HDFC Credit Card 10X Rewards Program (Aug 2019 Update)

By | October 5, 2019

10X Program Updated: The latest article on this can be seen here

For the first time in recent history, HDFC Bank decided to update its 10X program details pretty fast, by 1st of the month. Okay, jokes apart, it’s really good to see that the bank is finally giving importance to its customers expectations. I wish it continues in future updates/modifications too. Now let’s get into the details of the latest changes on HDFC credit card 10x Rewards program,


  • Validity: 1st Aug’19 – 31st Aug’19
  • Upper Cap: 25,000 Points for Infinia | 15,000 Points for Diners Black | Other Diners Cards & Regalia: 5000 Points | All other cards: 5% Cashback upto Rs.1000
  • Upper Cap Reset: Calendar Month
  • This Covers: Flipkart/Amazon via Smartbuy + Flights, Hotels via Smartbuy
  • Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month.
  • Offer T&C

Nothing much changed compared to the June/July 2019 version.

Diners 10x Partners 

  • Validity: 1st Aug’19 – 31st Dec’19
  • Brands: Myntra, Swiggy, BookMyShow, PayZapp, Zoomcar, and Godrej Nature’s Basket.
  • Upper Cap: 2K for Diners Rewardz, 5K for Diners Clubmiles/Premium & 25K for Diners Black
  • Upper Cap Reset: Calendar Month (Earlier Stmt. Cycle)
  • Points will be posted: in 2-5 days (2 days from the date of settlement of the transaction). AMAZING!

PayZapp is the great partner among the new ones as you could pay most utility bills, including RENT with it, a good replacement for SBI Prime for that matter. Zoomcar might make sense as well, for a few.

Things you need to know about PayZapp,

  • PayZapp now accepts Diners Cards on Android, make sure you update the app.
  • You can’t add Diners on IOS yet, but there is a way. Just add it via Android app and it will reflect on your IOS too.
  • Wallet loads doesn’t accrue 10X. No other restrictions “as of now”.
  • PayZapp merchants like Yatra are not accepting Diners card for payments. Will update more on this shortly.

Will write a dedicated article on PayZapp once the issues are fixed and once we get confirmation from bank on various unanswered queries.


It’s good to see that the HDFC 10X program still exists for even larger period: 5 months from Aug 2019. It still offers amazing returns that no one can match in the industry.

But if you see closer, what’s happening is the ability to do high value spend is shrinking over time. Though, its remains decent in its current form. Try to make the best use of it until it lasts, just don’t get mad about it. 🙂

What’s your take on the Aug 2019 Update? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

712 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card 10X Rewards Program (Aug 2019 Update)

  1. Binay

    How to use Payzapp, could u please elaborate a little on it. please

    1. Neeraj Pansari

      August update initially looks disappointing, but, it is not.
      We still have big basket via Payzapp.
      Uber replaced by Ola via Payzapp.
      (We just need to redirect to Ola and Big Basket app via Payzapp app and use them)
      All utility bill payments on 10x now via Payzapp.
      Myntra say replaces Tata Cliq.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        With Ola, it becomes wallet load again as Ola Wallet needs to be loaded upfront. Anyway, we may still get points if we’re lucky.

        1. KK

          Ola seems to have removed PayZapp as the payment gateway, and clicking on ‘Taxi’ link in PayZapp app though redirects to ola but warns that it’s a third party website with no affiliation to PayZapp.

          1. AK

            On clicking the taxi tab in Payzapp, although it gets redirected to Ola, but the payment option remains Ola wallet, which I believe will not be counted under 10x transaction. Don’t know any other way though

          2. Manish

            Well, with payzapp only smartbuy offers are utility bills or any payment made through payzapp. Please check the offer details from payzapp app for more info.

        2. PK2

          Thanks for update
          Ola money load not showing payzaap option

        3. kabilan

          We can add HDFC credit card and pay when the trip is started. I think, its a safer way to earn points.

          1. Kartik

            Do we get 10x points for paying for ola via diners black after getting redirected by the PayZapp??

      2. Dinesh

        How to pay Electricity bills in payzapp and earn 10x rewards? Could you please help me out?

      3. Jain

        is there any way to see rewards point breakup by transactions for hdfc cards?

        1. BeingHuman

          You can call CC and ask but there is no way as yet to see points summary by transactions

    2. Raj

      Exactly my question! It is really confusing for me – how do I use PayZapp to avail 10X on my Diners Black?

  2. Sumeet

    First thought R.I.P sbi prime !
    Big basket is a loss .
    Myntra is a good option , better than TATA cliq I guess.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Big basket is still live (via PayZapp).

      1. Sumeet

        Oh nice ! Sirji we need a detailed post on PayZapp ! Thanks in advance 😊

      2. Binay

        I second this, A detailed post on Payzapp and its merchant partners please

      3. Carpe

        Big basket via payzapp doesn’t work with cc. Only with payzapp wallet load. Hence no 10x

      4. Manoj Kumar

        Are you getting the 10x benefits for payments on Big basket through payzapp? I have done few transactions but didn’t seem to get the rewards.

    2. Balaji Muralidharan

      Would paying rent through Payzapp attract 10 x reward points. Also let me know what is the process for the same.

      1. raulnayak

        Signup for a redgiraffe account. You will get a RG ID. Go to Payzapp, select pay rent, use the same RG ID and pay with a Diners club card.

  3. Harshit

    Do you mean with high value spend shrinking to smartbuy 15k limit?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I meant the sites that can have high value spends like TataCliq is going away.

  4. AJ

    Are you sure about the 10X on utility payments? Because it says that Smartbuy txns on Payzapp will go under Smartbuy 10X (though Smartbuy 10X includes flipkart, amazon and compare & shop). Slightly confused if utility payments will get 10X or not.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Easy to find now, as they post 9X points very fast. Give it a try.

    2. Ankit Saraf

      As I understand, from smartbuy, for payment if payzapp wallet is used, the offer applied is for smartbuy transaction and so the cap also will be for smartbuy transaction. payzapp 10x will not be applied (no double dipping).

      1. Binay

        How can I pay rent using Payzapp ?
        Is it in Rentpay or something else ? Please elaborate. Uncontrolled excitement here 🙂

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Just replied to Surya. pls check 🙂

        2. Mohit

          I mean, do you think payzapp payment gateway will also be covered. If yes then a lot of more avenues will open up..

        3. Anurag

          I have made my rental payment right now, will get to know soon. However, prima facie it won’tbe 10x on rent simply because the TnC says this –

          “PayZapp wallet transactions are not eligible for 10X Rewards. Also SmartBuy transactions done via PayZapp will qualify for SmartBuy 10X and not on partner 10X program.”

          So since rent is paid from smartbuy page on PayZapp, it might mean that rent will not be included since it is not included in 10x offer (same goes for utility and everything under the smartbuy banner on PayZapp home page.

      2. Vidit Kalra

        Is it possible to get 10X points in Regalia for Rent Payments on PayZapp?
        Or is it valid only for Diners?

      3. Surya

        Sidhsrth.. kind of curious how to make rental payments through payzapp?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Pretty straightforward. Sign up for PayZapp by downloading their app, add any number of cards to the app, just like you would in PayTM and then select bill pay > Rent > RedGiraffe > Your RG-ID and make the payment.

          Thanks to Kushal

          1. Navneet

            When you register on RedGiraffe for , you furnish all the details including your own credit card details and house owner bank details. In this case, won’t the rent automatically be paid to the owner’s bank account on the due date and your credit card charged? How do you, then, stop monthly auto debit and pay through PayZapp?

      4. Mohammed Ashraf

        Hi Siddharth,please update about free netflix subscription for 3 months with hdfc credit cards

        1. Ankur

          Great find. Diners cards also now supported on Netflix.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Its sad to see tatacliq and especially uber not there. Tatacliq was good to buy high value electronics….now will get less points for buying lets say iphone of Rs80k…..
      Uber will see increased spends from sc ultimate because of 20% statement cashback.

      I still have a question does bill payments come under smartbuy cap or PayZapp cap

      1. PK2

        20% cashback on Uber rides
        This Promotion has Ended

        1. AJ

          Just confirmed today again, the offer is still live till 31st December 2020 only for Standard Chartered Ultimate Card. Min. total spends in a calendar month needs to be 15,000 Rs to get the 20% cashback (maximum 600 Rs).

  5. Mohit

    Does this mean we can use payzapp payment gateway on makemytrip also and be eligible

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I don’t think MMT accepts PayZapp.

      1. akshat

        Makemytrip seems to show Payzapp as an option under the wallets section.

        This can be a big win, as MMT also gives 5% rewards as MMT Black.

    2. kumarrsumit

      Nature’s basket is a good option too, you hardly get any discounts on imported stuff in India plus they offer wines too.

  6. Ankit Saraf

    Anyone doing rent payment on payzapp please confirm here if points are received or not. I have till 24th to make the decision as last month is already gone. Thanks in advance.

    1. wah005

      u Can get points by doing rent payment through payz app also u can avil 250rs cashback by application billpay coupon on checkout.
      your most welcome 😊

      1. KK

        I would not advice that. The tnc mention that 10x cannot be combined with any other offer.

        Just paid a utility bill payment of 7k. Will update in 2-4 days whether I get the RPs or not.

        1. KK

          IT’S WORKING GUYS. Got 9x points today for the electricity bill I paid via PayZapp app on 1 Aug, as soon as the offer was advertised. The extra 9x points aren’t showing in the HDFC bank internet banking / app login but they are available to be redeemed on the redemption portal. So 33% saving on electricity bill from now on. Dream on!

          1. Pawan Rathi

            The question is whether it shall be counted under Payzapp or Smartbuy?

          2. Binay

            How to get updated points in HDFC Smartbuy portal, I cant find to refresh it

          3. Pankaj

            Dear kk…. Can you please tell whether you get 10x for utility payment….
            Have you use bill pay coupon or not

        2. Pankaj

          Please update whether you get 10x point or not?
          Have you applied bill payment 250 discount point or not?

          1. KK

            Nopes. Not applied billpay, as I read somewhere that 10x can’t be combined with any other offer. Didn’t want to risk 2k points for Rs. 250

        3. Chirag Jain

          Hi KK,

          Thanks for sharing your findings for Electricity bill payment. I’m about to pay my bill and this would be a good win, if 10x works. Any idea if it counts in smartbuy limit or it will be under partner brand limit?

      2. Ankit Saraf

        Thank. I completely forgot about the 5% cb pn payzapp. Had stopped using after they reduced from 10%. I am still skeptical about the 10x reward points though.

        1. PointsPandit

          Customer care has confirmed that we can get 10X reward points for Rent Payments via Payzapp?

      3. Aditya

        Can we avail both 5% cashback and 10x reward points together in a single transaction?
        Please reply. It’s urgent.

        1. Chirag Jain

          Hi Aditya,

          Do you got an answer for this one? or if you attempted to try and test?

          1. GTMAX

            Yes, of course, you get it as answered by many other people who have already received it like me. Just that 10X was processed immediately after 2 days for transactions done till 3rd or 4th Aug, post that there is a delay in 9x posting for transactions done after that due to some technical issues at their end. Payzapp cashback will happen as per the mentioned timelines in the app. Go ahead and use the promo code as well.

  7. wah

    hello everyone,
    I want avil jumbo loan,offer is there on my account but the intrest rate is 18%,
    Kindly please show how can we reduce intrest rate of jumbo loan,
    I’m eligible for all products,smart emi,insta loan and jumbo loan.
    reply appreciated.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      This is triggered based on various factors which I don’t know yet.

    2. PointsPandit

      Click on it, go through the process, but leave the process I’m between. Loan team call executive will give you a call. Then negotiate interest rates.

      Have done it and reduced interest rates to 11.99% for PL.

      1. Abhi

        Reg the various queries on cashback+10X : You should be able to get both BILLPAY code cashback as well as 10X on same transaction. Diners T&C only says that you can’t get 10X if you are using another Diners offer. BILLPAY is not a Diners offer but is a payzapp offer, so they are separate and should be possible to combine. Although when I checked with Diners CC they ask check with payzapp CC whether both can be combined, and when you call payzapp CC they say they can’t comment on 10X as that’s a Diners program so you need to ask them.

  8. amex1

    Hello sid and all,
    i applied for Amex yesterday but i entered wrong Landline number,
    Does this affect my application,i try to correct it by amex care but said they can’t change once summited.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I did this mistake once (with Mobile #) and it went to CIBIL report. Stays forever.

      You may change the details (with Amex) when they call though, or after you get the card.

      1. wah

        Thank you sid,
        i spoke to himanshu,
        he said chances of getting application rejected is high as they do verification on Landline only,
        Does this really affects my application.
        i applied this card through ur link,
        I waited for almost more than a year for this card,
        It shows conditionally approve,hope it will get approved completely..

  9. rushabh

    One more point to note here is 9x points would be credited in 2 days post settlement from merchant. For sites like Payzapp I expect settlement to be quick and roughly 9x points should be credited within 4-5 days from transaction date.

    Seems good to me, given they have added Godrej’s nature basket too which can be availed offline and online both.

    I am still skeptical of no major tnc. I am guessing they would add terms soon. Most probably on rent.

    1. Ajay

      How do we know they are not reading this thread. We are giving them ideas to block this thing or the other. It’s better to keep quiet.

    2. Mickey

      This apparently has been re-set to 90 days. So don’t hold your breath for accelerated reward points within a week

      1. Anshul

        With all the info I’m reading from the fellow HDFC cardmembers here, one thing is for sure that HDFC is a shitty bank when it comes to making T&C, honoring them and being transparent and accountable. Seems like they do a pilot every time with 10X rewards without understanding the impact! I wonder who works on these offers and T&C at HDFC. I would have fired him right away. Playing with customers as per their whims and fancies and with pathetic, inconsistent, contradictory and dubious customer service ! If not for the lucrative 10X rewards, i would have ditched all of their cards right now! I still believe that day is not very far! Worst bank and worst service, taking customers for a ride!

  10. Kumar Shah

    How can you actually confirm that you received the 10x points from Smartbuy? Statements only show cumulative points so difficult to track.

    1. Srikanth V V

      I am also having same doubt. is there any other way to check points other than statements?

  11. Abhishek Roy

    It’s hard to believe what HDFC has put on platter by including PayZapp. I’m still sceptical of terms and conditions though. Only time will tell if we really get 10X points for every spend in PayZapp (Except Wallet load of course) or not.

  12. Chandan

    Hi Sid,
    Got Infinia last month. Annual spent is 8 lacs+. Was diners a better option considering 10x rewards?

  13. Amar

    Diners is supported on Payzapp only for payments within the app such as utility bills, rent and recharge etc.
    Merchants that accept Payzapp still not accepting Diners payment. So bigbasket, Ola all not possible.

    1. Biplav

      Hi Amar,

      I have been doing my monthly shopping from BB for the past 5-7 months using Diners Black.

      1. Shail J


        Direct card payment via diners is OK on BB but if it’s routed via PayZapp and payment is made through the linked card, in this case DCB, it doesn’t go through I believe.

      2. Amar

        I am not talking about direct payment on Bigbasket through Diners Black – that will not give you 10x points anymore.
        I am talking of using Diners through Payzapp on Big basket and other merchants which doesn’t seem to go through as Payzapp us restricting to Visa/Master only.
        I called up customer care and sent them a screenshot on mail asking how does 10x work then? They will revert.
        As of now, all merchants that accept Payzapp as payment gateway refusing Diners.
        Only In-app functions such as rent, bill pay etc. are working, which is kind of useless for me at least.
        Even scan and pay is not supporting Diners.

        1. Varun

          Yes thats correct. I tried making a payment on BB using Diners via Payzapp and it failed.

        2. Ravin

          Guys, just did a transaction on BB via Payzapp using Diners Black and no issues – The transaction went through in a breeze! I will update when the bonus 9X points come through!

          Can you all try once more?

      3. GTMAX

        Hi Biplav,

        All of us have been doing that directly on Bigbasket. Amar is saying that third-party merchants who accept Payzapp as payment mode are still not accepting payment from Diners and is currently limited to only Visa/Mastercard.

