HDFC Credit Card 10X Rewards Program (June 2019 Update)

By | August 2, 2019

August 2019 Changes is now live: Checkout the latest update here

Update for July 2019: Both SmartBuy & Diners 10X partners are extended till July end. We might see fresh version from Aug 2019

While its good to know that the 10X benefit on HDFC credit cards still exists, its a shame on HDFC part that they aren’t updating the information on their website on time. And hence neither I got interest in writing about it 😐

With the launch of new portal for all premium & super premium cards in one place, let’s hope they update the content on time going forward. For now, here’s everything you need to know about the latest changes.

Smartbuy 10X Offer

  • Validity: 1st June’19 – 30th June’19
  • Upper Cap: 25,000 Points for Infinia | 15,000 Points for Diners Black | Other Diners Cards & Regalia: 5000 Points | All other cards: 5% Cashback upto Rs.1000
  • Upper Cap Reset: Calendar Month
  • This Covers: Flights, Hotels & Flipkart/Amazon via Smartbuy
  • Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month.
  • Offer T&C

So that’s a significant change, yet not a major hit I would say. Non-premium credit card holders now need to settle with 5% cashback instead of 10X points.

Diners 10X Offer

  • Extended till: 30th June, 2019
  • Brands: Tata CLiQ, Swiggy, BigBasket, Uber, BookMyShow, SOTC, Furlenco, Treebo Hotels
  • Upper Cap: 2K for Diners Rewardz, 5K for Diners Clubmiles/Premium & 25K for Diners Black
  • Upper Cap Reset: Statement Cycle
  • Points will be posted: in next statement cycle.


So with this update, you can be sure that Infinia is set to get better Upper Cap’s over Diners Black in the future. But even now, you could earn 40K points a month with Diners Black if you max out both offers.

That aside, the offer still holds good as 10X remains. Let’s hope the teaser 5X Offer never comes to reality πŸ™‚

What’s your take on the changes happening to the HDFC 10X reward Points program? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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150 thoughts on “HDFC Credit Card 10X Rewards Program (June 2019 Update)

  1. Surya

    You can actually save Rs.45000 on Diners Black if you Add 5000 reward points for Forex card reload

    1. Surya

      I keep reloading my card every month .. just hope this offer stays for a while πŸ™‚

      1. Subhash

        So basically you load 16,666 in your hdfc forex card and transfer it back to your hdfc bank account?

        1. Zaheer

          Yes, I would also like to know about this. I have an Infinia Card.

          1) Is there any specific forex card that gives you the 10x?
          2) Any specific currency which should be considered, or gives you best conversions (in general) ?
          3) Once you load it and can I transfer it back to my HDFC account ?
          4) If I can transfer it back to my HDFC account, are there any charges/fees/deductions?

    2. shushansh

      How exactly does it work? I’m a bit new to this credit card thing, some explanation would be helpful.

    3. Rajesh KSV

      Isn’t the offer changed now ? Now reload 1500 USD to get 1000/- book my show voucher

    4. Baalakrishnan MS

      Hi Surya

      Can you please elaborate a bit on this?


  2. Chintan

    I have a diners clubmiles card, my monthly spend is around 90k to 100k, I hope hdfc gives me an upgrade looking at the usage, as I can’t upgraded based on ITR. I used to make a minimum of 15k points Everymonth through smartbuy before, this will definitely change the way I use my card.

    I bought a iPhone XR 2 days back from Flipkart, I could have paid for the same in one stroke but thinking it would generate only 5000 points I opted for EMI for 6 months.

    1. Sachin Gupta

      How does 10X points works in case of EMI?

      1. Chintan

        10x is applicable on EMI for Flipkart, Smartbuy Flights and Smartbuy Hotels. You ll earn 10x everymonth for the amount charged on the card.

    2. Pragyan Sen

      If you have applied using no cost emi. You can call customer care and foreclose the emi. That way you don’t have to pay the interest + GST. I use this a lot across my axis, icici and hdfc cards.

