Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card Review

By | November 19, 2022
Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card Review

Axis Bank not only has some of the amazing super premium & cash-back credit cards but also issues the best airline credit card in the country: Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card which gives complimentary business class vouchers based on spends.

Here’s everything you ever need to know about the Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card which is being issued as a First Year Free Card for a limited period (on spending 1.2L in 90 days – offer ends by 31st Dec 2022).


TypeAirline Credit Card
Reward Rate~10%
Annual Fee10,000 INR+GST First Year FREE (Spend 1.2L in 90 days)
Best forFlying Business Class for FREE
USPMilestone benefits

Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card has been the best airline credit card in the country since past ~5 years and it continues to be so even in 2022.

As long as you’re eligible for the card, fly at-least once a year where Vistara flies, there is no single reason to avoid this card, especially when there is a lucrative offer like this one. Not grabbing the offer is like leaving money on the table!

apply now

*** First Year FREE offer ends by 31st Dec 2022 ***


Joining Fee10,000 INR+GST First Year FREE (Spend 1.2L in 90 days)
Welcome Benefit1 Complimentary Business Class Voucher
Renewal Fee10,000 INR+GST
Renewal Benefit1 Complimentary Business Class Voucher
Renewal Fee waiverNil
  • Welcome Benefit: 1 Complimentary Business Class Voucher
  • Value: ~20,000 INR

The welcome benefit given is of great value, as good as 2X the joining fee paid. So it’s no wonder that it’s an amazing card even as a paid variant.

On top of it, we now have First Year Free Offer running which means the joining fee gets reversed on spending 1.2L in 90 days. And that my friend is not something you should miss!

Because what you get is not only a free card but also a FREE business class voucher which is worth well over ~20,000 INR.

Note: You’ll ideally need to pay the joining fee when the 1st stmt gets generated but once you’ve spent 1.2L within 90 days, reversal will be initiated within another ~30 days. Ideally, entire process takes ~120 days from the date of card issuance.


Axis Vistara Infinite Credit Card - Design

The Vistara Infinite credit card design looks pretty good in reality just as we see on image, especially the golden elements shine well when the respective areas are exposed to light.

The card design was recently revamped, about an year ago and I think it’s a good move, at-least for this variant.


Regular Spends6 RP / 200 INR2.25% – 3%
  • 1 CV Point = 0.75 INR to 1 INR (depending on your redemption)
  • CV Points Expiry: 3 Years

While earning Club Vistara Points (CV Points) on regular spends are not the USP of this card, it is worth knowing what you earn and it’s value.

Ideally I value CV points at 75Ps but in 2022 the fares are extremely high (Covid impact) that now we can easily put a value of 1 INR per point even for economy redemptions and maybe lot more in few low demand sectors.

Milestone Rewards

SpendMilestone BenefitSavings % (MS Benefit + Rewards)Savings (Cumulative)
1 Lakh 10,000 CV Points10% + 3%13%
2.5 Lakhs1 Biz Class Voucher8% + 3%14%
5 Lakhs1 Biz Class Voucher8% + 3%11.5%
7.5 Lakhs1 Biz Class Voucher8% + 3%11%
12 Lakhs1 Biz Class Voucher4.5% + 3%8.8%
  • 1 Biz Class Voucher Value: ~20,000 INR
  • 1 CV Point Value: 1 INR (taken as average for calculation)

Spend linked milestone benefit is the most important feature of the Vistara Infinite Credit Card as this benefit alone can get us a good ~8% value (excluding CV points) depending on the spends.

And then, if we add up the regular rewards (CV points) that we earn on ongoing spends, we get another ~3% or so, which is a nice cherry on cake.

That said, usually we get great reward rate upto 7.5L spend, after which the reward rate drops a bit when we go for the last milestone benefit which is 12L spend. However, that too gives one of the highest reward rate on a travel card.

Voucher Redemption

  • Redemption type: Domestic only (India)
  • Voucher Validity: 9 months (6 months + 3 months)
  • Applicable taxes on redemption: 400-700 INR per ticket

Redeeming these milestone vouchers issued on Vistara Credit Cards is quick & easy and fortunately it can all be done online without the need of anyone’s help.

It usually takes less than 5 mins for me to redeem a voucher. That said, you’ll as well need to know a bit on how it works as there are TWO types of vouchers in this redemption process.

Here’s a quick step by step guide,

  1. As soon as you hit the required spend, you’ll be issued the On-demand voucher
  2. Login to Vistara A/c and find these vouchers under “My Vouchers -> On-demand voucher generation”. Select & Redeem in few clicks.
  3. Then navigate to “My Vouchers -> Redeem complimentary voucher”. Choose voucher and redeem.

If for any reason the voucher is not redeemed during the process, not to worry, it will be available for redemption again in about ~20 mins. It’s a user friendly system. But let’s look at the validity of these vouchers.

Note that the On-demand voucher (issued on reaching milestone spends) is valid for 6 months after which it will automatically become regular voucher that carries 3 months validity.

If by mistake you redeem the on-demand voucher right away, you’ll only be left with 3 months and not 9 months. So redeem on-demand vouchers only after you’ve decided to use.

