SBI Prime Credit Card Review (2020)

By | January 17, 2020

SBI PRIME CARD was launched in mid 2017 and ever since it got into the market, it has been one of the best premium credit card in India for various reasons like: easy approval, milestone benefits, lounge access, fee waiver on spend and many more. Its been more than a year since I got this card and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

Not only for us, even for the bank it has been one of the amazing product that got them a very good share in the country’s premium credit card segment for about 2 years in the row. But there has been few changes to the card recently. So let’s re-visit if the card still holds good in its current form. 

SBI Prime Card

Joining Fees

  • Joining/Renewal Fee: Rs.2,999+GST (Renewal Fee Waived on 3 Lakh spend)
  • Welcome e-gift Voucher: Rs. 3,000 (Bata/Hush Puppies, Pantaloons, Shoppers Stop and

When it comes to renewal, usually they charge the fee & then refund it back after a week. I wish they rather not charge at all, just to avoid confusion.


SBI Card Prime comes with different types of rewards: Regular, Milestone & Accelerated, here’s everything about it below,

Regular rewards

  • All regular spends: 2 RP per Rs.100 (0.50% Value)
  • 1 Reward Point Value: Rs.0.25 (can be adjusted as statement credit)

To redeem points for stmt credit, simply call SBICard customer Care. Redemption fee of Rs.99 per request is applicable.

Milestone rewards

  • Spend Rs.50,000: Get Rs.1,000 Pizza Hut e-Voucher (every calendar quarter)
  • Spend Rs.5 Lakhs: Get Rs.7000 worth Yatra/Pantaloons Voucher.

I used the Pantaloons voucher during 2018 Diwali and got even greater savings on it.

Accelerated rewards

  • Standing instructions of Utility Bills payments: 20 RP per Rs.100 spent: (5% Value, Capped)
  • Birthday Spends: 20 RP per Rs.100 spent (5% Value, not capped)
  • BigBasket: 15 RP per Rs.100 spent (3.75% Value)
  • Dining, Groceries, Departmental stores and Movies: 10 RP per Rs.100 spent (2.5% Value)

Overall, as you see the entire rewards earning capability, its pretty well designed. Now the problem is RedGirraffe is removed from SI payments, but not to forget that other SI payments (LIC,EB, etc) are still eligible for accelerated reward points.

Update: With effect from 1 Oct ’19, a capping of 3,000 Reward Points per month will be placed on the earning of 20 Reward Points per 100 spent on Standing Instructions of Utility Bill Payments.

Pro Tip: The easiest way to speak to SBI Card support is by sending an Sms as PROBLEM to 9212500888 and you’ll get a call back from them within 24 hours.

Lounge access

  • International: 4 complimentary visits per year to International Priority Pass Lounges, outside India (max. 2 visits per quarter)
  • Domestic: 8 complimentary visits per year to Domestic VISA/Mastercard Lounges in India (max. 2 visits per quarter)

Remember, both lounge benefits applies only for Primary Cardholder. Priority Pass expires in 2 Years.

Other Benefits

  • Enjoy Complimentary Club Vistara Silver membership (1 Upgrade Voucher)
  • Bookmyshow benefit
  • Enjoy complimentary Trident Privilege Red Tier Membership & other benefits linked to it.
  • Golf: 4 complimentary rounds on Green Fees

Maximizing Returns

Let’s consider you spend about 5 lakhs a year with Rs.1.5Lakh in accelerated rewards (5%) and remaining as regular purchase, & meet quarterly targets. Let’s see how much rewards you get,

  • Rs. 7,500 -> Accelerated Rewards: 5% on Rs.1.5L spend
  • Rs.4,000 -> Pizza Hut vouchers (quarterly spends benefit)
  • Rs.7,000 ->Yatra/Pantaloons voucher (5L Spend)
  • Total Savings: Rs.20,000 on 5L spend which is ~4% Reward Rate

The major downside for some would be spending 1.5L on accelerated rewards which may reduce the overall reward rate.

But then if you consider fee waiver on 3L spend, lounge access & other benefits, I still see it as an amazing card in 2019 with returns far more than regular premium credit cards of this range.

So if you still have the question in mind: “if it’s still worth it?” – YES totally!


  • Cardexpert Rating: 4/5

Its obvious that SBI Prime makes sense for those who don’t have access to the super premium cards. Redgirraffe used to be an amazing benefit in the past, but remember, anything above 3% reward rate in the world of credit cards will live only for a short while.

So overall, I would say, it’s good to “hold” as long as you can spend 5L, else it’s OKAY to downgrade to SBI Simplyclick, which is also a decent card for online spends.

If your spends are on the higher side, you may also explore SBI Elite which comes with amazing Movie benefit or other bank super premium credit cards altogether.

What’s your take on SBI Prime in its current form? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

230 thoughts on “SBI Prime Credit Card Review (2020)

  1. CP11

    With RedGirraffe gone, I don’t think this card will be very useful for me. I’ve had this card only for 3 months. Is it advisable to cancel now? Or should I wait to complete the first year?

      1. Puneet

        Sir card is not delivered to me by courier. How can I get the card. May I charged 2999 without delivery of card.

      2. ajaykumar

        i used priority pass outside india which i got through prime pro credit card and there was charged on my card and its not reverse when i complained they answered me that prime pro credit cared had no free access of international lounges

      3. Pallab

        Does this card award points for fuel purchase? If yes what’s the capping?

      4. Rajakumar

        I was using 10+ years SBI gold card, never had problem.

        Then I applied for the SBI Prime card in March 2020. I never got the card in my hand till today, however i have been charged for the annual fee Rs 3000 + GST etc.

        when i approached SBI card support team and they accepted that the card could not be delivered but annual fee is is system generated, hence cant help on it.

        Then i asked to at least deliver the card, but their delhivery partner could not deliver the card again. They didn’t even attempt to deliver the card ( im in Thrissur City, East fort, you can understand that its one of the prime city)

        Then i asked SBI Cards to close the account, there has been around 13 + mails + 20++ phone calls to them and many many SR has been raised for closing the account.

        But they only close the ticket that i raised but not given solution till date. I continue to get the statements monthly basis. I approached their nodal officer for escalations, every time i need to explain the issue from the start, they behave like they just born, so they do not know anything about it.

        So finally i approached the respective consumer court and me and my advocate are in talk to file a case against SBI cards, I will update the progress on it.

        So folks please be aware of SBI Cards and their service, as long as thing fine all will be ok. otherwise you will see the SBI Cards other face and they will eat your all money and time and peace of mind what else not.