        1. PJ

          I did a transaction on policy bazaar yesterday via Payzapp, -> Diner black card, and it went through successfully. So the issue with Diner card acceptance doesn’t seem to be across all merchants.

          1. rahul

            how do you do transaction on policybazaar via payzapp?

          2. rahul

            I am unable to see payzapp option on Policybazaar ? Possible for you to help?

          3. PJ

            I did this transaction on 02-Aug, and today (4-Aug) the 9X points have been accrued

          4. PAWAN RATHI

            Where did you get the payzapp option on policybazaar? Please guide the process for the same

          5. AM

            I did not find Payzapp option on policybazaar. Can you please help?

          6. BeingHuman

            Now they have removed Payzapp as an option from Policy Bazaar

  14. Sunny

    Also, for bigbasket, will we have to transact through payzapp or we can directly open bigbasket and select payzapp as payment option?

    1. Kunal Jain

      even customer care doesn’t know. I am waiting to get confirmation on the same. But why these guys have to make it this complex

    2. KK

      As per the terms so far, either way should work for 10x

  15. Anurag Goyal

    PayZapp has less vendors in it. With Uber going away from 10x partner merchants, and taxi/ola link in PayZapp app not working, this is a significant loss to commuters. Any suggestions on how to make savings on Uber / Ola going forward Sid/Others?

    Insurance payments are capped for 1x points at 2000 per transaction. I wonder what will happen to 9x additional points when insurance payments are made through PayZapp. Can somebody please share their experience of insurance payment through PayZapp!

    1. KK

      Sc ultimate brochure says 20% off on uber rides upto Dec 2020. This hasn’t been confirmed by the users though.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        It has been confirmed many times. I am getting cashback every month.

      2. Biplav

        Its 20% of StanC Ultimate but capped at Rs600 per month.

        1. Binay

          Has it got any condition like spend atleast 20K in previous month or dont use coupon code or something ?

          1. Prashant Gupta

            Yes it has spend based condition. I think 20k.

      3. Amann

        I get the uber 20% cashback on my StanC Ultimate card within 60 days from end of the month in which uber transaction took place every time.

    2. KK

      What is the source of your info of 2000 cap on insurance payment?

    3. Ankur

      Regarding Uber/Ola savings, best choices now are :
      1) Axis Flipkart card that gives extra cashback on Uber
      2) Ola Sbi credit card for Ola specific cashbacks
      3) Standard Chartered Uber offer
      4) Paytm First card with Uber offer

      Major churn happening in industry these days, any thing can be discontinued or devalued. And dont have much information about Payzapp.

    4. Saurav Dokania

      I am not able to make payment in payzapp from dinners black. Although all my details are correct.
      Everytime I make payment it says authentication failed.
      I called payzapp customer care but no one isnpicking up the call.
      Can someone guide

      1. Mohit Kumar

        You need to check if your payzapp app is active . Call helpline 18001029426. Extension ivr options 1,5 and 2. Your pan card details need to be verified by payzapp team

    5. Abhishek Roy

      Uber still allows 20% CB on SC Ultimate. Ola, or a brief time was offering 10% discounts on SC Ultimate too.

    6. Neo

      i checked with HDFC CC. No cap on insurance payments using Payzapp
      Have a couple of payments to be done this month. Lets see how it goes


      1. Aditya

        Hello, can i make payment to my LIC policy? LIC was not showing in options.

  16. Shail J

    If I understand this correctly, any payment done via PayZapp whether it’s big basket or payment for some coaching fees through PayZapp payment on their portal etc. , it will all earn 10x points…
    Sid, if this understanding is correct, we have many more 10x partners indirectly through PayZapp as this also holds good for utility payment, recharges – mobile, DTH, online fee payments, Groceries etc.
    Also, the TnC says that 10x is not applicable for any paytm wallet transactions. This means only wallet loading and also any payments made through already available balance in wallet or there’s more to it. Please clarify.

  17. A2Z

    Let’s hope HDFC allows all categories on Payzapp in-App & even on 3rd parties
    As of now 3rd party payments are not enabled
    In-App Utility bill payment is success

  18. Gowtham

    I have tried paying Bigbasket through PayZapp. The transaction when using Diner’s doesn’t go through. So, looks like we are limited to PayZapp app payments for now.

  19. Harshil

    Hi Siddharth,

    Can you elaborate in a video perhaps, how to properly use 10x on amazon. I am always skeptical whether I am following the right process or not. Can I save item on wishlist, land on through smartbuy, go to card and add all the items ?

    1. Shaurya

      Yes you can. In fact when I had to buy a laptop, I opened Amazon app, browsed and added the laptop to cart. Then closed the app and went via the Smartbuy route to Amazon. Laptop was already in cart so just completed payment via Diners and got the points.

      1. Harshil

        Hi Shaurya, Whats the usual time for the points to get credited for Amazon. They say it can take 90 days. Its been 2months for some of my transactions, i still haven’t received the points;

        1. Tushar Pai Angle

          I also have the same question. Made purchases for around 40k back in early April, no sign of the points so far. Coming up on 120 days…

      2. Anurag

        Please do not do that, clearly mentioned on website-

        10X Reward points on select HDFC Bank Credit Card / 5% cashback on HDFC Bank Debit, Credit & Payzapp card offer is only on items added to cart on Amazon immediately after landing from the HDFC Bank Smartbuy. The offer will NOT be applicable on items that were already in the user’s cart (added during a previous session) but need to be added post landing from the HDFC Bank Smartbuy platform only.

      3. Mohit

        They have mentioned it in amazon that items already added to the cart will not be receiving 10x points. When you click on amazon, they have a popup which specifies the same

  20. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Thanks for super fast article. I really needed it. My question is that can we pay Redgiraffee rent of more than 1 lakhs via Payzapp ?

    1. Amann

      I have tried and it won’t go through for transactions over 1 lacs as wallet limit is 1 lac in case of Payzapp.

      Guessing they don’t want big transactions.

  21. Sachin

    Hi Siddharth,
    As of now I am using HDFC SmartPay to pay my rent using RedGirraffe. I can see Redgirraffe as biller in PayZapp as well, if I change my payment mode to PayZapp will that be eligible for 10x points? Also, doing Bigbasket transactions using Payzapp be eligible for 10x points?

  22. Mouli

    I have paid EB through payzapp today and need to wait for couple of days whether am I going to get 10x points?
    will update once I get it

  23. Prashant Gupta

    Zoomcar is not of much use. Look at the reviews on mouthshut 1.77 star for 11812 votes. Anyways for renting a card one cannot take chances from new startups. i have always heard negative reviews.

    1. Sumeeth Mafatlal

      Have been using for past few years. Car quality is good. At times it is dirty because of previous customer but have been helpful. Got 15k points on subscription car from Zoomcar

  24. Niraj

    Hey guys!!!
    Is there 5X or 10X promotions for international transactions(Online/POS) going on HDFC or Yes Bank or Amex or Citi Credit cards?

  25. Anurag

    Just made rental payment, waiting to see the rewards.

    1. Harshil

      Hi Anurag, do you cancel the credit card bill on smart pay if you are paying via payzapp ? Can you elaborate more.

      1. Anurag

        I did cancel smart pay, just paying manually now

        1. Raj

          Hi Anurag,

          What is the process to cancel Redgiraffe on smartpay? I’m unable to find the biller on the SmartPay portal.

          Please help me out!

          Thank you!

          1. Anurag

            If you cannot see on SmartPay then it is not added. It is right when you click SmartPay, you see the list.


      Hi, Anurag after how many days did you receive the 9x reward points for the rent payment?

  26. ravi

    PayZapp wallet transactions are not eligible for 10X Rewards. Also SmartBuy transactions done via PayZapp will qualify for SmartBuy 10X and not on partner 10X program.

    This is what’s there in terms and conditions of 10X prograame

  27. Aakash Anand

    Zoomcar !! This is good. Being a frequent Zoomcar user, this really helps

  28. Akil

    Added my Diners card in PayZapp, but if I try to make flight booking it is not going through. It says the transaction is failed. Have anyone was able to book flight tickets via PayZapp?
    And one more thing is it takes the booking via smart buy, do we get PayZapp 9X or only smartbuy?

    1. Kunal Jain

      So far most vendors have not activated diners club card use through payzapp. Waiting for this to be done.

      1. Romil Tehlan

        Its been almost a week that i made an Electricity payment via Payzapp but haven’t received the remaining 9X points.

        The description for this charge on my unbilled transactions shows “ Instapay BBPS Paynow KA”

        Anyone had the same issue ?

  29. Sky

    Hi Sid
    Is it more rewarding to pay rent through payzapp or by registering bill pay using Regalia? Please advice.

    1. PK2

      PayZapp with Diners partner program will get 25K RP for spend 75K INR

  30. Mr. Verma

    i didnt understand what does this line means- “PayZapp wallet transactions are not eligible for 10X Rewards. Also SmartBuy transactions done via PayZapp will qualify for SmartBuy 10X and not on partner 10X program.”. If i have to do a mobile recharge, how should it be done to get 10x points?

    1. raulnayak

      To get 10x, open Payzapp, go to BillPay/Recharge and pay using your Diners Card.

  31. SG

    Now we have to see what all merchants accept PayZapp. I’ll add a good one – YATRA

  32. Kunal Jain

    Customer care is not able to clearly tell if buying on Big basket after going through Payzapp (like smart buy) is acceptable. While 1 agent said you can buy on BB, and select Payzapp as payment mode and then use card to make payment and get 10x, another said no proper details on payzapp. Atleast good thing is, the settlement happens in 2 days, we can do a trail transaction and wait for 2 days to be 100% sure if we are getting 10x like this. I will look back at this thread to learn from experience of others

  33. Gautam

    If we make payment via Payzapp (using Diners card) on Yatra (or any othher website) will it be eligible for 10X reward points?

  34. Anand

    PayZapp seems useless. If I try to pay via PayZapp in, it says only Visa or Mastercard is allowed. So how we can earn 9X rewards on PayZapp? Very confusing.

    1. raulnayak

      They have updated now. I paid on Yatra a few days back with my ClubMiles and got the 10x.

  35. kanishk

    I am having diners black and need to book some international ticket worth 1 lakh
    Very much confused to do just via smartbuy or use Payzapp smartbuy or do it via mmt with 10% on other card?
    Any suggestion


      Book via a combination of Payzapp and Smartbuy (if you are booking multiple tickets). That way you will be able to make full use of the limit. Payzapp worked for me on MMT. You will have “complete the transaction on mobile”

      1. Anurag Goyal

        Hi Sandeep,
        Many thanks for sharing. I was trying to use PayZapp with mmt, but couldn’t. Please can you elaborate on how to use diners black thru PayZapp on mmt app/mobile website?

      2. Amar

        Sandeep please guide as to how did you use Payzapp on MMT. I am not able to see Payzapp as an option under wallets.

        1. raulnayak

          on the MMT app, you cannot see Payzapp as an option. However, it shows as an option on the website.
          I prefer Yatra anyways because of the better coupons and additional discount that they have for HDFC customers.

  36. Shailesh

    I had done lots of purchasing on Amazon.In using Diner Club Miles in July but the July statement doesn’t seem to have credited the 10x points (only normal points 1x) and its not showing on HDFC app as well. I didn’t had such issue prior to July, have anybody faced similar issue during July?

    1. Prabu

      I am still waiting for 10x points for transactions done in in April via smartbuy. Only 1x is credited so far and customer care asked me to wait till Aug statement is generated.

    2. raulnayak

      Amazon takes 90 days for 9x points to be credited. This is because unlike Flipkart, Amazon doesn’t have its own Smartbuy branded website.

    3. Anurag Goyal

      You would need to raise a complaint with HDFC after 90 days of the transaction. Amazon 10x has issues with automatic crediting of 9x points.

    4. Kumar Shah

      How do you know whether it credited the 10x points or 1x points?

  37. Saurabh

    Can anyone let me know about earning 10x on LIC payment?

    As such, “LIC Billdesk” is listed as a merchant on PayZapp website, however, there is no option in eWallets section on LIC portal at payment stage.
    If I select UPI, it asks for UPI ID / scanning QR code, however, its a UPI transaction and is routed through a bank account. That means no CC in between, then, no 10X as well.

    If someone can help me with this, it’ll be of great help as ~70K premium is due this month for me.

    1. AK

      Hi Siddharth,
      Whats the best way to pay LIC premium other than SBI prime. As pointed by Saurabh as well there is no option in payzapp.

    2. Parul

      Did you get any option to pay LIC premium through payzapp.
      I have an installment due next week.
      Pls suggest if you were able to seek an answer.

  38. Rohit

    Guys, we can give complaint to Payzapp that Diners card is not enabled in Big Basket etc, someone list all the places where we can complaint, i have not used payzapp till now, will download app and open the acccount.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      No. The complaint wont make any difference, they will never allow 10X points from 3rd party sites accepting PayZapp. Diners will work only work if you are paying anything from within PayZapp, like Electricity, Mobile Recharge etc.

      1. Rohit

        See, the complaints work, HDFC guys said they received a Tsunami of complaints regarding Payzapp/Bigbasket/Diners and it was rectified within 2-3 days.

  39. Vardhaman

    There is an 5X offer for regalia and regalia first card. 17th July to 30th Sep. on spends above 20k.
    T&C’s doesnt talk about upper cap.

    Can this be true ?

    1. Arvind

      When I checked with customer care for 10X rewards on Diners Club Black on PayZApp, they mentioned that BIgBasket spends won’t be considered for 10X offer even if we use through the app.

  40. Shail J

    Hope writing to PayZapp support on non in-app transactions like BB not going through via PayZapp if Diners card is chosen will help. The same should be escalated to diners premium helpline.

    If they see multiple complains being logged/registered on the same issue, they may look into it on priority.

  41. Sid.S

    I recently got an upgrade offer from hdfc from diners premium to club miles.
    Is it worth upgrading ?
    Any pointers will be helpful.

    1. Sid.S

      Will upgrading it reflect on my cibil report as a new card?

      1. Ankur

        No. Upgrading to new card will just replace the old card number in cibil.

  42. Sid.S

    Will upgrading it reflect on my cibil report as a new card?

    1. jambui

      No upgrade doesn’t do any hard on credit score. Also better take it. club miles is better if you can play miles game with 1:1 ration.

  43. M Muralidhar

    Will we get 10x if used in nature basket physical store?

  44. Varun

    Hi ,I need an advice ,there is a discrepancy of 21k rp for Dcb card.I had called the customer care gave them the transaction wise details for all 10 x transaction .But the answer was not very satisfactory. As per customer care there is no mechanism to check 10 x point has been credited against a particular transaction.For july transactions I have been told that 10x points will be credited by october.
    Please guide how to get the same checked

  45. Amar

    An update on Payzapp:
    Seems Diners enabling is work in progress here.
    Since yesterday, I now see Diners being enables for merchant transactions on Bookmyshow (useless though), Cleartrip, Yatra etc.
    Unfortunately, these are the same merchants where direct usage anyways fetches me 10x.
    Diners still not accepted in many other merchants via Payzapp (funny thing is error now says ‘only Visa/Master/Diners accepted’).
    But at least there is hope now that they are enabling Diners on Payzapp and we should see more acceptance going forward.

    But there is hope

    1. Anurag Goyal

      All PayZapp you have mentioned are thru PayZapp wallet- be careful

  46. Ankit

    Diners is not usable on any of external vendors through Payzapp. All excitement over now!

    1. Tejpartap Dhami

      I purchased TimesPrime subscription through computer using Payzapp > Diner’s Black (Not wallet money, but the card directly through PayZapp), so I think that counts under external 3rd party vendors.

  47. Shalini

    Installed Payzapp, added diners black, now trying to pay big basket via Payzapp and after entering cvv it fails. Why is that ?
    I am able to load money.
    So card data etc is correct.
    Is there any cool off period when you add a new card, it’s been more than 4 hours since I added.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      It seems, HDFC has still not allowed Diners to be used for all 3rd party txns via PayZapp. In some cases it works, in some cases it doesn’t.