      1. Sachin Gupta

        Thanks Chintan. I was not aware that 10X points will be given for each month’s EMI. So, it’s better to go for No Cost EMI and get full reward points each month.

        @pragyan – Couldn’t get what’s the benefit in doing that. Can you please explain?
        I believe in foreclosing the EMI, all amount would be charged at that instant, right? You may not be able to get benefit of 10X points completely.

        1. Pragyan Sen

          By opting no cost emi bank offers an upfront discount off the interest and when you foreclose it. You don’t have to pay the interest which translates into the actual cost of the product – interest amount.

          1. Nihar

            The set rule is product cost + EMI amount – EMI amount ( no cost EMI) . This is the amount to be paid for the product. Hence I reckon no benefit to avail no cost EMI and preclose the loan.

  3. sanemate

    We were lucky. On 31st May when I checked the site, it was 5000 cap for Diners Black also. They had updated the diners black website on that day itself. Next day they took it away and it now says till 31st May (old page), but now smartbuy page is updated.

    Hope the 5000 cap never comes for black πŸ™‚

  4. Mouli

    I think its right time to move from DCB to Infinia, not much attractive partners to earn 25000 points every month
    Most of my use is in smartbuy only and My current limit in DCB is 6.9L
    Plan to take it to my RM for Infinia. I am a Preferred customer and having 14 years relationship with HDFC
    Hope to get it

    1. Rohit Roy

      I asked my RM and he said without 40 lakhs income he can’t do anything. And when I explained about my relationship with the bank (10 plus years) he said he would connect the call and I should do the talking πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I have mailed to branch manager hope he will also not do the same. I feel it’s not worth to be preferred or imperial customer if we have RM like that.

  5. Ankur Mittal

    Lets hope they add more redemption option in new platform.

  6. Prashant Gupta

    its still good that they have capped it to 15K points for Black. But for travellers now Infinia makes more sense. I hope i get one of my DCB coverted to Infinia……..

  7. Anurag Goyal

    I your opinion, should DCB members upgrade to Infinia? Especially for customers who use it primarily for Amazon purchases. ?


    Hello siddharth, been following the blog for some time , first time posting though. What happens to regalia first. Is it counted as a regalia variant?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      It is. Its listed on the new portal.

    2. HG

      I had the same doubt too, since my wife has a regalia first, but T&C says Regalia variants are also included

  9. sagar chatterjee

    Btwn the two which one you would suggest DINERS BLACK CREDIT CARD OR CITI PRESTIGE?

    1. Umesh

      My choice would be to go with Diners Black.. However it depends upon your spending patters…

  10. Pavan g

    Does Tata cliq luxury included in 10x diners partner?

      1. Pagan g

        I meant just Tata cliq or there is luxury site which little different that’s included in 10x diners partner

        1. sonika

          Yes, i have the same question. Is tata cliq luxury included in this or not?

  11. Kunal

    My dad holds the HDFC diners jet card, which is not of much use now, planning to close this card. Need suggestion on whether to now get diners black or infinia? Which do you guys recommend and why?

    1. Shivi

      If you read the write-ups and reviews of both cards individually, you would answer that question yourself.

      1. rahul bansal

        @Shivi Please don’t reply if you do that only to mock people. there are multiple comments of your which are actually crowding the discussion, let people ask and let them go unanswered, but please don’t reply just to mock. As an irony even this comment of mine will be crowding the discussion, but it might help in long run to prevent from that.


  12. Prasanna


    The 10x banner you have added seems to be the old one with Zomato and Redbus listed instead of swiggy.

  13. Anubhav Tyagi

    What about offers on Payzapp? How does it compare with SmartBuy?

  14. aka

    Will UBER used internationally come under the umbrella of uber and generate 10X ?

  15. Ashok

    Now the hdfc diners black site is updated from may to june.

