SBICard Sprint Credit Card Application Process

By | December 12, 2022
SBICard Sprint Application

SBICard has recently come up with a new application system called “Sprint” which is expected to speed up the Credit Card application process by incorporating digital KYC process.

Almost all SBICards are now live on this platform and can be applied online. Some cards like SBI Cashback card can be applied only through sprint, as it can’t be onboarded offline.

If you’re getting Cashback Card or any other SBICard via sprint this article maybe helpful. Here’s how the application flow works. Might be slightly different in some cases, but largely these are the stages that you can expect to go through.

Stage 1: Apply Online & VKYC

SBI Sprint application process
SBI Sprint application complete
SBI Cashback Card application alert

The system takes all your personal/work details, does Aadhaar OTP verification & V-KYC. If you’re applying from desktop without web cam, you may as well upload your passport photo at VKYC stage.

Once the details are submitted, an application number will be generated.

If you’re pre-approved for SBIcard, your card will get the generated instantly at this step itself.

It’s quite rare but Satish was lucky to experience instant approval as his 2nd card (different variant) was pre-approved and was shown on SBICARD app. This maybe also because Satish went through sprint application process previously.

Stage 2: Offline KYC

If your details are captured for follow up, you’ll get a couple of calls back to back from local/regional verification team and eventually someone from the field verification will complete the pending procedure.

Ideally the executive will capture your pic & get a sign in a document. If your profile is active on CIBIL, income documents may not be required.

Some applications might require biometric authentication as well. Once this is done and submitted, it would take a couple of days for the card to be approved.

I’ve also noticed something interesting with my friend’s new application that was done recently (Dec 2022).

They’ve enabled the NESL authentication (maybe for some profiles) during the field verification and if your application goes through this “straight through process” like my friend’s, the card will get instantly approved along with the virtual card as soon as the field executive takes your pic and submits it on his app.

But the downside for my friend’s application is that it took almost 20 days (from the date of application) for the executive to show up.

Stage 3: Physical Card Delivery

Once the card is approved either at stage 1 or 2, expect the physical card to be delivered in about 5-10 days.

Anyway, you don’t need to wait until then to use your card, as you’ll have the virtual card ready to use instantly for online spends. So if you’ve applied for the Cashback card, you may reap the rewards right away.

Final Thoughts

As you see, this new system that’s expected to make things faster is not actually fast in reality for most applications. Though, it’s certainly faster than the previous SBICard application process and some can get lucky as well.

I wish some common sense algorithm is added to their system going forward. For ex, enabling instant approval for those existing SBICard holders.

I think Sbicard will fine-tune the system and eventually try to push as many cards as possible via instant approval route as that’s what most issuers are now doing. Speaking of which, IDFC is the best in digital onboarding for now!

Have you recently gone through the SBICard Sprint application process? How was your experience? Feel free to share in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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26 thoughts on “SBICard Sprint Credit Card Application Process

  1. Devendran

    have applied in sep and my current address (assam) was not serviceable as my adhaar address is of TN..Also did nt had original pan with me that time..Got tens of calls from call center asking for same details again and again and conveying that no representative available in my area and will arrange to send for physical kyc once someone is available..
    Iam already holding SBI simply click and initially i was told that cashback card is not approved for exisiting simply click card holders;After few weeks,got the call from same representative that now sbi system allowing simply click holders to avail the cashback card…

    agent visit never happened and after 2months of wait got to see the card application was denied due to internal policies…

    Any idea/suggestions are welcome

    1. Sumit

      Exact same thing happened with me, holding an SBI prime card. Exactly the same time frame, same repeated calls and scheduling KYC but no one showing up. And the card denied in December.

    2. SS

      Same thing happened with me. Applied in sep. The last communication as “We regret to inform that due to non-availability of required information /documents, we are unable to process your credit card application.” In November. I also having a Sbi card already.

  2. Sam

    When I tried to apply for this card through the bank, they did not have this card as a option in the form. They were pushing for the SBI Elite card. Can I apply for this card on a Card to Card basis? Any had any luck? Thanks!

  3. Prakhar Goel

    Hey, I was trying to apply this card through the link mentioned in the post. Although, the process upto receipt of application number is smooth, I’m not able to enter my office address details as even after mentioning the complete address, the next button just doesn’t turn blue to move me to next stage! What should I do ?

    1. Satish Kumar Agarwal

      Are you applying on mobile ? Try doing it on Laptop/ desktop, it should be smooth.

      SBI Sprint when launched was full of bugs. Most have sorted out, still some bugs remain.

    2. Vasanth

      Same issue for me as well. I tried in laptop with chrome, edge, Firefox browsers and I tried in mobile too. Nothing working.

      1. Kishore Kumar

        same with me as well, pls post here if its fixed or any workaround to proceed further, my current address and permanent address are different so if it try to add my permanent address its also not working, next button doesn’t turn blue.