  48. Suz

    Is rental/bill pay under smartbuy in the payzapp app?

  49. Nihar

    Guys did anyone try for recharge of TATA SKY DTH recharge through Payzapp using Diners card. I tried multiple times but the error is – Authentication Failed.
    What about others .

    1. Chintan

      Yup, recharged tatasky successfully. Worked like a charm for me.

  50. piyush

    I am facing this error while paying landline bill on payzapp through my diners black “your card authentication failed”.
    Anybody else facing this issue?

  51. Alex

    Hi. Paying rent through payzapp is counted under smartbuy or partner for 10x offer? I believe rent is listed in bill payment which is under smartbuy on payzapp

    1. Abhishek Roy

      The categories in which you are being directed to SmartBuy website which is outside the PayZapp app, those shall lie under the SmartBuy quota. For the ones like Electricity or Broadband etc, they will I guess lie under the Partner 10X quota.

      1. BeingHuman

        Yes those will be Partner 10x. Verified by doing Electricity bill payment. I used BILLPAY code as well.
        10X received. Payzapp cb awaited.

  52. Ashok

    Same here. BB not working for payzapp/dcb combination. I was dreaming of a triple dipping scenario which failed miserably. Planned to order for 1600 in bb. In this case i was thinking i get 150 cashback from bb using ’bstaraugb’ voucher then 75 from payzapp using ‘grocery’ voucher in payzapp window and finally 500 points from dcb. 🙂 But all failed at payment page. Raised an issue with payzapp customer support.

  53. Dr.Hardik Patel

    I want to know did someone paid RedGirraffe rent from payzapp app and got 10X rewards points? Please reply asap…i dont know why my comments not published since few instance…did i make something wrong in posting?

    1. Hari

      I have done it. The transaction was settled today. Would take at least a couple of days to get the accelerated RPs after the txn is settled. Will let you know once I receive.

      1. Srikanth V V

        How do you check the reward points before the statement generation. Is there any other place where we can check the reward points?

        1. hari

          No other way to keep track of RPs except maintaining an excel sheet.

        2. Rahul Dada

          Download HDFC app. There you can see posted rewar

        1. PAWAN RATHI

          Can you guide the steps that you followed for the same? Was it payzapp — rent under smartbuy —red-giraffe—diners card?

          1. Hari

            Login to PayZapp
            add your Diners Card ( if you haven’t added yet)
            Go to Recharge/Billpay ->Rental -> Select RedGirraffe -> Enter your RG Id & Mobile Number -> choose Diners card for payment.

        2. Swati

          Can you please tell me with how you are seeing the updated points? I thought it was just at the end if the month in the statement

        3. PAWAN RATHI

          Hi Hari, so how many days did it take since rent payment for the 10x points to reflect? I paid on 7th August, still waiting for the accelerated 9x points.

  54. Pranav sharma

    Does scan and pay in payzapp works for dinner black card

    1. Nihar

      I tried this too , but failed since linked cards in this case DCB is not shown . Only visa / master card can be added ; the page says !

  55. Prashant

    over the period of last 3 days I did 2 transactions through external vendors. All were successful.
    I even spoke to CC and they were confident I would get 10x.
    1. used on ICICI lombard to renew my vehicle insurance.
    2. Used on Indgo to book my flight ticket.

    Did not try on BB because I use my sodexho .

    1. Shail J

      Believe you meant non in-app transactions via PayZapp from Diners card and all were successful

    2. Pankaj Singhal

      For those whose transactions are failing, delete the card and add it again. Worked for me.

      1. RGT

        Deleted the card and tried, didn’t work on Yatra.

    3. Pranav sharma

      Do icici Lombard has payzapp to pay vehicle insurance

    4. Neo

      Hi Prashant,
      Were these txns done on laptop or mobile ? I am asking because I have Insurance premiums to pay this month & wanted to know the way to do via Payzapp


    5. Pratik

      How did you pay on ICICI lombard through payzapp. There is no such option available on the payment page.

  56. Akansha

    Over the last 2 days I have made three transactions through payzapp,
    1- broadband internet
    2- postpaid bill
    3- tatasky recharge
    Let us see if these would get me 10x points or not.
    Will keep you updated…

  57. Umesh

    I have been trying to make rental payment using PayZapp but no luck.. Called up customer care and they also couldn’t figure out the issue.. They asked me to uninstall and install it again.. But still it didn’t help.. Any suggestions pls ?

  58. VK

    Can anyone here guide me on how do i see transaction specific 9x points being credited?

    My credit card statement just shows the consolidated no. Of reward points for the statement period.

    FYI, i am non-banking credit card customer so i dont have any online netbanking options.

    Any advice from Siddarth is much appreciated.


    1. PJ

      Use the “New User” option on below url to register for net banking access for your credit card

      1. Tejpartap Dhami

        Is there an option under netbanking to see points for each transaction? 1x (for regular transactions) and remaining 9x (for eligible 10x transactions). I just seem it under redeem points where it shows me only the cumulative number of accrued points. I would like to see a breakdown of points per transaction.

  59. Ankit Jain

    Good news, I have recieved 10x points [13k] for 40k rent paid on 1 Aug payzapp. Enjoy..

    1. Pranav6410

      How did you paid the rent , suppose i have redgirraffe id and the due date is 9th of every month then how to pay manually and how much time they will take to process it

    2. PJ

      Hi Ankit,
      Can you pls check with Diners customer care whether these 13K points were part given as part of SmartBuy quota, or 10X partner quota. Reason for asking is because Bill payment is mentioned as part of SmartBuy options in Payzapp app.

    3. rushabh

      Great news. I did transaction on 2nd Aug and I hope I receive it tomorrow. I receices 1x but waiting for 9x now.

    4. pawan rathi

      Can you guide the steps that you followed for the same? Was it payzapp — rent under smartbuy —red-giraffe—diners card?

    5. Ayush Agrawal

      I’m a first time Red Giraffe user, please confirm if my process was correct:
      1. Register on the Red giraffe website and generate property ID
      2. Go to the Smart Buy section in the Pay zapp app and select recharge/bill pay, then “rental” under “utility/bill pay”
      3. Follow the process and pay via DCB card.

    6. Klopp

      Can you please contact CC and confirm if these points will be considered for SmartBuy 15K cap of Partners 25K cap ?

      1. Klopp

        I have exhausted my Smartbuy 15K cap for this month already. So hoping the rent would be under 25K partners quota. One way to verify this would be if someone has paid more than 50K as rent and received more than 15K 9X RP

    7. SKR

      Great.How many days will it take to credit inot landlord’s account once rent is initaited from our side.
      How to proceed to pay rent using payzapp?Should i need to register in redgiraffe website and comeback to payzapp for paying rent?

  60. PJ

    I did this transaction on policybazaar using Payzapp->Diner black on 02-Aug, and today (4-Aug) the 9X points have been accrued.

  61. Vijin

    SBI life insurance payment went through payzapp/DCB combo for me, however no luck with Bigbasket. Payzapp says issue is with HDFC bank. Called up Diners toll free number and they acknowledged there has been multiple feedbacks received for same issue, however insisted issue is with those vendors declining the transaction.

    1. Pranav6410

      I have Twitter bb team they said this
      That’s odd! This seems to be working smoothly at our end, request you to get in touch with Payzapp for further assistance in this regard.

  62. karun

    Through payzpp do we get 10x rewards on big basket portal !

  63. Dr Pankaj Gupta

    Is there a limitto transaction amount when paying bill/rent on payzapp via DCB. Of course there is a limit to wallet loading of 1 lakhs, but what about direct billpayment

  64. Navin

    Few queries:
    1) the weightage of 1 HDFC reward point is just 20paisa right ??
    2) can I get HDFC credit card without any relation with HDFC bank based on itr or another credit card ??
    3) how much rewards do you get percentage wise on 100 rupees
    4) which is the best variant of the card according to you and fees of that card

  65. Mickey

    I have not received any 10x points for electricity bill payment through payzapp. Maybe because I used the BILLPAY promo code for 5% cashback?

  66. Shail J

    @ankit Jain, It’s in a way 13k cashback on a 40k transaction. Mind boggling.

    Guys, If someone plays it well and put all eligible transactions like rental (redgiraffe), BB provided it works, Electricity bill, mobile, DTH, Coaching payment (like I did for tennis), insurance, etc,one can easily mint 40k-50k points in a month which translates into the same amount in rupees when redeemed on flights/hotels.

    This is just mind blowing and where is this all heading. Either the eligibility card for this card is going to be tougher in the days to come or they might devalue this card. This is just not sustainable.

    1. A2Z

      As of now 100% value is derived when redeemed it for Flights/Hotels
      Hotels usually have higher pricing on HDFC portals & otherwise these will be better priced
      Flights are main interest area for redemption of points
      As HDFC been infamous for devaluing points & they did so so in 2017 during Independence
      Now Imagine if they remove Flights!!!
      What will be worth of bulk points which many have accumulated

    2. Neo

      But the problem is, you can make only 25k ( thats the max cap) assuming all these Payzapp txns are categorized as Partner & not Smartbuy transactions.
      Paying rent alone will make a domestic roundtrip.
      Also, the insurance section in payzapp is only for life insurance or vehicle insurance as well?


  67. kanishk

    Facing Problem on Akbar Travels while using Diners Card
    It always says Authentication Failed

  68. DCB_YFE_Ultimate

    Can Anyone you received the 10X points confirm the following
    1. 10X on utility like Rentals / Electricity will get counted in Smart Pay or Partner payment. My guess is it will be in Smart pay section and Utility is listed in smart Buy section as a header.

    2. Payment by Payzapp (on thirdparty Party tools ) should get counted in Partner payments if made by payzapp. Although at moment Diners is not allowed for that in some cases

  69. Harsh Garg

    Hi All,

    Since 10x has been removed from Uber, I have a question.

    I spend more than 30k a month on rides, could you please suggest a few options to maximize the benefit from this spend.

    The dilemma is that i will be getting 3.3% from Diners Black, so SC Ultimate or SBI Ola does not provide large incremental benefits.

    I am looking forward to some hacks around the same!

    1. Ankur

      You may buy UBER gift vouchers from website which accepts PayZapp as payment option for 33% rewards.

      1. Anurag

        From where, can you explain? I cannot see it on PayZapp website.

  70. Niraj

    It seems Payzapp doesn’t have it’s own HDFC Life insurance payment option!!!
    Weird HDFC and it’s product integration!!!

  71. Nithin

    looks like dinners is more rewarding than infinia?

  72. Sid Kapoor


    Can I get Diners Club Black as a second credit card from HDFC ? If yes, is it advisable to do so ? I currently have an HDFC Infinia but looks like that Diners PAYZAPP offer is too good to be missed.

  73. Monarch


    With no MMT or Yatra, is there a way to earn 10x for hotel booking for international travel. SmartPay covers only limited hotels in India.

    1. Neeraj Pansari

      Smartbuy covers all international hotels as well.

  74. Anubhav Gupta

    Does anyone have an idea about how to upgrade to Full KYC in PayZapp. I am not holding an account with HDFC but do possess HDFC Diners Card.
    I guess full KYC compliant account has the benefits of Cashback and not the Basic KYC PayZapp account.!

  75. Points Pandit

    Can anyone guide on how do you check points credit after 2 days or 5 days of transaction in DCB? I was able to check it with 1-2 days when I had Jet Signature card. However, with DCB, I see points updating only at the time of statement generation.

    Please help.

    1. raulnayak

      In your net banking, go to credit cards and select account summary or account information. It will show points accrued till now and points balance. The points accrued is only to show how much is accrued and can only be redeemed after the statement is generated.

  76. Hussain

    I am trying to upgrade my Regalia first CC,

    If i get an option which should I got with?
    1 Regalia or
    2 Diners club miles

    1. Ankur

      If Visa/Mastercard compatibility is more important and you have a backup card then Diners for its 10x offers else Regalia.

  77. Tejpartap Dhami

    Is PayZapp working for anyone on HDFC Ergo Renewals? When I select PayZapp, it says processing payment and then payment failure. It doesn’t even take me to PayZapp. Just shows everything on HDFC Ergo platform. I have an insurance renewal in 3 days. Please advise if this is possible. I’ve tried otherwise and PayZapp is working on other 3rd parties. I have tried different devices and different internet access points.

  78. Dr Pankaj Gupta

    paid rent with DCB via payzapp, got 10X points, have now paid electricity bill, lets see what points i get

    1. Klopp

      please confirm through CC if it’s through the Smartbuy (15K cap) quota or partners (25K cap) quota.

  79. Mouli

    I have received 10x points for EB payment through Payzapp but i am not sure whether this will be considered as part of 10x in Smartbuy category (15000 RP limit)or 10x under diners category for Payzapp (25000 RP limit)

    1. Klopp

      Call customer care guys. Points description might shed some light over this.

    2. Sachin

      Did you use “BILLPAY” coupon code while paying EB?

  80. Prashant Gupta

    Did Rs.150 recharge on 1st and got the 9X points today i.e on 5th.

  81. Gkcards

    For Amazon, they are saying points posting is in 90 days whereas for flipkart its 3-4 days. Is it correct?

    1. raulnayak

      Yes. Flipkart has its own smartbuy website so it is easy to track. The points are credited 1 day after the payment is settled. For Amazon, it says 90 days but usually, it is done within 30-40 days. This is because Amazon needs to track and ensure you do not return the purchase. It then reports it to HDFC who then consolidates and gives you the points

  82. Tina

    Has anyone had any luck with payzapp and Ola money yet? Anyone raised this with payzapp/diners customer care?

  83. Chintan

    I received 10x for TataSky payment, shopping on Myntra, Swiggy and BookMyShow.
    2500 points on my clubmiles card in 4 days.
    Thats awesome

    1. aditya

      Chintan, did you inquire whether it’s mapped to SmartBuy or Partner brand?
      How did you make payment?

      1. Chintan

        Checked with Customer Care, These transactions are considered under partners brand.

  84. Sarim

    Ok, so here is the latest update on the Big Basket and Ola saga:

    I just talked to a CC executive from HDFC Bank (who by the way also happened to have a Diner Club credit card of his own) and here is what he had to say –

    1. Big Basket – the issue of Payzapp not completing the payment on Big Basket if you use DCB has been reported enough number of times to the bank that it has become a major one internally and they are right now working on its resolution at the earliest. When I casually commented that hope it should get resolved in the next 10 days or so, the executive pointed out that it might get resolved even earlier (a matter of few days perhaps)

    Also, I clarified that whether one goes to BB via Payzapp app or go to BB directly and then chose Payzapp as a payment option, either ways you will earn 10x RP!

    Apparently, 3 out of 10 calls they are receiving are about this issue and they recognize that Diners club patrons are heavy spenders on BB.

    2. Ola – He has mentioned that we may be able to accrue 10x RP if we access Ola through the Payzapp app and if Payzapp gets incorporated as a payments partner for Ola. As of now, Payzapp is not listed as a payment partner, but this issue is also being worked upon and should get resolved soon enough.
    However, loading the Ola wallet through Payzapp (and therefore through Diner Club CC) will most definitely not accrue 10x RP.

    1. Tina

      Thanks this is extremely helpful!
      Just one point on Ola – why would payzapp have a redirect link to ola on its app if it is not a payment partner for ola! seems strange. did the customer care executive tell you this – “However, loading the Ola wallet through Payzapp (and therefore through Diner Club CC) will most definitely not accrue 10x RP.” – or is this your inference?

      1. Sarim

        @Tina – The executive clearly mentioned that no RP will accrued for Ola wallet load. He hinted the issue of Payzapp not appearing on Ola will be resolved soon. Keeping fingers crossed!

    2. Pranav Sharma

      Did anyone of you got the electronic bill payment and added billpay promo to it and too got 10x points

    3. KK

      The only way PayZapp has ever worked with ola in the past is ola wallet loading through payzapp.