  16. OMKAR

    Hi Siddharth,

    I guess you need to update the list of the eligible products on amazon via Smartbuy as HDFC has recently removed the restrictions on the all the mobiles phones phones. Now the latest list as below:

    Is the Offer applicable on purchase of all products?
    No, the cashback or rewards under this Offer is not applicable on purchase of:
    a) Amazon Pay balance
    b) Amazon Flight Tickets
    c) Gold and Silver coins
    d) Gift Cards including Bank cards (Such as RBL and ticket compliment GCs)
    e) Axis Bank and Joyalukkas Gift Vouchers
    f) Bill Payments and Recharges
    g) Amazon Prime membership

  17. ManzilB

    There is a 10X offer through PayZapp (you need to login to Payzapp and go to the smartbuy through that app) as well similar to the Smartbuy one. Can someone has a better clarity whether that is in addition to the existing Smartbuy portal offer or they are same?

  18. Ashish

    If I am using my DCB card, Do I have to order from the Amazon account registered from the same number? Or I can order from my wife’s Amazon account as well?

  19. MT

    just booked tickets via smartbuy , they recommended using the old portal ( the one that appears right in front of you on the homepage of smartbuy) for full payment of tickets by card , and to use the dedicated card portal ( under privileges section ) for points+card option… this might change in the future , i just called customer care just to be double sure of not to loose the 10x benefit

    1. Chintan

      They must be trying to tell you that for full payment go to SHOP & EARN > FLIGHTS to book the flight in the new rewards portal and to redeem points go to REDEEM POINTS > BOOK FLIGHTS in new portal.

      While booking through SHOP & EARN you do not get option to Pay via Points.

  20. Saurabh

    Hi all, any way to do NPS contribution via diners card, the portal doesn’t seems to support it directly so am forced to use other credit card

    1. Ravi

      There is one way, go to under login there is Verified by Visa/MasterCard SecureCode/Netsafe, where you can create a visa or MasterCard proxy for online transactions.
      This should work,
      I haven’t personally used this feather yet.

      1. Aims

        Please share more details on this. How exactly is the proxy card number generated?

  21. Chintan

    I haven’t received any Flipkart 10x after 15th April 2019

    1. Shivi

      It’s available now only for Infinia, Regalia and DCB variants.

  22. Ramesh Kumar

    Only for April month’s transactions remaining 9x will be posted after 90 days from date of transaction and for May & June it’s getting credited within 3-4 days from the date of transaction.

    1. Chintan

      I confirm i have not received 9x for the Flipkart EMI on 13th June and 13th May and my general Flipkart purchase of 16th April and 8th May.

      1. Ramesh Kumar

        For flipkart EMI transactions, it’ll be credited a day after statement generation. If you haven’t received even after that, then your need to escalate to HDFC customer care.

    2. Rahil Sanghvi

      Can you check how many points you’ve earned for each transaction on HDFC ? Something similar to what Amex allows you to do ?

      1. Prashant Gupta

        Points for EMI are posted on next day to statement generation for each EMI.

      2. Chintan

        Not really, your need to keep proper track yourself

  23. Jambui

    5x on hdfc credit cards via samsung pay
    Min 1500 transaction
    Max 2000pts per month
    Valid till aug so oppurtunity to 6000pts
    Unfortunately diners club cant be added to samsung pay so infinia cards earn the most followed by regalia.

  24. Nihar

    Anybody used the Bigbasket daily app. Is it also covered among the 10X partners for Diners Club.

  25. Tina

    I see many people posting about whether they have received 10x points or not. While I have prepared a detailed excel for my points tracking, I cannot confirm whether I have received 10x for all eligible transactions or not. I sent the list of 10x transactions to HDFC via email for them to confirm but they are not ready to give me transaction level information. Any success stories on people being able to confirm their 10x via HDFC customer care?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I also maintain an excel and have received all the points till date………What card you hold…..

      1. Tina

        I have the diners black card. I have a huge deficit this coming month. I also understand from the customer care that the points posting is at random and for multiple transactions at one time posted at various times of the month so they themselves also do not know the transaction level detail. Is this true?

