Now Get 10X Points on Amazon too with HDFC Credit Cards

By | October 15, 2018

One of the most Addictive offer in the country world is HDFC’s 10X offers which primarily started out with HDFC Diners cards and now they’re expanding it to almost all HDFC credit cards via Smartbuy. As we know, Flipkart was there with Amazon for pretty long time and now they’ve added Amazon too to the game. Here’s all you need to know,

10X Points on Amazon via HDFC Smartbuy

Amazon 10X Offer on HDFC Credit Cards:

How to Avail:

  1. Clear your cart in Amazon. Better put them on Wishlist.
  2. Go to HDFC Bank SmartBuy and select Amazon Tab.
  3. Enter Mobile number & Last 4 digit card number with which you would want to make the payment.
  4. Search for your product for check out.
  5. Use HDFC bank Credit Card / Debit card to avail the offer.

This is bit different from Flipkart as you need to input your info on smartbuy page before buying. This is because HDFC can track all purchases on Flipkart smartbuy page as they have the store customized for HDFC with unique URL, while Amazon doesn’t.


a) Amazon Pay balance 
b) Xiaomi phones: Mi Max 2 (32 GB), Redmi Y1, Redmi Y1 Lite, Redmi 5, Redmi Y2, Redmi 6 Pro, Redmi 6A
c) Samsung phones: J3, Galaxy J5
d) Apple phones: iPhone 6S and below models
e) RealMe phones: RealMe 1 (3+ 32 GB | 4+ 64 GB)
f) Honor phones: Play, Play AI
g) Gold and Silver coins
h) Gift Cards including Bank cards (Such as RBL and ticket compliment GCs)
i) Axis Bank and Joyalukkas Gift Vouchers
j) Bill Payments and Recharges 
k) Prime membership

More about T&C of this offer is here

So there you go! Tough for those who were taking advantage of the offer like last time 😉

To know more about the 10X offers on HDFC Smartbuy, do check out the latest article on: HDFC 10X Reward Points Program Extended (October 2018 Update)

Thanks to the reader: Srikanth for spotting & sharing this info first.


Eventhough we were still allowed to purchase on Amazon via smartbuy “Compare & Shop”, it was a painful process and you need to make sure not to modify the item like colour/type for the system to work flawlessly.

So now adding Amazon to smartbuy as a dedicated Partner is a wonderful idea as Amazon is definitely better than Flipkart in recent years.

What do you think about Amazon Addition to HDFC Smartbuy? Feel free to share your thoughts in comments below.

Author: Siddharth

A Credit Card freak minting reward points and cashback for years, started adding Airmiles in recent times. Obsessed with aviation, airport lounges and luxury travel at affordable cost.

48 thoughts on “Now Get 10X Points on Amazon too with HDFC Credit Cards

  1. ARG

    Can you please put the link of the page mentioning the exclusions?

    I’m concerned because I purchased Iphone 6s via Smartbuy on amazon.

  2. Arun Kumar

    Thanks Siddharth for your articles.

    Well hdfc has come up something new this time.

    “5% Waiver on booking at Audi showroom in Chennai/Bangalore & Pune” is a new kind of offer and some more.

    Worth an article. The terms and conditions aren’t clear enough though. Needs more investigation. Let me try diners helpline to find and update you all.

    1. ND

      To swipe an Audi on your card, you will need no less than Infinia… I had heard Audi was offering 15% discount for cars (not any bank offer though)

  3. Swapneil

    Getting a card for NRI is another headache considering the lien based Fixed Deposit one has to do with the bank .

    Getting one credit card itself was itself scaling Mount Everest and feeling jealous to read to have 10th card in wallet. LOL


    1. Raj

      Does HDFC offer CC to NRI? One of my friend who is NRI customer offered to have FD but they denied even with that.

      1. Ankit

        Hello Raj,

        HDFC offers only Regalia & Infinia as NR cards. With an FD lien. I don’t know how Infinia with FD lien would work since it’s a charge card. But minimum FD for regalia is 400k since the minimum limit on Regalia is 300k. It’s a pain for NRIs to get a credit card in India. I’ve taken up this with Amex, HDFC, Yes & everyone is extremely rigid on their “company policies”.

        1. Shivi

          Infinia is NOT a charge card! It’s a regular “by invite only” credit card!

  4. Binay

    Is there any link where I can check how many reward points I am given on particular purchases ?
    I am using HDFC DINERS BLACK.

  5. Datta1108

    Hi Sid,

    I think it would make sense for DCB as it has a better return, for other HDFC cards (esp lower variants) the reward conversion rate is not that great.
    So I think for them it’s better to use cashback tracking sites for better returns on Amazon/Flipkart, were they offer 4-8% cashback which can you encash or take Flipkart/Amazon gvs.

  6. Ket

    Is this valid for all purchases or only certain items? When I searched for a product from the landing page, the result mentioned “We didn’t find results in HDFC SMartBUY Offer”

  7. ND

    I think exclusions take away some of the fun. Flipkart Smartbuy is a much better option due to no exclusions and you can still buy those phones excluded on Amazon.
    But it is good to have Amazon back for whatever it is worth.

  8. Vinith

    Just a quick thought do we have to access smart buy on the desktop or even mobile would do. Because on the phone the app opens up. Would that qualify for 10x rewards.

    1. Anshul

      Open the smartbuy website on mobile browser in incognito mode. the app will not open then!

  9. Kiran

    Amazon add 5000 get 250 cash back till 23rd October.

    That gives a decent 5% cash back. Can be used to pay bills.