If you want to check award seat “availability”, you may use the “Redeem Now” button on dashboard, which deals with CV points redmeption, so that you don’t need a voucher to check it.

You may call Gold support line as well to check the award seat availability.

Vistara Gold Membership

Vistara Gold Membership - Axis Bank Credit Card

Apart from the amazing rewards & vouchers we get with the card, we also get the Club Vistara “Gold” Membership, as long as the credit card is active.

Gold tier is usually tough to get and is available only with 2 credit cards in India: This card (Axis Vistara Infinite) & with the other expensive Vistara Credit Card (IndusInd Explorer) that costs 40K INR!!

So it’s undoubtedly an amazing value when you get it on First Year Free pricing (limited period offer till 31st Dec 2022). With Gold membership we enjoy the below benefits,

  1. Priority Support line (for Gold/Plat)
  2. Priority Check-in (in business class counter)
  3. One Class Upgrade Vouchers (2 vouchers)
  4. Airport Lounge Access
  5. Additional baggage allowance
  6. Priority baggage handling
  7. Priority boarding & even more

The above benefits not only gives us convenience while flying but also carries a monetary value.

For ex, the upgrade vouchers are worth at-least 10K INR each. Most of my upgrade vouchers gets expired but it’s useful if you’re flying often.

Airport Lounge Access

Domestic Lounge AccessVisa (Infinite)3/Qtr

If you’re flying Vistara (any class) your boarding pass will automatically come with the lounge access benefit via Club Vistara Gold membership as seen above.

But if you end up flying other airlines and need lounge access, then you can make use of the Visa Infinite offer that comes inbuilt with the card. Just swipe & get in.

Golf Benefit

  • Complimentary Limit: 6 rounds (games/lessons) / Year

If you play Golf, these complimentary rounds gives a pretty good value. Also, Axis Golf booking system is superior compared to most other banks, like HDFC.

It’s interesting to see the golf benefit on an airline credit card, but well, I’m pretty sure most Business Class passengers know the game to an extent. So yes, it does make sense!

My Experience

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card - hands on Experience
Vistara Business Class from Mumbai to Hyderabad Review
Vistara Business Class – Veg Meal (BOM-HYD)

I’ve been using Vistara Credit Cards since past 4 years and it’s always an amazing experience to fly Vistara business class.

If you were following Cardexpert for quite sometime, you would already know about it, if not here are some of the Vistara Business Class reviews that I covered in the past,

The only concern is, I wish the airline extends the vouchers post expiry in a “less expensive” manner. Otherwise, there is no other airline doing as good as Vistara in India both in terms of service and credit card products/miles.

Vistara Business Class - Mocktail - BlackCurrant

Axis Vistara Credit Card is undoubtedly the best thing happened to Indian Airline Credit Card segment and no wonder we all love it.

Whenever I fly, I try to find Vistara flights, thanks to all the CV points & vouchers.

In-fact I have 2 upcoming flights in Business Class as I write this article, both booked using the milestone vouchers received from this Credit Card.

That’s a sweet ~40K INR savings for the upcoming trip!

Upcoming Vistara Bookings


  • Annual Income: 9 Lakhs+
  • Existing Credit Card limit: 4 Lakhs+ (for Card to Card application)

The eligibility criteria is simple and straight forward and it works well without any complications, as long as as you meet one of the above eligibility criteria.

I’ve as well written a detailed guide for beginners just incase if you need to know all the nitty-gritty of getting onboarded smoothly into the world of Axis Bank Credit Cards.

How to Apply?

You may apply online through axis bank website in a matter of few clicks. Usually the card gets approved within a week from the date of application and one more week for delivery.

If you’re new to bank, not to worry, you don’t need to open any Axis Savings A/c to have an Axis Bank Credit Card. And before you ask, Axis allows upto 3 cards per person.

If you’re getting an option to do VKYC (not all gets it), do it within 2 days, else the application will get delayed. 

apply now

*** First Year FREE offer ends by 31st Dec 2022 ***


1. How much time Axis takes to issue me these vouchers?

Once you reach the spend, Axis Bank takes upto a week after the credit card Stmt. generation to issue these welcome & milestone vouchers.

2. I travel with Family, is it useful for me?

Depends. If you’re travelling with many, like 4 members, it will be tough to get award seats for all. But if it’s 2 (easy) or 3 (plan in advance) pax then it’s very much possible.

3. How many days prior should I book? And are they any busy sectors?

At-least 10 days prior is what I would suggest. DEL-MUM and MUM-GOI are some of the busiest routes, though it depends on the season.

4. I couldn’t spend this high, what other options do I have?

You may explore Vistara Signature Credit Card (60K spends for fee reversal) which gives complimentary Premium-Economy vouchers, or Vistara Basic Credit Card (30K spends for fee reversal) that gives complimentary economy vouchers. You shall use this same Axis link to apply for any of these cards.

5. I’m loosing track of vouchers, they’re getting expired, what can I do?

If your vouchers are expiring, then consider going for the Magnus Credit Card, as you can transfer Axis Points to Club Vistara Points and redeem then whenever you wish to fly. But it’s a paid card without any fee reversal.

