Commenting Guidelines

We all love comments! Being a blogger, I actively comment since 2011, not just on my blog(s) but also on many others. I try my best to read and reply to every single comment as I value your time as much as mine. This page will help you understand whats happening behind the Card Expert comments moderation system.

#1 Approval Time

  • Usual TAT for comments approval: 10 Mins to 10 Days

This highly depends on my (or other author’s) availability. If I’m online, I’ll do it almost in matter of minutes as this usually happens when new articles go live. Else, it might take few days upto a week or so.

#2 Content Moderation

  • Tone: Content that has too much of anger with rude words may not be approved. If you disagree, don’t be rude about it, give constructive (helpful) feedback.
  • Relevancy: A totally irrelevant content will not be approved for obvious reasons. Kindly find a relevant article and comment on the same. However, if its a timely thing, we even approve an irrelevant content.
  • Links: Comments with links usually gets longer to get approved than those without. Reason being, me or other author(s) need to find time to go through the content before approving and responding to it. In most cases we’ve seen, you can put the necessary info in a line or two, than adding a link. I find it to be very useful as its easy for others too to grab the info in seconds instead of going through the whole new page. Hence, include links only when its highly necessary. In such cases, try best to link to the source page.
  • Anonymity: We generally do not approve comments with improper names/email ID’s. But if it adds value to the readers, you’ll find it live. I appreciate if you use the actual details as this will help me send a emergency/useful email at times. You may expect not more than 1 email in ~3 months. It also helps me to reach the person when we do giveaways.
  • Uniqueness: I still can’t believe why there are 100’s of repeated comments when the answer is already there on same article in other comments or in most cases in the main content body itself. In such cases, the duplicate comment wont be approved unless its been long since asked. This part is very important as it bores the regular readers/contributors.


#1 My comment is still not approved even after 10 days

If it passes above moderation guidelines, I probably missed it somehow. Sometimes i don’t approve intentionally as i wish to respond to it in detail but it gets too late and i miss it.

Ok, you may ask, “why can’t you approve for others to answer and add your reply later?” Its very hard to approve it immediately and search it again to leave a reply later amidst 100’s of comments every week. In such cases, kindly drop me a line through contact page and I’ll try to find it and make it live.

#2 Why aren’t you replying my comments?

I love commenting so much but i do skip responding them now and then for various reasons. It could be one of the below:

  • I don’t have enough knowledge to answer – I’ve limited knowledge on few queries, so i end up skipping them.
  • Its already answered – Pls go through other comments in same/relevant article before posting one.
  • I don’t have enough time – I get busy or ill at times. At such times, i approve 100’s of comments at once and so its very tough to answer all of them. So i leave them at-least for other contributors to answer, before it gets too late.
  • Its Personal: If you’re asking for personal information like my credit limit, spends, NRV, etc, i skip them. As you can understand, i couldn’t divulge into the numbers for privacy reasons. But in most cases you can grab the information if you can connect the dots.
  • You’re expecting a lot for Free – I understand that you took 10 mins to write that long comment about all cards you hold and request for a strategy. Please understand that it takes atleast 15-30 mins to grab those info and form a useful strategy for you. In most cases, i never know your financial standing and many other details to make a really rewarding strategy. Hence i skip it, infact i see other contributors too skip it for the same reason – It takes a lot of time. This is why i’ve the credit card consultation service which helps you buy my time, just incase you value my time.

Last but not the least, Thank you very much for spending your time to comment on this platform. I value your time and i do honour regular contributors every few months with some small surprise gifts. Keep sharing, as someone said: sharing is caring.

All the above are framed to make sure the platform gives high quality info to the readers. Just incase if you don’t think so, please let me know what needs to be changed. You can reach me here.