    3. Kishore Kumar

      I am also stuck at the same place, is it working for you now ? pls post here if you find any solution for it. Thanks

      1. Rajesh Kumar

        Same problem faced. Changed browsers systems but to no avail.

      2. Wasudev Yogi

        This is still not working. This step got bypassed for me eventually after the executive visited to complete biometric. But, every time a different executive calls – I have had 3 verification calls already and the application still shows as in progress even after 15 days. Hope it gets approved 🤞

  4. Kamal

    Sprint doesn’t allow my full Aadhaar name and limits the character .
    Am not sure why online applications have to be stingy with name char limit , for me am off by just 1 character.
    Due to this Aadhaar validation is failing (obviously) and sbi customer care couldn’t help
    I currently have sbi simply click card as well.
    Anyone else faced this character length issue ?

  5. Madhuri

    I have applied for cashback card but these fraud people changed it to pulse card and approved it without my consent.

    After numerous escalations, no use. They maintain that they have approved pulse card only after taking my consent which is not true. Mental torture.

    Raised a complaint with RBI as well. Hoping for a positive resolution.

  6. Alok

    THere is always an issue with SBI Card Applications one or the other and the care team is very very unprofessional, they just hang up on you if any query is asked standard dialogue will check with manager and call back and for eons you will not get callback at all.

    Recently i had to apply twice for SBI Vistara card prime and the goofed up the first time and second time. Then all of a sudden they called after a month and did physical verification and cibil check twice. received the call after much push from the verfication guy who came to home. Limit is atrocious 40K i had limit on normal prime card for 1L82K when the second was issued they reduced it by 40K and alloted it to vistara prime and normal prime card back to 1L42K.
    And if anyone was to redeem points on normal prime card they have the least partners and it is a waste card with 2999 as annual fee. Am wondering if i close the normal prime and ask them to transfer the limit to vistara card . will they do it. I presume it will be another hog boggling headache with SBI Team.

    One of the worst care teams and half the time one dont understand about product details. they are always clueless and hang up before you breathe.

  7. Piyush

    Hi Siddharth, I have a query, while applying for credit card do we mention take home salary or total gross before deduction?
    What these companies consider, because higher the income more the gap in gross and take home.
    Please clear this, if you have some time.
    Thanks in advance!

  8. Mangesh

    @ Alok
    Normally if you close one card the limit is added to the second card directly… It’s SBI so just to be safe ….transfer maximum limit to the new card via call …and later close the old card some days later.

  9. Sunny

    Next button is not working after entering office address details. Any solution to this?

    1. Wasudev Yogi

      It doesn’t work. For me it was resolved after biometric & KYC verification. Did not have to do anything on the website.

  10. Basit

    Hy, I tasted this Sprint Application, it was actually a sprint. I already hold an SBI Vistara Prime card, but when on Sept when SBI launched Cashback, I want to apply for this card so desperately; so when I launched the sprint application and filled in the details at the end, it was mentioned that you are already a customer, later on, I filled the application again with a different mobile number after that it shows you are approved after doing the aadhar bio-metric via Digi locker.

    Also, an account verification INR 1 CR, DR, should be done from the same account. I got my Cashback Card within 5 mins with a different limit. But on your app you will see all your card even if you opt for that one from a different number. Also, you can’t get another card within 90 days if one card is issued to you.

    In the screenshot mentioned by the author, this situation arises if there is an even slight change in your demographic details if it is not matched with your UID and what you filled in the application form. You know, previously, when we apply, we got two verification call the second one was from Gurugram HQ where they ask everything as per UID, and treat the application in such a way.

    If there is even a slight change in your application details that you filled in and is not matched with your demographic details, the application will reject for sure.

    1. Ravi Parkash

      i also applied the card on sprint sbi cash back credit card they said your preapproved for car as i already hold simply click card from sbi i see a button generate your virtual card, when i click that button and a process start saying”Dear RAVI, your application is submitted
      We are generating your virtual CASHBACK SBI Card
      Your application number is XXXXXXXXXXX
      KYC Verification Successful”
      but even on 100% its says retry or exit application, called sbi care but still no answer received.

  11. Smt M vIJEE

    Sir I had been a retired employee from sbi branch I had applied for the card past one month back but still now I had not received my card still now for staff only this is the condition I don’t know what about the public I feel very very bad

  12. Rajesh Kumar

    I have applied for cash back card online through sprint .I am lucky as I was going through others comments enough as I got a instant approval and received virtual card in 24 hour and physical card in 4th day,I am using other bank card also but SBI is best very transparent and smooth SBI card app..

  13. Prashant Agrawal

    I keep getting declined for the SBI Vistara Prime credit card. Don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Tried twice already.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Maybe the issuance is on hold just like other Vistara cards with Axis & IndusInd. Not sure though!

      1. Prashant Agrawal

        Oh, I didn’t know Vistara card issuances were on hold. Maybe that’s why I was unable to submit Axis Vistara online application either.


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