6. What’s the source of this offer?

The fee waiver offer for cards applied during 15th Nov – 31st Dec 2022 is running on all Vistara cards, here’s the t&c link from Vistara. You may also use this image for reference if required.

7. Can I use these vouchers for my parents/spouse/friends?

Yes. You can redeem points/vouchers for any registered nominee on the a/c. You can enrol upto 8 nominees (in few clicks) and once you enrol a nominee you cant remove for 1 Year.

8. When will I get my CV Gold membership?

Usually Gold membership along with all vouchers will be issued within 1 month post 1st stmt generation. You may raise a ticket with Axis if it’s getting delayed, as sometimes they take about 2-3 months.

9. I’ve couple of doubts, where can I ask?

You may drop them in the comments below. Or, choose to buy my time by taking the one-on-one credit card consultation service.

Final Thoughts

  • Cardexpert Rating: 5/5

Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card with it’s ~11% return on spend (7.5L spends) is an exceptionally rewarding card in any angle and so it makes sense to grab one even if you fly only just once or twice a year.

It is one of the very few credit cards that gives us luxury experiences and I’m pretty sure you’ll not forget these business class flights in your life.

And given that we’re getting a waiver on Joining fee now, it’s an amazing opportunity to take it before its gone, as such offers show up only once a year and I doubt if it will ever repeat in the future at current value proposition.

I’m sure many of you are already enjoying the benefits of the card. What’s your take on the Axis Vistara Infinite card with FYF offer in 2022?

145 thoughts on “Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card Review

  1. Abhi

    Definitely a great card until Vistara lasts as a separate airline. But there’s a big possibility of the value getting diluted if it merges with AI’s Flying Returns. Atleast the b-class vouchers coming with the card will remain intact hopefully (for use in the merged airline), but what can get adversely impacted is the CV miles. Unless AI revamps it’s FR miles program to bring it at par with CV, the existing CV customers can end up on the losing side. Currently it takes 5000 CV miles for a DEL-BOM flight in e-class and 18000 CV miles in b-class; compared to 10080 AirIndia FR miles for e-class and 20160 for b-class.
    International – BOM-LHR is 30000 CV miles versus 45000 FR miles for e-class. However it’s 120,000 CV and 90,000 FR miles for b-class, which is the only segment (intercontinental b-class) where AI’s FR fares better than Vistara’s CV redemption.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Uncertainty is there for sure. And it’s too complicated to think about!

      But whatever they do, I just wish they keep Vistara website/loyalty system as primary and merge all else into it. If not, we’ll have tough time!

      1. Abhi

        The parent (or grandparent) would be AI for sure. Just hope this card increases the RPs, it’s currently 6 CV per 200 spent. If they increase to say 10 or 12 FR post merger then it’s ok-ok. Or maybe if they fail to do a tie-up with AI, they simply change it to 12 edge rewards per 200 (at par with magnus which is also visa infinite).

  2. RM

    Under T& C
    6. There is no restriction on the maximum number of transactions. The cardholder can spend
    the amount in one or in multiple transactions from 15th Nov- 31st Dec ’22.

    – This is kind of confusing as it means that the transaction timeline is by 31st Dec’22 and not 90 days.

    Kindly advise.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Please ignore it.
      Definitely those dates are sourcing dates. Most may not even get the card in hand by then.

      Have requested someone to look into it. Should get updated if they’re receptive. Let’s see!

  3. Sree

    Pls answer me.
    I’m a existing axis Bank credit card eligible for this first year free campaign for axis vistara infinite card?

  4. Pawan

    thanks for detailed article.

    Nearest bank representative told me this campaign eligible for existing other axis Bank credit card users also.
    But I contacted customer support they told me this is campaign is eligible for who are don’t have any credit card from axis bank.they told me you are not eligible for this campaign

    Which one currect?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Not eligible for “Upgrades” (which is anyway not active).
      Otherwise, it’s applicable for all fresh applications.

      1. Sudheep

        upgrade option is open now..

        I fear many will miss the offer by mistakingly selecting the upgrade route…

        Suggest you to highlight this in review..

  5. Pratyush

    Dear Siddharth,
    Thanks for all the articles and info :)!
    I applied and received MyZone card last month. Can I apply for this card now or I have to wait for six months?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Spend a bit on it, pay 1 bill and apply for this maybe next month. Applying within a month may sometimes lead to rejection but generally premium cards won’t get rejected for that reason.

  6. Lokesh

    are wallet loads and rent payment counted towards spends for 1st year fee waiver?

      1. Lokesh

        You can use a lot of apps like cred, Paytm, redgirrafe, nobroker etc.

        You need to enter Bank details of your landlord and then you can pay using any credit card

  7. Akshat

    Existing axis customers eligible for this?

    “4. Offer is only applicable for new card acquisitions during the offer period.”

    This can suggest previous axis cc holders not eligible

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Upgrade route not eligible. Otherwise it’s open for all fresh applications via online & branch.

  8. Mukund

    Had a doubt on the 2 class upgrade vouchers from the gold membership. Do we just get 2 upgrade in total for the duration of being a gold member / holding the vistara card or is it 2 upgrade per year?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      You get 2 vouchers on renewal/setup. So it’s more of “membership anniversary year”.