        Wish you all the best SBI cards customers.

  2. Pranav

    How do you guys manage spends like 3L? Are people super rich and spend a lot of money?
    I barely make 1.5L cumulative of my all credit cards.

    1. Conscience

      Try to buy everything using credit card.
      Even vegetables, stationary, milk. You will easily achieve 3L. Just use the Brain. Load online wallet using CC and buy using them. It been a month I barely used cash. Even daily cab accept paytm and other wallet. Just dont use cash. If anyone ask cash. Teach them to use wallet and you will see them using online wallet.

  3. KK

    Hi Sid

    Do insurance payments on SI also count for 5%? My renewal is due on 10 Aug and I was thinking of dropping this card, given that I hold diners black, stanc ultimate, amex plat travel etc which more than suffice for all my spends.

    PS – the only reason I held this card is electricity bill payment of my home. If there is any alternate card that offers 5%, direct or through wallet, I would immediately dump this one. Is there any?

      1. Kulbir

        Do you have LIC on autopay? If so, do you mind sharing when the insurance payment is deducted?

        1. prathmesh

          You LIC payment is deducted between 25 to 30 days after its payment date.
          And the 20 rewards point you will get after 10 – 40 days post deduction.

    1. Jambui

      @KK bill paid on niki app via coupon inturn paid via payzapp with billpay code can easily beat 5% uptil a certain amount. Credit card points are additional.

  4. Arun

    Got a spend based offer for the first time!

    Spend* Rs.94000 with your SBI Credit Card
    ending xxxx during 23 Jul – 23 Aug ’19 & get a
    Taj Hotels Voucher worth Rs.5,000..

    Decided to hold the card

  5. Praveen Katiyar

    Much awaited article. Thanks for effort and taking out time.

  6. Benny

    Reward redemption to statement cash credit available in prime?There is such option in their app or online..Pls reply..Thanks in advance

    1. ICONIA


      Yes, Reward redemption to statement cash credit available in prime. For that you have to contact customer care & redemption charge is Rs.99

    2. Himanshu Kainth


      No option in the app or wesbite as fas as i know. You need to call customer care for redemption to cash credit.

  7. Prashant Gupta

    This card value is only justified if you use it for utility payment otherwise the value is very low. The same utility return percentage can be get if we use combination of amex mrcc and amex gold card. One can earn 24k points and redeem for gold collection or hot rewards…

    1. Mohit Jain

      Amex does not award points for utility payments. What you must be talking about is using the card for 6 times a month for bonus rewards of 1000 points.

      1. Prashant Gupta

        You can points on utility payments by paying through any wallet. And also amex provide i guess 5% cashback of points on registration for paying directly with them…. But anyways i pay through wallet.

  8. Mickey

    The Milestone benefits of Rs 5 lakh is calculated for spends made as per calendar year January – December? Or any 12-month period?

  9. ARR

    Hi all,
    I got this card in May and I crossed the 5 lacs mile stone. I received the Rs.3,000/-(welcome voucher) and Rs. 7,000/- (5 lacs mile stone benefit). When I requested them to reverse the annual fee, they said it would be reversed during the renewal but not now. Reliance is no more a partner of this card. I don’t find interest in this card any more.
    Simply click is my all time favourite SBI card. You get 1.25 with this card and you can redeem directly for Amazon or Cleartrip vouchers. They are very useful indeed.
    Do you recommend me to apply for Ethihad or Air India Signature Card as a secondary card? I’m not a frequent flyer, but I want to experience something new. Which is better Ethihad or Air India? Will they do the enquiry once again? Will it have a separate limit or shared limit?

  10. Mickey

    Vistara status benefit is only for 1 year, and Priority Pass is also issued for 2 years only. Forex markup is 3.5% whereas a semi premium card like Regalia First also offers 2%. The forced joining fee of Rs 3,000 is also too much – and the Pizza Hut vouchers given are really useless because Pizza Hut has the worst pizzas, and there may be many like me who don’t eat pizzas at all!

    I think Prime has lost the sheen, maybe a 3-star card now?

    1. prathmesh

      True. I hope they do something. Pizza hut pizzas are sub par.

  11. Jay

    You can still pay your rent on RedGiraffe using any SBI Card or for that matter any Visa or MasterCard when paying via PayZapp as highlighted by someone in your twitter thread.

    Only issue is you cannot automated the bill payment. You need to pay it each month.

    1. CP11

      Interesting, didn’t know about rent payment via PayZap. For now, I’ve been using NoBroker.
      This will only get you 0.5% rewards (the base point scheme, 2points per ₹100). But with removal of Redgirraffe from the bill portal, that’s the best you can do for rent with this card.

  12. ARR

    Hi all,
    If your spends are more online, go for Simply Click without any second thought. It’s an amazing and more rewarding than any other SBI card.

    1. Hatake

      Yes. I have the simplyclick and it is my most favourite card. The main advantage of online spend cards is their versatility. You can use wallets and make almost all of your spends through it. Although the 1.25 % reward rate is nothing much to brag about the reward rate is consistent unlike hdfc 10x RP and the SBI Card app is a really good and easy to use app. The reward redemption is also quick and easy.I used to have the simplysave card before this. I found that most of my spends are online and sometimes i was not getting 10x RP for dining spends so I made the jump.

  13. ICONIA

    Hi KK app gives 5% or 6% instant discount offer on Recharge & bill payments each month(till 10th of month). Max discount is Rs.150. And payzapp also gives 5% cashback(max 250) at Niki.

  14. valliappan

    happen to read in other comments section that international visits through priority pass is not getting renewed. Can someone confirm?

  15. Mickey

    @valliappan – yes it’s only for 2 years then not renewed after that

    @ ARR – does Simplyclick give lounge access? Also curious – what did you spend 5 lakhs on in 2 months? Rent or did you buy a car

    1. ARR

      Hi Mickey,
      I too agree with you that the Simply Click doesn’t give you any lounge access , but it can fetch you Cleartrip or Amazon vouchers to fly. (I personally feel that most of the readers aren’t frequent flyers).
      Prime reward rate is very low when we Compare with that of Simply Click.
      Coming to the 5lacs milestone; we had a marriage in our family. Because of that I could cross it.

  16. Himanshu Kainth

    Hey guys,

    I hold sbi prime for 3 months now. I only pay utility bill through SI and save 5%.

    From this month, i am not getting 20x RP. Have raised a complaint. They need 30 days time for points to credit before it was instantly done.

