and secondary card also?

    2. Shri

      I made a Flikart transaction for 90k on Oct 1st via Payzapp app–> smartuy-> Flikart. I do not see 15k RP posted to my account yet. I’m guessing they changed it to end of Calendar month for posting.

      1. Mudit

        For 1st-3rd Oct, the 9x points are getting delayed, I guess. So either 30 days or 90 days…
        If from 4th Oct they are on track, we will come to know tomorrow!

    3. Satyajit Mahapatro

      Thanks a lot for the update Sid.

      Was awaited for too long.

      If anyone can confirm regarding the 10x on Uber premium

      Is it only for Uber premium or Hire premium as well
      Secondly I see this as one of the tnc – “.This Offer is made available to the Customer/s selected at the discretion of HDFC Bank “

    4. Mudit

      Yes, they will take 90 days for the transaction on 1-3rd of Oct. This happened in May also. I guess when there is a change in the smartbuy offer (Extension in this case, earlier it was till sept, now extended to oct) there might be some time lapse when they have approval for posting the points on 3rd day of transaction.
      SO similarly for 1-2nd May transactions the points were posted after 90 days. Might be the case for 1-3rd Oct also.

      If the points for 4th Oct transactions comes on track or not, that we will come to know tomorrow morning!

      Please let me know if anybody else got the 9x posted for 1-3rd Oct transactions already.
      I have to DCBs. For both the points havent been posted.

  5. Kartik

    Received 10x points for payzapp utilities bill payment without any hassle within 45days.raam rajya aa gya hai

  6. Points Pandit

    Sid, do mention the Smart buy offer from 1st to 6th Oct which allows triple dipping via 10X + 250 Cashback (on card) + 500 additional cash back (via Payzapp) on min.spends of Rs 3000.

    Now, if you spend 3000 on Flipkart, via Payzapp PG (underlying DCB linkedin), you get DCB RPs worth Rs 1000, 250 cashback on card (credit in Payzapp) , and 500 cashback via Payzapp. So, net you are getting return of Rs 1750 on spending Rs. 3000.

    And if you are Flipkart first, you will get 100 FK Coins worth Rs 200. So, overall you have got Rs 1950 worth of points/cash back by spending Rs 3000 only.

    Milked it to the max by buying Infant Food on which no offer ever comes. 🙂

    1. Nikhil Kumar Verma

      When I am transacting Flipkart through Payzapp smartbuy payzapp payment option is not showing in payment page. When I am landing on Flipkrat page through smartbuy website payzapp transaction is giving internal error. How are you transacting through payzapp wallet for Flipkart?

    2. Mukul

      Do you need to enter any PROMO code with PAYZAPP to avail this? Did you receive cashback?

      1. Mudit

        Because you can get a Flipkart Gift card of Rs 3000 for 1500 coins. That is the best value of coins available on the site.
        Of course you have to wait till you gather 1500 coins. All other redemption is lesser in terms of value

    3. ARPIT

      I believe its a HDFC debit card only offer. Not applicable on credit cards, hence no 10X 🙁

  7. Sumit Bhatt

    I am not getting 10X reward points when I do transaction via smarbuy on, only 1X is getting credited. On flipkart 10X is getting credited. I have business regalia. Anybody knows about it please reply.

    1. Neo

      Wait for 90 “working days” in HDFC parlance for Amazon points to kick in

    2. Vyom Aggarwal

      9x benefit for smartbuy amazon transactions is credited 90 days after the end of month in which transaction was done

    3. Mudit

      Amazon points are awarded only after 90 days and many times only if you raise an issue.

    4. Raghu

      For Amazon, you should not have any items added in cart before visiting it via Smartbuy – you need to access Amazon via Smartbuy link (after giving mobile no. and last four digits) and the add items to the cart.

  8. Sudhindra Kamath

    Hello Sid. I have a HDFC Business Regalia First. Am I eligible for 10x program on smartbuy?
    Some say business cards are not eligible.

    1. DD

      10X is only for Infinia, Diners Black and Regalia. All other variants including Regalia First will fetch you 5X reward points through SmartBuy.