  85. KK

    Well those asking if reward points due to Electricity Bill / DTH / Mobile Bill pay will count from 10x partner quota or smartbuy quota, the confusion shall remain till the CC team of payzapp / diners clarifies. However here are my reasons to believe it is from payzapp partner quota and NOT smartbuy quota

    1. There is nothing smart about this buy. It offers no comparison across portals, no way of saving (which smartbuy stands for, beyond the offers and cashbacks).
    2. I got incremental 9x RPs within 2 days, and did not have to wait for 90 days. This condition provides a strong basis to believe that the said payments through payzapp are counted against partner 10x and not smartbuy 10x.

    1. Tina

      While your first point may have some merit, your second point isn’t a strong one since all other smartbuy 10x (flipkart, flights, etc. except amazon) also get posted within a few days

    2. Ajinkya

      I called up customer care twice and confirmed that this is under diners quota of 25,000 and not smartbuy quota of 15,000. I told the guys that on the payzapp page it does come under smartbuy heading but they said, it will still be counted against 25,000 only.

  86. Mickey

    I have not received 10x on Electricity bill payment through payzapp. Is it be because I used the promo code BILLPAY?

    1. Rajnish Kumar

      I have received 10x points for billpay. I have applied the coupon and done the transaction on payzapp iOS app.

    2. Mouli


      May be because you used the promo code and they mentioned it that no two offers should be combined
      I received 10x points for Electricity Bills ,I didn’t use any promo code

      1. Shrey

        Successfully used DCB For Bigbasket using payzapp.Happy day for me.

    3. AK

      check your redeem points page, there points are updated first and I think i might have got 10x alongwith “billpay”

  87. ManzB

    Tried MMT/ Easemytrip/ Yatra.. all failed to go thru Payzapp. Finally tried thru Indigo app today. It went perfectly. Ticket confirmed. Hope I will get 10X for the same. Will update soon. Seems Payzapp is not yet a stable wallet.

  88. Mr. Verma


    what is the correct way to get 10X PAYZAPP partner points.

    1. Go To specific site->Use payzapp while making payment -> enter dinersdetails ?
    2. Open Payzapp app -> Place required order -> enter diners details ?

    Or are both valid ?


    1. Neeraj Pansari

      1 is not valid.
      2 is right for 10x for those sites which are not re-directed to smartbuy. If it is redirected to smartbuy, it comes under smartbuy 10x and not direct.

      1. Sarim

        Neeraj, why is the first approach invalid? Any sources?

        1. Ankur Maheshwari

          The first approach works for 10X, I paid my insurance with this and accelerated points were credited.

      2. Neeraj Pansari

        Sorry, my bad.
        Checked with customer care.
        Both the options above are valid for 10x.
        1. Go To specific site->Use payzapp while making payment -> enter dinersdetails ?
        2. Open Payzapp app -> Place required order -> enter diners details ?

  89. Aman

    Has anybody payed through scan and pay and got 10X.
    When we pay via bharat qr code in payzaap app it says 10% cashback on scan and pay and no promo code is requied and max cash back 10 %. Will i get 10x or 10% ( means max 100rs)
    This offer is auto applied when we scan and pay as it needs no promocode. Will it be called a combined offer as we cant combine 2 offers to get10x. Has anybody got 10x on scan and pay

    1. Pavan G

      I asked customer care about scan and pay ..they said will not get 10x points for that

  90. Ankit

    Received 25k points for transactions done in the month April on Amazon/Flipkart ….seems points posting is smooth from August onwards….

  91. Gagan

    Bigbasket Payment through Payzapp is working now

  92. SG

    Has anyone who has applied BILLPAY coupon code in PayZapp, got 10X points? I did and I’m still waiting for the 9X RP.

    1. Mickey

      SG – I applied the BILLPAY and did not receive the 10x. I checked on the smartbuy redemption page, no extra points there also.

      1. Mickey

        @SG – really? I haven’t received the 9x. Only got the 250/-

        1. raulnayak

          Payzapp is a Diners partner! I dont think there is any offer for Regalia expect for Smartbuy

  93. RGT

    Anyone found a travel website that is working with PayZapp through diners card? Yatra not working and MMT has no option for PayZapp

    1. Ankur Maheshwari

      Hello RGT

      I suppose. EaseMyTrip is working for Flight Bookings using Payzapp + Diners (For Partner 10X RP).

      Somebody can try and revert for this.

  94. Aditya

    Payzapp payment on BigBasket worked for as well, thru Payzapp app. Need to check on 10X points.

    1. Garima

      How to pay using payzapp? Plz elaborate. As i am unable to add my diners card to payzapp.

      1. Ankur Maheshwari

        Hello Garima

        Diners can be added only through Android App, iOS doesn’t support it yet as mentioned by Sid in the blog post.

        Add using an Android Device, but you can use it in iOS afterwards.

        Hope it helps

        Thank you

  95. Ankur Maheshwari

    I transacted on three different merchants using my Diner Club-Miles and got 10X RP in all three cases.

    1. Transaction by Swipe on Offline Merchant (Food): Rs. 748 (Normal RP: 16 + Accelerated RP: 144)
    2. Transaction on GROFERS Website, Used HDFC250 code for 250 off on 1500+ : Rs. 1295 (Normal RP: 32 + Accelerated RP: 288)
    3. Transaction on Religare Health Insurance Website, paid by Website -> Select Payzapp -> Select Diner -> Enter OTP -> Transaction Complete: Rs. 23423 (Normal RP: 624 + Accelerated RP: 4568) [[Accelerated RP reduced because of 5000 RP Limit]]

    Total Accelerated RP: 4568 + 288 +144 = 5000

    Surprising thing is that I got Accelerated RP even for swiping offline, and on Grofers which is not in the list of partner brands.

    Points Credited in 4 BUSINESS Days of transaction.

    “Redeem Reward Points” section is updated before its updated on the home page.

    Steps to view latest points:
    HDFC Account Netbanking -> Cards -> Credit Cards -> Enquire -> Redeem Reward Points -> My Rewards -> View Rewards History -> ACCRUED till date.
    HDFC CC Netbanking -> Request -> Redeem Reward Points -> My Rewards -> View Rewards History -> ACCRUED till date.

    1. Raj

      Thank you so much for this, Ankur. Appreciate it.

    2. Gopal Gidwani

      Hello Ankur,
      How did you get the 10X points on Grofers?
      Did you select credit card as payment option and pay directly using credit card option and paid through your Diners CC?
      Did you select PayZapp as payment option and then paid through your Diners CC?

      It is surprising that you got 10X offer on Grofers and your offline food transaction even though these merchants are not a part of 10X program

    3. Pranav sharma

      How did you get 10x for even non partner payment

      1. Ankur Maheshwari

        Hello Pranav,

        I am too surprised for this. Maybe some error on their part or deliberately they are offering 10X points.

        Just swipe/insert chip normally as you always do.

        No special step

        1. Ashish Mittal

          Hello Ankur/Pranav

          Ankur has received 9x points only on Religare Health Insurance Website by payzapp, as his max limit is 5000 and from this transaction only points should be 5616.

          1. Ankur Maheshwari

            Hello Mr. Mittal

            Religare transaction was done after Grofers and the offline transaction.
            The accelerated points for those merchants were updated before Religare, moreover I have maintained an Excel to keep a track on points.

            So far everything is matching penny to penny.

            Thank you

      2. Mayank

        partner in this case is Payzapp. any transaction through payzapp (except from wallet) should fetch 10X. There is no mention that only partner transaction will get 10X from payzapp.

    4. Sharma

      You paid 23423 on Religare website. May be all your reward points are from this transaction. How are you so sure that you points from transacting offline?

      1. Ankur Maheshwari

        Hello Mr. Sharma

        Religare transaction was done after Grofers, and offline transactions and accelerated points for those merchants were updated before Religare.

        Since I am Diners Member since only July 2019, I have maintained an Excel to keep a track on points.

        So far everything is matching penny to penny.

        Thank you

        1. CAKS

          They do just in coming months.
          As per my excel sheet I was given around 10K extra pts initially and then adjusted after 2nd/3rd month. This happened to me last year in 2nd month of card issue.
          Good luck.

    5. Chintan

      Awesome, thanks for the update Ankur, appreciate it.

    6. Akshat

      What do you mean be points accrued till date? What all points does it includes (does it include points which have already been redeemed)?

    7. Nimish

      Grofers has 10x too?! To my understanding there is no PayZapp payment option either.

  96. Tejpartap Dhami

    Some help needed to get maximum points. Please shed light.
    I made a flight purchase through SmartBuy for about 1.95L
    I chose the EMI option for 6 months, but when I went to the payment page, it asked me to make entire payment; so I did. I would like to pay this over 6 months so I can get 10X points every month.
    Please advise, do I need to manually convert this into some sort of EMI; and if so, how?

    1. Ankur

      You will get accelerated RP for 1.95L i.e. 15000 if DCB.

      RP is accrued when transaction is done, not when you pay the amount.

    2. Binay

      Manually converting it to EMI wont help, Had u done EMI payment initially, you would have got max RP of 15K per month on DCB and 25K RP on Infinia.

      1. Tejpartap Dhami

        I did select EMI 6 month option. Then when it went to payment page where you enter the CC info; it asked me to make payment for full amount. I was wondering if this is how the system worked, that I had to authorize full amount and then it would deduct it monthly and give me an option to get it over 6 months more points than I would get over a single transaction. Now, I’m just wondering if I’ll be charged this in a single transaction or if it’ll be broken down over 6 months. Goal is to maximize points even if it comes at a slight cost of interest. Sorry; this is my first time doing an EMI so have no idea.

  97. Ramesh Kumar

    Today, received 9x for transaction done on 4th, even for amazon Smartbuy transaction which is huge improvement on HDFC reward system.

    1. Ankur

      Which SmartBuy transaction did the points were credited in 4 days.

      Please elaborate.

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        I did transaction on amazon through Smartbuy on Aug 4th and received 1x on 6th Aug and remaining 9x on 7th Aug.

        1. Ankur Maheshwari

          Hello Ramesh

          Thanks a lot for the update, Appreciate your reply.

  98. Rajesh

    Any body having list which are the online sites accepting PayZapp.. i know some sites (indigo, IRCTC,big basket, bookmyshow… ) . If any body knows more websites kindly post the details.

  99. Chethan Ramesh

    When you register on RedGiraffe for , you furnish all the details including your own credit card details and house owner bank details. In this case, won’t the rent automatically be paid to the owner’s bank account on the due date and your credit card charged? How do you, then, stop monthly auto debit and pay through PayZapp?

    1. hari

      Just delete the RG biller from your card account. The rent will not be processed by the bank.

    2. Mihir Saudagar

      The automatic debit will only happen if you register the red-giraffe as biller for autopay in smartpay. Otherwise it will not be automatically charged.
      In case you have registered in smartpay for automatic billing, cancel that.
      In payzapp, go to the rent option, choose biller as redgiraffe, provide the required details and go ahead and pay

    3. Pragyan

      Upon registering on redgiraffe they provide a property id and you have to add this property id to your hdfc bill payment system so that bank can fetch bill details against that id. You can pay rent via payzapp using that same id and mobile number of tenant. Most bill payment system works on specific id like policy number or mobil number for postpaid.

  100. Rohit

    People who are having problems on HDFC Ergo for insurance payments can complain to HDFC Credit card customer care and get it rectified just like Big Basket complaint led to changes within 2-3 days of complaints. Also, give secondary complaint/suggestion to Payzapp customer care asking them to add HDFC Ergo in insurance section.

  101. Pragyan Sen

    I placed order on BigBasket through PayZapp + DCB and the payment processed successfully.

  102. Tina

    I just made a payment through DCB on payzapp on a website that offered payzapp through the payu gateway. The transaction SMS mentions only payu – will i still get 10x?

    1. Pranav Sharma

      Have you paid through hdfc smarthub , if yes please tell me if you got the points after 2-3 days

    2. Ajinkya

      I have used DCB for SOTC payments earlier this year and it mentioned “SOTC” clearly in the SMS even when the payment gateway was PayU. Got 10x for all such transactions. I know this does not exactly answer your question but I think you should check with the CC customer care for the same.

  103. Mohit

    What’s the difference between accrued n available points ?

    1. Himanshu

      Pls tell if I use coupon code “BILLPAY” or “GROCERY” for electricity bill and bigbasket respectively, will I still be able to collect 10x points on my diners?

    2. Neo

      Available points are points as per your last generated statement which are available for redemption. Accrued points keep on getting updated as when HDFC credits points to your account & will become available once the next stmt is generated


      1. Akshat

        Thanks Neo. Does the accrue points includes points from Previous statement and the points which have been reedemed. Example – 100 points in last statement, point reedemed 50 points and the accrued points till date is 180. What will be the points in the next statement?

        1. raulnayak

          Accrued points are Last Statement points-Redeemed points+Currently earned points.

  104. Prateek

    Was able to place order on BB using Payzapp using Diners Black. No issues whatsoever.

  105. Deepak Kumar

    Can someone please clarify that if I pay using payzapp for a flipkart purchase, the cap considered will be 25 k or not?

    1. Ankur Maheshwari

      Hello Mr. Kumar

      As mentioned in T&Cs, SmartBuy transactions done via PayZapp will qualify for SmartBuy 10X and not on partner 10X program.

      Since Flipkart is a Smartbuy partner, so it will be under Smartbuy Category for which the upper threshold is 15,000 for DCB, and 25,000 for Infinia, and 5,000 for other Diners/Regalia.

  106. DPX

    Called up Diners Black CC regarding Payzapp confusion. Here is what they confirmed (with great clarity).

    Transactions under bill payments / rent / insurance etc . basically all categories except those which get directed to smartbuy property (fk, Amazon, compare and buy, compare and fly) would quality as merchant spends and not under smartbuy 10x.

  107. Dr.Hardik Patel

    Hi, Siddharth and everyone…this question asked many time on this blog and everyone really concerned about this…if we use BILLPAY promo code or any other promo code on payzapp with diners card, do we get both promo code caskback and 10X rewards points? Yours reply highly appreciated…

      1. Mickey

        No, both will not come – it’s been 8 days, I have received the 250/- but no extra 10x points

        1. Pranav sharma

          But many users are saying they got 10x along with the cashback

        2. srk

          CC confirmed will get both.Can some one else please confirm?

          1. Mickey

            Have already written to them, no reply.

            I’m guessing even they don’t know. CC of HDFC is quite poor, they don’t know features of their own cards. But they so know how to sell you insurance when you are ending the call. And they are very smart – they will say not say it’s a chargeable service.

            So be careful before buying any insurance on the phone from CC

        3. AK

          Please check directly with hdfc or payzapp support

        4. Ajinkya

          Nope, both will come. Had applied “BILLPAY” and got 10x within 2 days of paying the bill. Confirmed with customer care too.

          1. Mickey

            Maybe only for DCB/ Infinia? I have not received 10x for Regalia while the 250 has already come

          2. Kevin Clint Dsouza

            Was this paid through Diners/Infinia card or did you use Regalia?
            I’m kot sure if it comes incase of Regalia.

          3. Ajinkya

            Paid using DCB. I am not sure if non-diner’s cards have 10x on Payzapp.

            I asked the HDFC super premium CC helpline guy and he confirmed that Payzapp promo codes or any other promo codes have no impact on the 10x points being given. It is contrary to the terms and conditions mentioned on the DCB website that the 10x offer cannot be combined with any other offer but I am not really sure what that really means as the customer care guy told the opposite.

  108. Mohan

    I’m trying to pay electricity bill for Dad’s business (Tamil Nadu) for approx 1,15,000 in payzapp suing DCB … But I’m getting an error that “Card transaction limit reached! Would you like to re-try the transaction again with different card?” … I did try with SBI Elite card also – same error … I have >3X available limit in both cards.

    Called payzapp team, they said they don’t block any transaction paid directly via card – but I don’t truly believe what the CC lady said … Any one else faced this issue? Is there a maximum limit of bill payment via Payzapp? Thanks!

    1. Dr Pankaj Gupta

      Yes i got same response when i tried to pay rent of 108000, both on app as well as from customer care. This is the reason i had asked earlier on this forum regarding any limits on bill amount

    2. Vinod Kannan

      U can pay a maximum of 1 lakh in a single transaction through Wallets.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        PayZapp behaves little diff. compared to other popular wallets, as its bank integrated wallet and works more like a payment gateway. >1L txn used to go through in the past. They might have added some restrictions recently.