    I can hit milestone mark easily with this card. Was upgraded from click, i didn’t find that card beneficial for me. As I don’t spend on amazon too much. Still i’ll rather wait and see what happens.

    Any other card for utility bill payments?

    1. BeingHuman

      SBI Card CC team is telling that all accelerated rewards will get credited after one month from transaction date
      They seem to have got overwhelming numbers under 20x points so they wish to curtail now
      Hence Redgiraffe removed, capping effected

  17. MAA-traveler

    I am holding SBI Prime for almost 2 years and I loved the card very much. It was the best card I had considering my spend pattern. I’ve even recommended to many and I consider this as the best SBI card and one of the best card to be issued in India. Clubbed with SBI Rewardz and CRED, I was earning close to 10% reward rate (5% + 1.4% Yatra/Pantaloon Voucher + 2.5% SBI Rewardz + Rs 4000 Pizza Hut Vouchers + CRED vouchers/kill the bill).

    Literally overnight SBI decided to devaluate. Not a steady devaluation like HDFC DCB but from hero to zero in one stroke. Heck, I feel this is better than SBI Rewardz which was devaluated retrospectively! Also I did not like the fact how it was communicated like I had requested for deregistering of Red Giraffe and no mails send only SMS.

    Now with the devaluations and not so good stuff like:
    – Removal of Red Giraffe
    – Capping of other Utility Bills points
    – Removal of accelerated points for Reliance Fresh/Trends purchases
    – Limited period Vistara Silver and Priority Pass
    – Charges for changing variant from Visa to MC or vice versa, changing billing date, etc

    I have decided to close my SBI Prime shortly. Waiting for One Plus 7 cashback to hit my account and redemption of the balance reward points. Doesn’t make sense to get some other card even SBI Simply Click unless issued LTF. With my LTF ICICI Amazon, why would I use SBI Simply Click? By the way, this is the 4th card I’m closing this year others being Yes First Preffered, ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Visa and ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Amex. 😀

    1. Prashant Gupta

      i think closing YFP was not wise….Its ltf and on top of it – it provide domestic and international lounge access.

    2. ICONIA


      What’s reason behind closing Yes first preferred Card?

      1. MAA-traveler

        @ICONIA and Prashanth Gupta,

        – It was already devalued when Amazon/Flipkart vouchers were removed
        – absence of the 2/3/5/10X promos for me. Was not targeted for any spend based offers
        – paltry 40k limit on a so called premium card and they never gave LE offers
        – no offer for enhancement to YFE. Both upgrade and LE was not considered even my repeated requests
        – recent devaluation by 50%
        – aggressive sms and email send for payment even when the due is zero or I had already paid. Was getting irritating

        I have SCB Ultimate which gives unlimited domestic and limited international lounge access so not seeing what YFP is adding value to my portfolio. I had given final ultimatum to Yes Bank: you can either upgrade to YPE or close this card. They chose to close the card. 😀

        1. Prashant Gupta

          I am not closing the card yet because of lounge access, but i dont know why they are mot upgrading my card even though there were some good spends at the time of offers and I recently took a loan offer also.

          1. AshishR

            i also closed my LTF YFP

            being reason: devaluation, low limit, bad RP redemption options

    3. Ankit Saraf

      Can you give more details of SBI Rewards? Never used it. The website seems broken.. its rendered incorrectly, cant understand anything.

  18. Ankit Saraf

    SBI gave rewards for SI of lic premium @6rp/100. That’s a weird number. I have raised a complaint. Let’s see.

  19. Naeemahemad Mansuri

    Hi Sid,

    My Card is converted to prime from platinum, Since then I’ve only 50K Limit in this card, ask for limit increase but they denied with reason internal policy.

    Can you please provide more details for Golf, I’ve SBI Card Prime (VISA varient), they said the golf course is expired and no more details with customer support team.


    1. KK

      People are saying capping of utility bill payment points. Can you elaborate this? I have 2 SIs scheduled for clearance in Aug – one is an insurance payment of 1,00,000 and other is a utility bill (electricity) of 70k. Will I get 5% on both?

      1. Puneet Singal

        I was reading the T&C of Prime card available on their website. As per clause 11.3 (j), it appears the capping is for 7500 points for the accelerated rewards categories

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Thanks Puneet for sharing this.

          Here’s the full line:
          (j) SBICPSL’s decision on computation of Points will be final, conclusive and binding on the Cardholder.
          Reward Points on accelerated categories as defined in section 11 of Terms and Conditions, will be subject to a capping of 7500 Reward Points
          per “calendar month”. After reaching this monthly cap, the cardholder will accrue “1 Reward Point per Rs.100” on eligible transactions done in
          accelerated categories.

          1. Himanshu Kainth

            When they changed terms and conditions ? May i know?

            I paid bills of 60K and only got 3966 points. 7500pts capping if true i should have got max 7500 pts. Still waiting for the update from team sbicards.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            No idea, I checked only after this comment.

          3. Arun

            I don’t know how it happened but below is from my May-2019 statement:
            SI on my insurance premium of 1L

            Rewards Summary
            Previous: 18586
            Earned: 23430
            Closing balance: 42016

          4. Anand

            This one point alone will make this card useless if this upper cap applicable to birthday spends as well

          5. Praveen Katiyar

            In this case, the main article must strongly mention this capping aspect, not under ‘caution’ section.
            Since its mentioned in SBI’s terms & conditions, raising tickets wont solve it.
            For larger good it should be part of ‘Milestone benefits’ heading.

          6. Praveen Katiyar

            @ sorry not under Milestone rewards but under Accelerated rewards.

          7. sumeet

            My 9th july statement they have given me 22k points ( insurance + other utilities).
            so this looks like a very recent update.

  20. DCB_YFE_Ultimate

    4 star not justified. Only insuranace bill payment will not recover the cost of card of Rs 3590/-. Other utility other than rlectricity are very small.
    You need to make approx. 72000/- per annum of Utility payment to recover the cost of 3590/- assuming there is no upper cap.
    For other transactions why will you pay 3590 and get 0.5% when Lower version like sbi click / save / axis flipkart or icici amazon gives you 1-1.5% at cost of 499/-. Per annum.

  21. Mickey

    Even before they stopped Red Giraffe and capping of points, the real value of Prime was got in the first 2 years only.

    After 2 years it’s definitely not a traveller friendly card whether domestic or international. No PP, no Vistara, and Forex markup of 3.5% as against Regalia First which is 2%. And I say again the quarterly Pizza Hut vouchers are a real waste and should not be counted as a benefit.

