HDFC Bank 10X Rewards Extended + Save 20% more on select spends (December 2019 Update)

By | December 2, 2019

The most rewarding 10X rewards program from HDFC Bank is further extended through December 2019 and on top of that you can also save additional 20% if you shop during Flipkart Festive season. Here’s everything you need to know.

Diners 10X Rewards

  • Valid till 31st Dec 2019
  • New merchants: Ola, First Cry
  • Txns done on both offline stores and Online websites of First Cry and Godrej Nature’s Basket are eligible for 10X.
  • Ola post-paid payment can’t be done via Diners card as of now and hence not eligible for 10X.
  • EMI transactions are not eligible for this offer
  • The incremental 9X Rewards will be posted within 30 days from the end of the calendar month
  • Offer T&C

Smartbuy 10X

  • Validity: Till 31st Dec 2019
  • Upper Cap: 25,000 Points for Infinia | 15,000 Points for Diners Black | Other Diners Cards & Regalia: 5000 Points | All other cards: 5% Cashback upto Rs.1000
  • Upper Cap Reset: Calendar Month
  • This Covers: Flipkart/Amazon via Smartbuy + Flights, Hotels via Smartbuy & Instant Gift Vouchers
  • Reward points or Cashback will be posted within 90 working days from the last date of transaction month.
  • Offer T&C

Double/Triple Dip Offers

  • Flipkart: 10% Instant Discount on HDFC Credit Cards (Max Discount: Rs.1250)
  • Smartbuy Voucher: Get 10% of the spend as Smartbuy eVoucher (Max Discount: Rs.1500)
  • Offer T&C

So basically if you’ve Diners Black or Infinia, you save 33% with 10X rewards and another 20% if you shop on Flipkart via Smartbuy. The number workout to 49% savings on the spend which is well explained by the bank itself. Ref. to the Offer T&C for more.

While the upper caps of these discounts doesn’t sound great, its still worth it if you’re spending in that range.

Note: Don’t forget to go through their exclusions list. Interestingly, even iPhone 11 is excluded.

10X on Uber Premier Rides

  • Get 10X reward points on Uber Premium Rides. 
  • Valid 1st Sept – 31st Dec 2019
  • Offer T&C


HDFC Bank continues to rock the space with its 10X rewards and now when they throw even further discounts and rewards, its tough to resist that purchase.

But remember that some wise men one day said “If you buy things you do not need, soon you will have to sell things you need”, so be careful 🙂

Are you guys still chasing the 10X rewards? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

142 thoughts on “HDFC Bank 10X Rewards Extended + Save 20% more on select spends (December 2019 Update)


    is there any cap on the usage of Smartbuy eVoucher ?
    Assume I purchase Rs. 15000 in Instant vouchers, I will get 10% i.e., 1500 worth of smartbuy e voucher which can be used to book flight tickets. If my flight ticket is say Rs. 3000, can i use 1500 of e voucher and balance by credit card?

  2. Surya

    The 10% SmartBuy voucher will be extra or it is also counted for 15000 Uppercap?

  3. Surya

    Smartbuy voucher issued for each transaction ?
    If so, thats a mind blowing offer
    Although its 1300 (since regular 200 wont be applicable), but its a kick-ass offer

  4. Ashutosh S


    I have read in quite many replies that 9X points for purchases made on Flipkart through Smartbuy usually reflect within T+2 or T+3 days if made on 4th of the month onwards. If I make a transaction on 1st to 3rd, it will take 3 months. Does this still hold true?
    Also, if I make a transaction on the last day of the month, then will it surely be considered in that month’s quota?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

    1. boomer ok

      mine always take around 3 months if i buy from amazon or flipkart even after asking cc repeatedly,not if i am buying flight/hotel/voucher they are instant , i am holding infinia btw if that makes any difference , interested to see if what u are saying it being after 4th makes a difference or not.

      also we dont get points for redemptions right?

    2. Shubhendu

      This doesn’t sound to be true at all! I surely haven’t experienced this. 9X points do take a lot of time to get credited 🙁

      1. Sachin

        I always get flipkart 10x points in 5 days or lesser from the purchase date. For Amazon it takes 3 months or so. I am not sure about 4th of the month part though.