      1. Ramesh Padmanaban

        I am using Regalia First and i have got 10x points for purchases made in Flipkart in August after the new rule came into effect.

  9. gitns

    Removing Payzapp as a partner is a big loss for me. I used to pay my rent through Payzapp and get 10X rewards on that. Also, when you say Ola postpaid payment is not applicable here, is transferring to Ola Money applicable for the 10x reward points?

    1. Abhi

      Yeah thats why they removed it. It was a huge loss for bank. I too paid rent, my father commercial electricity bill. Probably, we killed the golden egg laying goose, but who could resist and risk it for upcoming months.

      1. Madhur Sharma

        HI – For which month did you receive the 10x RP for the utility transactions? I did for Aug and Sep, but have not received any 10X yet.

  10. Amit

    Sid : Most likely you’ll be able to add money via Diners card to ola money and that can be used to pay ola postpaid bill.
    This works in case of Amex, since i do not have Diners card i couldn’t try.

    1. Abhi

      Adding money to Ola money will anyways be a wallet load transaction and won’t be eligible for any points (theoretically, but in not so long ago past, I did get RPs on Yes Bank wallet load using DCB. Another twist is yes wallet was not supporting DCB 😉 officially)

    2. Vyom Aggarwal

      wallet loading transactions are not eligible for 10x benefit on hdfc cards

  11. Anand

    Unfortunately Tamilnadu customers are not eligible for the ‘FESTIVE TREATS’ where you have a chance of winning a Mercedes Car. Very very disappointed. Can we do something about this??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      We should make it PAN India and stop banks from doing this not-so-great promo anywhere 😉

    2. Pankaj Singhal

      This is due to law in TN, no fault of HDFC.

    3. Vijay

      Don’t worry Anand. Tamil Nadu customers will get Amma gifts like Amma Mercedes.

  12. Raju

    Diners is also aggressively adding airport lounges to their portfolio,
    There are now 44 lounges across India that can be accessed with Diners Card.

  13. Ankit Saraf

    I haven’t yet received payzapp august 9x points and they arw saying they already gave. Following up for the last 2 weeks and nothing yet. Wont let them go so easily. Will complain nodal officer if necessary

    1. Umesh

      Ankit – I had the same issue. I called the customer care and provided details of a the Payzapp transaction. It’s credited in one week. Call Diners black CC..

      1. Ankit Saraf

        Issue sorted now.. Received all the 10X payzapp points yesterday. Still waiting for the other Diners partner points though.

  14. Ankit Saraf

    I just realised that I havent received a single 9x points on any partner purchase for diners since I got the card in july while people received within few days or few weeks max. I have received for smartbuy transactions though, that too only flight and flipkart. Nothing yet on amazon. Am I being paranoid or something wrong with my card?

    1. Mudit

      Amazon 9x will only come after 3 months. so for July transactions dont expect before Nov.
      But do follow up with them then.

    2. Mudit

      The normal 10x partners (Swiggy, Myntra) should come in next month of expenditure though.

    3. Mukul

      HDFC 10X rewards for partners brand keep changing every month and terms and conditions too. In July 2019 they started partner 10X at a later point and hence CC is saying they will give July months points only post 90 days. August month they added PAYZAPP and T&C was that 9X will be posted within 2 days of transaction settlement date but gave PAYZAPP 9X points only for 1-3rd August i believe and mentioned all other PAYZAPP 9X points will come within 45 days, looks like some of us received this already but some didn’t. In August month i faced issue with BOOKMYSHOW 9X as well as they were never credited within 2 days of settlement date in August. September month they changed T&C condition again to post in 30 days but not sure if anyone received all PARTNERS 9X for September 2019 month.

  15. Anant

    did anyone received 10X points for tatacliq july month cycle.

  16. Varun Chopra

    I have a query , if i login to smartbuy and go to flipkart app through smartbuy and book hotel through the site.Will i be eligible for 10x rewards. This question is important because the smartbuy hotel prices are pathetic and mmt is tha partner shown through flipkart which gives really good deal

    1. Siva

      It should – As per the T&Cs only the following transactions will not earn 10X points.