    3. Dr Pankaj Gupta

      Again clarified with payzapp team, they say theyare working on some technical issues regarding the same. They confirmed that there is no upper limit to bill payments.

      1. Prateek

        I think the limit is set by RBI to 50000/- per month through payzap

      2. Kevin

        Anyone successful in making over a lac payment for utility bills?

        1. Aditya D

          Nope, I had to pay an electricity bill payment of Rs 2.8 lakh. I was unable to do so as the max limit on single transaction is Rs 50000 only (called customer care to confirm).

  109. Dr.Hardik Patel

    Okay so few persons replied my question…some said with promo code we get points, some said we won’t…now one more question arise when we use bigbasket via payzapp…there are monthly promo code for hdfc credit card with discount like 225 or 250 on order above 1500…now what happens at bigbasket we use this 225 or 250 promo code like HDFCAUG ane then make a payment via payzapp and at payzapp page we use promo code GROCERY which gives 5% discount upto 250 then payment via diners card…so i want to know if can we use bigbasket promo code and dont use payzapp grocery promo code then do we get 10X points? Or we can use both promo code and still we got 10x points or we wont use any promo code then i think we get surely 10X points…please reply who had used what i said in bigbasket and got 10X points…

  110. Himanshu Arora

    @Siddharth – could you please confirm if we can use code Billpay and Grocery on payzapp to get discount plus 10x reward points?

  111. Anupam Bhandari

    Is there a way to pay ICICI Prudential Life Insurance premium via Payzapp and Diners? The list of insurance providers don’t list ICICI

  112. PK2

    Dear Experts,

    Does following action give us 10X smartbuy point on amazon!!!
    1) Click amazon smartbuy option enter mobile # and last 4 digit of CC
    2) It will open new Browser / Browser tab
    3) Generally search product which would like to buy, Lets example mobile phone
    4) It gives long listing of mobile products those available on amazon
    5) We select & click desire mobile from list which open another browser
    6) When click buy it will do buying formalities

    We have browser / tab open at #2 and #5 from above sequence
    If we complete purchase from #5 browser /tab then are we eligible for 10X reward points.

    Thanks for reading 🙂

    1. Mickey

      Just go straight to Amazon or Flipkart. Don’t go through compare &buy

      The Amazon app/ page opens only once. Better to download the app and complete the TXN there, very easy. Otherwise the process mentioned above is correct!

      1. Mickey

        “go straight to Amazon or Flipkart” – through smartbuy or payzapp of course

        1. PK2

          Thank You Mickey for confirmation!!! I did one transaction 🙂 Hope will make mileage 🙂 Cheers!!!
          The Amazon app ==> Correct me if i lost path!!!
          Open Smartbuy from mobile browser
          Select Amazon option , Enter Mobile# & Last 4# of CC
          It will open Amazon App and make purchase

    2. Ajinkya

      I am doubtful about the Amazon 10x points. I have been using it for months and still fighting with customer care on the 10x points for some of the Amazon orders which I haven’t received. If you are paying the same amount on Flipkart, prefer Flipkart any day. They have a dedicated website URL for smartbuy and you will get the 10x for sure no matter how you add the products to the cart.

    3. raulnayak

      A sureshot way of knowing that you are on the right path is after going on the Amazon website from smartbuy, beside the searchbar, there is smartbuy written in a dropdown.

  113. Amit

    Hi Guys – is there any way to pay LIC premium payment through payzapp?


  114. Chintan

    What if I pay in flipkart through payzapp, will it be considered under partners 10x or smartbuy 10x

  115. Neo

    Tried doing a transaction on TimesNow app. Chose Payzapp as the wallet -> put in DCB details-> Got the message “Transaction not authenticated”.
    Removed my linked card on Payzapp & added back again.
    Still the same
    Any pointers on how to solve this

  116. Rishabh Hingar

    Paid rent using payzapp with my dcb card. Its been 3 days not yet received 9x rewards. I paid 35K of rent. The question of promo code (bill pay) interfering between 9x reward points is not true. Remember, when we use smartbuy for flight booking, we use promo code there as well. But still get 9x reward points. So, this applies to payzapp as well. In case if I receive 9x points will keep you guys updated.

    1. Pawan Rathi

      Please inform once you do get the 9x points. Even I did a rent transaction on 7th, haven’t received the accelerated points as of now. Also if you do get any info, then please do inform here.

      1. Anshul

        I called HDFC diners black helpline today as I didn’t get 9X rewards for payzapp transactions done on 5th and 6th Aug. HDFC is now coming up with strange verbal T&C that 10X partners transactions done between 1-7th Aug, will get 9X points after 90 days. Transactions done post 8thAug will get 9X in 2 days. I blasted that guy as the T&C on their website clearly say “New edition of 10X Rewards is live from 1 August to 31 December 2019”. I have now made a complaint as to why are they not honoring their T&C. The point here is that HDFC cannot be trusted on anything. They are playing around internally. What they write on website as T&C vs what they follow behind customer’s back is contradictory and a malpractice for sure, with no transparency and accountability.

        1. Dr Pankaj Gupta

          I got even more weird answer, i was told that problem is with transactions done only on 5th August. For transactions done after 5th August you will get accelerated reward points in 3-4 days. As a matter of fact, i got 10x points for a transaction i did on 3rd august within 2 working days

          1. PAWAN RATHI

            There is no uniform info even with the CC, earlier I was told 2 working days, now another said because if some issue within the next 7 working days.

        2. Mickey

          @Anshul – agree with you – their CC is trained to give confusing answers and most of the times they are not aware of features of their own HDFC bank’s cards.

          Either they really don’t know or are simply feigning ignorance – just email the Nodal officer

        3. Hari

          That’s not true. I received 9x RPs for a transaction that I made on 2nd August. But haven’t received the 9x RPs for txns that I made after 5th Aug. They are just bluffing.

          1. Ajay

            We should cut them some slack. First of all the 10x points is a unique offer. We speak as if we are entitled to 10x as mandated by RBI. Why would they have 10x if they don’t want to give points. I think their backend system needs improvement and most of the tasks appear to be done manually. That’s why many errors. I have received 9x rp for my trx on for 2 Aug n 6 Aug automatically.

          2. BeingHuman

            Another goof up or mess by HDFC Bank
            CC guy told during 5-8 August there was problem & 9x for those will be provided in 90 days
            Now this is called daylight cheating
            First they change terms to 2 days from settlement & cap is applied accordingly
            Now if they do partially 90 days, partially 2 days how is one expected to keep track
            Total Chaos at HDFC
            Probably they did not anticipate Payzapp volumne or maybe weren’t ready for it

  117. Anuag

    I had electricity bills liked to DCB smartpay facility (auto-debit bill pay facility of HDFC bank). Any idea will they accurue 10x points and if they do, will they fall under Smartbuy or 10x partner quota.
    I am not able to reconcile my points to judge this.

    1. Dr Pankaj Gupta

      no they will not accrue 10x points via smart pay, however if you pay via payzapp linking your DCB, you will get 10X

    2. Ajinkya

      Nope. No 10x on these. I have discontinued all my smartpay bills and will pay using payzapp going forward.

  118. PK2

    Hello Everyone,
    Opening Flipkart / Amazon via smartbuy website.
    If 10% cashback promo HDFC Bank CC applies by default in that case can we get 10X rewards?

    Thank You

  119. Mickey

    It’s either 5% cashback or 10x Reward points depending upon card variant. So DCB, Infinia, Regalia get 10x. Other cards get 5% cashback. This is normal circumstances. But because there is a special offer running of accelerated RP’s, then you may get those as well.. really depends on how HDFC interprets it

  120. SumS

    This question is related to KYC for payzapp. I have only Diners premium credit card and no Savings A/C with HDFC bank.

    I had done basic KYC. The app doesn’t allow me for full KYC without customer ID.

    Can I do transactions of 50K or so in a month through credit card ( for example, Indigo site ==》Payzapp ==》 diners card) or it will be restricted to 10K per month?

    1. PK2

      Wallet transction restricted to 10K
      Credit cards translation will not have any restrictions
      Full KYC will automatically happen happen in 10 working days check with PayZapp team
      If you buying air ticket you have quota of 45K INR for 15K RP via smartbuy diners program

  121. Arth

    Any one receive TATACLIQ 9X points for July month ?
    Normally I received after statement generation but this time no points credited

    1. Mudit

      For month of July the TnC said the points will be credited by Oct 31st and not the billing cycle. You will have to wait till then.

    2. Rishabh

      Not yet. I also purchased goods worth over 20K from Tatacliq last month. I have shot them a mail. Lets see, when i get it. Will keep you updated.

  122. Ankit

    Can anyone suggest using payzapp for booking train tickets…..currently pay zapp in IRCTC accepts payment through Bharat QR but only VISA/MC/RUPAY is acceptable and no Diners.

    Anyone please suggest any other website accepting pay zapp mode for Dinners cc. Quick reply needed…

    1. Anant

      You can book the train tickets on Yatra, which accepts Payzapp. And I confirmed with the CC, direct payments done on Yatra through Payzapp are included in Payzapp limit and not Smartbuy.

      1. Ankit

        Checked at Yatra also…..however payment through payzapp is not getting through as Diners cc is not accepted @ Yatra payzapp…..Any other website for payzapp mode other than IRCTC and Yatra???….

  123. Great Buyer


    Amazon smartbuy open multiple product window if I buy product like that will I get 10X rewards?


  124. Anurag

    Can I purchase UBER E-gift card from Amazon and get the 10x?

  125. PK2

    Wallet transction restricted to 10K
    Credit cards translation will not have any restrictions
    Full KYC will automatically happen happen in 10 working days check with PayZapp team
    If you buying air ticket you have quota of 45K INR for 15K RP via smartbuy diners program

  126. Ashu

    I tried purchasing insurance from HDFC Ero via Payzapp. But is it giving error. Anyone faced similar issue?

  127. Jaydeep Mehta

    Sorry to ask a very silly question, can you pls paste the link which shows Payzapp as a 10X partner for Diner’s Black for a limit of 25k points. I was thinking the limit is 15k per calender month.

  128. Arun

    Did few transactions worth 24K at bookmyshow on Aug 5th. Did not receive 10x points yet.

    Called customer and got to know that there are few changes happening in Terms and conditions.

    Also was informed that 10x points for partners will be credited before 90 days!

    Did not get 10x for amazon transactions worth 45K. Same answer for that one too.

    1. Mickey

      Arun – welcome to the club, I’m still waiting too

      Wrote email to CC, no reply since a week, as is expected from hopeless HDFC CC

  129. Rohit

    I have not received extra 9x points on all transactions done from 5th of this month on Payzapp…on checking with custoner care they confirmed that for all customers the transaction will be posted within 90 days and not 2 days as mentioned in the T&C…..Has anyone else faced the same

    1. DD

      Transactions did between 5th to 7th Aug’19 , 9x pointa to be credited within 90 days . Rest within 2 days of settlement by merchant. It’s a recent update as confirmed with customer care executive.

    2. Mickey

      Which customer care did you contact? Payzapp said contact HDFC and HDFC has not replied since a week to my query

  130. Nalin Bajaj


    It appears that the reward points posting has been set as 90 days again. That is what Customer care told me yesterday when i called to inquire about the 9x points on the transaction i did on Indigo (via payzapp). they refused to confirm if the transaction is eligible for 10x or not. very weird.


    1. Ankur Maheshwari

      The T&Cs still says 2 days post settlement of the transaction.

    2. Sarim

      Nope, I confirm DD’s statement since my customer care executive also confirmed for these dates. Apart from that, rest all transactions should get their RPs posted within 2days of merchant settlement (which is different from transaction date).

  131. Mickey

    @ Nalin – not weird at all! HDFC has trained it’s CC this way to give confusing answers. Email Nodal officer.

    Some of the executives on the call don’t even know features of their own bank’s cards!

    Never call HDFC, just email Nodal officer

    1. Sarim

      That’s just overkill mate, imagine being bombarded with such silly mails when your job is to take care of much more serious disputes. Even if the nodal officer has responded to you in the past, doesn’t necessarily mean that’s the way to go. You sound like the guys whose best travel hack is to label all their luggage as fragile so that it comes out first on the luggage carousel…

  132. Tarun

    I did not receive points for an insurance transaction made by me on 6th august. Customer care is now informing me that insurance transactions through Payzapp are not eligible for 10x points. This is extremely strange. Why is Payzapp even there. As is, the number of places one is able to use Payzapp is limited.

    1. A2Z

      HDFC nowhere specified about this in Diners 10x terms
      This is weird
      They should update their site with correct details

      1. Tarun

        Yes, even I was surprised. Asked them about it, but they said those are Payzapp terms and HDFC does not know about it !!

    2. Tina

      This is really strange. Can anyone confirm they have received 10x for insurance payments??

  133. Doc

    Used payzapp for rent paying via red Girraffe. Also used payzapp for big basket. Only 1x credited for both so far. 10x yet to come and it has been 6 days. Fingers crossed.

  134. Anurag

    Hi, can anyone explain me how are points adjusted in case of refunds and returns?

    For example, if I order from Amazon/Swiggy worth 450, and return item worth 50, then how would the RPs be calculated? Would it be 150 RPs-1.65 RPs or would it be 100+3.3 RPs?


    1. Ramesh Kumar

      You’ll get only 100 reward points, always calculation done in multiples of 150. For example, if you order for Rs.500, you’ll get 150 reward points as per 10x program and in case of there is refund Rs.50, there is no adjustment on credited 150 reward points.

    2. Ankur Maheshwari

      The RP are calculated on per Rs. 150.

      If you return Rs. 50, your net purchase amounts to Rs. 400, for which you are eligible for 400/150 = 2 (Round off)
      If DCB: 2*50 = 100,
      If DCM, DCP: 2 * 40 = 80
      If DCR: 2*30 = 60

      This is how you might be earning the accelerated RP.

      Correct me if I am wrong.

    3. caks

      Just recalculate the points net of refunds/Cancellation and difference adjusted

    4. Ravi

      In 2018 points were credited based on multiples of 150, but when any transaction was reversed they use to debit based on pro rata basis.
      In this scenario when you buy something worth 100 you do not incur any point but when you return it, they used to debit points. like if you buy something worth 100 you won’t get any points, but when you return the same they will debit 33 points.

      While it all changed earlier in 2019 when they debit and credit both based on multiples of 150.
      Based on which if you transact for 150 Rs. and return items worth 140 you will end up having 50 Points. Isn’t it good?

      Though they have made significant changes after 1st July so i guess no one knows what they are doing these days. I will update once i figure out basis of trial and error

      1. Anurag

        Just for everyone’s clarity, the limit is on accelerated RPs, and 150 condition is also for it. Normal reward point is calculated as is.

        So for Smartbuy 15,000 RPs, you can buy tickets for 50,000 so 9x amount is 15k.
        Similarly, for 10X partners, you can spend 83,333 so 9x is 25k points.

        Please do not think it is 45k and 75k. That is wrong.

  135. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Rental payment through Payzapp Redgiraffee is eligible for Rs. 250 bill payment promo code. I got cashback be yesterday.

    1. Anshul Kothari

      how do we pay using payzapp – Redgiraffe only shows credit card or netbanking as payment options

  136. Mickey

    @Anurag – for which card are you asking? Not sure how you calculated 150 RP’s on a txn of 450??

  137. Nilesh Somani

    I checked with CC and confirmed that all payments done through payzapp using already linked diners card will be eligible for 10X rewards. Condition is diners card should be linked with Payzapp for 10X rewards. Insurance, Rental all are included.

    1. Aditya

      Which all companies or sites taking payment through PayZapp?

  138. TKS

    Could anybody use Ola Cabs with PayZapp payment? Ola is available in PayZapp app but Ola does not accept PayZapp payment.

