Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.30,000 on spends

By | April 30, 2024
Amex spend based offer April 2024

American Express India is back on the 2nd spend linked offer of the year 2024 by this April for spends done during May, June, July 2024. Here’s everything you need to know about it:

Offer Details

OfferGet Rs.X eVouchers on spending Rs.Y
Max. Voucher ValueRs.30,000 on Rs.10L spend (as far as I know)
Spend RequirementDynamic (likely based on previous usage)
Offer Period30 April 2024 – 10 July 2024
Fulfilment15 Sep 2024
Return on SpendUpto 3% + Regular Rewards

It’s a simple and straight-forward offer from Amex as usual and the return on spend too is similar to what we saw during Feb 2023 promo & Jan 2024 Promo.

This time I got a relatively high target after a very long time. And looks like Amex is trying to club in another offer with it to boost international spends.

That’s about 3% on regular spends and additional 1% back on foreign currency spends which I wouldn’t do even if they give 2%

taj vouchers offer details

And just as always, they’ve very many offer variants including the smaller targets that gets PVR vouchers as below, as received on someone’s card with very low spends.

pvr offer details

Final Thoughts

Overall a decent offer with 3% return on spend, apart from the regular rewards. But seeing Amex reduce return on spend by 1% every year is bit sad to see.

Just incase if you’ve not received the offer, chances are you’re either spending too high (or) too low for them to offer you one.

If you’re new to Amex, this is perhaps the best time to apply for American Express Cards as you can avail them as First Year Free:

Did you receive the Amex spend based offer? Do let us know in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Amex Offer: Get vouchers worth upto Rs.30,000 on spends

  1. Abhi

    Nice pic of Taj Havelock, Seems am not at the receiving end of such offers for some time now..

  2. Abhi

    Just got the offer on Plat Travel, 13K Taj voucher on 5L spend.

  3. Dev

    Hawwww… I didn’t get any such offer. Got the January promo and met the spend target as well.

    Weird targetting.

  4. Sachin

    recevied the offer
    Spend the 50k and get voucher of Rs 1250/-
    Spend 25k or more in Foreign Currency and get 250/- Voucher
    not worth giving it go.


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