  5. Ankush Grover

    start date ? i booked few tickets yesterday will the qualify ?

  6. Naresh kumar

    The voucher can’t be used when booking with reward points and only 1 voucher can be used in 1 booking.

  7. Amit Kumar

    Does that mean booking flights via flipkart is now more beneficial?

  8. Prasad

    I am unable to pay using Diners Black on US websites. I tried paying for GRE, TOEFL under the discover option, but it always says that the card number is invalid. Does anyone else also face the same issue or am I doing something wrong.

    1. sravan

      load from diners into payzapp and then use it… Most probably it should work. I do the same where diners is not accepted

    2. Anoop E S

      I faced this issue 2 years back. I tried paying my CMA (US) membership fee using DCB. At that time, there was 10X reward points on international transactions. But as you mentioned, card was not accepted. Contacted HDFC customer care and they said they are helpless. So had to move to Visa card for making payment.

  9. Pankaj Singhal

    Please see the following T&C:
    Not applicable on the following:
    – Select Samsung Mobiles
    – Select Apple watch series
    – GOQii Fitness smart band/Tracker
    – Infinix Hot 8Nokia 6.1 Plus,
    – Realme 5S and Realme C2
    – Redmi Note7 Pro and Redmi 8
    – iPhone 11 and 11 Pro

    1. Harsh

      Which Phones of Samsung currently? Where can i find a list of these exclusions?

  10. Anil Kumar

    Isn’t the Uber Premier 10X offer for all users? Was it revised to be a targetted offer?

    Just saw the T&C: This Offer is made available to the Customer/s selected at the discretion of HDFC Bank.

    1. Anoop E S

      same doubt here. Uber seems to be a targeted offer. Siddharth… pls clarify

      1. Nihar

        I did check with CC , Uber premier rides will accrue10X points . Settlement after 90 days of the transaction date.

  11. Mayank

    How to use Smartbuy Vouchers? Can these vouchers be redeemed for Flipkart shopping?

    1. Mouli

      Mayank, can be used only for flight,hotel and bus booking
      When you book flight tickets normally a default coupon would be there which brings down the ticket price by 200,you need to remove that and apply the voucher that you have received
      Effective value of the voucher is 1300

  12. Pranab

    @Ashutosh S,
    Flipkart and Gift voucher transactions through Smartbuy, it’s always 1X on T+2 days and 9X on T+3 days (not date specific as you mentioned 4th onward).

  13. Sumit

    I have an query, if one purchase 27k product from Flipkart in 3 emis and though SmartBuy portal, how 10X rewards points calculated like for full amount 27k and one month or emi amount and all 3 months.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      The bonus points are split and are also posted in the respective emi months

      1. Rohit Roy

        @Prashant Gupta and others
        I spoke to Diners Concierge and they said Only to total amount 10x points would be given. I made a purchase of 68k and he said I would get only 10X for 45k and rest 1X And EMI would be converted after 3 to 4 days. Since EMI is for 3 months amounting 23k approx he said reward points would not be split. Also he said No cost EMI will fetch no points. Also somebody said in forum that purchase limit is 50k since its 9x bonus points. Customer care guy said limit is 45k and it is calculated as 10x not 9x. So what all information is true ?

        1. Prashant Gupta

          I had booked tickets on smartbuy with emi option there itself. I got the 10X point with the emi in each month.

          1. Rohit Roy

            @Prashant Gupta
            Thanks for the time. Still not clear since you haven’t mentioned final amount of flight ticket In my case I made a purchase of 66000 with 3 months EMI making it 22000/ month. Will I still get 10x for remaining Rs : 23000 (considering 45k per month) or I have exhausted the quota for the month. As per costumer care I have exhausted 10x. I have some more purchase to make and I dont want to loose points 🙂

        2. CAKS

          Purchase limit is 50K for Diners Black and I got 1X + 10X(15K) points for Rs50K txn of gift vouchers this Oct and Nov months.
          Customer care people would not know much – may be they often change job/dept – we know much better than them as we keep using card and keep track of offers etc.

        3. CAKS

          Call them on different days at different times and see if you get the same reply.

  14. Kartik

    Is 10x applicable when we book flights through Flipkart?
    Also, is 10x valid when we pay bills via Amazon pay?