  22. Pawan Rathi

    Can someone guide: For rent, which card should one use? I have a rent payment of around 35,000/month & also LIC & other insurance to pay out for. I have HDFC DCB only as of now


    Which shall be the best card for rent payment now? I have DCB, does it give 3.3% cashback fir transaction on Redgiraffe?

    1. Prem Taparia

      Yes Pawan. DCB will give 3.3% for RedGiraffe transaction. Another reason to use DCB for rent payment is, it will contribute hugely in meeting the threshold spend of 5 lakhs per annum, to make it a free card for that year. I have read some comments where SCB Ultimate card (which also gives 3.3%) is now being used for rent payment. But SCB Ultimate does not have any annual threshold spend limit beyond which the card would be free. Meaning, one will still have to pay Rs5000 for SCB Renewal fee, irrespective of any amount spend in the prior year. So if anyone has both cards SCB Ultimate and DCB, it will make sense for him to use DCB for rent payment and thereby save the annual fee of Rs5000.

  24. Conscience

    I am Planning to buy a car on my birthday . Will i get limitless 20RP ? Please Confirm if anyone ever got uncapped RP on Bday?

    1. Mouli

      Still now,no capping on RP on Birthday spends.Better check with CC before doing the transaction
      This month I received around 25000 RP on birthday spend but Fuel spends are not considered
      Its not only on Birthday,one day before and one day after birthday also considered

    2. amit kumar

      I got uncapped accelerated RP on my birthday, but that was few months back.

    3. Doc

      Hi Sid,

      I just applied a got the SBI Elite. I has applied for the prime, but I got the elite. Besides the extra 2k as annual fee, is there any difference? I’m not able to make out what extra features. There is also an Elite advantage and seems exact replica of elite. I’m wondering if I should surrender it and get the Prime as originally planned.

      1. Hatake

        The SBI advantage cards are secured credit cards issued against fixed deposit. Apart from that there’s no difference between normal and advantage cards.

        1. Doc

          Oh ok. Thanks. But between Elite and Prime, is there any advantage for the extra 2k annual fees?

          1. Mickey

            Doc – not really, unless you watch a lot of movies and then you take take advantage of the bookmyshow free tickets.

            Elite not worth it in my opinion

  25. Arun

    I have set SI for Electricity bill, Telephone bill, Insurance Premium and Internet bills.

    I get 20 RP per 100 for all these – Have so far received without any cap.

    Use the same for Groceries and Department store expenses (10RP/100)

    But somehow feel 7K voucher for 5L spend is undervalued and 1k Pizza hut voucher is almost useless.

    Any alternate for Utility bill payment would be great.

    I will switch this to BPCL and use it for fuel and use some other card for all utility bills.

  26. Arun

    Hi Siddharth,

    Where did you find it in terms and conditions document, all I see is this only in page 38

    I have downloaded the terms and conditions from Features

    Terms and Conditions
    For detailed Terms and Conditions and Usage Directions, click here

    (j) SBICPSL’s decision on computation of Points will be final, conclusive and binding on the Cardholder.

  27. JK

    Hi everyone, if I register HDFC life insurance policy under utility with auto-pay option, will I get 20 RP? As per sbi credit card backend team, the HDFC life auto-pay not supported. Please share your experience. Thanks.

  28. KK

    @Himanshu Kainth – was your bill payment done through standing instruction or manually? 20 RPs per Rs. 100 is valid only on SIs. I also learnt it the hard way. This is the SMS I received from them :

    “Due to some technical error, your Prime Credit Card ending 0325 was credited with 1140 Reward Points against non- SI Utility Bill payments done between 1st Mar?19 and 15th Jul?19. As accelerated Reward Points are only applicable for Standing Instruction (SI), your 1026 Reward Points will be debited. We regret the inconvenience caused.”

    1. Himanshu Kainth


      I have been recieving 20x points since i hold prime card. Its not a new biller addition. Payment was done through SI only. Team told to wait for 30 days and remaining points will be credited.

  29. VK

    @Conscience I did spend of 1 Lac on my birthday this year and have received 5% as reward points (i.e 20k RP)

    I believe there is no Cap for bday spends.

  30. Karthik

    I’m also looking for best card to pay rent. Red giraffe works with amex? I heard it has more surcharges / not supported. I would love to use amex mrcc for rent payment and I am looking for a way! The next best card I have is icici Amazon pay card which is compatible with red giraffe. However I will earn 250 points for 25k rent and I guess the surcharge also comes around the same amount 😁. Any other reliable sites for rent payment? I saw a site named paymatrix which supports amex but not sure if it’s reliable. Also how much is the extra charges for no broker? They always ask for our personal details but do not provide a clear tariff in the site. Kindly help.

    1. Vicky

      NoBroker is pathetic. Their charges change every month.
      4 months back, it was 149 for 31k rent.
      2 months back, it become 199.
      This month, it 301.
      I think now NoBroker charges 99 for rent upto 10k, 149 for rent 10k-30k & 1% above 30k. Damn too high! RedGirraffe charges 0.4602% including GST. If your card doesn’t support RedGirraffe, then pay 30k via NoBroker and transfer rest via NEFT/IMPS, if this is possible at all for you. NoBroker supports Amex cards as well.
      Paymatrix charges 2.36% for credit cards.

      1. Arjun

        For all this hassle its better to pay the landlord in cash and ask him to reduce the rent since it will in anyway become non taxable and he will save money(Good old cash always works-no matter how much we say that we want a cashless economy ,everything is against going cashless) 😛


    Hey SID,
    I have two SBI CARDS
    One is Sbi Prime and other is Simply click
    Both have almost same credit limits.
    Is it good to close simply click and merge limit with PRIME

  32. ARR

    Hi Dheeraj,
    How did you get two SBI cards? Could you please educate us in this regard?

    1. AshishR

      you can have 2 cards for SBI,

      1 can be from premium segemet (elite or prime) and 1 lower variant (simply click, etc) or 1 co branded (yatra sbi , air india, etc)

  33. Mickey

    @ Dheeraj – if you have completed 2 years with Prime, then close Prime! Unless you are able to spend 3 lakhs on it and get free renewal

      1. Prathmesh

        I have applied for ‘SBI prime PRO’ credit card. I was told that it has same benefits as the original prime card with the added benefit of getting fee waiver on spending just 2 lacs instead of 3 lacs of the the original prime. Also it’s 1st year is free.
        There is no official info in the SBI websites about this card.
        And I am beginning to suspect that he didn’t tell me all details truly.
        Can u do a review for this card? How does it fare with the original prime card?
        THANKS. I do love your reviews.