  9. Rajeev

    My experience has been a bit bad. I had a bunch of CVs just as Covid broke out. Travel was closed for almost 2 years.
    All my vouchers expired. On requesting for reinstatement they declined to do so.
    Another aspect is they have canceled many popular routes post Covid opening.
    Not sure where the merger is going to take this card offering!

  10. ka

    Air India’s and Vistara’s entities M&A process has commenced. Brand /operations shall be a separate exercise. Both brands’ co-branded cards will be rejigged thereafter and this may be a indication to that.

  11. Nikunj Palaniya

    I have Axis Signature credit card (Last year I god spend based fees reversal). Can I apply for Axis Infinite & get benefit of this offer?

  12. Sreetharan

    Hey Sid, i clicked the link to apply and gave all my details. I meet the eligibility criteria you mentioned but im not getting the option for vistara infinite card in the select the card page. Why is that?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Usually it happens when income is not met. Maybe increase it a bit and see. It’s only for reference though, what you share as document while doing KYC is what will be actually considered.

      1. Shawn

        It’s also possible you added the net monthly vs net annual income. I did that the first time 🙂

  13. Ramesh Shah

    Hi Sid,

    I have 2 cards from Axis (Myzone and ACE) and 1 from Citibank (Rewards). So will they consider this card application as 4th and reject it?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Citi is not yet merged with Axis in the backend as of now. Never heard any face such issue either, so not to worry about it. You may go ahead with the application.

  14. Mukundan

    Nice review Sid. I am already in your mailing list. Vistara infinite and Magnus cards are the two best cards with amazing vakue. I have both cards. I have HDFC infinia card also which is an amazing card with smartbuy. Still I will rate vistara infinite the card the best for business class freebies. 1 HDFC reward point is equal to 1 CV point. So utilising vistara vouchers and CV points earned and CV points transferred from HDFC I have already travelled in business class 8 times in 6 months in my first year. About 2 lakhs value. Hope the merger with AI doesn’t dilute the benefits.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      8 flights in 6 months is great.
      How has been your experience with the seat availability in your flying sectors?
      Thanks in advance!

      I’m sure the card is giving them good business, else they would have already diluted it. So I’m quite positive on merger, let’s hope for good.

      1. Mukundan

        Chennai-Mumbai only. Me and my wife travelled twice – to and fro – in business class. 2 seats availability in a flight I didn’t have any issue as there are multiple flights in a day. In fact in my August 2022 booking, as independence day celebration offer i had to use only 11250 CV points for a business class ticket as against normal 15000 CV points – with 25% off. Mind blowing to travel at 11250 points in business class to Mumbai from Chennai. In fact when I checked the normal fare one day before my flight it was 37k though normally it is about 23k. Welcome offer on payment of joining fee and 5 lakhs milestone spends gave me 3 business class voucher. 1 lakh spend in first 90 days gave 10k bonus points almost equivalent to another business class ticket. Then normal CV points on my spends about 6 lakhs till now and from points transferred from HDFC infinia I booked other business class tickets. About 10k points I also bought at Rs 1.25 each to meet the shortage in points. So overall on cash outflow of about 25k I managed to avail 8 business class trips. The process of using points or voucher to book tickets online is so smooth and amazing. 2 upgrade vouchers still there which i am hoping to use in chennai delhi sector in future as generally there is no premium economy class in chennai mumbai sector.You are my inspiration when it comes to getting the best out of credit cards Sid. Thank you so much.

  15. Priyank Jain


    The business class reward seat is limited to 2 only across sectors. Hence a family of 3 can not use 3 vouchers, no matter how much in advance they plan.

    Reference: FAQ 2

      1. Priyank Jain

        I cant say with confidence for A321 Neo i travelled once as i was only in need of 2 business class which i got it. But aircraft for with only 8 business class seats i am sure 2 is the limit for award seat (booked with points or voucher)

        Hack: i have used many times, also for ppl whos upgrade vouchers go waste 🙂

        I travel in a family of 3 hence book premium economy on revenue (generally only 1k more expensive than economy on most routes or use the premium economy voucher from sbi vistara prime card) and use the upgrade voucher at airport checkin to upgrade 3rd ticket to business. I cant recall when there is an availability and i am denied

  16. Abhay Rai

    Hi Siddharth, I got my Axis Bank Vistara Infinite card last month only. Even the 1st statement is not generated yet. Wanted to if I’ll be eligible for 1st year free offer or not?

  17. Manish

    I already have a Vistara Silver class membership premium economy one. Do you think they would agree to give another great card on the same name?

  18. Sac

    If you book your seat using the free voucher, do you get an INR equivalent receipt just like the reward redemption with HDFC points?

    For people who will travel with family in economy the lowest variant might make more sense.

      1. Sac

        Thanks a lot Sid, I am a fan and have built an amazing LTF Premium CC portfolio, some via inspiration/tips from your blog as well.

        Generally there are 2 ways to get the receipts for reward point bookings:
        1) You get a receipt on email after booking (HDFC, Yes, etc reward redemption) with breakup of INR (paid via points) and paid via card. Here it seems, you don’t get that receipt as per your message.
        2) You go to airline site -> manage booking -> get the receipt. This one doesn’t say how you paid and is generally of a lower value (excludes OTA charges).