  15. Chintan


    HDFC has launched a new credit card named “Best Price Save Max Credit Card” in partnership with Wall-mart India and Diners Club

    1. Shivi

      Regalia First is an independent card and Regalia is an altogether different card. Both are issued by HDFC bank.

  16. CCFreak

    Seems like a Quadruple dip!!

    Rs.1000 voucher of BookMyShow/Flipkart/Lifestyle & more with HDFC Bank Festive Treats!
    Just spend Rs. 10000 with CreditCard till 31Dec T&C

    Note: User specific, i got this for my Sister s Diner miles card but didn’t received this for my DCB

  17. Pranab

    @Rohit Roy,
    The Cap is on the Bonus points (9X). I talked with Infinia customer service and she was very clear on this. That’s why 1X on T+2 and 9X on T+3 makes sense.

    1. Rohit roy

      I am using Black card and monthly cap is 15k points . If it is 9x then Spend limit is 50k and if its 10x then spend limit is 45k . I experimented last month for 48k exceeding 3k and i guess i lost that remaining bonus points or should wait for 1 or 2 days an check. Everything was getting calculated perfectly until i crossed 45k. I also got only 30 points instead of 300 for Uber voucher of 1000. Even if you see their official card site it is mentioned has 10x but again in T& C it is mentioned has 9x limit of 15000 points. As of now i lost points for exceeding 45k.
      Any idea on points for EMI ? I have some more purchase to make . Is 9x credited based on EMI value or total value of product which will max out my 9X quota for this month.

      1. Abhi

        On the website (Diners Privilege page) it clearly says 9x limit of 15000. Where did you read otherwise ?

      2. Mudit

        I have tried this month on month. ALways the limit has been 50k. For sure getting points even after 45k

  18. Satyajit

    Ola and firstcry were old diner merchants.
    Why have they being mentioned as new ?

  19. Ramki

    Siddharth and other awesome folks in this forum,

    I recently had a very strange experience with HDFC cards and wanted to take your inputs on the same. I have been working for ~20 yrs now and have a relationship with Citibank from my 1st job – have both salary account as well as a credit card with them. I was never into the world of Credit cards so didn’t realise till recently that i wasn’t really getting much love/attn from Citi so decided to explore other banking options. I applied for an ICICI Sapphiro card and was approved and card delivered within 8 days. While that would take care of my Travel benefits, I was still on the lookout for another card when HDFC called me and offered me a LTF Regalia card. Looking at the benefits, I happily accepted and shared all documents/proof. 2 weeks of no communication and then I see my status as DECLINED on their webiste.

    My CIBIL score is 850+, my annual sal is 50 lpa+ & I have opened & closed 1 auto loan (with ICICI), 1 home loan (with HDFC) with 1 home loan (SBI) still running. I have never been declined a loan/credit card or any financial instrument in these 20 years maybe because I haven’t missed any credit card payments or defaulted ever. Why did HDFC decline my card? Is it because I will never make them money?

    PS: I was so worried HDFC or these agents could misuse some of my proofs that I badgered them into returning it. I see the outsourced agency doing verification has cleared all my documents as OK but still I was denied. This has been eating away at me 🙂 Pls help.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      There can be very strange reasons for eating rejected. They will never tell you exactly why you were rejected. All you’ll hear is a copy-paste reply that based on the internal policy of the bank we cannot offer you the cards. This happened to me in the year 2014 when I opened an account with HDFC with the sole purpose of taking a credit card. So what I did was I opened a savings account and then went on to apply for Diners Rewardz through my RM. After a few days, I didn’t get any call or anything and I got an email that my application was rejected. The same copy paste reply was given to me. I then called my RM and asked what happened. He saw my application from his back end side and said they apparently called you for verification but you no one answered. I wrote long chat messages to the RM how their team never contacted me again. A person can sometimes not hear his phone while he is travelling and since I couldn’t pick up one time, isn’t the ground for rejection. They should have called once more. So it was the fault of the third party agency that was doing the verification check. So my RM talked to my BM and then forwarded all those chats as attachment in email to the regional head of the marketing and verification team for HDFC Credit Cards. The very next day, I again got a call from the verification agent on field. I was not at home, he just said no need to come home, just tell me the aadhaar card number over phone and send me a pic of the aadhaar card over Whatsapp. I did that. The card was approved within 3 days flat and received it within next 2 days. So HDFC can be strange. Citi bank can be more idiotic. Citi once denied me twice , once the credit card application was rejected based on the fact that I lived in the same campus as my workplace. So except the first line entire address was same. So they rejected saying the home address is same as office address. Next time when I applied, they said we cannot offer you a credit card as you don’t have a corporate/institutional email address. I was working in a state government hospital that time and they don’t provide email IDs to their employees. So I was rejected. After 4 months when I applied again, no such criteria was asked and I was given the card within 7 days. So things can be very strange in India. It can be utter nonsense at times. So don’t wrack your brain on this. Apply after 4-5 months, in al probabilities you’ll be approved.