  139. Anant

    Has anyone received 9X points for any sort of transaction done through payzapp after 6th Aug. I guess HDFC has stopped posting 9X points for all payzapp transactions done after 6th aug.


      Fair question…has anyone received accelerated points for transaction after 7th August as claimed by hdfc customer care

      1. Tejas

        I have.

        At least, that is what is looks like from the statement and the corresponding points I calculated. Total Points in the statement match with the manual calculations done. Only for the 10X Transaction done on 5th Aug, the 9X Points are pending. As per the discussion with Customer Care, this will get credited in 90 Working days.

      2. Anant

        Yes I have. I did a Myntra transaction on 10th and multiple Swiggy transactions post 7th, for which I have received the points. But all of these were direct transactions, not through Payzapp.
        The CC confirmed that only the transactions which were settled between 6-8th August will get 9x posted in 90 days. Rest all other transactions will get it in 2 working days after settlement.

      3. GG

        I checked with DCB CC yesterday, they indicated that for transactions done during 7-9 Aug, the points will get deposited in 90 days. Else, in the same month.

    2. aka

      I did an insurance payment and bill payment on 8th…yet to receive !!

    3. aka

      My points have been credited today for an insurance and electricity bill payment done on 08th Aug.,2019 ! i did not use any code for safety sake as 10X would have been too much to loose on the transactions.

      If anybody can apply the promocodes and still get 10X for a petty transaction then that would be a great help for others.

      1. George Mathews

        Wow aka, just to understand – is this the normal amount of time it takes for the points to be credited?

        Also, how did u make the electricity bill payment – through PayZapp with diners club black?

        Apart from utilities and insurance, anything else that you are using AMG getting 10x via PayZapp?

        Thanks in advance!

  140. Varun

    Hi Siddarth
    Can you share contact number or email id for Hdfc Diners black credit card.I have been contacting 61606161 for the past 1 month but they have not been able to resolve the queries.
    I have done transaction worth 1.5 lakhs in the past 3 months from Dcb through 10 x direct partners and smart buy but till date not received points worth 27k .
    Even shared order id etc .Either Hdfc customer service team completely dumb or they have been trained to act that way.
    Anyways they are of no use

    1. shailesh

      Hey Varun,

      same problem! not a single 9x point for anything be it Smartbuy or Partner from past 2 statements. Yesterday I got the statement and still no past 9x points credited yet. I sent them a detailed mail with transaction IDs/date and amount few days ago and they said it will take 90 days for 9x. Most of the transactions were Amazon

      1. raulnayak

        Amazon transaction take a whole 90 business days indeed.

        I just received 1200 points for a transaction done in April on Amazon.

        They may delay but in my experience, always credit the 9x poonts.

    2. Satya

      Use their premium helpline open only for infinia and DCB. Works Great.

  141. Ultimate Shopper

    Has anyone tried scan and pay and have got 10x?
    Specifically Bharat QR?

    1. Abhi

      I did, but not this month. I paid for Airtel DTH recharge using BharatQR in Payzapp. (But not using HDFC card so can’t comment on 10x anyway. HDFC card I have is DCB which doesn’t support BharatQR or atleast in my payzapp it doesn’t appear in BharatQR pay using options.)
      Though, since it was my first BharatQR transaction using payzapp, I got wallet cashback in range of some 50 Rs)

  142. Saran Singh

    Hello All, I am really interested in having reward points from Diners Club Miles card, if any on here who have a lots of points in diners and want a good value of the same , then let me know, I am ready to deal for the same as I require points in Bulk.

  143. Diners User

    I called the customer care today for a rent transaction I did on 8th for which I have still not got 9x. Same nonsense that for transactions on 6th to 8th the points will be posted 90 days later. Here is a suggestion, let us all who have not got the points rate 1 star to Payzapp app on google store if we don’t get the points by 20th. Let HDFC also feel the pain of unreasonableness.

  144. Narinder Pal Singh

    Hello Friends,

    I have Diner’s Club Miles and Regalia Card. I have used Diner Club at PayZapp for one bill payment and i got 5000 additional points approx 3 days after the transactions. Now I need some clarity on below points.

    1. As through smart buy I can get 10X points ( upto 5K) for Forex card load. So if I use my same diner’s card in the same month of doing PayZapp Tran section will it get additional 5K points??

    2. For the same forex card, if I load some amount using diner’s card and some using my Regalia Card , will both get 10X points and both will have their separate maximum limits?

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      1. Forex Card Reload 10X is seperate from Smartbuy 10X Bonus Points Quota. So yes, you can get 5000 Points for Forex Card Reload and 5000 Points at Smartbuy Portal. In fact, you can even add another 5000 Points through Partner Brands making it a total of 15000 Bonus points available to be claimed for the Diners ClubMiles.

      2. The only qualifying criteria for 10X is to load a minimum of 1000 USD or Equivalent through the CC. So if you are looking at trying to get 5000 from Diners as well as Regalia, you will need to reload the forex card with a minimum of 1000 USD from each card.

    2. Vyom Aggarwal

      Smartbuy and forex card loading are separate promotions. They have separate upper caps so yes you will get additional 5 k points. But be aware you will have to load 1000dollars minimum to qualify for forex load promotion.
      Yes you will earn points on both regalia and diners for forex card loading

  145. shailesh

    Hello everyone,
    I wish to book multi city flights but don’t see option for it in smartbuy (just one way and return) for Multi city they have given Concierge toll free number. What’s the process to book via Concierge?

    Can someone please guide me in right direction..I would rather like to do it myself and decide to book it depending on price.

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      Go to MMT Website or any similar portal. Search for the Multi-City Flights you want. Note down the Flight Numbers.

      Call up Smartbuy Conceirge and give them the date and flight numbers. They will send you the quote on your email address for confirmation. If you like the quote provided by Smartbuy, you can give a go ahead to them else book on some other website.

    2. Abhishek

      You need to call Concierge team and they will ask for relevant flight and personal details. You can ask them to pay via voucher code/ diners card.

    3. George Mathews

      Hi Shailesh,

      You can call the concierge and he will plan the itinerary and take you through the options. A link will be shared for the payment, if I remember.

      However you will lose out on 10x points (33% back as points) if you use concierge instead of smart buy.

      Hope this helps.

      1. Tejas Ghongadi

        You need to call up Smartbuy Concierge. Through Smartbuy Concierge, you are eligible for 10X. If you call up the regular Concierge, you do not get the additional 9X.

      2. Mohit

        Nopes, I guess this is not correct. The concierge confirms that you will still get 10x points on the transactions done through them through the payment link

  146. Anuj

    Did anyone get any points in the recent times after 8th August ?

  147. Kevin

    Does anyone know if Icici Ezpay accepts diners card?
    Your reply would be highly appreciated

  148. Keyur

    Hey Sidharth, do you know if we can book flights on Flipkart/Amazon with 10x rewards or is 10x only for shopping? The benefit being we get 10x rewards also and Amazon/Flipkart offers also.

  149. YS

    Looks like they have paused posting 10x points on payzapp. Their customer care has acknowledged the issue and assured the points will be posted by month end.

    Have a question – how do they identify payzapp vs direct card transactions as on credit card statement there is no way to differentiate payzapp transactions on partner merchants like mmt or yatra

    1. A2Z

      In backend they know Payzapp transactions
      Same as they identify Smartbuy transactions
      Affiliate links tracking is common thing

    2. Nitin Pal

      You can look up recent transactions from Payzapp app. I don’t think it is possible to track from credit card statemnt only.

  150. Naresh Kumar


    Thank you for this wonderful blog, I am addicted to it! 😀
    I am thinking of applying for an upgrade to Diners club black card from my Regalia card with 4.68L.
    I want to know what will happen to my June-July-August Smartbuy 10x points for purchasing under the 10X offer if the upgrade is successful within August because HDFC posts them after 90 days.
    You seem to have done a lot of upgrade so you have the best knowledge, Please guide me so that I can make my mind.

    -Naresh Kumar

    1. Ajinkya

      I had done the same when I upgraded from Regalia to DCB. Never received the 9x points even after multiple follow-ups, emails and escalations. May be things have changed now and you will get lucky.

      1. Naresh kumar

        Hi Ajinkya,
        How many days they took to upgrade you? It’s been 3 working days since they received the form excluding holidays, there is no update. Also, how much was your credit limit when you applied for upgrade?
        Did you applied few months ago?

      2. Naresh kumar

        Where is my reply siddharth? Everyone else who commented on 27th, their comments are showing but not my 26th August reply to the above comment.
        You are making interaction and getting answers to questions so difficult man. Starting to lose trust in you.

          1. Naresh Kumar

            I understand that there are way too many comments and it can take time, but why is it that only my comments don’t get approved but the comments posted days after me are approved? I even wait for you to go through them but in vain. My initial comment took 3-4 days and was only approved when I wrote a comment again criticizing the delay and the same thing happened again as well.

            I love this blog and the information provided here majorly by the commentators who provide updated information even after several years of initial article publishing.
            So this kind of approving just the new comments not the old comments unless we send an angry comment is not helpful.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Valid qn. The thing is the blog commenting system shows me the latest ones first. Its just that its not as easy as you think it is.

      3. Naresh Kumar


        Never got a reply from you for my later reply to your comment but I just wanted to tell you that my card was upgraded to DCB and even after the upgrade I am getting my previous 9X points that were pending for my Regalia.
        WHAT’S EVEN MORE EXCITING IS that they are not converting those points and reducing them to 1/2 for Regalia to DCB conversion for 10X rewards.(They only converted my actual balance points which were transferred at the time of upgrade)

        It’s like everyone is saying that their points credit system is broken and doesn’t work correctly but looks like that has helped in my favor. 😀

  151. Aditya Rikhari

    Anyone who paid the rent after 8th thru payzapp got the reward points??

  152. Dr. Mohit

    Diners black both credit card related queries no. printed on back of credit card are not working-
    Any other contact no.?
    concierge services no. is working fine

    1. Ajinkya

      Use normal HDFC bank helpline number (stdcode)-61606161 e.g. for Hyderabad, it is 040-61606161.
      It automatically connects me to the super premium credit card helpline.

  153. Anshul Kothari

    Is supermart (on flipkart) eligible for 10X rewards?

    1. A2Z

      There is no exclusion on Flipkart
      One can’t buy Flipkart gift card via Smart buy anyhow

  154. Mandeep

    Hello everyone

    Can someone confirm that if I buy flight tickets on Smartbuy using Diner’s card + Reward points, will I get 10x points on the amount paid using card?
    Hoping for a quick response 🙂


  155. DD

    Redbus is a new addition in SmartBuy. Great news for frequent commuters.

  156. Aditya

    Hello, need help on below query.
    I need to make transaction of 2 lakh to buy TV and AC. How can I use PayZapp to make benefit of 25 K 9x points. I have already used Smartbuy limit of the month. Thanks in advance.

    1. Curious Cow

      How are you guys able to use the limit? Do you buy things for others?

      1. Aditya

        yes sometimes. but now i am planning to buy an OLED for myself.

    2. MT

      buy it next month and use smartbuy portal to access amazon/flipkart and buy

  157. HC

    Hi – Is there a limit to max rent which can be paid through Payzap?

    1. Ajinkya

      1 Lac per month is the Payzapp transaction limit per account. But, you can bypass this by creating multiple Payzapp accounts.

  158. Ultimate Shopper

    Hi Narinder,
    Can you please share what is this forex card loading thing? And how to do it through payzapp?

  159. Nitin Pal

    I called up customer care and now they are saying they have paused posting 9x incremental points for Payzapp transactions as there are issues in their backend services. 9x incremental points will be posted within 90 days for Payzapp transactions.

    1. Neo

      HDFC back to its usual tricks. The whole 90 days is such a sham. And it generally tends to be > 90 days since they consider it from the end of the txn month.


      1. A2Z

        And they count 90 WORKING days so it turn out to be 120 days almost

      2. Ajinkya

        Also, it is 90 “working” days i.e. more than 4 months after the end of the month. So, for Aug 2019 points, we should wait till Jan 2020 as per HDFC. I think they just want the customers to forget about the points.

        Though, different customer care folks confirmed different timelines for Payzapp points posting issue. Someone told me end of Aug, someone told me 30-45 “working” days and so on. So, hopefully, we will get the points before 2020 arrives.

    2. Pranav Sharma

      Complain nodal officer they’re violating their own terms

    3. shailesh

      Same here, Haven’t got 9x points for last 2 statements just checked.


    Did anyone contact the Nodal Officer or someone with credibility? Because all the customer care are giving different reasoning & answers as to when to expect the remaining RP.

  161. Mickey

    Really don’t have the time to track reward points! It’s quite a pointless exercise to keep tallying account unless you made a really big purchase

  162. Akash Agrawal

    Hi Siddharth,
    It sometimes get difficult to get 10x points posted to the credit card on transactions thru SmartBuy.Last year I had to fight for long to get the points credited,as firstly we have to wait for almost 100 days for the 10x points,and most importantly there is no solid mechanism within HDFC to keep track of purchases thru SmartBuy portal.
    I was recently denied of 10x points for March 2019 transactions done thru SmartBuy portal.I always note the transaction as soon as I do it,in an excel sheet,but this time I have been denied by HDFC citing the reason that the transaction wasn’t done thru SmartBuy!
    Also,every time I open a complaint,I am asked for a SmartBuy transaction ID,now what is that?What I do is search for the item on SmartBuy compare And Shop,and then select anyone of the results,I am asked to enter my mobile number and Last 4 digits of the credit card,which when entered,I am taken to the Amazon app and complete my purchase.Thats it.I hold Infinia.

    1. Singh

      Hi Akash,

      Did you finally get the points for your disputed transaction via Smartbuy?

      I am fighting for a similar issue with the HDFC team for a transaction done in December 2018. Filed complaint with HDFC customer care in May (for each complaint they take weeks to respond). Then I raised it to Escalation team and now to Nodal Team.

      They say I didnt use Smartbuy to make the Amazon transaction.

      I am having another issue with a Lifestyle transaction (in Jan’19) which had a 5% cashback on HDFC cards. I am yet to receive. They are telling me they didnt receive my invoice details in the list Lifestyle submitted to HDFC, and that I should get in touch with the store.

      Emailed to Nodal team. Looks like they too take weeks to reply.

      1. sohan

        This happened with me as well. Mailing them with the statement having lifestyle spends is what got me the cashback finally. Be persistent.

      2. Akash Agrawal

        No I have not communicated with them further.I am about to first have a communication with SmartBuy team,thereafter I would decide the next course of action.I had conversation with Infinia team recently,where I was denied the points.
        To all the other Guys,they have not devalued Infinia for now.Also,I do not use payZapp.What I do is Go on SmartBuy portal,search for the item I wanna buy,and then click on one of the search results.There,I am asked to fill my Mobile number and Last 4 digits of the card,that’s it!Then it redirects/takes me to the Merchants App.

        1. MT

          next time , try this ,

          1. make sure your cart is empty in your app or amazon website
          2. instead of searching the product on compare and shop , just click on tab , put your mobile number and last 4 digits (before this make your you are not blocking cookies through either your antivirus or browser)
          3. you will be taken to amazon website or redirected to app via your mobile browser
          4. now search and add items to cart (make sure you are not opening multiple windows , even if you do , choose the final product on the first tab itself from where you got redirected)
          5. now make your payment , going by the current trend which i also faced , they will not give the 9x points even after 90days , then lodge a complaint where you have to give the amazon order id easily available with you in your orders page
          6. points will come within 7 working days

          P.S worked for me 4 times since jan 2019

          1. Akash Agrawal

            I know this method,but this hasn’t work either with them,in the Past.

        2. MT

          also , they have exclusion categories , they will not give points for those

    2. Ankur

      Do it from website but mobile app. I think that could be the reason.

    3. Abhi

      Same with me (Posted in HDFC CC offer 2019 thread) Looks like HDFC started playing dirty games. I also have same story, only difference being I have DCB. And transaction was done for 65K on Amazon on website through Smartbuy. Initially the replied that transaction is eligible and points will be reflected in the statement soon. After 20 days they now saying transaction is not eligible.
      Now, I am not sure of trusting 10x program. I think better to go with other instant discount than 10x points.