        In Vistara case above, I think if the first one doesn’t mention total flight INR value, the second one should still be downloadable. Could someone try it for a recent booking? (It is even available for past flights taken.

        Many thanks!

        1. Siddharth Post author

          That’s because HDFC bookings are actually revenue tickets but that’s not the case with award seat bookings. Verified as well.

          1. Sac

            Thanks, did you check method #2 on vistara website for an existing/past booking as well? This might define whether I take the card or not and if so, which one.

  19. Mukund

    Hi, can anyone shed light on if priority boarding , baggage handling, extra luggage allowance for gold membership apply only if you buy tickets via vistara website or can we get these benefits via an MMT / Smartbuy vistara booking as well

  20. Vishal

    On spending 1.2 l in 3 months – I will get bus class tkt, fee waiver , wish to know will I also get 10k CV too by spending those 1.2 lac ?

      1. Card enthusiastic

        I had applied the vistara infinite last year in same joining waiver offer. I have closed the card 2 months back . If I again apply for this card in this offer period , Am I eligible for the joining waiver offer?

          1. Siddharth Post author

            Apply after 3 months cooling period, likely by end of Dec maybe, should work (like in the past) unless Vistara came in and change the rule for this campaign internally.

  21. Guna

    Hi All,

    Tnx for your timely input, applied for the FYF Axis VI.
    I must mention that you are the Best CC Consultant.
    God bless.

    If someone could share their experience of redeeming rewards against reservation of air asia tickets. TY

    1. Priyank Jain

      Yes, If it is a route for Vistara then it will be considered as single flight and CV points will be of single flight. Recently I got a Bangalore- Dehradun (Via Mumbai) flight only for 6K points

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Amazing inputs once again, thanks man!

        I also see the same 6K requirement now but unfortunately it seems to apply only for select sectors (maybe when same machine is flying in both routes). Any other such sectors you’re aware of?

        1. Pranav Date

          Flight No. Origin Destination
          UK 0852 Bengaluru(BLR) Dehradun(DED)
          UK 0707 Chandigarh(IXC) Kolkata(CCU)
          UK 0865 Dehradun(DED) Bengaluru(BLR)
          UK 0725 Delhi(DEL) Dibrugarh(DIB)
          UK 0741 Delhi(DEL) Guwahati(GAU)
          UK 0611 Delhi(DEL) Jammu(IXJ)
          UK 0747 Delhi(DEL) Port Blair(IXZ)
          UK 0726 Dibrugarh(DIB) Delhi(DEL)
          UK 0612 Jammu(IXJ) Delhi(DEL)
          UK 0706 Kolkata(CCU) Chandigarh(IXC)
          UK 0778 Port Blair(IXZ) Delhi(DEL)

          Didn’t verify all but some works flawlessly

          1. Siddharth Post author

            The kind of knowledge you guys have is enormous. 🙂
            Looks like BLR-DED, DEL-IXZ & CCU-IXC are the most useful routes.

            Thank you very much for the list Pranav.

  22. Gaurav

    What an amazing card folks and thanks to Sid for guiding me/us..
    Got this around 2+ years back.. travelled Delhi-Goa (to and fro) for wife and kiddo on Business Class in Jan 2021.. what a fun experience they had.. I got myself a seat in Premium Economy..

    they had a blast.. kiddo playing games on the console.. wife having a good conceirge experience 30k+ feet above.. also priority boarding for Business Class + myself as CV Gold member.. so overall was real fun and felt a bit of royalty.. looking forward to having all 3 of us travel together in Business whenever they open up 3 seats or use the hack mentioned above..

    also.. you do accumlate a lot of CV miles.. can be used for other sectors where travel duration is short..

    In a nut shell.. go for it.. have that experience of finer things in life.. and make fabulous memories.. cheers..

  23. Vish

    Thanks Sid! Applied for one today! Already have a Magnus, so now the spends will need to be moderated between the two.

  24. varun

    I am trying to apply for this card and on final screen post selecting the card variant and clicking on Submit button nothing is happening. Is this issue for others as well.

  25. Rahul Maheshwari

    Hi Siddharth, I have Axis Savings Account. No credit card with Axis. When I called up my Virtual RM, She said there is no such offer running. How do we know during application that the above offer will be there when applied? I couldn’t find any reference to the offer in either Axis Bank or Vistara website.

      1. Sunil K

        T&C links not working. And no mention of it on the site. What’s the chance they withdrew this offer. Though, like you said, the card is worthwhile even without this offer.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Axis is actively selling the Vistara cards at BOM airport this week too with the print out of same image that I shared in t&c. Sure the offer is ON!

  26. Pranab

    Hi Sid,
    Good to see you back after a long time.
    I’ve 3 Axis cards; Flipkart, Ace and Privilege. Believe I need to close 1 of them to get Vistara Infinite, which one I should?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Hi Pranab,
      It totally depends on your needs. I don’t see any reason to hold Privilege with above combo as you anyway get 2% with Ace.

  27. Amit

    Couldn’t submit my application. Hold the Magnus, Airtel and a Magnus Add-on. Wondering if the Add-on is counted as my 3rd card. Wouldn’t be surprised given how dumbfounding Axis policies are.