      1. Vineet

        The exact same thing happened with me with citibank. Denied the first time because I was working in AIIMS which doesn’t provide corporate email id. Second time it was rejected because I don’t work in a corporate. So finally applied 6 months later and was immediately approved.

      2. Ramki

        Thanks for the very detailed note Abhishek.

        Yes, I got some horrible templatised responses and gave them a piece of my mind. The point about verification brings me to another aspect of this whole process – ICICI called me twice and on 2 consecutive days and i got the card in 8 days. HDFC called me 6 times over a 7 day period (and i missed their call once and on another time, i was in a meeting and i called them back as soon as the meeting was over) and the agents didn’t even talk sense many a time. After the 4th call, I kept asking how many more and they all promised that this would be the last 🙂

        After this experience, I think i will swear off their credit cards. I plan to connect to Parag Rao and tell him to watch out – companies/businesses get disrupted precisely due to such inept & archaic practices.

  20. Pranab

    @Rohit roy,
    Today I contacted Infinia Customer Service again for few queries.
    1. 25K RP on 10X or 9X (75K or 83250)?
    IT’S 9X! For 83250 spend, I’ll get 24975 points along with regular 2775 points (1X). He was very much clear on that.
    2. What about Amazon transactions? If I make a smartbuy amazon transaction in the month of Dec, the bonus RP cap is applicable on which month, Dec or Mar?
    It’s applicable on Dec cap.
    3. What about EMI transactions? If I make a smartbuy flipkart transaction of 15K with 3 months EMI in the month of Dec, when will I get the points?
    Points will be posted as EMI posted (means in 3 months).
    4. What about cancellations? If I cancel a flipkart transaction (say of 3000 RP), will my cap reduced by 3000?
    NO, the cancelled transaction won’t affect the cap. But previous month’s order cancellation in current month, won’t increase the cap.

    1. Bhavin Shah

      In case of Point No.3, points will be subject to which month’s cap of 25000, transaction month (Dec ) or respective months. In my opinion its should be subject to respective months. But asking just for ample clarity

    2. Rohit roy

      @ Pranab
      Regarding the 9x points you are right. Since i booked Uber voucher of 1000 and a flight booking of 9000 on the same day I got a credit of 330 points which made me assume that for uber voucher i got 30 and for flight 1x=300. But after 2 days i again got a credit of 2975 points rather than 2700 hence its calculated as 9x 🙂 Its a shame that the dedicated 24/7 customer care gives wrong info. Regarding flipkart as per other users we get subsequent 10x points for every EMI.
      Does it mean the cap is for EMI but not total amount. I have some more purchase to make and my EMI is 23k and have 27k to spend still left for the month (Cap of 50k) Since this is my first EMI I am really confused whether to take risk or skip the purchase to next month. Dont want to loose points .

  21. Mouli

    Seems HDFC is having tough time with its web interface,early this week their netbanking and mobile app were down for 2 consecutive days and now I was trying to book flight tickets through smartbuy but it was not processing yesterday the whole day

    Has anyone facing the same issue?

  22. lordsom

    Has the Smartbuy double dip offer expired?
    I’m getting that message from the link posted above (T&C)

  23. srikkanth

    will we get 9x points on amazon website through smartbuy when partial payment is done by diners black card and remaining is deducted from amazon pay balance? didnt notice at the time of payment…only realised later..

    1. Pranab

      Yes, you’ll get the RP on the amount paid by DCB (Total-Amazon Pay balance).

