You can now Transfer Amex MR Points to Vistara

By | December 3, 2019

As you might be aware, American Express (India) recently added the ability to transfer Amex MR Points to CV Points which is the currency of Vistara’s loyalty Program – Club Vistara. This article is to help you understand its value and whether you should consider transferring them.

The Value

  • 3 Amex MR Points = 1 Club Vistara Point (transfer ratio)
  • 1 Club Vistara Point = ~0.75 INR (personal valuation)
  • Hence, 1 Amex MR Point = ~0.25 INR

So you get about 25Ps per 1 Amex MR Point on transferring to Vistara. I personally value 1 Amex MR Point for 50Ps (minimum) so vistara conversion will get you 50% lower value.

In-fact, if you look at my recent Marriott redemptions, you’ll see that I get close to Rs.1 per Marriott Bonvoy Point (1 Amex MR Point), so in that case, you loose 75% by transferring to Vistara.

Hence its very clear that Vistara conversion would give you the least value for your Amex MR Points. Incase if you’re interested in getting more value out of Amex points, do check out the article: Maximising your Amex MR Points Value

Should I Transfer?

  • Quick Answer: No
  • Long Answer: Maybe

While you should stay away from the Vistara points transfer, sometimes you may be in short of few CV points to do that Business Class Upgrade or Redemption. So in such such cases, it makes sense to transfer “few” points.


While American Express to Club Vistara points transfer is a welcoming move, I wish they could have done it in a better way. This transfer maynot work for us unless they run 100% bonus or more on conversion, similar to what Amex is recently doing with Hilton & Marriott – Bonus Points transfer.

Overall, a good “option”, yet gives poor value.

That all aside, I continue to fly Vistara Business Class whenever possible and its still an amazing product as it used to be. Hope Club Vistara gets more airline partners in the near future and let us fly out of the country with lesser points 🙂

What’s your thoughts on Amex to Club Vistara Points Transfer? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

10 thoughts on “You can now Transfer Amex MR Points to Vistara

  1. Mouli

    I don’t see much value in this conversion and strict No for those already has DCB or Axis Vistara card
    As you mentioned Marriott conversion is the best

  2. swapneil


    WHAT ABOUT those person who are not into booking hotels / or mariott in a way and look into transferring into vistara.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Even then you get better value with Gold Collection/Travel voucher redemptions based on the card you hold.

  3. Sachin

    Hi Sid,
    Thanks for the informative post.
    On a sidenote, Need your help with a suggestion.
    Marriott is also running a campaign where they are giving 30% discount on purchasing points with cash.
    It would come out to 60p per point.
    Does it make sense to buy these points in advance at this rate for any future travels?

    Maybe you can write a post regarding that?

    1. Neo

      Marriott usually has a 30% sale on its points. My advice to go ahead would be if
      1) you are short of points for a booking.
      2) there is a promo (like the 50% bonus Amex promo) going on
      3) you need to fulfill the credit card spend thresholds ( I bought these points to reach the 25k Amex plat charge spends -3x points on usd transactions & transferred all the points to Bonvoy for the 50% bonus promo)

  4. dcm

    is it good to transfer Dinnerclub miles rewards to vistara or intermiles,

  5. swapneil

    We are delighted to announce YES BANK as our new Point Transfer Partner. Convert 1 YES BANK Reward Point to 1 CV Point for YES Private credit card, and 4 YES BANK Reward Points to 1 CV Point for other eligible YES BANK Credit Cards.

    1. Gkcards

      I wish Yes First Exclusive also has 1:1 ratio. Private is the new exclusive

  6. Apoorv Soni

    I think the conversion is 3 MR = 1 CV points for transfer and it makes sense as redeemable value of 15000 MR = 5000 CV points (which can be used to book award flights especially when you book last minute) whereas ATO/Flipkart vouchers that you get with same amount of MR points = ₹ 4500.


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