    1. Arun

      @Sid, @Mickey – Will Priority pass, Club Vistara membership issued as Prime privileges be applicable even after I downgrade SBI Prime to some other card?

      On any credit card for this matter.

      1. Mickey

        This is a good Q – Arun 26/08 –

        anyone know the answer?

        Vistara benefit is only valid for the 1st year. Even the upgrade voucher is only a 1-time thing, so I think once you have paid the 2,999/- joining fees for Prime you should get these benefits. Even PP is valid for only 2 years

  34. Latika

    Thanks for this article.

    I was thinking of upgrading my Simply Click card to Prime card to take benefit of 5% on rent & utility payment and in-course hitting the milestones and getting the additional vouchers.

    Since this card has been devalued and I now hold ICICI Amazon Pay card, I would close my Simply Click after after I receive the Rs. 750 Amazon gift card and 0.5gm gold coin for my June and July spends under the Gold Rush offer.

    Bye Bye to the only SBI card I hold.

    Also, if I remember correctly, Sid you once wrote an article about SBI card aiming to overtake HDFC to become the largest issuer of credit cards in India. With this SBI devalue and HDFC Smartbuy offer on Credit & Debit card, I don’t see that happening.

    1. Raghu

      Rightly said. If SBI really is looking to become #1, these kinds of actions will not bode well with cardholders and prospects.
      HDFC, on the other hand, is expanding their Smartbuy program (I saw RedBus added today in-line with Flipkart integration).

  35. Vic

    Hi, is LIC Life Insurance Corporation on the SI 5% list, because I could not find it on their site, was thinking for applying for this card,thanks.

  36. Pratap Nayak

    Hi all
    Just got a call from CC saying that i will be getting 20 reward points for standing instruction . As started earlier had got 6 points . seems they had some problem. All will be getting the remaining points within 30 day s as confirmed by CC.

    1. Himanshu Kainth


      I got the same issue and same thing told by cc. Wait ti 30 days remaining points will be credited.

  37. Mithi

    I downloaded my prime card to simply click,
    Will I get welcome gift of downgraded card?
    can I use old card till I get new physical card?

    1. Masum

      brother…did u try? did u find the answer?
      one can get a welcome gift if the new card is downgraded from another card type?

      Please reply

  38. Elbee

    I have the SBI prime card and after posts from members I decided to call the centre and confirm the revision to reward points. Apparently from July 2018 the accelerated reward points stand revised to a max of 7500/ month and birthday spends are also restricted to a max of 7500/ month. Any further spends will reward points of 2 per Rs 100 spent.. Hardly makes sense retaining this card anymore especially for folks who thrived on birthday spends.

    1. Ankit Saraf

      I think the T&C mentions that 7500/month limit is only for 10x points-> groceries, departmental purchase, movies and dining. There is no mention on limit on 20x partners-> SI or birthday spends. I received 20x points last months on birthday spends well over 7500 points. Though I received only 6rps/100 for SI on lic. cc asked me to wait until 30th August for remaining points to be credited along with any other remaining or upcoming 20x spends in august. Seems they are doing some changes in the backend, expect to have some changes in September. They already removed reliance fresh as 15x partner.

  39. Elbee

    A quick query.
    Request your suggestions on Utility bill payment avenues with good return value.
    SC Super value Titanium, etc have a monthly capping on rewards points and this severely undermines its value.
    Payzapp etc comparatively offer 5% upto 250/month but this is a promotion offer.
    Iconia offers 0.7% on utility bills.

    Welcome your suggestions.


    1. Raghu

      With Redgiraffe gone from SBI Prime, I used Payzapp to pay rent and got 10x points on my Diners Clubmiles card (13.3% reward rate).

    2. Ramesh Kumar

      RBL maxima gives 5x on utility category without monthly capping.

    3. Harshal

      Load money into wallets like Paytm and Amazon, through Amex MRCC and pay bills through these wallets.
      Upto 11% returns on Amex MRCC through monthly bonus points. Cashbacks (although small) from Paytm/Amazon are another bonus.

  40. Mickey

    Depends also on how much is the value of your Utility bills – if it’s not more than 6500 per month then just take the Payzapp 250 cashback offer.

    Otherwise if value is higher, then only getting RP benefits makes sense.

  41. Mickey

    SBI card is also planning to list on the stock exchange. (Today’s Eco Times)

    I think this could be the 1st standalone card company to be listed as a separate entity Sid?

  42. MAA-traveler

    After the massive devaluation of SBI Prime, they are now trying with useless offers with puny limits:

    August month offer: 5% cashback on first three new autobill payment with maximum cashback of Rs 100 per bill payment

    July month offer: Flat Rs 100 cashback on a minimum Rs 1000 bill payment. Another offer: 5% cashback on Recharges/DTH with Minimum Rs 300 transaction and Rs 100 per card account.

    I’ve shifted my bill payments to Standard Chartered Ultimate. 3.3% reward points with a limited period offer of 10% cashback upto Rs 100 for six month for Electricity, Gas and Telecom.

  43. Ankit Saraf

    Has anyone received the remaining 14x points for standing instruction payments?

    1. Nipun

      No they are not updating the bills also to pay I guess they are in great loss for this feature

  44. Mickey

    I’m also receiving promo emails almost daily from them for irrelevant offers like jewellery making charges etc.

    They should instead continue with the more usable and better features like the Vistara silver and Priority Pass even after 2 years.

  45. As

    With effect from 1 Oct ’19, a capping of 3,000 Reward Points per month will be placed on the earning of 20 Reward Points per 100 spent on Standing Instructions of Utility Bill Payments.

  46. Arun Reddy

    I got in the mail
    With effect from 1 Oct ’19, a capping of 3,000 Reward Points per month will be placed on the earning of 20 Reward Points per 100 spent on Standing Instructions of Utility Bill Payments.

  47. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Any capping on 20 rewards points on birthday spends ?

    1. Ankit Saraf

      I made a large transaction in July and received 20x points in 2 days. Not sure now.

  48. Ankit Saraf

    The Cap on SI was expected considering they are holding points since July. I have only received 6points/100 for 2 of my SI in July and Aug. They said I will receive everything by Aug 31. That is passed (almost) and the remaining points are nowhere to be seen.

  49. Mickey

    SBI is really in overdrive to devalue the Prime Card. Well, they seem to have achieved it.

    At the same time, I’m seeing billboards and advertisement of the Prime card all over town. Kind of contradictory and defeats the purpose. You are massively devaluing your card and then spending huge money on advertising! Not to mention the IPO which is in the works – the 1st ever standalone IPO for a credit card!