        1. Abhijeet

          I do the following and has always helped me while talking to HDFC customer care ( it take 10 mins of your time after you have recieved your statement, but helps a lot in confirming if you have got all the points you were supposed to get ).
          1. Copy the text and value of debit transactions ( excluding refunds ) in an xl sheet.
          2. Apply a formula ( if through partner merchant or smart buy then 10x , else 1x )
          3. At the end of month see if your xl tallies with the RPs recvd.
          4. If not, call customer care and ask for specific transaction which you are doubtful about. Eg. Mention the date and amount of transaction and ask if the 10x points are posted for this transaction or not.
          5. Nine out of 10 times , they have given me pin point information and my call has not lasted for more than 3 mins.
          6. Having said that, I have always got satisfactory response on all the pointed questions.

          At a transaction level they can answer queries, but you need to be specific about the transaction in question. Dont ask for a ledger of RPs against transaction. It seems that they have to look up in some other system to confirm one transaction ( that takes around 1 minute ).

          Plus if you think there is a difference of 50 to 100 RPs , then i would ignore such cases and trust HDFC for it.

          Always call Super premium card service help desk number. ( just in case you are not doing so ).

          1. Tina

            Thanks. This is really helpful! I will call them this week and hopefully have a similar positive resolution!

          2. Tin

            The super premium helpline number for diners black is? is it the concierge number 1800118 887?

    2. Srikar Ananthula

      Yes, I was able to escalate to MD office and was able to get the excel sheet list of all reward points accrued on the card. But still that statement does not have clear indication of 10x reward points for each transaction. They credit all total points in one time. For example : If there are 20 transactions of 10x rewards, in the rewards statement you can see SMARTBUY 10X rewards “xyz” points. There is no 10x breakup for each transaction.

  26. Mickey

    Tina – simple answer is no.

    The only thing consistent about HDFC customer care is their absolutely pathetic service and customer support. Maybe Infinia owners have a better experience?

  27. Kanika

    While hdfc bank may not be very transparent with reward point posting it will be wrong to bad mouth their customer care they have the finest people and provide prompt service to dcb and infinia customer.
    However, the way they design their t&c for reward points seems like a scam for instance, their recent makemytrip promo says *9x for select hotel only* and they havent provided any list.they have a **** everywhere which is confusing and frustating when you dont get the points after 90 days because you missed a *****

    1. Abhijeet

      my 2 cents.
      1. For their mmt promo, it is useless talking to MakemyTrip Customer care ( they dont know anything about it and they are worst in responding on promotions on THEIR site ). If you have done that , then you were talking to wrong people.
      2. If you speak to HDFC super premium cusomer care number, you will be able to get clarifications quickly and accurately.
      3. I had similar queries on international hotel bookings via MMT and after speaking to HDFC it was all sorted.
      4. For international hotel bookings the promotion is applicable without a promocode. This means you just need to do a transaction with your Diners club card and you would get 10x points ( points will be credited 90 days later )
      5. For domestic hotel booking they have list of hotels as well as promo code to be used.

      In case of confusion , talk to super premium customer care number.

  28. Chintan

    Has anybody received Flipkart 10x points in the month of June, because i haven’t

    1. Hari

      I got them in 2 days. But, yet to receive the RPs for April txns.

      1. Pranav sharma

        How much time rp take if transaction is done through Amazon

      2. Aims

        Further extended till 31 July as per smartbuy website

      3. ab

        seems they will not providing the RP’s for april month transaction. we have to again write to CC like to get amazon points.

      4. MT

        I had called up customer care for the same , april RPs will be posted in August, may june july are immediate within 2-3 days of transaction except amazon which will continue to be within 90days from transaction month

  29. Amandeep Sharma

    Smartbuy T&C says the 10X has been extented till July 31 with DCB cap as 15000. The party is not over yet πŸ™‚

    1. MT

      Party is on for smartbuy transactions , but 10x partners are shut for the moment on diners card

  30. Aims

    Further extended till 31 July as per the smartbuy website

  31. Tina

    Thanks everyone. Customer care was very helpful. Turns out no Amazon reward points have been posted on my account since January! Anyway they have taken a request now let’s see how it goes

    1. MT

      I got for jan and feb txs after logging a complaint for amazon tx

  32. Chintan

    10x Diners card offer isn’t showing in BookMyShow credit card offers πŸ™

  33. ANURAG

    Hi, can anyone help me here –

    For rental payments, I read 5% cashback upto Rs 100 per cycle is applicable.