    2. Rohit roy

      @ srikkanth
      Better not to take risk by partial payment. You can use amazon pay for almost everything. For flight tickets i was said that partial redeem and i can get 10x for rest of the balance.

  24. Kiran

    Are transactions to purchase Amazon or Flipkart gift vouchers through SmartBuy eligible for 10X rewards?
    I did enquire with CC, but received different answers from different agents.

  25. Pranab

    @Rohit roy,
    Are you calling to the regular customer care number? They’re just pathetic to say the least. Hope you’re aware of the Super Premium Card Services (DCB & Infinia). If not, contact them @ 18002663310/18001023310/022-28561443 to clear all your doubts.

    1. Rohit roy

      lol i spoke to premium service number 🙂 They just told the opposite. I actually on many occasion was deliberately given wrong info so that I dont avail their service. For several years they never said me to enroll for imperia/ preferred program inspite of me asking them for 0 balance acc and made me keep 25k account. I never knew that we can use debit card at international terminal in india for Airport lounge. I was said that its charged and i wasted lots of money on that. I agree with many here at forum that the service is bad.

  26. Siva Kumar

    Hello Siddharth and other members of the forum,
    I am big fan of this website and checkout the website regularly. This is my first post on this website.

    Recently i got hold on DCB card in November (with card number starting 3608) and I have few questions regarding the same. I talked to CC but they have no clue about the same.
    1) I got message from Poshvine wesite for the welcome benefits. When i log on to the website i have noticed option to redeem all the benefits with validity till 26th jan, 2020. I am already a member for some of the benefits like Amazon Prime and MMT double black which can redeemed after expiry of current membership. My question is that if claim the offer now, the coupon codes will expire on 26th Jan, 2020.
    2) I made a purchase on flipkart through Smartbuy using DCB for 48k on 3rd December and I have returned a product worth 3k on 5th Dec( in that same transaction of 48k). I usually receive the 1x points on T+2 days and 9x points on T+3 days. But for this transaction I did not receive the 9X points for this transaction till date. Will I be eligible for 9X points on balance 45k amount?
    3) Will I be eligible for Smart Buy 10% voucher of Rs. 1500/- ??
    Thank you guys.

  27. ANKIT

    Hello Sid

    Is there any way to use DCB for payment of NPS (NAtional Pension Scheme) as currently only AMEX/ RUPAY/ MC/VISA are acceptable. Any tricks of using this card through ProtectBuy way of creating virtual card.

    Pl. help

    1. Anshul

      There’s no way currently.. You can’t create a virtual card using Diner’s card.
      You may load payzapp using Diners card and use try to use payzapp card on NPS website. However, you won’t get reward points for Payzapp wallet load!

    2. pratik

      i think you can select RUPAY and then try to pay as they have tie up with Diners in India. not sure but worth a try

    1. abhijeet

      but thats waste.. Coz you cannot apply coupon and pay via Gift card simultaneously…. Talk to MMT or HDFC before buying MMT vouchers.. Complete waste..

      1. Ankur Aggarwal

        Hi, it is applicable to flights as well and we are not able to apply card-specific coupons; others we able to I guess

      2. George Mathews

        So the math for the MakeMyTrip offer using DCB is something like this.

        For a few hotel bookings i was looking at, the MMT discount code translated to roughly 20%. Instead, by using the Gyftr voucher (with a 5% off), this translates to a maximum discount of 37% (assuming you are ok with point redemption).

        Hope this helps anyone else like me who is looking to make it last minute bookings and are finding SMARTBUY hotels a joke. 😉


      3. Rohit roy

        Did you try with gift voucher ? The gift card comes at payment page. So what is the reason for not allowing to pay if coupon is applied much before.

  28. Grey Pilgrim

    Dear Sir,

    I am an avid follower of your blog and absolutely love the work that you do. I wanted a quick suggestion from your side. Yesterday my RM range me up and offered an upgrade to either of HDFC Regalia or Diners Club Privilege card. Which one do you suggest?