      This offer is not applicable to the purchase of jewellery/gold coins or its equivalents.
      This offer is not applicable to the purchase of prepaid cards/gift cards or its equivalents.

      Old time card holders may know better.

      1. Raghu

        Can any one pls confirm if 10x is not applicable on gold purchases on Amazon/Flipkart?

  17. Kalyan

    Are these smartbuy offers reliable? In May there was 10%cash back for debit cards and 10x points for credit cards. I think form June they changed it to 10x/5X for credit cards and 5% for debitcards.
    Anyway I did not get 10% cashback for my purchase on amazon landed through compare and shop page. I did not get any cashback and when I sent a mail I got a reply asking to share the snapshot of message or e-mail received regarding this offer along with date and time stamp displayed as an attachment to this e-mail to enable us to assist better.
    Being an infinia card holder I made buys in July, September assuming I will get 33% return forgoing 10% discount offers on other cards. Seems a big mistake now. Even for the July purchase on amazon I did not get the 10X reward points yet.

    1. Mudit

      Amazon points are given only after 3 months. And many time only if you follow up!

    2. Shivi

      Your July purchase amazon points will be credited in the first week of November or last week of October. Its clearly written in their t n c.

  18. Raj

    I am looking to buy an Iphone 11 through DCB , where would be the best deal guys ?

    1. Mohit

      Better do on flipkart. Transaction on Amazon takes ages to credit points.

  19. Rohil K

    HI Sid & Other Diners Members,
    Just wanted to know how do you guys track your reward points since the only mechanism to do so it to call up customer care. Also do you guys maintain an Excel record of the same.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I used 10X benefit less often in last 2 yrs. But if I do, I max out the cap and so easy to track once in a while.
      For others, maintaining excel sheet with a follow up every 3 months would help.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        I use 10x frequently and on amazon…i maintain excel for each transaction and have received points for all transactions….i hardly use flipkart as their delivery sucks big time. In the days of 1 day delivery they still take 5-7 days to deliver and that too most of the time they goof up loke delivering to office address after office hours 😀

        1. Rahul

          Agree. Flipkart takes a lot more time to deliver but smartbiy points are guranteed. Amazon takes a lot more time to credit points but very fast to deliver.

          Tough choice

      2. gala

        How come you dont use 10X benefit often?

        Do you get better rates else where ;).. 🙂

  20. Harsh ..

    Off Topic Question :-
    I’m currently have a cibil score of 780, I’m self employed and Having annual income of 3,00,000. And never had any credit card.
    So which will be the best credit card for me ??
    I’m thinking of going with cards from Canara Bank and Bank of Baroda so that my cibil increases, it is a good idea ??

    1. Mudit

      May be you should start with any basic HDFC card. having relationship history will definitely help with them and you will get updates on card from time to time.
      In due course of time you can get Regalia or diners. (depending upon the route you take)
      BOB has recently started some good campaigns (like 10% off on railways!) But I am not sure how long it will continue. HDFC is the king of cards and market leader in India.

    2. Praveen Katiyar

      @Harsh ..
      I would like you to take mainstream CC even if you are beginner. Cibil of 780 is good, don’t think u need to improve it before u apply gud cards.
      Read 25 Best Credit cards at and decide based upon your usage. BoB/Canara would be just plastics in ur wallet infront of mainstream CCs. I may sound harsh but this is what I learnt in all these years.
      Hope it helps..!

  21. Arun V

    Hi Sid,

    1) I did a utility bill payment of around 8k on 16th Sep in PayZapp Smartbuy. I got 1X points and Rs 200 cashback as I applied the promo code. Will I be eligible for 9X rewards for this transaction and when it will be posted? I hold Regalia First card.

    2) Will the payment to merchants like Bigbasket via PayZapp fetch 10X reward? I have not tracked it yet, so I am not sure.

    1. Mudit

      The 10x reward points on Payzapp is STOPPED now. It was only there for the month of August. so now you wont get any 9x RPs for payzapp transactions.