    Would we also get the regular 3.33% on the DB card?

    Please educate the forum about rental payments.


    1. GTMAX

      5% up to 100 would be applicable for new registered billers and for payments done in the first 6/12 months. You will keep earning the regular reward rate of 3.33% alongside this as well post this duration as well

  34. Ajay

    Any information if DCB specific 10x also was extended?

    1. Tina

      As per my conversation with customer care today they only have confirmation on smartbuy extension and no information for any partner rewards

  35. Harish Jindal

    any idea whether diners partner merchant offer got extended after 30th Jun? I mean the one on bigbasket, uber, swiggy, tatacliq etc

    1. Anoop E S

      swiggy is not showing 10X offer from July 1

    2. abhijeet

      They will certainly make the infinia card the best in their lot. Right now , an Invite only Infinia card has Rewards potential of 25K INR per month. While Super Premium DCB has Rewards potential of 40K INR. This seems to be a little unfair with people who have Infinia. Also DCB is claimed to be accepted in 2.5 mn POS outlets and almost 70% of payment gateways that I have used.
      I strongly feel that unless there is a marketing push by partner merchant & Diners Club network itself, there is no reason to bring the merchant partners back on 10x. At best it may be brought at lower incentive levels.

      1. Chintan

        I used to shop at partners a lot, if they remove partners i may stop using diners card i guess

  36. Gautam

    This is from HDFC page:

    10X on partner brands is getting revamped. Existing 10X Rewards on partner brands ended on 30 June 2019. Will soon update when we launch the new edition of 10X Rewards.

    10X on SmartBuy (flight, hotels, Flipkart, Amazon etc.) is still live.

    1. Binay

      where is it written ? can u please share the link ?

    2. Abhijeet

      Hdfc bank is notorious for updating the program from the date they make it live. Example – they will make the program effective from 10th of july and launch it on 10th july as well. Transactions made between 1st and 9th will not be eligible for 10x rewards.
      I am holding my expenses on 10x brands until they launch it.

  37. Dr. Mohit

    Just Talked with HDFC diners customer care.

    Smartbuy 10x points for march and april are still pending. ( all transactions)
    May and June points are credited except for amazon transactions.
    Also no update on diners 10x offer when it will be back and what all will be new partners in it.

    1. Pranav6410

      Do they even provide Amazon points or they are just scamming their users

      1. MT

        I got my 10x points for jan and feb transaction in june after raising a complaint , they noted my order IDs , i got a call after 4 days saying both IDs were eligible and points will be credited , 2 days later , points credited

  38. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    I have also not got any 10X points for Amazon smartbuy transactions done on January and February 2019. However I got 10X rewards points of Flipkart in the same month of doing the purchases i.e. May and HDFC email team after long escalation claimed that it was points for Amazon transactions. Joke is that customer care over phone said that there was no 10X offer during that time. I can’t stop laughing at them. HDFC has trained their customer care to not care for customer.

  39. Shubham Jain

    10x rewards on forex card recharge are now limited to $1000+ recharges, but the limit for bonus rewards is still 5000/month.

    1. Raj

      Hi Shubham

      I have done a transaction of $200 in the month of June. But I haven’t got any 10x points on that.
      Is it standard 90 days?

      1. Prashant Gupta

        Its 90 days from transaction month…..

  40. Chintan

    A moment of relief, 10x for diners is back in BookMyShow credit card offers. Though capping limit isn’t mentioned there.

  41. Amit

    They have also renewed their 10x points offer on forex (with cap of 5000 bonus points). However, that offer is now applicable only if you load $1000 or more.