  50. Harsh yadav

    Hi all.
    I work with allahabadbank, n the bank has offered this card to all its employees as LTF. After reading your article, i think i got a good deal from my employer.
    Elite is also offered as LTF (including free movie tkts) to top management of the organisation.
    Thanks for wonderful insights.

  51. Shaunak Guharay

    Is there a comprehensive list of what falls under the utility bill category.

    First, they scrapped RedGirrafe, now they’re refusing to credit points for phone and broadband bills.

    Might as well cancel the card, its become more and more useless to me.

  52. PKC

    I have the voucher code for my SBI PRIME which we got as welcome offer, any suggestion how to retrieve the same from SBI again?

  53. Mickey

    I had also deleted my code – it was re-sent by a simple call to customer care

  54. santosh

    Hi all,

    Applied for SBI elite card 2 weeks ago, office address verification done almost 2 days after applying. No update since then.

    Can anyone tell how to proceed.


    1. Saroj

      I have a prime card and I regret now. They have substandard customer care support, what I personally felt is they are not trained properly most of them doesn’t know the process and struggling to answer the questions, if they can’t answer it properly they disconnect call the just like that,

      1. Mickey

        Saroj – don’t bother too much about customer care, how many times will you interact with them anyway? Contact SBI card on Twitter, they are very good.

        But why so you regret the Prime card? If it’s suitable for your needs then enjoy using it


    Hi all Don’t think they have sorted out rewards points . auto debit of electricity bill just 1% was given. for the earlier auto debit have not got the remaining points .

  56. Amar

    Just now I checked and it seems they have today posted the remaining points for all my Autopay standing instructions that were earlier incorrect.
    Further, there was no capping on the points and I have received 20 per 100 for all the transactions.
    Hope they continue this way.

  57. Ankit Saraf

    Recieved bulk points today. Will calculate later, but seems all points are received now.

  58. Prem Taparia

    Good news….have just checked my SBI Card Account….the pending points for the earlier Auto-debits have finally been credited today!

  59. bhaz

    Now , As we know from 1 Oct ’19, a capping of 3,000 Reward Points per month ie. effectively very less for me , can you suggest any other credit card who spends around 7L on utility bills.

  60. Bhanu Sisodia

    I haven’t received my welcome gift voucher and pizza hut voucher for this quarter (my usage > 1 lac). Does anyone know how to contact customer care via call, as I can’t see any option to connect with CC through help line number.
    Also how to redeem my reward points to cash?
    Bhanu Sisodia

  61. jitendra saraogi

    If there is any restriction or capping on birthday spends reward points on this card.
    An early response will be much appreciated.

  62. Pratik

    I had applied for MasterCard variant thinking that MasterCard has better airport lounge program than visa. However, I received visa variant. Should I keep it or ask for replacement?

  63. Veeru Mendru

    There will be Maximum cap of 3000 reward points per month on Standing Instructions of Utility Bill Payments with effect from October 2019. “Get 20 Reward Points per Rs. 100 spent on standing instructions of Utility Bills payments, w.e.f. 1 Oct ’19, a capping of 3,000 Reward Points per month will be placed on this earning”. This update came in my last month statement as well as got updated in the SBICARD website too..

  64. Vaisakh Sathyan

    Are you guys getting the bookmyshow benefit with SBI prime card?! I am unable to claim the said offer. My card was originally issued as SBI Platinum card which then became SBI Prime.

  65. Amit G

    Just to update everyone, there is no cap on 20 Rewards point on Birthday Spend as of Nov. first week. i Just Spent close to 3 L on my card and got the Points without any Cap.

  66. Kulbir

    Birthday points are unlimited as of October end. BUT here is a warning. If your birthday falls on say 15th of October. You will get 20 reward points per 100/- for shopping (including wallet loads or whatever) on 14, 15 and 16. But don’t do the transactions on 14th before 3:00 AM because the SBI systems settle transactions at 2:30 AM in the night and anything done before that is settled for a previous day. I made that mistake and wasn’t initially given the points but I had to fight with the customer care and eventually got it as I had not deleted the OTP email.

    So, for birthday on 15th, your transaction window is 14th 3:00 AM to 16th 11:59 PM.

  67. Joe Pereira

    Not able to decide between the SBI Prime and the AMEX Plat Travel. Both have priority pass and lounge access. I guess Prime has better domestic lounge access. Good thing with Prime is the fee waiver which I don’t think is present on AMEX Plat. Might just use the AMEX for 1 year and try and negotiate at renewal time. I easily spend 5-6 lakhs annually on credit cards.

    Any suggestions?

    1. Praveen Perumalla

      Even without fee waiver, the return on Amex PT is around 7%. For Prime, return can be anywhere from 2.5% to 5% depending on how much you spend on the accelerated RP categories. Secondly, do you prefer travel vouchers (amex) or a statement credit (prime). You should consider these factors before you decide.

  68. Gkcards

    Do they give free event offers on prime card like they give on ELITE cards? Earlier they used to give free comicon tickets, now I heard they have diljit dosanjh show passes.

  69. Prathmesh

    Can anyone tell me if the welcome vouchers on paying the fee are just for the 1st year or will they be given every year on payment of the fee?

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      Hi Prathmesh,

      Welcome vouchers are only for the first year. The term welcome benefits says that. If there are renewal benefits, it will be as mentioned as renewal benefits or will be mentioned as every year benefit.

    2. Himanshu

      No. You will get vouchers on the payment of Joining Fee only. From next year onwards, either you cross the spend threshold (Rs. 3L in one year) or pay the full renewal fee of Rs. 3540.

  70. Himanshu Kainth


    Welcome vouchers are only given for the first year when the fee is paid as the name suggests. Many cards have renewal benefits too. Hope it helps!

  71. AVIJIT

    Can anyone explain me one thing.
    Here SBI mentioned that we will get 10x RPs on Dining Grocery etc.
    So if I spend on Grofers and Zomato, then I will get 10x RPs?
    Sid can you please confirm?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      AFAIK, only Kotak considers online dining spends as “dining” for accelerated rewards. Not sure about SBI.

      1. Rahil Shah

        The Prime card is currently fetching 10 points for every 100 spent on Swiggy restaurant orders! Even I’m surprised.

    2. Ankit Saraf

      No. Dining, Grocery offers are applicable only for offline spends on SBI cards.

  72. Ambareesh


    I had applied for the SBI Vistara Prime card but apparently those aren’t being given yet so got the regular prime card instead. Can anyone tell me what the process for upgrading to the Vistara card will be? Like achieving a certain spend criterion, or holding this card for a certain period etc?