    Awaiting your reply,

    Thanks and warm regards,

    1. Praveen Katiyar

      @Grey Pilgrim/ Hari,
      Putting myself in your shoes, how I see Privilege or Regalia as a stepping stone to ultimately reach DCB or Infinia. (Go through comments in DCB and Infinia threads if u have time).
      If ur relationship with HDFC is such dat you think u would get invitation for Infinia, den take Regalia.
      Else DCB is easier to get and also fee waiver too.
      With DCB fee equal to Infinia n Infinia’s invite only nature, it’s not easy to answer. Ur relationship with HDFC and ur spending pattern can help me to answer.


    IRCTC – Train booking is included as part of 10 X program. Nothing can beat HDFC credit cards…..

  30. Ankit


    Train ticket booking also added on smartbuy portal for 10x reward points / 5% cash back. Kindly update the article.

    Good news for frequent train travellers.

  31. Bhavya Mehra

    Hello Everyone,

    So i just got my hands on Diners Black today. Thanks to this forum i got aware of this variant. So this is my first credit card, Request everyone to suggest how can i reap maximum benefit starting today itself.


  32. Pranab

    It’s NOT a coupon. It’s an additional 5% discount straightway! So if you hold a DCB/Infinia, it’s 36.67% benefit.
    The restriction is of maximum 3 gift cards that can be used in single transaction in MMT. As the highest value of gift card is 5000, so one can pay up to 15000.

  33. deep

    Diners club privilege is better than Regalia. More points in addition to smartbuy you have partners like myntra, swiggy, bookmyshow, ola etc. Plus it comes with privileges like Amazon prime, zomato gold etc.

    Only con is Diners acceptance lesser than Regalia which I think is MasterCard.

  34. Deep

    Can anyone please comment when are the 10x points for Diners partners like myntra is getting credited? If purchases made in month of November then by which date in December the 9x points are added? My statement gets generated on 16th so will it come by then or after that.. Please let me know.

  35. Rahul

    Flipkart 1x comes in T+2 and 9x in T+3. Same for hotels anf flights through smartbuy.
    Amazon 9x takes about 3 months.

    I got august ones on nov 22 for amazon.
    September ones should come by end of December.

    I have hdfc infinia card.

    My experience with HDFC concierge as well as Infinia helpdesk has been great

  36. Mohit Singhania


    I cannot find any exclusions as you mentioned…it neither on the smartbuy tnc nor on the amazon tnc…have they changed it by any chance or am I missing something?

  37. Ranjeet

    Would you get a double dip, i mean 10X and 8% Amazon prime off on plane ticket booking, if you go to Amazon page from smartbuy and then book the plane ticket there and pay using DCB.
    Has anyone tried that.

  38. MSJ

    So i got a Regalia (Visa) Card without even having a proper relationship with the bank.
    I opened an account with HDFC on day T, applied for the card on card-to-card basis (using my CitiBank IOCL(5.75L Limit) and Yes Preferred (7.5L limit) card) on day T+2; and got my card on day T+14 in my hand (4.75 L Limit).
    I`ll need to perform Tx of Rs 500+ ,4 times a month for 3 months, and supposedly it will become lifetime free !
    Now my next thing is to get the DCB after a few months.
    Kindly help me with any pointers, what to do, to smoothly sail into the world of DCB !!

  39. Aman

    Reading the 10x Smart buy TnC page:

    “This offer is not applicable to the purchase of jewellery/gold coins or its equivalents.
    This offer is not applicable to the purchase of prepaid cards/gift cards or its equivalents. This offer is not applicable to the purchase of flight bookings done on Flipkart / Amazon store. ”

    Seems to be the exclusions I could find for Flipkart/ Amazon. Didn’t find bill payment exclusion Sid…
    Should I check with customer care or go ahead???

  40. Rohit roy

    Do we get 10x smartbuy-Flipkart for Pre ordering a product ? Did anyone try that . Can we also do an EMI transaction for pre order ? I have never pre ordered before. Generally wait for reviews and then pick up 🙂
    By the way some one commented that we dont get points for loading Payzaap wallet. I got points for loading so anything changed new ?

  41. Ashish Nikhare

    Has anyone used Cleartrip vouchers during redeeming Reward points for Hotel booking on HDFC smartbuy portal (Infinia/Diners/Regalia). Do they get applied ? Where do you find these vouchers ?

  42. Prashant

    Hi guys. Has anyone tried to take golf lessons through DCB. How is the process and how much much are the out pocket expenses?