    1. Amit Patnaik

      Update – got my Vistara Infinite card too!

      I have the Magnus Add-on for spend milestones.

  28. Ali P

    It’s sad they don’t entertain fee waiver requests even in 7.5L spends while they issue it free of cost.

  29. LK

    I’ve been using this card for a couple of years and it’s been a complete game changer. With the points and Vistara gold status I only fly business class in domestic (10+ flights by now). Really great value!

    Downside. Not able to use cred rent pay anymore. Seems like it’s been blacklisted by Axis.

    I’m keen to explore Magnus for international travel points. Already hold an Infinia and Amex plat. Is it possible to hold two Axis cards?

    1. Mukundan

      Hi I think we have a lot in common. In my first year with axis vistara infinite, i have already booked 8 business class tickets using vouchers and cv points. So domestic if vistara flight is there only in that in business class I travel. I also hold HDFC Infinia, Axis Magnus and Amex Reward cards. Infinia and Amex lifetime free for me. Yes you can hold upto 3 Axis cards at a time. Sid what is the difference in Vistara Premium economy and Business Class. I am yet to use the premium economy option.

  30. Anand

    Hi Sid I already have 3 axis cards Many of us would be having. Please guide.

    1. If i close my FK axis card.. can I apply immediately for this card
    2. Will I get the grabdeals benefit which was due on FK card even when it is closed.

    Thanks in advance!

  31. Amit Dhatrak

    Hi Siddharth,
    I read somewhere that only direct flights can be booked through these milestone tickets from either of the 3 co-branded vistara cards

    I tried searching on google/vistara page for a list of all vistara direct flights from BOM, but seems like there is no complete list. Could you help if you have the same?

    1. Priyank Jain

      This might help

    1. Abhi

      Asked my RM same thing, he said no.
      There was spend-based FYF offer last year on all premium cards but this time only on vistara.

  32. Rahul

    I am using Vistara Infinite for more than a year now. Took it last year in first year free offer. The problem is if you have more than 2 people travelling, it is next to impossible to get three seats. Second domestic routes business class isnt that special as compared to international trips. Third domestic routes business class is not there even on all Vistara flights.

    Many a times I wanted to book or upgrade business even between popular routes like Bangalore Mumbai, but all the seats in the plane were economy!!

    After getting magnus, i have decided to close Vi at next renewal. Will move to reserve paid/fyf

    1. Lakshmi Narayana

      True!! Given that we will have limited business seats on each flight on the domestic route.
      But it is still worth trying this card if it comes as FYF.

  33. modded

    Already hold two axis cards (Flipkart Axis and Airtel Axis). Tried to apply for this one. No matter the amount of income I put in, I cannot choose the Infinite version. Only basic and signature. Should I go via the branch route?

  34. Ramesh Kumar

    This link gives list of source and destination,

    1. Ramesh Kumar

      *Also download of PDF and excel files available to make filter locally.

  35. Deepak

    I am already a silver member of CV. Will I be able to get Gold tier with this card by using the same contact details?

  36. Saurabh Agarwal

    Hi Sid,
    Thanks for this article. I have been following you since a few years and had taken diners and then upgraded to infinia. Now I have applied for vistara infinite as well. I have recently started exploring cv points, but i always see exponential points requirement. For example a singapore return from pune is for 25k inr, economy. But when I do redeem now, it requires 68k cv points + 5k cash. Am I doing something wrong here? I get baffled by you guys discussing booking flights using cv points. Would request you to clarify.


    1. Siddharth Post author

      CV points are usually good for domestic redemptions. Yes, Intl. redemptions like Singapore are bit expensive.

      1. Saurabh Agarwal

        Thanks for your response Siddharth. I would request you to give some guidance as I certainly feel I am doing something wrong. I see more than 60k cv points requirement for rewards flight when revenue flight is about 28k return.

    2. Abhi

      One way Singapore Mumbai is 22K and Pune Singapore is 16K CV miles (32K return economy) correct? Pls recheck. You should get approx Re1 value for a CV mile on this route.

      1. Saurabh Agarwal

        It does show 16k when I see the redeem now option, but when I put in the actual dates 21-dec to 26th dec, it shows approx 68k for return Pune-singapore-pune.

  37. Balpreet Singh

    Hi Folks,
    In this first year free option Axis refunds the GST amount also if we spend the target amount as mentioned? Or its only 10 thousand and GST amount is not refunded


  38. Shivakiran

    Unable to do VKyc. The link doesn’t seem to work in both phone and on the laptop. I have tried with multiple browsers but with no luck whatsoever. Looks like Vistara Infinite is not for me. Anyone else facing similar issue while trying to do video kyc?

    1. Siddharth Post author


      Is this your app # ?
      I’ll get this checked shortly.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        I’ve pushed your card for quick clearance and I see that physical KYC was done a day back. Hope all good, do let me know otherwise. Thanks.

    2. Mahesh

      Had issue when applying for credit card. It does nog work on PC or Iphone. I had to do it via android phone to complete my VKYC.

  39. Joy

    Is it possible to hold 2 Vistara cc ?