    2. Biplav

      Hi Arun,
      The 10x offer for transactions done through PayZapp was only for Aug’19. Given your transaction was on 16th September, I don’t think you will get additional 9x reward points.

      Bigbasket is also no longer a partner for Diners, starting Sep 1, 2019

    3. Tejas Ghongadi

      Payzapp was a 10X Partner only for Diners card. Not for Regalia. Also, this was only for the month of Aug-2019.

      For Regalia, only Smartbuy Partner spends are eligible for 10X with a maximum capping of 5000 Bonus Points per month. Utility Bill Payments or Merchants who accept Payzapp are not part of this 10X offer.

    4. VK

      Yes – you will most likely get 30X since you hold one of the world’s most powerful card – Regalia First. I urge you to call up customer care and ask when they will give you this 30X points.

  22. RJ

    I see few people mentioned that they received 10x points after 2-3 days after doing transaction on flipkart. My concern here is how did you people came to know that point had been credited? Do you call customer care, or is it possible to check on net banking or some other way out?

    1. Mudit

      You can check it in netbanking, Under cards go to account statement of your credit card. The last row would be your current points. the Current points counter updates when you get points. Although to be able to use it you will have to wait till generation of statement.

      1. Tanmay Broachwala

        Hi Mudit,

        couldn’t find any such option. Can you please re-confirm where exactly it is?

  23. Ragesh


    Is there an option to check HDFC dinners reward points statement?

  24. Prateek

    Is 10x applicable on gift cards from Amazon (eg chroma, reliance digital)?

  25. Tilak

    How people are verifying reward points on Oct4, for transaction for Oct 1-2. I am still puzzled where to see real time reward points.

    1. Mudit

      You can check it in netbanking, Under cards go to account statement of your credit card. The last row would be your current points. the Current points counter updates when you get points. Although to be able to use it you will have to wait till generation of statement.


    How to follow up with 10 X points can anyone help with customer care number.

  27. A2Z

    As always, another month & HDFC faced technical glitch
    All transactions done during 1-5 Oct on Flipkart Smartbuy will fetch 10x only as per 90 days schedule
    And not within 3-4 days
    HDFC has no shame left in doing this on purpose each month

    1. Mudit

      1) I guess the 90 days schedule is for transactions for 1-2 or 1-3rd Oct. I have already received points for transactions done on 4th Oct.
      2) As per there terms and conditions, the points are to be credited in 90 days only. So nothing wrong they are doing. Actually by giving in 2-3 days they are exceeding what they have promised.
      3) People cursed them for delay on 9x points on Payzapp. I guess every 2nd call was regarding payzapp points. Some even wrote on twitter and what not! RESULT – They have removed the points altogether. Some of us were able to use the full 25k points that month…THOUGH credited a bit late. But the party is over.
      Moral- Lets have patience and enjoy the party till it lasts. They are simply burning cash by giving us the points for increasing acceptance of DIners. Sort of Pull model rather than pushing to retailers.
      E.g. Flipkart Grocery: No way can you have groceries worth 150-200 free (Re 1 deals) with order of 600 + 200 RPS (10x)+ Flipkart coins worth 8% + of course the discounted prices already. Its like a whopping 50-60% off on even normal groceries like Maggi!!! Its cheaper than the Military canteen!
      Enjoy the party 🙂

  28. Rahul

    Anyone here who has both infinia and DCB?

    I have Infinia and want to apply for dcb as well, what is the policy of HDFC if anyone can elaborate.


    1. Shri

      HDFC allows only one card per member. It would be rare case to hold two cards, let alone the two top tier cards. Rare like 1 in a million.

    2. Lordsom

      You will need a salary account and an FD for maintaining both.

    3. Abhishek singh

      I hold both infinia and Diners black. Diners black is ltf but infinia is paid variant. I had 2 HDFC since last 6 yrs. Regalia and Diners rewards were first two cards. They have been upgraded to latest version. You should apply for a new application for diners black through bank bazaar. Once HDFC cards team contact you, ask them to issue a second card saying that Diners is not much accepted abroad and you prefer to keep the infinia as well. Since you have infinia bank will consider your request. Though they may or may not provide the ltf Diners version.