    1. Rahul

      @admin Can we have a blog post on reviewing the golf access, process, charges etc on Credit cards. I wasn’t able to find the reviews and charges anywhere on google

  43. Mohit G.

    Hi friends,
    Just got my hands on DCB. Could you please apprise me if DCB should be used for forex transactions. Are diner conversion charges significantly higher than visa and MasterCard. Or is there a workaround/ points make up for it.
    Thank You.

    1. Sharathkumar Anbu

      I have used Diners for purchase of significant amount in USA. Later I realised that exchange rate was too bad, it was atleast 1.5 rupees higher than Master or Visa or Amex. On top of it 2% mark up and GST, I was literally shocked when the charges were settled. I will not use Diners for any international transactions going forward. REALLY PATHETIC.

    2. Naresh kumar

      Don’t use diners card, the forex rate is high(3.5%) compared to visa/mastercard(2%).
      Instead get a regalia forex card from hdfc and get 10x rewards points on loading upto 5000 rp per month. This limit is separately from smartbuy 10x limit.

  44. Mohit


    My relative got the new DCB card. I have a static password that I use to authenticate transactions for my DCB Card.

    How do we set the static password instead of OTP for transactions for a new diners card?
    I have forgotten how I did it, can anyone please help in this regard.

    1. Abhishek Roy

      You need to register your card at netsafe. Understand that if you already have a HDFC debit or Credit Card, then you can add the credit card to the same list of cards and the new credit cars will have the same static password.

  45. Mohit G.

    Thanks very much Sharath. Thanks Naresh for the valuable suggestion of Regalia Forex Card. Will obtain and try it out.

  46. aka

    is the 2x on dining also applicable if we pay through dineout wallet after loading it DCB ? Has anybody verified it ? Plz answer.

  47. Mohit G.

    Hi friends,
    As suggested above I did apply for a Regalia forex card and loaded it through DCB for more than $1000 for 5k reward points on forex and 10x on DCB (both to come after 90 days). Do you suggest that I get the DCB transaction converted to 3 month EMI. Will I get proportionate 10x points over next 3 months (Just wanted to get points on the amount above Rs.50k). Any idea on this will be appreciated. Thank you.

  48. Ankur

    The Below Diners Club Partner offer (10X) will extend till March 2020.
    1. Myntra
    2. ZoomCar
    3. Nature’s Basket
    4. FIrst Cry
    5. Ola Cabs (Extended till Sept 2020)

    Few sources revealed this to me.


  49. Ankur Saraf

    Is purchasing silver bars on Flipkart SMARTBUY store covered under 10x program? The official T&Cs says –> “Not applicable on jewellery/gold coins or its equivalents”
    Has someone tried their luck?

    1. Pranab

      Not sure about silver bars but didn’t get extra 9X on Gold coin purchase on Flipkart Smartbuy.

  50. Anchal

    I did 3 transactions this month on Flipkart. For only 1 I received 9x on T+3, did anybody else face this as well?

    1. Pranab

      All ‘Smartbuy’ flipkart 9X are credited on T+3 days for me (also everything else except Amazon).
      You can contact customer care for the ‘Missed’ RPs.


    Hi… 1st time using smrtbuy&DCB… So might ask very novice level queries… Here goes – bought a smartwatch on Flipkart – went to smartbuy website and from there clicked on Flipkart which took me to offers.flipkart page – conducted transaction there…
    Few Qs
    1. Do i need to create a login and then log in to smartbuy with my profile before doing the transaction to be eligible for y both the 10% smartbuy evoucher and the 10x RP on my DCB?
    I did not create the profile at the time of doing the transaction.
    2. where do I find the smartbuy e voucher and when will I receive it?
    3. When will the RPs get credited? Do I get an intimation of RP credit? How do i check?

    1. Rohit roy

      1. Generally it would ask you to login or sign up not sure how you bypassed.
      2.smartbuy evoucher would be sent to your phone. Most probably Jan end. Read t and c. Things are clearly mentioned.
      3. No intimation and nothing. You can check on daily basis through net banking _cards – credit card – enquire – account information – in that you can see current points, points as on last statement.

    1. Naresh kumar

      No, but yes first is offering 5% cashback on fuel transactions for 3 months starting december.