  163. ANURAG



    1. Nitin Pal

      Let’s hope they took back your points to recalculate 9x for everyone. No one is getting 9x points on payzapp after 5th August as per CC.

    2. Amogh

      Hi Anurag,
      Did you figure out if it is indeed the Rent points that have been removed?

  164. BeingHuman

    Seems HDFC has changes certain terms for Smartbuy

    Please check below excerpts:

    This offer is not applicable to the purchase of jewellery/gold coins or its equivalents.
    This offer is not applicable to the purchase of prepaid cards/gift cards or its equivalents.

    So is it new addition or existed before too?

  165. Raju

    In month of May I booked this ticket with my diners Clubmiles credit card of around 1 lakh for which I had received 25000 points. Due to some issue I had to cancel that July. And received refund after panalty deduction. Against which HDFC adjusted only 5000 points.

    A bright side of devaluation. LOL

  166. Diners Man

    How often HDFC posts 1x (normal points for your transactions) i.e. 50 points for a transaction of 1500? I am doing transactions on BB using Payzap, rent pay, Electricity bill pay using payzap since start of this month. But I haven’t received a single point in this calendar month.
    Please help !!

    1. Nitin Pal

      1x points gets credited as soon as they get into the unbilled statement. I did get 1x for payzapp transactions on the same date when they got settled. Did payments of EB, rent and bigbasket through payzapp. I am waiting for 9x on them which was supposed to be credited within 2 days but are not coming anytime soon as per current status.

  167. standard

    I did a transaction using hdfcbank smartbuy website for booking international ticket worth rupees 80k something using Diners Black, and i got unrealized 17k[approx] points in system , so seems like there is 3.3% on diners black + 9x or 10x points on top of that. Also note the accrued points showing in within 3 days from the transaction date

    Quick question – i would like to book another domestic flight, can i book using payzaap app, will i get points as per PayZaap patner points or i will not get any points given i have exhausted the limit using smartbuy as per above.

    kindly guide if anyone have done it recently

    1. caks

      You will get only 3.33% pts as this txn is counted as SB not Partner

    2. Umesh

      Try in Yatra app and make payment using Payzapp wallet..

  168. Prashant Gupta

    I have not received 9X points for payzapp transactions most of them done on 11th and 12th and one on 19th.

  169. Siddharth Mehta

    Too many comments on this thread already and difficult to read all. Hoping someone can shed some light on this.

    I hold a DCB and it is added in my payzapp. If I were to book a flight from payzapp app and make payment through payzapp, does it get counted against smartbuy 10x or payzapp 10x as diners partner?

  170. George Mathews


    Is it possible to set up standing payment instructions on PayZapp for rent payments via Red Giraffe.

    If no, how do i store my RedGiraffe property ID and details on PayZapp so I don’t have to enter it fresh every time.


    1. caks

      You will see those details in recent transactions and select ‘repeat’

  171. Ankit

    I had paid two rents for 40K and 30K around 4-5 days back using Diners on Payzapp. Received the regular points for the transactions. Still waiting for 10x, unless there is going to be an issue:

    a) I had already exhausted my Smartbuy limit of 15000 points for August, so there is a chance that I am not getting additional reward points as Payzapp rent is being counted under Smartbuy and not the other 10x partners

    b) They have changed the additional 9x points for Payzapp to 90 days as people have mentioned on this forum and it is not the 2 day credit of points anymore

    Any body care to shed some light.

    1. AB

      I have paid rent on 19th, still not received those 9x points. I have noticed only payzapp transactions are not credited. even smartybuy flipkart transaction points are credited in 2 days.

      1. Pranav sharma

        But why are they doing this now , I don’t understand

    2. GTMAX

      Have some patience guys and you shall get it. Ankit, neither of the 2 assumptions that you have stated is true. For Payzapp transactions done between 1-3 Aug, they were wrongly posting 9X twice for a single transaction due to some technical glitch. Hence, they had stopped posting it to avoid this situation & get the technical issues corrected. It might take some time for August Payzapp transactions 9x points posting however it should ideally be smooth for transactions done from September.

      1. pranav6410

        hope for the best, in india we have best coders but still such small problem takes a hell lot of time

  172. M S MURTY


  173. Pranav sharma

    Just bombard as many as complains as possible to their twitter,nodal officer and customer care, give payzapp 1 star rating on play store ,
    I complained them on twitter regarding 9x points they give me this link
    Fill all those having problem

    1. Prashant Gupta

      This isnt gonna solve…let the system stable and have patience…u are acting as if its your birth right…dont use the card…

      1. Neo

        Prashant, why should we not create noise about HDFC’s lack of transparency & their going back on their T&Cs. In this day & age, which IT problem stays so long that it takes 90 days or more instead of the 2 to post points.
        The whole issue is about intentions & letting HDFC know that while they choose whatever they want to, consumers will raise voice on SM & other channels.

        1. pranav6410

          right , other banks like icici bank post points immediately , why take so long, because they fool everyone, mine 10x smartbuy amazon points never comes even after 100 days , have to complain them every time for the points

        2. Prashant Gupta

          Neo i agree that unlike SC etc the point posting comes with a pain and one has to be careful…they need to improve customer card vastly. But as long they have a product that is selling they might not care.

    2. Ajay

      They will stop 10x all together then. We should cut these guys some slack. They have posted 9x points diligently till now, at least for me. But payzapp 9x yet to come.

      1. Ankur

        HDFC will not stop this 10x or 5x because this is the way to attract customers by giving sense of huge returns. If they stop, HDFC cards spends will see some noticable drop.

  174. Ankit

    I completely agree, I am happy that they are offering this mind boggling 10x bonus. No point complaining hard, maybe friendly reminders.

    That said, my post was only to check if there is some issue in immediate posting of 9x. But more importantly to check if Payzapp transactions for rent are going towards Smartbuy?

  175. vyom aggarwal

    I have been using diners black since 3 years and sooner or later , may be with a little fight , all the expected points are credited. be patient, you all will get the points..

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Same here vyom…..i think i have got 99% accurate points. Rarely missed the points although i call them every month for follow up.

  176. Palguna


    I’ve paid an electricity bill payment on Payzapp using my DCB card.
    will this be counted under partner brand 10x or Smart buy?

  177. A2Z

    Update from HDFC :

    We wish to inform you that 10x reward points for the PayZapp transaction will get posted to your card account within 5 working days from the end of August 2019.

    1. Binay

      Confused ? u mean transactions done all throughout August will be posted or just the last week of August ?

  178. Gaurav

    I do not think HDFC is going to extend Smartbuy 10x. Thoughts?

    1. Pawanr athi

      I doubt… Else Infinia won’t have anything to offer

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      Smartbuy 10x extended till 30th September as shown in Payzapp, but Smartbuy website not updated yet.

  179. Tina

    I am getting an error on payzapp saying “user monthly usage value reached” anyone else seen this error? I have definitely made payments less than 1 lakh this month. However, I see this error only when trying to pay a mobile bill and not when I try to pay an electricity bill.

  180. Varun Rai Kapoor

    Guys, terrible news – Payzapp has been roved as the 10X partner 🙁

    1. Siddharth Post author

      So they finally realised the mistake!

      1. Pawan Rathi

        The earlier partners where a lot better. With Payzapp removed, 10x on partners is a mere show-off & hardly useful.

  181. Ajay

    10x is a joke. I never received 10x reward points on a high value txn done on flipkart. When i raised a complaint they asked me to wait till 90 days and then later said that this was not done using smartbuy. Every other txn i did except this was done using smartbuy as per them. I fought a lot but then gave up. They are thiefs. No transperancy and clarity of reward points. So customer is confused always.

    Same with payzapp. Havent received the 9x points and customer care says its due to a issue and need to wait 45 days. Other person told 90 days. Emailed them and reply came asking me to semd them offer details page. Its a joke.

  182. Nitesh

    What’s the status of the incremental 9x points nowadays? I made one rent payment via redgiraffe on 27th, how many days will it take to credit the incremental 9x points any idea guys?

  183. Harry

    Guys, thanks to the noise created by the people over payzapp transactions; you must be happy now as hdfc has pulled payzapp out of the 10x partners list.

    Now you can discuss all you want. One gentlemen gave 1 star on Twitter and whats not as if that was your birth right. Now go and fight and how they do this.

    People can’t enjoy the freebies as well

    1. Ajay

      Yes, some point minters must be happy now that payzapp is pulled out of partners. How childish, now enjoy… At this rate even 10x will be soon gone.

      1. Rohit Roy

        @Ajay & Harry
        So you enjoy getting cheated ? That shows the maturity level. They are just getting new customers and raising funds and making profits by lieing with fake offers. Rather they honestly dont give any offers.
        Institute which is openly following such practice what is the guarantee your funds are safe with the bank?

        1. Prashant Gupta

          Mr. ROHIT some of us loyal readers here are using HDFC for a long time and 99% of the times we have received the points. We dont fell cheated. Its basically free points. If you dont like then switch to other cards.

          1. BeingHuman

            Very true
            Cribbing habit never goes
            Even feeebies become rights and then people start demanding

        2. Harry

          Rohit, I guess you NEW to this 10x program. There is nothing to feel cheated here.
          Banks run promotions all the time to get new customers but the way Payzapp was handled / understood by the people, it created a headache for HDFC.

          I have been using HDFC for last 2 years and points have come sooner or later but never denied. There is definitely a choice and 100s of bank offering out there. But it is very important to understand banks want anyone to do the regular transactions through them and get rewarded.

          Now, feel all cheated that you want but Payzapp is gone and so will be other offers due to problems created by few impatient people.

        3. Amar

          There is no cheating here by HDFC.
          If you really think you were cheated, please see their T&C – it says they can add/remove offers at their convenience.
          The kind of misuse Payzapp saw and moreover their technical glitch, made sure this had to be removed.
          You can blame HDFC of their technical glitches but not the intentions for sure.
          I have over the last few years of using Infinia and Diners Black, only faced issues with 2 things – Amazon Smartbuy transactions and targeted offer fulfillment.
          As for Amazon Smartbuy, the problem really is that Amazon doesn’t honour referral program very well – I have had this issue with Amazon for topcashback, paidkart and coupondunia. So nothing new here with HDFC. On the other hand, Flipkart and regular Smartbuy points get credited before the committed date.
          Targeted offer fulfillment is the other issue where I think there technical capability comes to the fore rather than intentions.
          If you still feel cheated, would strongly suggest you to take them to court and prove what you were cheated for.

      2. Prashant Gupta

        I wrote the same thing couple of days ago harry and ajay. People dont know how to enjoy good things especially freebies in India. Now I think these people should go to Supreme Court 😀 for stopping the offer.

        1. Prashant Gupta

          Did all the bill payments now to avail the payzapp offer last time.

          1. Rohit

            I asked the cc they said today transaction won’t be considered as the transaction takes 24 hours to settle

          2. Prashant Gupta

            The transactions are billed for 31 August 2019. So they should be considered for 10X. 🙂

          3. Neo

            They would be ineligible for 10X, since settlement of these would fall after 1st Sep.
            Cross checked with CC

        2. Harry

          Yes I agree with you Mate, the pros and cons on social platform I believe. A good initiative by Sid but misused by people to their disadvantage.
          Perfect Example.

        3. Rohit Roy

          @Harry and Prashant Gupta
          Biggest problem with people is they judge pretty soon even without knowing facts. FYI i am HDFC customer for 10+ years and also using their cc from 10+ years. I cannot comment on you guys because i dont know from how long are u banking with them. More than 90% in this forum are asking about credit on reward points time/duration . I never told I am going to file a complaint I said no point in crying here but only solution is escalating because I know more about the bank.You might be lucky enough to get points on time but there are many who dont. And no matter what you do you might or not get it in the end eventually giving up what the bank wants. Unlike other countries where people sue typical indians (Not all) would let it go which institute takes advantage of. Remember IRCTC case where a person filed a case for Rs 35 and later the court came to know that several crores were earned by IRCTC on that.
          Anyways let me tell you something .Nothing comes free in this world and points what you get is from what you have spent. And when someone tells you get X when you spend Y and you dont it clearly becomes a case of cheat. By the way this forum is made to make people aware of offers and give suggestions for what people dont get. This place is not for criticizing people.

          1. Prashant Gupta

            I never said dont compliant…. i also complain and then get points. Its for those who go overboard and go on all the social media platforms.

    2. GTMAX

      Haha.. So True!!

      Nowadays I feel, sharing our observations or insights here is impacting all of us negatively. It is positive albeit for a very short term. I even think twice or thrice before commenting of any hacks or tricks as all loopholes are plugged very quickly because of the animated discussions here & the subsequent escalations with respective banks/merchants.

      And like I said the comments here & Sid’s FB post definitely helped me as my last Payzapp transaction on 31st Aug was done at 11:59:40 PM to achieve 9x max capping points of 25K for the month.

      Enjoy while it lasts without making much noise!!!

  184. Ashish Nikhare

    Their biggest bleeders were People removing utility bill payments from Smartpay and paying them via Payzapp.

  185. Pankaj Gupta

    Hoping to get full 25k points on DCB for August

  186. MAA-traveler

    I feel HDFC Bank won’t get away for long. They have promised to give 10X as per their own TnC and we all know how HDFC plays with various variations like 90 days from transaction, billing cycle limit, calendar month limit and multiple offers which can overlap like 2X point contactless, 5X offline spends, 5X Samsung Pay, 10% cashback, etc. Maybe to confuse us?

    If they are serious about giving points as promised, they should give reward points earned for every transaction like how Amex or ICICI does. I guess HDFC knows they can promise 10X but give only 4-5X (on an average; I know many don’t keep track or won’t follow up with their pathetic customer care), then this can’t go for a long time.

    If it is too good to be true it probably is.

  187. S&S

    I’ve been trying to get my DCB reinstated. With this u-turn I’ll stop in my tracks.
    Such terrible ways of working by the country’s top bank.
    As if their points crediting mechanism was not causing enough disrepute already.
    Axis and Amex have such an easy and transparent points crediting mechanism.
    Agreed HDFCs offers are much more dynamic and welcome for customers.
    But getting the crediting mechanism in order must be a piece of cake, ONLY if they wanted to.
    But this lack of transparency in crediting bonus points, making us run around and then compelling us on many occasions to give up doesnt behove their stature.
    Telltale signs of gross arrogance after so many of us, I’m sure, may have brought this issue to their attention.

    And their typos, redundancies, unclear communication and inability to delete old info after updates (especially on diners website) speaks so so poorly about their comms and web team and their brand as such.
    It has ‘We dont need you anymore, we are No: 1’ written arrogantly all over it.


  188. Shail J

    While it’s always a good idea to raise voice for anything unethical, it should be done in a right way. Raise complaints on what they have promised but don’t go to RBI or social media abusing bank. This is never a good idea. If people do that, 2 things might happen
    1. 3.3% reward rate is good enough and possibly at par with Infinia or any other super premium cards. HDFC may end up putting off all 10x thingy altogether. Remember Smartbuy 10x is extended on until Sep end and partners are not good enough to earn you a plenty.
    2. The point conversion into benefits could be taxed.

    Your call.

    I too am not happy to see PayZapp as 10x diners 101x go. But then it’s their prerogative.

  189. Ashu

    The electricity bill paid from smartbuy will consider under smartbuy or separate 10x partners? please reply fast.

  190. MT

    HDFC probably didnt think it through that payzapp will cost them 10x on utilities and payzapp was not in much fanfare before the 10x offer… they felt the heat due to overwhemling response and withdrew payzapp…now we have to see whether they honor 10x points for august 2019 to save their reputation or not


    Hi, since Payzapp has been excluded from 10x & being new to CC field, can some guide what are the best options for rent payment & bill payments?

  192. Mickey

    Electricity bill till 5,000 – best option is still Payzapp with promo code ‘Billpay’ for a simple cashback of 250/-.(5%) No stress, no follow up, it’s gets credited within 7-8 working days.