  29. Dr Pankaj Gupta

    i participated in 10X reward points via smart buy for the first time in july 2019. I did purchase from amazon via smartbuy. i am glad to share that i received appropriate 9X rewards points for this transaction today, even before 90 day had passed from the end of transaction month. Besides i also received from 10X points for payzapp transactions done in august. So i think we should not lose faith in HDFC reward system. you would definitely get your due points.

  30. Chintan

    I suddenly received around 7000 points on my diners clubmiles card overnight, i believe these points are for amazon transactions of which points were not credited in time.

  31. Avdut

    HDFC is giving 10x rewards for Uber premium rides as well.

    Get 10X Rewards points on Uber Premier Rides from 1st Sept – 31st Dec 2019
    Offer is applicable on only Uber Premier Rides
    Maximum Reward points during the promo period are at a product level which is depending on the card variant. (No details available)
    Minimum transaction Value is Rs 150 to be eligible for 10X Reward Points.
    Valid only on Uber App,(IOS and Android)
    Offer valid for HDFC Bank Credit Cards only
    Offer is not applicable in case of any return/partial cancellations.
    1X Rewards point will be posted during the transaction. Additional 9X will be posted after 90 days from the last date of the transaction month.
    This offer cannot be combined with any other offer eligible on HDFC Bank Credit Cards
    Offer valid for Domestic Purchases only
    Offer valid for all HDFC Bank Credit cards apart from Corporate, Commercial issued by the Bank. Any credit card which does not have reward point feature this program is not applicable for those cards.

  32. Nishant G

    I am planning to buy OnePlus7T tomorrow on Amazon. HDFC credit card has 10x RP offer + 1500 discount and HDFC Debit Card has 1500 instant discount + 10% (upto 2000) cashback + 5% (1000) cashback via Smartbuy, ie total 4500 discount. What is the opinion of the group. Which card should I use. Is anyone has any better ideas. Our suggestion would be valuable. Thanks.

  33. Siddhartha Tiwari

    Hello Siddharth,

    I have a rather peculiar situation. I applied for Infinia Upgrade to my Diners Black through manual form sent to Chennai on 30.09.2019. I made a smartbuy purchase on amazon for Rs. 90,000/- using diners on 05.10.2019, that takes me to monthly cap of 15000 Points.

    On 9th my Infinia upgrade was initiated and all un-billed transactions and Points on diners were shifted to Infinia, and yesterday on 11.10.2019, I received my Infinia, which was activated, so diners got de-activated.

    Now, I am wondering:
    1. What will be my monthly points cap on Infinia card?
    2. Whether I will be getting 15k or 25k from diners purchase?
    3. Can I make another high value purchase at amazon sale today and get 25k points on my infinia?

    I am really confused.

    Any insights would be much appreciated.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Where can i find manual infinia upgrade form…

    2. Ajay

      Can u plz tell me what was ratio of points deducted from shifting from diners to infinia as i also want to upgrade but my rm was saying 25% of ur diners point will be deducted in the upgrade.Do u get full points conversion in the upgrade?

      1. Gurjot Ahluwalia

        I upgraded last month from Diners Club Black to Infinia and 100% of the points got transferred – Diners Club Black to Infinia have 1:1 points conversion ratio.

  34. Raj

    If I buy an item on No Cost EMI on flipkart, do I get points for every EMI or only one time at the time of initial buying subject to monthly total cap.

    1. GTMAX

      You will get it for every EMI till the offer is running.

  35. Shri

    There is currently an offer of 10% off on Myntra when paying through PayZapp. If one were to select PayZapp wallet during checkout and still pay with Diners Card. Would that still earn 10x points as Myntra is a direct partner?
    Anyone know ?


    Purchase through HDFC Credit Card missing now a days both on Amazon and Flipkart platforms.

  37. Rahul

    I had bought flight tickets worth 15000 from smartbuy so I am expecting 5000 RPs. Now i also bought an iPhone from smartbuy worth 65000 Rs, so will hdfc give RP based on balance limit of 15000 from smartbuy in this month or if they are crediting 9X points in 90 days then will they check the balance of that month? Which of these two month balance will apply?