    Like 2 infinite cards or 1 infinite and 1 Signature

  40. Sanket Garg

    I got the card today, what’s the process and timeline to get Vistara gold membership for 25kg allowance?

  41. Nash

    Hi Sid, I bumped into your world of credit card advice recently and it’s awesome. One question.
    Does the CV points earned on this card also helps in airline tier upgrade?

  42. Manoj Kumar Muthumanickam

    Hai Siddharth. Wonderful blog for card aficionado.

    Just a minor query, as per the details available in Axis Bank SITC, it may be noted that Complimentary Lounge access for Axis Vistara Infinite CC is only 2 per quarter. In the article, it is mentioned as 3 per quarter.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I did notice this and I’m sure it’s a mistake. Infinite usually gives 3/qtr, maybe they copied it from signature variant and forgot to update.

      1. Manoj Kumar Muthumanickam

        Thanks Siddharth for your clarification. Good for the card holders, then.

        I had applied for this card few days back and despite being eligible on all terms as per the T&C, my application has been declined. FYI, I used the link available in this page for the application. Your suggestion on this would be helpful.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          App # please?
          I do not see any app’s in your name this month though.

          1. Manoj Kumar Muthumanickam

            Thanks Siddharth.

            C1-****-C1 is the application number.

          2. Siddharth Post author

            Sorry! It’s rejected because “profile norms not met”

            I’ve further asked for detailed meaning of that, will revert back if I get more info.

  43. Kapil

    Hello guys can somebody help I’m very much confused between Magnus & Axis Bank Vistara Infinite Credit Card… I can easily spend up to 15 lakh rupees and there is no issue in paying the membership fees also…
    which card will give me the better value please help… Thanx

  44. Varun

    I got the card today. Applied via the link. Thanks Siddharth. When will i get Club vistara gold card and the first business class voucher. Plus how to confirm that joining fee will be reversed post spending 1.2 Lacs.

  45. Jay

    Good to see you active again Sid. Could you pls throw some light on how you compute 1 CV value as 1 INR? I have found the value far less, although I was trying for a redemption in economy class.

  46. Thomas

    Hi is it better to have vistara membership or let axis team create one while giving the gold membership.

  47. Vaibhav Saboo

    For reference to all.
    As per current T&Cs, Vistara Gold Membership is to be given within 10 days of the due payment date of your billing statement in which the annual/joining fees is charged. That basically means ~30 days to bill generation+ 20 days of payment date + 10 days = ~2 months.

    My experience:
    Recieved card on 25 Nov and activated it through Axis mobile app.
    As I am taking couple of Vistara flights in 2nd week of December, wanted to get CV gold status in advance.
    Fees was charged on 25 Nov late night. I paid the same on 26 Nov and it was reflecting in the app by 27 Nov
    Called up Magnus support and informed them I have paid my annual fees. Explained to them my need and requested if they can provide upgradation to CV gold (Had given my CV ID at the time of application itself). The agent stated he has raised an internal request but it was no guarantee that CV gold would be activated before time.
    29th Nov: Recieved the CV gold status

    Hope this is useful to those who might be stuck in a similar situation

    P.S.: I first contacted Vistara Gold support number who told me that Axis team is the only one who would be able to raise the request. So can skip this step.

  48. Anurag Agrawal

    Hi Siddharth,

    I already have a Club Vistara basic membership with around 40K CV points transferred from my Magnus card Edge Rewards points. Will the new Gold membership be created as a new account or my existing club vistara membership account be upgraded to Gold membership with my existing points intact.

  49. Mohan

    thanks sir,

    applied last Monday, just now received card
    Sometimes Axis works pretty quickly.

  50. Jinesh Shah

    When you cancel your Vistara Infinite card? Do you lose your vistara status instantly? I am booked to fly abroad on 28th December and my card renewal date is 31st December and I would like to cancel my card before the fees hit. Can anyone confirm if the Gold status still stays for a month or two after you cancel?

  51. Anoop

    I’m facing some strange issue applying cards with axis. If anyone can help will be great.
    I already have axis vistara card. I tried applying flipkart, ace credit cards in last 2years couple of time with gap of 6 months from their website. Axis guy came each time to do KYC again even though I applied as an existing customer as well as new customer with same pan, number and email Id etc. No documents were asked during kyc only online kyc was done. And all the 3-4 times my flipkart and ace got rejected citing internal policy.

    If anyone can help on the process to get 2nd cards will be great on below:
    1. Is KYC done each time by axis whenever a card is applied even for existing card holders ( haven’t faced any such issue with scb, hdfc, icici, and others).
    2. Is income docs being asked or shared by anyone even being an existing card holder.? Even when applying for basic cards like ace when already holding higher variant paid cards.?
    Any other advise will also be of help as I’m planning to get magnus, but sceptical to apply with past experience.

  52. Hanif Chamadiaya

    Is?any?one using SBI etihad guest premium credit card. I want to know that the Gold Tier membership what comes with this card is valid for 1 year or as per credit card active status years.

  53. Sharathkumar Anbu

    Does anyone have idea about the details of which transactions are excluded from CV points accrual apart from Wallet load, Fuel and EMI Transactions.

    Not clear what these MCCs are.

