Vistara Business Class from Bangalore to Delhi Review (Covid Version)

By | February 4, 2022
Vistara Business Class Food
Food on Vistara Business Class

As you might know, I’ve been on Vistara business class from Bangalore to Delhi before and the overall experience now is as good as how it used to be. But as this was my first flight during covid times, I thought of adding few details that you may find useful. 

If you haven’t read the previous Vistara Business class reviews, do check them out in above link as I won’t be covering all aspects of the flight in this review.

So here’s a quick review of the Vistara Business Class during Covid times.


I used the Premium Economy vouchers that I got from Axis Vistara Signature Credit card and then upgraded using the vouchers on account.

We were flying to Guwahati via Delhi so this is a connecting flight. Booking was all done separately as vouchers don’t allow a stop over. 

FlightAir Vistara UK 808
RouteBangalore (BLR) – Delhi (DEL)
Seat1F (Business Class)
Revenue Ticket~20,000 INR
I Paid~550 INR (Voucher Redemption)

Ground Experience


Vistara Business Class Ticket
Vistara Business Class Ticket

It took them about an hour (yes, an hour!) to issue us the boarding pass. Part of the problem is that the Domestic transfer at Delhi T3 is not operational now during Covid times.

So doing “through check-in” took them some time. They initially said its not possible but then they managed to do it.

Later comes the upgrade issue for my next flight (in PE) as I did the booking in a complicated way.

Ideally what I found was that you cannot upgrade from Premium Economy to Biz class using points if the booking was done via points. Hmm, a not so user friendly system.

Airport Lounge

BLR Domestic Lounge - Business Class Section
BLR Domestic Lounge – Business Class Section

We were given complimentary airport lounge access to the business class section of the BLR Domestic Lounge which i reviewed recently. Its a compact and cozy lounge with: relatively quiet lounge area, privacy & no crowd. 

That is all a business class traveller needs. So it fulfils the purpose but nothing more.

No Fast Track Security

I used to wonder 2 year ago and I continue to wonder why one of the busiest airport in India doesn’t have a dedicated security line for business class.

Anyway it was a very short wait time in my case, so it didn’t hurt but wish Bangalore gets the dedicated Business class line soon, just like the one in Delhi.

Flight Experience

Covid Protocol

As a safety measure everyone in the flight across all class gets a face shield, a mask and a sanitizer (which smells good).

But well, the matter of fact is that most don’t wear Face Shield in the flight. The Vistara Face shield is really good in my opinion as you can adjust the angle and its also not hard around the head like those given by Indigo.


There is no menu and no multi-course meals. You just have an option to choose from Veg or Non-Veg. I went with Veg and my friend went with Non-Veg and here is how both of our breakfast look like,

Vistara Business Class Food - Veg
Vistara Business Class Food – Veg
Vistara Business Class Food - Non Veg
Vistara Business Class Food – Non Veg

It may not “look” delicious at a glance, but they were definitely tasty and was served smoking HOT. I should say it was one of the best meal I’ve ever had in the sky. I could still recollect the taste of that chana masala.. it was delicious. My friend’s Non-Veg meal was fine as well.

Btw, I never have that croissant, never ever found it tasty anywhere. So I skipped it – Do you like that thing?


Its my first flight after the Covid outbreak and it feels safe to travel with all the above precautions in place. And as always it feels good to fly Business Class with Vistara.

Have you been on Vistara Business class during Covid times? Feel free to share your views in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Vistara Business Class from Bangalore to Delhi Review (Covid Version)

  1. Saurabh

    Croissant is an overrated kinda desert. Its high time that the hotels and airlines start introducing Indian options in breakfast desert.
    For some reason, Indian desert items are only part of their lunch and dinner menu. Breakfasts (buffet or non-buffet) are flooded with western deserts only.

    1. Shubroto

      Croissant isn’t a dessert; it’s a classic rich, buttery French accompaniment to coffee.

  2. Mohammed sharjeel shaikh

    I have sbi prime Vistara card and tried upgrading from premium economy voucher to business class via another voucher but they declined stating only if you pay and buy premium economy or if buy economy class through airmiles they would upgrade to business class using one class upgrade voucher.flight mum/chandigarh

  3. Noel

    I am in Bangalore now and I booked an economy ticket from Mumbai using points with the help of an agent on the phone and she herself suggested I use my upgrade vouchers to upgrade to business class. I didn’t know this was possible. My flight didn’t have Premium Economy so I had to use two upgrade vouchers. Which was no problem as I still have 6 left.

  4. Subhash Agarwal

    Travelled bangalore Mumbai bangalore in business, but never given shield.

  5. Nikhil

    can we upgrade using voucher for complementary ticket provided by Axis vistara cards.

    1. alok

      I dont think, last month i used the Axis complimentary premium economy ticket and wanted to upgrade it business class frm bangalore to dehli but the vistara team care declined stating we have to purchase a ticket and then use the upgrade voucher. I have two upgrade vouchers which may expiry in Sept 2022.

  6. Prem Singh

    I just flew Vistara Business this week…a two way trip Delhi-Bangalore.

    First off, my flight to Bangalore was exceptional. Great service and tasty food too. However on my return I just feel they had to relook an really teeny weeny bit.

    Example they served stuffed Paratha (which was very dry) without any accompaniment (curd/pickle/some gravy or chutney) to bring down the dryness of the Paratha. Like the flight to Bangalore had curd where it was not even needed. On the return one did not have any thing .

    Even in terms of service and here I am being really picky, I asked for a sausage which was part of the non veg breakfast to be added and the hostess promptly did that with a smile. On the return, I was told that is not part of the breakie I ordered. But later came and said will do it. I mean why not empower the team to take the decisions on the spot itself or maybe word it well.

    Finally Bangalore airport has to step up. There is no seperate lane for Business class, I mean how absurd! @KIAPL pull up your socks!!

    Otherwise I think Vistara has gone back to its full service on board and am so glad that happened.

  7. Cyrus Nariman

    “I used the Premium Economy vouchers that I got from Axis Vistara Signature Credit card and then upgraded using the vouchers on account.”

    Could you please confirm this statement? I have always been informed by Vistara that award tickets are not eligible for upgrade through vouchers! 😟


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