    1. Mudit

      The month when your transaction was settled will be considered for the limit. Settlement is in 1-2 days of your actual transaction date.

  38. Ur luck

    10x RP is for both – Infinia card and Dinners black ? Or it is for Dinners only ?
    Which is a better card to have – Infinia or Dinners ?
    I know , for airport lounge , Infinia is best but for rewards and shopping which is better ?

  39. Chintan

    Suddenly after this months bill generation on 13th Oct, i received 14000 Reward points on my diners clubmiles card and some days back i had received 7000 points – which makes total 21000 RPs, i believe this must be from past Amazon Backlog, has anybody else received points like this in bulk.

    1. Neo

      Take the all the points they give you mate. Even i received a load of points which I hadn’t tracked this month.
      Considering how much we have to chase HDFC to give the points we do track, all this is well deserved 😛

      1. Chintan

        checked with customer care, received 6 months of Flipkart EMI 10x points in one go,
        I had purchased a iphone XR from flipkart in the month of June, as the 10x points were not been credited i thought they may have stopped crediting points on EMI, customer care person told me that i have received all 10x points in 6 seperate transactions together i.e. 2320 + 2320 + 2360 + 2400 +2400 +2440 .
        Awesome as i didn’t know whether i will receive 5000 points or separate points for all transactions or no points at all.
        JACKPOT :p

  40. Harmanveer Kaur

    Hi…i have a doubt.

    After the launch of HDFC Millennia Cards, i am thinking of upgrading my existing HDFC Rupay Platinum Debit Card to a Millennia Debit Card, and use it as a primary card, instead of my Moneyback/Reaglia First cards.

    I just wanted to know, whether it will be a good upgrade, with good rewards?….or should i stick to the credit cards?

    My usage is mainly on Online spends, Utility Bills and Petrol, all in the range of 10-12k per month.

  41. Ankur

    Hi Harmanveer,

    Credit cards provide many benefits compared to debit cards example purchase protection, 50 day payback period, buildup of credit history.

    If you want, you can switch to millenia credit card. But also explore other cards from Sid’ s list of top cards of 2019

  42. Dain

    Hi guys,

    I just want to know how you guys are able to track rewards points for each transactions. Is there any option in HDFC application to identify rewards points credited for the corresponding transaction. I am using a regalia first credit card in which 150 RS will give me 4 RP. Can anyone please tell me how this points are calculated. If I spend a figure like 192, how many RP will be credited?


      You need to maintain an excel sheet for tracking your expenses and the corresponding rewards.
      For a transaction of 192, you get 4 points. (As the rewards for transactions are calculated in multiples of 150s)

      1. Dain

        Thank you so much. I have one more doubt. When I did a transaction in Flipkart through smart buy, 10x RP(as promised) has not credited in my account. You have any idea about that. I have heard that in Amazon it is a time consuming process, but in Flipkart RP will be credited withing few days.

    2. aka

      You need to delve deep in the archive of the website for these kind of questions 😉
      Anyhow , you will get 4 RP for spend of 150 to 299. Then 8 from 300 to 449.
      I mean there is no pro-rata award of points. so if you do 149 rs transaction , you get 0 points !!
      Hope this clarifies your query.

  43. Rohit roy

    I always use cash for OLA and uber since most of the drivers prefer that. I just read that “Ola bookings done with Diners card as payment option is only eligible for 10X. Ola postpaid payment is not eligible for 10X”
    What i am suppose to do here ? Add money through ola wallet or in payment add debit/credit I should add DCB. What is that OLA postpaid.

    I have a very bad experience with smartbuy Amazon 10X. I used to never get points even after 90 days and always have to communicate with bank and they only credit 9X and god knows what happened to that 1X. May i know how is the experience with flipkart. Last i used flipkart was 2016 🙂 but if we get 10x points promptly then ready to shift back. Depends on where the diwali sale would come.
    whether we would receive 10x for smartbuy–>Amazon–> Broadband ? did any one try it.