    Now, can anybody tell me how this offer is 10x offer:

    I have Infinia card and if I load $1000 for INR70,000:

    I will get: 7,330 points i.e. 2330 + 5000 (regular + capped bonus points)
    Instead of: 23,330 i.e. 2,330 + 20,970 (regular + bonus points – no capping till loading $1000)

    So how this offer is 10x rewards on forex upload? For this to be 10x offer either they have to remove the limit of $1000 forex load or increase the bonus point limit.

    If HDFC continues with the same terms and conditions then they can make the offer more lucrative by terming it as 20x or maybe 100x (as it will make no difference).

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      This is what put me off for reloading my forex card….I bought card last month when previous offer was there…now i am worried that i might not get 10X for that also as the offer changed suddenly in last week.

    2. Sharad

      You are right, Amit. Remember the last song played by any DJ in party is ‘Hotel California’, and that is what I can gear now πŸ™‚

    3. Raj


      Exactly, they are following footsteps of may wallets who gives 100% cashback up to 100 Rs on minimum transaction of Rs 1000.

      1. Points Addict

        I dont think even wallets do this kind of promotions. Can you find one to confirm?
        I have seen lots like “100% cashback upto 100” or “100 % cashback upto 100 on minimum purchase of 50” though.

        I have a feeling that it is a mistake and they may fix it. Some one can try escalating it.

  42. Mudit

    I received a mail from Bigbasket on 10x points. Suppose the BMS and Bigbasket tie ups are done. but others are still left. no news of any update on the hdfc diners site yet

    1. Chintan

      HDFC must have made some major changes in 10x terms and conditions for diner’s partners and they must be communicating and negotiating the same with the partners right now, may be doing that 1 partner at a time.
      I hope uber, zomato and swiggy are next.

  43. Ramesh Kumar

    Received email from HDFC saying upto Rs.250 discount and 10x rewards on bigbasket during Jul 6 to 10, so seems like bigbasket is still in diners 10x partner.

    1. Dr. Mohit


      Terms and conditions apply. ^On minimum shopping of Rs.6000 | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
      #Offer valid on minimum spends of Rs. 1,500

      So not sure if its 10x on 1500+ transaction or 6000+

  44. Ravikumar

    I have been using HDFC Times titanium credit card for the past 4.5 years. Can I upgrade this card?

    1. Dr. Mohit

      Depends on your credit limit and which card you want as upgrade. You can try upgrading to regalia first if you have decent cl of 1.5- 2 lacs approx.

  45. Prashant

    I have done successful transaction of nearly 90K last month through hdfc smartbuy in flipkart store for that I got 15K points (as per smartbuy 10X offer) there was also some (51K) transaction was failed , payment got deducted but transaction was not successful due to payment getaway problem now I got that money back but hdfc also take back 15K points . In this what I have to do ?
    Transaction which was failed was 2nd transaction not first one , first one was successful transaction still my point got reverse .In this my successful transaction was 90K + failed 51K still they remove points contacted customer care but they are not giving proper answer , Now for this where I have to contact and how to explain this
    (1) AM i eligible for hdfc smartbuy 10X point as my successful transaction was 90K
    (2) Where to contact , every time customer care giving different answer
    (3)Points got credited and after got debited not understanding logic of HDFC transaction wise my failed transaction was not 1st one, and also still my last month purchase 90K which is still more than 10X offer fulfillment limit

    1. Ankur

      You will get the points, just properly explain them and raise a complaint for same. It happend with me also and I got the points though it took some time.

    2. ab

      same was happened to me in the month of MAY and i have made several e-mail communication and some telephonic conversation too but they not providing my 25k RP for flipkart transaction.

  46. Prashant Gupta

    Happened with me also…write a detail mail to customer care with cc to infinia customer care. I got points but after lots of fighting and it took time.