  193. Shrey

    Recently a lot of banks have shut down there e wallet because they couldn’t find enough user because Paytm and phonepe were giving cashback which no other bank can match.payzapp was no different.This was their way of being in the game.Anybody who thinks they made a mistake need to understand that there are highly qualified people who calculate the odds before coming up with such offers.the bank thinks that people will continue to use payzapp now that they have installed the app but they are wrong the app will be deleted at 10x speed.Payzapp will eventually shut down like other ewallets.They will see the usage drop and should include it back on 10x should they want to be in the ewallet industry.As of now except Swiggy all the merchant partners are useless.My 2cents.

    1. Neo

      Agreed. The only relevant use I can think of Payzapp right now is to pay rent using other Visa/MC cards.
      The whole 10X has been really badly managed by HDFC & I think concentrating spends on other cards with reliable & predictable reward structures will payoff in the long run. While the 10X was brilliant while it lasted, unless HDFC does more U-turns, its time to put the DCB away ( except for Smartbuy) & concentrate on other cards.
      On a side note, wish Payzapp would accept Amex cards. Paying rent via Amex would have been pretty cool too.


  194. Binay

    Payzapp really captured our imagination there for a month, which perhaps made this article the most commented in CardExpert.
    Now that it’s gone, we now have to move on to different little ways to save our money. Hdfc was sort of becoming the one stop to save money.
    Hope it’s back again sooner than expected.

  195. Anuj

    I hope that like 5x instead of 10x which they planned & then reversed, same happens with Payzapp as well

  196. Chintan

    SmartBuy removed the 10x banner from their website, is it the end

  197. Karun

    HDFC diners black : should increase its eligibility criteria to minimum 40 lakhs per Annum !
    Payzpp gone as some customers pinch daily to customer care that their points are not credited …
    Have patience guys !

    1. Tejas Ghongadi

      On the contrary, the eligibility of DCB and Infinia is being diluted currently.

      I already know of three people who have recently got Infinia as LTF. Multiple others have already been upgraded from Regalia to DCB in the last 6 Months.

  198. Varun Rai Kapoor

    Hi Everyone – Now that Payzapp has been removed as the 10X partner, is there any other way to get accelerated rewards for utility/ mobile bill payments and rent ? Request help on this point please.

  199. Ankit

    Payzapp has been removed as a partner. Now the 10X partner brands are not of much use.

  200. Ankit

    So much impatience and so much cribbing over points which is not our birth right anyway. I still believe Infinia and DCB are amazing cards, even at their basic 3.3% points rate. And Swiggy and Bookmyshow (sometimes even Myntra) are still merchants which most people would use multiple times a month, so I am not pained about partner offers. Yes, rent on Payzapp was a too good to believe offer that would have helped save a lot, but alas! I wish at least FK/Amazon/Flights Smartbuy 10x doesn’t go away for some time.

  201. Nitesh

    Are they still giving 9x incremental points for the transactions cleared in August?

  202. Rohit

    Guys, no need to hyperventilate on each other here, Payzapp is gone not because of anyone, it was anyway an unsustainable offer which would have bankrupted the entire HDFC credit card division within few months. HDFC never thought that Payzapp covers nearly everything in payments and people will rack up points like anything.

    We should be happy that we made loads of free points this month with Electric bills, broadband bills, Annual DTH recharge, mobile recharge etc etc.

    Another good thing which happened is that people complained a lot and Payzapp improved Diners card acceptance massively within this month, even now we can save some amount of Big basket by using payzapp coupon codes.

    Hopefully now that Payzapp is removed, HDFC hopefully adds another good option in Diners 10X like Big Basket as most of the Diners card users here use Big Basket.

  203. Rushabh

    I think they realized their mistake. And maybe it was just to test water? Soon they might plan to incorporate this into smartbuy portal itself. Just how they added redbus. Provide a single portal for all travel/utilities/shopping needs.

  204. Ankur Maheshwari

    Seriously you guys think that complaining about points have forced them to revoke PayZapp.

    They are not a 1,00,000 worth company that they have revoked the offer because people made complaints about missing points.

    They might have revoked it as all types of transactions, whether Online/Offline were accruing 10x points like I commented [].

    Next month it may return with better detection of transactions through PayZapp.

    But please grow up, and stop accusing people that their complaints made HDFC to revoke it.

    Secondly, if they changed the T&Cs of accelerated points credit timeframe to 2 days, they should abide by it, or don’t falsely advertise.

    I am pretty much expecting this from a Public Sector Bank, definitely not from a Private Sector Bank. They should definitely keeping abide to their UPDATED terms and conditions.

  205. Neo

    Now that the 10X party is over ( it seems), time to rack our heads for more savings & points /miles.
    I am thinking of now paying rent via Prestige ( using Payzapp) .
    Any other cards to consider ?


  206. Points Addict

    It has been a while since I did this. but we still getting 10x on gold coin/silver coin purchase on Flipkart?

    1. Vyom Aggarwal

      No. I tried in April. When I didn’t recieve points, I called them and they straight away asked whether it was a gold coin and asked for order I’d.

  207. Saurabh

    So we can sum up the 10X partners list to the following 9 Partners:

    Godrej Nature’s Basket

    I really wish we had atleast one Taxi app 🙂

    1. Prashant Gupta

      Uber is there. You get 10X points for Uber Premiere on all HDFC credit cards.

  208. Arun

    Got to know from customer care that 9x will be credited 90 days post offer period and not 90 days from date of transaction.

    Say you have done transaction on June 4, Smartbuy10x offer period is Jun 1 to Jun 30, you will get remaining 9x points in 90 days from Jun 30. I.e, After September 30.

    Hope it’s clear.

  209. Neo

    My comments are being moderated but not published ?
    Any issues with the content ?

      1. Ankur Maheshwari

        September 5 to September 12.
        7 days

        Still the number of comments is still 627 since 5 September.

        Care to approve comments and help being this post active?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Was out of desk!

          I have more pleasure in clearing the comments than you think 🙂

  210. Points Addict

    Uber 10x is back with few T&C (Not as diners partner merchant)

    Only on Premier rides and limited to domestic ones. Not bad!

    1. Rahul

      Uber program is nice, although I find cc usage on uber cumbersome especially when it is urgent to book the next trip.. Will use it anyways though.

        1. Rahul

          The deduction is not auto. You have to enter otp. Paytm is seemless

    2. Satyajit

      Thanks man for the update..

      Can you please tell us how u manage to keep track of it.. as in how did u get to know Uber is added back.

      Also is the 10x meant only for premier or hire premier as well.

    3. Ramesh Padmanaban

      One of the T & C is Maximum Reward points during the promo period are at a product level which is depending on the card variant. Does anybody has any idea of this ??

      Further, it has been stated that this Offer is made available to the Customer/s selected at the discretion of HDFC Bank. So we have to wait for invitation from HDFC ?

      1. Points Addict

        I checked with CC and they indeed took a couple of days to confirm that I am eligible for the offer. Note that I didn’t receive any kind of communication from them. She even mentioned that sometimes it happens that offers are posted there even if they are not valid, lol.

      2. Rahul

        I called Infinia helpdesk, they said uber is applicable on all premier rides. I had not received any special email.

        I have to apply for an add on card for my wife. Will need to send a paper form as she doesnt have a HDFC account

    4. Tarun

      What is the limit for 10x with Uber using DCB? Did not find any info on the hdfc site

  211. Boopathy

    Few days back I did post about a new Super Premium Card to be launched by HDFC. But it’s not published, any reason? Or are you waiting to announce it yourself??

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I checked with my sources and it’s not the case. Hence not published to save from spreading rumours.

      But a super premium card is coming from another bank soon 🙂

        1. Prem Taparia

          It could be from DBS Bank. I did received a cryptic email from them that a new ‘Superpower” is going to be launched soon….

      1. Abhisek Parija

        It definitely from Axis Bank. Axis Magnus/Magnum card on mastercard platform.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          And it should go live tomorrow, officially. Not to expect much.

          1. Prannoy Ghosh

            There’s nothing premium in the Axis Magnus

            12 EDGE Reward Points on every 200 INR spent (Reward Rate – 1.2%)
            2X EDGE Reward points on OTAs such as MakeMyTrip, Yatra and Goibibo (Reward Rate – 2.4%)

            Fees should be around 5k to 10k waived off on 15 lacs.

            Why would anyone want to own this card ?

  212. Boopathy

    HDFC Premium Card is going to be launched for sure. This is from the Regional manager of Credit Card division Tamilnadu.

  213. Satyajit

    Hey guys

    Thanks to Sid and all you out there .. managed to get DCB for LTF.

    No such relationship as such with the bank.
    Was using regalia for 2 months which I had to surrender.

    Thanks a lot
    Hope I m not too late too the party


    1. DD

      How did you manage to get DCB LTF without any relationship with the bank?

      1. Satyajit

        Opened a new bank account and added bill pay for my mobile number. Went thru the branch, the process was smoother than I thought.

        Only issue was I had to cancel my regalia and apply for this . You can’t get any card life time free if u already have an existing card with the bank. So had to close down my regalia and applied for this as per the bank guys suggestion.

        I satisfied all the criteria required.

  214. Subhrajit

    What is the time for points posting for transactions made on partner websites? (Myntra, Swiggy etc)

  215. Himanshu Arora

    Done a offline transaction at Godrej Nature basket and swiggy 7 days ago but incremental 9x still not credited. They were crediting fine for AUg month. Anyone else also facing the same issue

    1. Subhrajit

      Yes…I havent received partner brand 9x points for transactions done 10 days back…When I called up CC they said it will get posted within 30 days..

    2. Mudit

      They have switched from 2 days to 30 days now. I guess they will credit the point based on calendar month now. SO point for all the transaction in September would be received by 2-3rd Oct.
      Hope so, lets see what happens.

      1. Ayush

        is their any dedicated customer care no for diners club credit cards? I did purchase on amazon through smartbuy on 02.09.19 but till now 9x points have not got credited. could any tell in how many days are 9x points generally credited.

        1. Mudit

          Amazon is done only after 90 days. You will have to wait and check with customer care after that.

  216. Dinersnew

    I just realized, HDFC Bank charges you more for the hotel you book through smartbuy and then gives you points in return. Because every now and then, there will be promotions going on on other websites.
    I think atleast hotels are better booked by comparison with other sites than booking blindly with smartbuy. could be true for flights too, best to compare. I just realized because accidentally I was booking through smartbuy while my friend was researching on MMT. The price comparison is almost exactly the 33% points benefit that you get.

    1. Naresh kumar

      Flight prices are the same, Infact less than other ota’s. Other websites charge convinience fees which smartbuy doesn’t.

      1. Biplav

        Hi Naresh,

        Think HDFC charges convenience fees. Previously it didn’t, but since August 2019, I can see the charges on the final page. Let me know if I am wrong

        1. Mudit

          they charge Rs 236 convenience fee now for all the flight bookings

          1. ravi

            HDFC gives a discount of Rs 200/- Hence effective convenience fee will be Rs 36/-

    2. Neo

      Not necessarily. Though hotel prices vary across OTAs, i managed to snag a 1N at a luxury property at a rate which was lower than MMT /Yatra. But yeah , flights booking is the best use of the portal.

  217. Abhi

    Sid, congratulations for all the efforts u put in to enlighten us!!

    Do we get 10x points on amazon business account on infinia??

  218. Sunny

    There is a iphone pre launch offer with HDFC bank. A part from cash back, it shows reward of 18430 on top variant. Isn’t reward restricted to 15K for Diner. Also, for reward it is mentioning pre order from Flikart.. Amaozn is not mentioned for reward. Not clear,

    1. Gkcards

      I think this amount is for infinia, where upper limit is 25k, and calculated after 6k instant discount (or cashback?)

      1. Neo

        Wouldn’t we get the full 10X benefits if prebooked on Flipkart 6 month EMI ?
        i couldnt understand the chart as well

    2. Anshul Kothari

      now they have segregated into normal 1X points and additional 10X points – so its like 3430 as normal points and 15K additional reward points.
      I think its only for Flipkart exclusive store

    3. Tejas Ghongadi

      9X Bonus Points are limited to 15,000 Points. You will get the 1X Points for the full price of the phone.

      Hence, you will see a number higher than 15,000 Points.

  219. Anshul Kothari

    If we are purchasing item using EMI on flipkart, then do we get all reward points 90 days after transaction or in parts after each payment of EMI?

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      You’ll get 10x for the principal amount on next day of statement generation, calculation in multiples of 150. 10x will be applicable only, if flipkart continues as Smartbuy partner. For example, let’s say you bought something for 6 months EMI and flipkart is removed as Smartbuy partner during 4th month, then you won’t get 10x form 4th month.

  220. Krishna Prasad

    Do we get reward points for EMI transaction in flipkart ? How it works? If I put 6 months EMI for the iPhone will I be able to maximise and get 18400 reward point back on a 6months EMI ?

    1. Neo

      As per HDFC reps, you do since 9x is credited only basis the emi amt every month. I have done the same, but cant be sure 100% that the points are added every month since it isnt a big Emi amount.

    2. Mouli

      Krishna Prasad

      With HDFC,you need to follow up for EMI transaction also,I have 2 EMI in Flipkart but didnt get 9x points for last 3 months
      After raising complaint ,now they have credited the points

  221. GTMAX

    Can anyone confirm if they have received 10X for Flipkart Flight bookings through Smartbuy? Though I do not see any exclusion for this under Smartbuy T&C.

    Also I noticed that Flipkart Flight ticket purchase is possible only through the App or mobile site. How efficient is the Smartbuy tracking for purchases done over app & mobile site?

    1. A2Z

      Don’t attempt Smartbuy > App as that tracking might not happen
      Though Flipkart support app tracking yet not recommended
      More so let someone confirm if they ever got 10x for flights

      1. Praveen Katiyar

        I got 10x for flight booked on smartbuy. And the 9x credit was fast.. may 2-3days only.

  222. Amandeep Sharma

    Hdfc smartbuy 10x extended till Oct. Enjoy the party 🙂

  223. Brajesh

    Since 10x on smartbuy extended for Oct , I wish to wait for 1 day to buy a flight ticket. Already gained my sep cap and travel is for 1st oct. Can someone confirm that if I purchase at say 12:15AM on 1st Oct will it be treated as next month?

  224. Tejpartap Dhami

    Uber Premier is a 10X member of HDFC (All credit cards).
    Can someone confirm?

    1. GTMAX

      Yes it is till 31st Dec if you have select Uber Premier. Some one has shared the T&C link above in one of the comments

    2. Ankur

      Yes. It’s mentioned on hdfc smartbuy website. But knowing hdfc t&c or offer can change any time.

  225. Ravindra Saini

    For Diners 10X partners, the settlement date of the transaction by merchant (and not the date of transaction) is used to calculate the upper limit of the calendar month(i.e. 25000 reward points upper limit for Diners Black). Is the case same for Smartbuy transactions as well? I did a transaction on 30th September on Smartbuy which got settled and posted to card statement in October. Will the 10X reward points of this transaction be considered as September month’s or October month’s?

    1. GTMAX

      They consider the 10X capping basis the settlement date for both 10X partners and Smartbuy transactions. If you overshoot your October 10X Smartbuy limit, escalate it with the customer care to get it resolved as they have not mentioned the same in Smartbuy T&C.

    2. Neo

      The CC said that to me as well, but I received points for my rent paid using payzapp. This transaction was done on 31st Aug. The CC told this wasn’t a 10X eligible one, but miraculously I received the points.
      So, hope for the best.

  226. Shawn

    OLA and First Cry are now Diners 10X reward partners effective October 1st until December 31st 2019.

  227. GTMAX

    Congratulations guys! Some of you have been heard!!

    Ola is a Diners 10X partner from 1st October onwards. Not applicable for Ola Postpaid payments.
    They have also added Firstcry as a 10X partner from 1st October for both offline & online transactions.

  228. George Mathews

    hey.. anyone noticed?

    10% cashback on min purchase of 5000/- on the following sites where stuff is already on sale:
    1) Amazon
    2) Flipkart
    3) Myntra

    did anyone try this?
    Also, 10X Smartbuy points should still be applicable on these transactions right?


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