    1. George Mathews

      instead of using the “pay via ola postpaid” option, pay for each trip with the DCB card

  44. Tommy

    Hello Siddharth,

    How many rewards points will be credit if I purchase through smart buy using regalia first credit card? I did not receive 10x RP for the transaction done through smart buy. I made the transaction in Flipkart. So the RP has to be credited with in few days right.

    1. Rahul Sharma

      As per the T&C:
      Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month.

  45. aka

    i believe HDFC shall not come out with a 10X offer on jewellery as last time during diwali 🙁

    If anybody has come across this type of information then please do let us know.

  46. sham

    hi..I am a salaried person with net salary of 1.1 lac per month .I want to buy iPhone 11 using HDFC credit card. My query is specific to 10X reward point:
    1) If I buy from apple authorised seller ( Inspire) using HDFC credit card will I get 10X reward points? or I have to buy online on smart buy to get 10x reward point.
    2) I have done some online search which mentions that HDFC infinia and diners black credit card gives 10x reward point while purchasing iPhone 11 or iPhone 11 pro or iPhone 11 Promax. Now, which card is better hdfc infinia or hdfc diner black?

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      Answers to your queries:

      1. 10X is currently applicable only for online purchase through Smartbuy
      2. For a Single major purchase through Smartbuy, HDFC Infinia has a higher Bonus Points capping. So HDFC Infinia is better then DCB in this case.

  47. Hemanth Reddy

    Hi All, can somebody pls tell me what is the pos limit per day for hdfc diners club miles card??
    Thanks in advance 😊

  48. Pawan rathi

    Diners Card can now be used while doing a transaction using Ola money. Any idea if we shall receive 10x for same?

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      Yes. Ola has been added to the Diners 10X partners Program.

  49. aka

    5x points on jewellery purchase from 21st to 26th oct.,2019

    limit – 5k

  50. Tejas Ghongadi

    Another Festive Offer from HDFC

    5X Bonus Points on Jewellery Purchase
    Maximum Bonus Points Capping – 5000 Points
    Minimum Purchase Value – 20,000 Rs.

    Not Applicable on Gold Coin or Gold Bar purchases.

    This translates to a reward rate of 20%.


    HDFC Smartbuy Instant vouchers – Whether the purchase of these instant vouchers is eligible for 10 X reward points also

    1. Atul

      Yes. I received the 10X Rewards within few days. Not sure how long this will last.

      1. Abhisek

        In how many days ? I purchased vouchers worth 10k. Waiting for the points.

  52. Krishnakumar

    Ola Out-station does not earn 10X as credit card payment option is not given. Same thing holds good for Uber too.

    1. Nihar

      I have used the Ola outstation even in the current month with CC as a payment mode . Only you have to pay the tentative bill through card before the trip ends. And the balance amount if any in cash. Works like a charm.

  53. Utkarsh Mishra

    Just got a mail from HDFC :

    For flight and hotel bookings, HDFC Bank Diners ClubMiles Credit Card members can redeem up to maximum of 70% of booking value through Reward Points. Rest will have to be paid via Credit Card.
    This will be effective from 25-Nov-2019.

      1. Moulieswaran Easwaramoorthy

        Hope at some point of time DCB will also fall in this

      2. ANAND JAIN

        I didn’t receive any email for my Infinia card. Has any one received the communication from HDFC bank on the 70 percent norm?

      3. aka

        is this card variant specific or for all card variants..i didn’t receive any mail !!

      4. Aka

        Not valid for diners black and infinia..we can redeem 100 percent….i just confirmed it with hdfc..

  54. Dr.Hardik Patel

    Hey, this upto 70% of rewards points, is it applicabel
    To diners club black and infinia cards too?

  55. Rohit

    I spoke to Super-Premium credit cards customer care and they have clarified that this change is not applicable to super premium cards, that is Infina and Diners Black. So, All the Infinia and Diners Black card holders will still be able to use 100% of points to book tickets. I guess this is another way of cutting costs as well as product differentiation between normal cards and Super Premium cards.