  47. Abhijeet

    I guess this is a “who blinks first” game going on. HDFC wants to see the impact of not bringing the 10x partner offers back. If it is established that first 1-2 weeks numbers dont have any significant impact , they will discontinue the 10x program.
    In any case it is illogical for HDFC to give more than 25000 points for Diners Club black card holders and at the max they may cap the 10x partner brands reward points to 10000 per month/ statement cycle.
    Unless loyalties/ expenses are shifting to other banks , HDFC will make no attempt to retain partner brand offers. I usually have 1 entry level credit card and 1 Diners Black in my wallet. But Surely need to convert my entry level credit card to a premium / super premium.

    1. Vaibhav

      Dont think HDFC was in anyway paying for the reward points and it must be largely partners & Diners club bearing the cost. Bookmyshow is back as 10x until 31st July, so something should come soon.
      I am sure most of us who were availing these benefits for last few years, would have paused on there consumption. So numbers surely would not add up for HDFC or partners like Tata Cliq whose sales were largely influenced by this scheme.
      Lets see when they come up with new structure, as I am about to exhaust my 10x Smartbuy limit πŸ™‚

      1. Points Addict

        It is not about just that, Vaibhav.
        May be the volume on transactions from those partner merchants could have gone low because of this end. I believe what HDFC/Diners/Partners are looking for user acquisition which I am sure is going to reach a *sweet spot* for them soon if not already. Do you think any of these three players are making significant money on partner merchants alone while letting people juice up upto 25K RPs per month? I doubt it.

        What HDFC would be worried about is a dip in the usage as a whole / non-partner merchants where bank is still making good money. Even me, I stopped using this card for partner merchants but using it every where else because of 3.3% default rate.

        1. Siva

          For 3.3% I always use my standard chartered ultimate card instead of diners black.

  48. Vinod Kannan

    Had a word with Infinia CC. I wanted to Split my Infinia Limit and asked for Diners Black as a Floater Card since i want to make use of 10x Merchants. They told that the 10x on Diners has been Discontinued and it is bot advisable to do so . He told that Only Smartbuy 10x persists. Please take this info with a pinch of the salt since i cannot confirm the reliability.

  49. MT

    Anybody getting 9x points on their card accounts for smartbuy july month transactions ? Or this time wait till November for 9x ?

      1. MT

        Got my smartbuy flights july points also , thanks

  50. Chintan

    I made purchase of like Rs. 50000 from Amazon in the month of April, when we can make maximum 25000 points per month, now the limit is reduced to 5000. So is it also going to apply to April transactions also, or I will receive my points in full.

    1. MT

      If points not received by 1st august , call up customer care , they will take down the complaint which has to include the order number , once they trave the order with amazon , you will get your 9x points

    2. Ajay

      It should be on earned basis. So full points. That’s my understanding.

  51. Gkcards

    Any update on 10x partners if it will be back or gone forever

  52. Chintan

    I didn’t receive BookMyShow 10x points for the transactions i did on 11th July after statement generation, I think 10x Diners on BMS is not active.

    1. OP

      I also got 10x points for BigBasket June month transaction only, after bill generated on 15th July.

  53. Neo

    With this “apparent” devaluation of DCB, I guess getting an Infinia is going to be harder since lot of us may be tempted to switch over if 10X partners dont come back .
    Hope, 10X partners come back soon enough.


  54. Anupam

    10x partners extended for July. Out on the Diners website now.

    On popular demand, we are extending the partner 10X Rewards program for July. There will be a new edition of partner 10X Rewards program with new and exciting partners from August 2019. Till then enjoy the current 10X partner program on Uber, BookMyShow, Swiggy, BigBasket, TataCLiQ, Treebo and Furlenco for July 2019.

    Apart from the partner 10X program , also enjoy the 10X Rewards program on SmartBuy (flights, hotels, Flipkart and Amazon) for July 2019.

    1. Ajay

      Great news. HDFC is still the daddy of cards.

    2. Abhinav Jain

      From the T&C – “This edition is from 1 July – 31 July 2019. i.e the txns from 1 July – 31 July is considered for 10X and the max cap is applied on calendar month basis instead of the earlier statement wise max cap.”