  73. Indusguy

    I see rent option back in utility bills section!Any idea if it still fetches points?

  74. Ankit Saraf

    Since July last year, for utlity bill payments, I have to keep following up with SBI for the bonus reward points even after 45 days waiting period is over. Is anyone else facing this? If this keeps happening, I will just complete the yearly spend target for annual charges and stop using this card completely. I will probably keep for few more months and then cancel.

  75. Shaan

    Is there anyway to extend Priority Pass Lounge access afte 2 years,Mines Expiring In July 2020

  76. Prathmesh ghag

    I made an lic payment via auto pay.
    But received only 2 points per hundred rupees.
    Do the additional points come later?
    Or should they have been processed at the same time?

  77. Utkarsh Agarwal

    Does anyone get LIC accelerated points after 45 days by paying through SI?

  78. Dr Pankaj Gupta

    when are accelerated rewards for payment by standing instruction credited to your account, i mean after how many days of transaction

  79. Prakash


    Please watch out for this card. I just noticed that lot of restaurants are not getting the 10 reward points. All of transactions tagged as “Dep store and grocery” on their spend analyzer are not getting credited the 10 reward points. Also, noticed that the TNEB bill which I paid using auto pay via their billdesk did not get the 20 reward points.

    Their customer care dodges the call and have hanged me up few times .Please ask your users to check their bill and reward points.

    1. Praveen Perumalla

      Raise a complaint using their in-mail functionality available in your account. In most cases, the regular CC reps don’t solve these issues. Just escalate to the nodal officers and the issue will get resolved most of the time. If not you can escalate further to the principal nodal officer. With SBI, I found this is the best way to get issues resolved even though it takes a little while.

  80. Utkarsh

    Did anyone use Balance Transfer from SBI card for 60 days and the same has been billed in my current statement which was generated just 3 days later after BT? Do I need to pay the bill or is there any other option?

  81. Arun Reddy

    Can anyone confirm if 20X reward points on birthday spend is applicable to any transaction?
    Even online transactions as well?

    1. Shivi

      Yes. Both online and offline though you should confirm it as per latest tnc.

  82. The Conscience

    I asked few months back about the exclusion and customer executive which I feel is knowledgeable told me all wallet load fetches 20RP on Birthday but fuel transaction is excluded and I was amazed to hear that fuel transaction on Birthday will cancel all 20RP earn on Birthday. My birthday is coming in may last and I’ve queued already around 25+ transaction on that day but still confused as I’ll tank full all vehicles of my house . Yet to confirm and customer care is out of service and sending PROBLEM isn’t working too.

    1. Roy

      Normally fuel transaction doesn’t give any points. So 20 reward points won’t be applicable on fuel transactions. 20 reward points is applicable for all transactions which will give reward points. You will get 20 reward points for all wallet loads on birthday (3 days – a day before, birthday and a day after). You can load wallet and do fuel transaction from wallet.

  83. jitendra saraogi

    If there is any capping on birthday reward points?

    1. DK

      I’ve spent 1 lakh during mine and got 20x for it. I don’t think there is any capping.

  84. Nandhakumar

    Hi Sid I need one clarification.
    My prime card Pantaloons voucher was expaird this year March I can’t redeem the points.
    If any possible for extend time or getting new code

  85. Rohit Sharma

    Hello All,

    My sbi prime points are expiring, but due to lockdown I wasn’t able to redeem against the statement credit (which is the best option available), as customer care is available for critical issues like card lost, fraud transaction only.

    I already lost 4000 pts expired in April 2020.

    Did anyone knows any other way to redeem other than customer care?
    Is their any chance that will extend the RP validity like amex?

    1. Utkarsh Agarwal

      You can redeem for vouchers or products on SBI website or app.

    2. Vineet

      I got e vouchers for flipkart and Amazon for them. I too lost 1600 points. And the customer care is absent for SBI.

    3. FrequentFlyer15

      That’s Sad!! I converted all my points to Pantaloons and Shoppers Stop vouchers which have 1-year validity. I can always sell the vouchers on different websites for a 5-10% discount.

    4. Cardexpertfan

      Please send an email from the sbi card app requesting the customer care to convert all points to statement credit.

    5. abhishek Indore

      Yes. I have redeemed my 10000 points as statement credit yesterday. Direct message on twitter at their customer care handle. Mention your issue and registered mobile number. They will call you back in about three days. Go ahead.

  86. Amann

    Write them am emil for the expired as well as redemption to statement credit. It should work.

    Not sure about the email I’d

    FEEDBACK [at]

    I used it 2 years back. They redeemed in multiple of 2000 for Rs. 500/- credit each.

  87. Pavan

    When do points expire for Prime?

    I wasn’t able to find the fee waiver info anywhere on the website. I have been charged the fee even when my spends were north of 3L in the last membership year. The fee was charged and has not been reversed even after two months. I have raised this to the nodal authority who has replied that there is no such offer on my cc.

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      They usually charge and reverse it automatically. You should reply to the nodal office with the screenshot of the credit card product page and also leave a link.

  88. The Conscience

    Just Message them at Twitter sbicards_connect , ull get your problem solved soon. I’ve redeemed 25000 points yesterday against cash.

  89. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

    Do we get 20X birthday reward points for insurance spends in SBI Prime ?

  90. Arun

    Dear Cardholder, your SBI Card ending xxxx is eligible for Annual Fee waiver of Rs 2999. The same will be credited to your card account within 30 days.

    Received above message yesterday and got my statement for Rs. 3529 today. Annual fee + gst.

    1. DK

      Did you get the Annual fee waiver without reaching the milestone spends of 3lacs required for this waiver?

      1. Arun

        DK, I spent 5 lakhs last year on my SBI prime and got waiver for this year.

        This card does not add much value to me now. Planning to flip it to Simply Click.

      2. FrequentFlyer15

        SBI is notorious for not giving any kind of waiver if you don’t HIT the spend. So. For Prime, if you cant do the 3 lac, they literally say stuff like maybe this card isn’t for you, you can downgrade.

  91. GTMAX

    Well I have had a different experience. You can always ask them to connect you with the Retention team & they very easily help you with equivalent reward points. So, for Prime they will immediately post 12000 points & for SimplyClick/SimpleSave they will post 2000 points even before they realise the card fee payment.

    1. DK

      1. Is there a direct number of the retention team or you went through customer care? Or was this an email id you wrote to?
      2. Did you start in a particular manner which increased your chances for consideration?