  52. vicky

    I am gettign 30% off on 1Mg for medicine using timesprime free membership from diners black card.

    1. George Mathews

      Thanks Vicky for sharing. Are there any conditions for the 1mg discount?

  53. Vidit

    I have HDFC Infinia and purchased a iPhone 11 on Flipkart by going through the Smartbuy page – compare and shop. On the iPhone 11 landing page, the phone kept on going out of stock but upon refresh it came back in stock. This happened 3-4 times until I was finally able to purchase it.

    Now I got 1X points credited on the next day but 9X points never got credited. Upon contacting the customer care, they told me that it is not a smartbuy transaction. Escalated that and got the same reply.

    Finally I have emailed to them but getting the same response. I have shared browser history with them and the order details. Any idea what else can be done in this regard and has anyone else faced similar issue before?


    1. Jambui

      @vidit smartbuy thru mobile now forwards to app therefore i have stopped using mobile for it. Also if buying bia desktop the logo of flipkart got smartbuy name added to it so after placing final order one must take screenshot and save it. Its one of the advantage of buying via flipkart rather than amazon.

      1. Vidit Kalra

        I purchased it via Desktop only. I have the browser history but unfortunately, I don’t have a screenshot of the same. Apparently, I was redirected from Smartbuy and after that the iPhone 11 kept going out of stock and in stock and may be that triggered a page from my cache?

        Not sure what exactly happened but HDFC is denying purchase via Smartbuy for this transaction. Any idea if something can be done to escalate this? Points in question around 20000 so not a small amount.

        1. Chintan

          Happened with me once, i sent multiple mails but they didn’t consider. Try sending mail to hdfc’s grievance id.

        2. Pranab

          If you don’t get 9X on T+3 days (except Amazon), just cancel (or return if already delivered) the order.
          For Flipkart purchases, you can keep items on cart and then go through smartbuy Flipkart link and purchase (unlike Amazon where you need to keep your cart clear). I always follow this, keeping items on cart and then buy through smartbuy. Never missed 9X.

        3. Shivi

          I am afraid nothing can be done if you don’t have the post transaction screenshot of the amount paid.

          When you refresh your webpage, the tracking cookie tag also get refreshed & hence HDFC cannot label it. You should have exited the browser and made purchase attempt by restarting the process of landing on Flipkart iPhone page via SmartBuy again instead of refreshing the page per say.

          Same thing happens when you try to buy something off a lightning deal from Amazon via SmartBuy; once the lightning deal ends your order gets cancelled if you bought the deal from Smartbuy link.

    2. SG

      For big purchases, I always take a screenshot for Flipkart or record a video for Amazon, so I have proof.

    1. Prashant Gupta

      I received for some of the transactions last week but not for all.

    2. MT

      Yes , received for all eligible transactions with validity till 31/3/2020

  54. Amann

    Hdfc loves to deny 9x to its unsuspecting customers in some way or another. They claimed that they have credited my account with 9x for smartbuy in Nov 2019 but then I have sent them my calculation for points, there has been total silence.

    Will wait to complete 14 working days and then escalate.

    1. Shivi

      Usually you need to wait till the end of 90 days post the transaction month for bonus points as per TnC

  55. Sharad

    Yes. Received them last week. They are valid till 31 March for hotel, airline and bus bookings.

  56. Kartik

    I recently made a couple of transactions on Amazon. Landed on the amazon hdfc smartbuy page via smartbuy. 24 hours after completing the transactions, received an email from Amazon confirming the order placed was indeed via hdfc smartbuy.

    Is this a good enough proof in case of issue later on?

  57. Ankit

    Has anyone recvd 10x for transactions done on Amazon from Oct including Diwali Offer ? All my transactions are not credited. They were supposed to be credited in Jan end.

  58. Lakshmi

    Anyone received Smartbuy (10% Purchase Value) vouchers for the purchases made in Amazon?

    I got voucher only for FP purchase but didnt received any vouchers for Amazon Purchases

  59. Jatin

    For 10X reward on Amazon, is searching and adding to cart only way or moving item from saved for later to cart will also be eligible for 10X reward ?
    Has anyone tried this ?

    1. Prashant Gupta

      You will get points i too save the items for later and then add the items to cart from there by individually going to each item page and then adding to cart.


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