    3. Nikhil

      Minor changes though, they have removed mmt and for the month of July. Limits will be applicable on calendar month, instead of statement cycle. Just like smartbuy

    4. SG

      Who knows what will be part of new reward program from next month. I’m thinking of loading my big basket wallet with a good amount. Does anyone know if that works too?

      1. Girish

        No wallet load doesnt fetch you any point, instead order something huge, and cancel the order before its packed. They will refund the amount in wallet.

  55. Rohit roy

    I am fed up with this reward points .Nothing gets credited as said. I have done a transaction on jan 2019 and there was an offer that I would get 5000 bonus points. when contacted customer care they said 90 days from end of offer period march 31st i.e June at max. I just didnt get that part. Now even in july month they didnt credit points. They declined smartbuy reward points through amazon. Luckily I have screenshots for amazon but dont have for bonus points offer since its already been 6 months . Generally whom do you escalate if credit card points are not credited. I am in touch with someone who is in grievance team.

  56. Chintan

    its good that partners are back for this month, but god know what their so called new and exciting 10x program going to be, starting next month. Fingers crossed, i guess they are going to merge Smartbuy and Partners for Diners and say you can make 15000 points in combination with Diners and Partners for black and 5000 for other diners card.

    They have already changed the calculation date from billing cycle to monthly cycle, in terms and conditions they say “This edition is from 1 July – 31 July 2019. i.e the txns from 1 July – 31 July is considered for 10X and the max cap is applied on calendar month basis instead of the earlier statement wise max cap. Uber, BigBasket, BookMyShow,, Swiggy, Furlenco, and Treebo Hotels are the partners. The incremental 9X for this edition will be posted within 31 October 2019.”

    Monthly cycle and point disbursement after 90 days of month end, that surely sounds like Smartbuy.

    This could be the first step of merging both i guess.

    1. Pranav sharma

      Hope they add these partners for infinia members too with 5k cap

      1. Chintan

        Yes, it would be good, also there is no update on 10x partners for Business Regalia cards. I guess no one use those now. :p

  57. RK

    I think the forex reload is gone.they have increased the ticket size to 1000USD.

  58. ND

    Few important changes which are missed out are:

    1. Max cap is applied on calendar month basis instead of the earlier statement wise max cap.
    2. The incremental 9X for this edition will be posted within 31 October 2019 and not next cycle as earlier.
    3. SOTC goes out

  59. AK

    Earlier there used to be a 10X banner on HDFC card 10%discount offers on tata-cliq,
    however its not there right now. Is 10x still applicable along with 10% instant discount ?

  60. rushabh

    10x still continues. Bookmyshow shows 10x till dec 2019. Maybe this time they are locking 10x with partners for 6 months. Hope so.

  61. Harsh

    I have a question regarding add on cards.
    1. Are 10x rewards applicable to add on cards ?
    2. if yes,
    a. Are reward points attributed to primary card or both cards have individual RP ?
    b. Is the reward point limit shared across cards ? Example the 25k RP limit on doners black will be for both cards each or the sum of RP on both cards will me capped at 25k ?

  62. Dr. Mohit Arora

    Enjoy 10X Reward points on Partner Brands(Offer Valid from 1st August to 31st December 2019)
    Our Affiliated Brands-
    Godrej Nature’s Basket
    Maximum cap on the incremental 9X Rewards in a calendar month is as below:
    Diners Black – 25,000
    Diners ClubMiles & Diners Premium – 5,000
    Diners Rewardz – 2,000

    PayZapp Wallet load is not eligible for 10X Rewards.

    So a big relief. Now till Dec 2019, 10x rewards will be there.

  63. Neeraj Pansari

    August update initially looks disappointing, but, it is not.
    We still have big basket via Payzapp. Uber replaced by Ola via Payzapp.
    All utility bill payments on 10x now via Payzapp.
    Myntra say replaces Tata Cliq.

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