  92. Vish

    Looks like “Bigbasket: 15 RP per Rs.100 spent (3.75% Value)” is not available anymore. My recent Bigbasket transaction earned my only 10 Rp. I crosschecked the SBI Prime home page & they seem to have removed Bigbasket there too!

  93. Vish

    I have lost the sms for welcome gift. Can anyone pls give me the details of the sms that we need to send to choose shoppers stop GV and to which number?

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      To redeem, call our helpline no. at 18601801290/39020202 (prefix local STD code) or simply SMS SW A,B,C,D or E to 5676791; A: Yatra for Business, B: Hush Puppies/Bata, C: Van Heusen, Louis Philippe, Allen Solly & more; D: Pantaloons, E: Shoppers Stop.

  94. Rahil Shah

    I’d applied for the SBI Prime card around mid-February. The lousy people came and collected the documents in the first week of March. Didn’t bother to process the application till lock-down started. No update for the next 2 months. I then raised the matter on their social media platform. Reference number provided but no action even on that. Raised the matter again as the processing was pending for more than 2 months. Though I can understand the situation due to lock-down, they appear to be nothing short of a bunch of incompetent morons. After several days, received a call from their customer care that the card is already internally approved and shall be processed and dispatched soon. After nearly 4 months of waiting and having placed 2-3 inquiries on CIBIL, today, I received a text message that SBI cannot issue the card due to their internal policy! What’s hilarious is that their website still shows that the application is under processing. I now no longer care whether SBI issues the card or not, they can keep it for themselves and shove it up their nose! Will stick to my spends on Amex and Diners Privilege.

    1. Rahil Shah

      Update: Received the Prime card today. Appears they finally approved it.

      But I cannot believe that that have given a paltry limit of only 53K!

      1. SevenUp

        Same with me, received a call informing internal approval and then a message that it cannot be issued after but the website still says under processing. Can you tell me what happened next and how long it took for you to know it got approved? Thanks.

        1. Rahil Shah

          They actually mess up with the application numbers. From the communications that I received, it appears that there were at least 3 application numbers in my name for the same card. So they declined two and approved one. Pretty poor from SBI if they cannot manage it. Perhaps could be due to the lockdown and lack of staff.

          I would suggest you reach out to their social media platforms via Facebook or Twitter and they will get back to you. You can explain these when they call you. But its likely to take some time. If you follow up and persist, it may go through, provided its declined solely due to more than one application number, like in my case. Good luck! It can be a useful card particularly because HDFC cards have been devalued.

          1. SevenUp

            Thank You Rahil Shah, I will push for it through social media and will update here regarding the outcome. I had an open SBI fbb styleup application pending since more than 6 months and they closed it now. Yup, looks good deal now. Have a nice day.

    2. SevenUp

      Hey turns out they were closing my earlier open applications to probably make way for this application’s approval. I received a mail later staying the Fbb sbi card I applied long ago can’t be issued. I hope this one is issued soon.

  95. S Padmanabhan

    Is the 20RP on B’day spends available only for first year or does this extend to subsequent years. Also how long are the 5 lac mile stone vouchers (Yatra / Pantaloon) valid? 6months or 1 year? will decide the voucher accordingly

    1. Mouli


      20 RP on Birthday spends is for all the subsequent years also

    2. Captain Bishuddha Bharatiya

      20RP is valid for lifetime and I have personally used it for 2-3 times in the same card. Recently I have spend 4 lakhs on my wife’s card.Also you can earn unlimited 20 reward points on birthday spends and one important thing that many people don’t know is that 20 RP on birthday is valid for three days – on birthday, a day before and a day after. Validity of vouchers I don’t remember.

    3. Vish

      1Yr validity for SS welcome voucher. I guess it might be the same.

  96. satyendra singh

    if i take Add on card….then birthday 20 rewards offer will work on add on card or no t ?

    no one talk about 7.5X for preferred merchant.
    Can someone tell me about that ?

  97. Sumit Gupta

    Anyone pls explain if any type of transactions not counted in reaching Rs. 3 Lakh / Rs. 5 lakh Milestones. I recently checked with customer care over call and they told approx. Rs. 40,000( Rs. 2.1 lakh vs 2.5 lakh spent yet) less as cumulative expenditure in comparison to actual I spent during the period.
    No fuel txn, balance transfer etc ever done so not counted.
    Email sent but no proper reply . Escalated to NODAL OFFICER and they are yet to give final reply for more than 2 weeks.

    1. Mahendra

      HI Sumit,

      Wallet loads, payments though wallets not considered.

    2. Shashank

      @Sumit, facing the same issue. There is an approximately 40k diffrence in the spends considered by SBI vs my credit card statements added together. Upon speaking to customer care, they are saying whatever shows up in the system is correct and there would be fuel or balance transfer spends which are not counted. But I haven’t done any of those spends. Were you able to get a resolution for this?

      1. Sumit gupta

        Raise the issue on sbi card app or website mentioning ur concern. At some level( usually highest level) u will get proper reply

  98. Bala

    Can anyone share sbi nodal officer email id and contact details please?

    1. FrequentFlyer15

      A quicker way is on app. Create a support ticket and then there is a button called escalate. Click that and it gets escalated to the nodal officer.

  99. Aayush Chawla

    Is the birthday reward of 20 points per INR 100 spend also valid on add on cards?

    1. Satyendra Singh

      Same my query. Bez this is not mention on website. So i dont think so, we will get 20 reward point on add on cards

  100. Dhiraj Wakchaure

    Hi, The t&c are changed for PRIME I think , when i don’t get any rewards for grocery then i enquired and got reply

    accelerated reward points are not be applicable on transactions at following merchants: Metro Cash & Carry , Walmart & Reliance Market. Normal Reward Point accrual will still be applicable on transactions done at afore-mentioned merchants.

  101. Ravi

    Do we get the welcome voucher when we upgrade to SBI Prime card from any card, such as Air India SBI Platinum card? If yes, then when- if the card gets upgraded to Prime card after the payment of existing SBI Card’s annual fees or next annual year when we pay the annual fees for SBI Prime Card?

  102. Sanpreet

    Hi @Siddharth, I feel it would be good to mention in front of “Club Vistara Silver membership (1 Upgrade Voucher)” & “Enjoy complimentary Trident Privilege Red Tier” that these are valid just for one year just like you mentioned that Priority Pass is valid just for 2 years just for more transparency.

  103. RR Kamath

    Can we use nobroker to pay rent (no SI though) via SBI prime cc and still get 20RP.


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