  10. Akshay

    Hello everyone

    4 days back i got my first cc from hdfc and card is regalia. As dimali promotions are on. I shopped for 30000 in a clothing outlet.
    As there is 10x promotion going on with hdfc.

    My ques is.
    I spent 30K which means for a spend of Rs 150 i will get 4 RP which means 800 RP (regular) and 9X bonus points is 7200 total is(10X) 8000 RP. And converting into value which is 0.50p. It should be Rs 4000


    If yes, 13% saved.
    If no, please tell me how to calculate rewards

  11. Majumdar

    Does it explicitly mention that gold coins are not eligible for 10X benefits on Amazon? Or is it that the Amazon Smartbuy mirror site doesnt have gold coin as one of its components. Anyone can clarify?


  12. Shyam

    Just Curious. Was checking the Smartbuy website and could not find exclusion for Gold and silver coins. Rest were there. Can you clarify as I need to buy them for Diwali

  13. Yash

    Today I searched for the Honor phones and they were there in the find and search on smartbuy, with the page to go to amazon for 10x.
    Not sure where you saw it doesn’t apply to these phones and the coins.

    Anybody has any idea?

    (I can take a risk and buy the Honor phone on my Diners Black and might earn 10x points (33%) or I can buy on an ICICI card and get 10% off direct – what do you recommend?

  14. hari

    Get 5% Cashback on all your spends till 31 December 2018. Got this offer on my Diners card. Max cash back per month INR 2500/-

  15. HTC Fan

    Another sweetener to this offer. All purchases done using smartbuy link on Amazon on 31st Oct and 1st Nov get additional 10% cashback (upto 1000) over and above 10x points.

    1. Nikhil Mehta

      I have diners club card ( the one lower than diners black which gives me 13 percent save in form of rewards)
      Now the thing is that I want to combine 3 offers
      1. 10 percent instant discount on amazon on HDFC CC
      2. Amazon pay 10 percent cashback
      3. Buying via smart buy for 10x, now here is the thing, if i go via smartbuy would amazon make me eligible for amazon pay cashback offer. Also there is written in tnc , Diners Club Card customers cannot club the 10X benefit with any of the existing programs with the Diners. What does it mean ?
      I also have HDFC debit card which gives 1000 cashback
      so would I be eligible for 10 Instant discount + amazon pay cashback + 10x CC/10 percent HDFC debit card cashback ?

  16. Mohit

    Wasn’t able to understand the meaning of this comment “Tough for those who were taking over advantage of the offer like last time 😉”

    Isn’t this the same offer? Why is it tough for some?

  17. Mohit

    Can you provide the link. For exclusions? I am not able to. Find anything like this in the tnc… Some above users have asked for the same details. So i think either they removed it or we aren’t looking in the right place

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Update the article with link to T&C that has exclusions.

      1. Mohit

        Thank you…but why would anyone use it via that Amazon tab then? Simply use it via Compare and Shop which has no such exclusions in HDFC TnC?

  18. Prashant Gupt

    I havent received points for amazon transactions done last month. I have asked the customer care ans she said thanks for letting us know. They will revert fater checking. Lots of points at stake…….

  19. Rajiv

    Sid – I have the same question posted by Ket

    “Is this valid for all purchases or only certain items? When I searched for a product from the landing page, the result mentioned “We didn’t find results in HDFC SMartBUY Offer”

    The moment we click on the cart the link changes to a regular one. Are you guys also seeing this? Also, i’m not receiving any SMS indicating the SmartBuy transaction has been performed. Few of my friends got.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Ignore that landing page.
      You get 10X for “All – Exclusions”


    Does 10% cashback through smart buy valid on HDFCBANK DEBIT CARD EMI.

  21. Devraj

    I received by upgrade to a DCB card yesterday but all my previous points as well as details of outstanding have disappeared on NetBanking. Is this something that everybody experiences and if so, how long does it to reflect back. I had a regalia earlier. The credit card contact referred to by the bank branch said points would be available for a month.
    I am afraid to activate and use my DCB since I am waiting for my sizeable points to appear back. Missing out on diwali offers while I wait.
    Any help would be appreciated.


      Regalia to DCB conversion – 50% points are transferred to DCB.

      To see the card in net banking you need to click on “transferred card registration”

  22. Nikhil

    Have any one received Amazon 10x reward points? Also Nov statement points are also missing…

  23. M_D

    Re the questions posted by Ket and Rajiv above:

    Is this valid for all purchases or only certain items? When I searched for a product from the landing page, the result mentioned “We didn’t find results in HDFC SMartBUY Offer”

    Does anyone have proper confirmation of having received 10x for purchases made in this way (by clicking “non-HDFC SmartBUY” results)? I’ve made a bunch of purchases on Amazon this way over the last 45-odd days, and though I haven’t been tracking points accrued very closely, I don’t think I’ve been getting 10x. But then again, the points might still post within 90 days.

    1. Prashant Gupta’s

      I have also done lots of purchase close to a lakh. Lets wait for 90 days and ready to fight with Cc.

  24. Chalam

    I’m regularly getting 10x rewards from Smart buy Flipkart. Not from Amazon.
    Can any one confidently say they are getting from Amazon ( for any high value purchase )
    Thank you Siddarth for a wonderful Blog.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I havent received for last 2 months from amazon. Will wait for 90 days for claim…..

    2. Rohit

      Points are still pending for one big Amazon purchase from nearly 2 months back and I don’t even know about small purchases as it is nearly impossible to track. Waiting for 90 days before calling the Customer care.

  25. Sagar vijay

    Do we get accelerated rewards for adding money to Amazon pay wallet?


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