  56. Sharad

    I saw a new link on Smart Buy to purchase gift vouchers…..are we getting 10X on buy vouchers too now??

    1. Nihar

      Yes . Confirmed from customer care. It is part of 10X Smartbuy limit. But have not used it myself.

  57. Abhinav Mishra

    Have been using Regalia for a year now. Just got my hands on the Diners black. Just wanted to clarify, if I use my Diners on Myntra via Payzapp, would I be eligible for 10X?

    1. Umesh

      Why do you want to use Payzapp ? Myntra is direct partner. Pls make direct payment..

    2. Ankur

      Myntra is directly eligible for 10x on diners. Payzapp does not provide a y benefit.

  58. Hash

    can anybody please tell me how can i c9ntact customer care for reward point complaint any numbers

    1. Umesh

      Which credit card are you ready ? Pls check the number on the back of the card

    2. Prashant Gupta

      Its on the back of the card….and google is always there to help too……

  59. MUKUL

    Did anyone received Partners merchant transactions -9X reward point from July and September months?

    1. Nithin

      Still waiting for the july month. customer care executive told me to wait till 1st week of November

  60. Abhi

    What happens when you choose the Flipkart icon at the bottom of Payzapp app and shop from there and pay with your DBC? Is it eligible for 10X or not? The home screen of Payzapp app shows Smartbuy icon and further in the bottom it shows Compare&Book, Compare&Shop and Flipkart, and also shows 10x/5% on the bottom left with a ‘Learn More’ option.

  61. Amit

    Hdfc added gift vouchers also to the 10x smartbuy with lot more brands. So one may take gift voucher of ola and uber and enjoy 10x on rides costing < 150. Amazing benefits. Looks too good. Please highlight this in your next update.

    1. Varun

      Don’t buy the instant voucher of Ola – the balance amount gets forfeited ( the voucher can be used only once). Use Ola directly through 10X partners only.

  62. Abhishek Ginodia

    is 10X available on flight INTERNATIONAL flight bookings on smart buy?

  63. Richest 9

    Hi, one question if we make a purchase from Amazon using smartbuy paying the amount in part using Amazon pay balance and majority of the amount using diners black, and then call the HDFC customer care to convert the amount paid through CC to convert into EMI, then do we still get the 10x rewards points

    1. Chintan

      No, and by doing that you will also loose 1x point you had earned on that transaction.

  64. Sam

    I did a transaction this month (November) through smartbuy in Flipkart , but I did not receive 10x RP. After that I did another transaction in Flipkart through smart buy and received RP along with a text message that I have received 10x RP for the corresponding transaction. Why is it so? Am I not eligible for 10x RP for the transaction?

  65. naresh kumar

    Did Amazon transaction via smartbuy and got an email from amazon that it’s a smartbuy transaction, HDFC stepped up finally 😀

    1. Sourabh

      what was the content of the email and after how much time did you receive the email?

      1. cardexpertfan


        We’re writing to you about your order ***-****** placed on dd/mm/yy from

        This order was completed through HDFC Bank Smartbuy.

        Thank you for choosing Amazon.

  66. Varun Sharma

    I bought a fone from Flipkart of 38000 Rs through smart buy and I did not get any message or any 10X RP. so my question that does it take 40days to receive 10x RP?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      Usually 9x posting done within 2-3 days from date of transaction, if not you need to raise complaint also make sure you have proof like screenshots that your did transaction via Smartbuy else you can’t get 9x.

    2. Satyajit

      Call their call center and confirm if the transaction is valid for 10x

      They check and get back.

  67. Pranab

    @Varun Sharma,
    You’ll get 1X RP of 1265 (assuming you’ve DCB/Infinia) on T+2 days and rest 9X RP of 11385 on next day (T+3 days).

  68. Ashutosh S


    I have read in quite many replies that 9X points for purchases made on Flipkart through Smartbuy usually reflect within T+2 or T+3 days if made on 4th of the month onwards. If I make a transaction on 1st to 3rd, it will take 3 months. Does this still hold true?
    Also, if I make a transaction on the last day of the month, then will it surely be considered in that month’s quota?


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