    The following MCCs have been excluded from CV Points eligibility: 6012, 6051, 6011, 6540.

  54. Honey Kumar

    How to provide my existing club vistara id to Axis while applying new card. I am unable to see any option.

  55. Rahul Maheshwari

    Hey Siddharth – When I apply through the link on this site, it asks if I am existing customer (which I am) but after OTP authentication, it says I am not eligible. Any idea why? Is it only checking against pre approved offers?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Read “Existing customer” as “Existing Savings A/c holder.” Still having issues? You got to deal it via offline channel.

  56. Jim L

    Can someone throw light on CV points applicability on rent payment? Any preferred way to do the same?

    Diners Black rent benefits are going away starting Jan 2023. In fact they are going to be charging 1% on more than 1 rent txn per month

  57. Dhevendran

    Hi Sid..Just a word of thanks won’t be enough to you for this wonderful knowledge sharing..Most of your followers minted lakhs in reward points..

    And other than infinia ,i had axis fm,ace and privilege ..As we all know Axis is kanjus in credit limit, i was not able to get good limit even after using fk card..After sending payslip ,they considered a hike of just a 1.1L still total limit was lower than 3lakh..Hence closed privilege card and after a month applied for magnus on card to card basis with hdfc Infinia ..And surprisingly got magnus with whopping 7digit credit limit..And now iam totally confused how to make the most of air miles..

    And miles redemption terms and conditions.Totally new to miles game and it’s my humble request to guide us (lakhs of ur followers) to make the most of it..

    Few doubts are
    Can we book flight for anyone and on any class

    Do the primary member must be a passenger
    Can we book return ticket as well with miles
    What if the plan is changed and can we get refund of miles

    Is seats are limited for booking with miles


    Though it may vary from one airline to another ..And still your thoughts will clear most of our doubts..

    We are waiting for your next post on this topic pls..

  58. Rohit

    Hi Siddharth, I applied through your link but now the status says that the application is on hold. Application number is C1-****-C1. Please help.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Hi Rohit,

      Status: Rework/some details needs to be updated

      I’ve asked Axis to get this cleared on priority, you may expect a callback within 1 working day.

      1. Siddharth Post author

        Update: The executive whom you’re in touch with (hopefully) has taken the application but yet to process it. Please do have a check with him, as it can’t be handled by multiple executives.

    2. Anshul

      There could be some information/document missing. I had the same issue. I also applied for add-on card at the time of application for my wife and it was put on hold. The Bank insisted that they need Driving License of my wife (who is already an Axis Bank Customer with Axis Savings account and her own primary credit card as well)! I asked them what if someone doesn’t have a DL and doesn’t drive, they didn’t have an answer and said as per Bank Policy they need DL compulsorily. Though I did finally get both the cards, but I must say Axis Bank has one of the worst application process. It should be Citibank which should have bought them, not the other way round!! Even their premium customer support is third class!! I have been following with them for a complaint for months and they don’t seem to care.. Such a careless attitude… It’s just a matter of time, once competition heats up and their cards are devalued, premium customers will cut their cards into 4 if they continue like this!

  59. Nilesh

    Hi Sidharth,
    I think I applied for the card through the link you provided a week back and have not
    Got a call back. Will you be able to help.
    This is the message I got.

    Thank you for applying Axis Bank Credit Card. Your Application C1-****-C1 is being reviewed. Kindly expect an update within 5 – 7 working days.

    1. Siddharth Post author


      I can see that it’s currently in Underwriting stage, ideally should get cleared within next ~3 days days, anyway will check if anything needs to be done.
      Will update here if I get any further updates.

      1. Nilesh

        Thanks Sidharth for checking. Interestingly they have not asked the income documents needed for underwriting ! Will wait for a communication from the underwriting team.

        1. Siddharth Post author

          It does happen for some applications with healthy CIBIL.

  60. modded

    So I got the card recently and the T&C state that these MCC codes are excluded from the activation benefit as well as CV points eligibility 6012, 6051, 6011, 6540.

    Does anyone know which merchants are those exactly? Quick google suggests something to do with financial institutions, mutual funds and some “risky” financial operators.

    I have an insurance payment due soon so wondering if one of the MCC codes applies to insurance payments.

  61. Mahesh

    I have opened the Axis Liberty account for myself and wife. It was activated day before, once activated, I applied for Magnus for myself and Vistara Infinite for wife. now can see both are approved and can also see the card in my account today. Just have to wait for the card to arrive. someone told me the easiest way to get a credit card would be to open AC and apply for card and it worked. Hope there will not be an issue in getting the refund on Vistara Infinite annual fee post 1.2L spend. Can anyone please tell me if I will get the business class ticket immediately? I can use it during Christmas holidays if i can get it right away.

  62. Shivakiran

    Hi thala. I had applied for vistara infinite through the link you had posted and thanks to you, the executives were helpful to get my application processed despite VKyc issues. I realised that the email used in the application was wrong and the executive suggested that I can change it once the application is processed and the card gets despatched. However, I’m unable to know the status of my application. My application ID is C1-****-C1. Can you help with an update on my application and please do let me know if it is going to get processed thala?

    1. Siddharth Post author

      I see it’s gone for rework, have asked to clear it soon.


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