Air India Domestic Business Class from Coimbatore to Mumbai Review

By | April 20, 2022
Air India Domestic Business Class from Coimbatore to Mumbai Review

I recently flew Air India Business class from Coimbatore to Mumbai (CJB-BOM) and here’s a quick review of the same.

Note that this isn’t a detailed review of the air India business class product. If you’re looking for one, do check out below articles.

Flight details

  • Flight: AI679
  • Seat: 2F
  • Route: CJB-BOM
  • Date: March 2022


  • Revenue rate: ~18,000 INR
  • Miles redeemed: 20,160 Air India miles + 840 INR

Earlier, I used to book redemption tickets by calling support but this time I tried the app and it was extremely smooth.

The airmiles used here were those I accrued many years ago through air India signature credit card. Thanks to Air India for extending the validity of those miles since Covid-19 breakout. 


Air India continues to be the only airline in the country that gives tender coconut water as a welcome drink and I’m so happy with it, so much so that I asked for 2 glasses of it.

I think it’s the best ever drink anyone can have while flying, as it hydrates the body well with essential minerals. I wish vistara too start serving coconut water soon. 

Air India Domestic Business Class - coconut water
Tender Coconut Water

Apart from the welcome drink, the actual food is disappointing because they served it cold. Here are some snaps:

Air India Domestic Business Class food
Air India Domestic Business Class Food (Cold)
Air India Domestic Business Class Food - Paneer Tikka
Paneer Tikka (Cold)

From what I hear from others, it seems they have hot meals only for flights with >2hr travel time. Sad to know that and sad to eat those cold paneer tikka and sandwich.

I would have instead had 2 more glasses of coconut water, but well I thought that would be too much to ask, so I didn’t.

However, the water melon juice and the dessert were quite delicious.

Air India Domestic Business Class Food - Juice
Water Melon Juice
Air India Domestic Business Class Food - Dessert

Bottom line

While Air India services are generally not that great, it’s still okay to enjoy bigger seats in domestic sector if we have some air-miles lying in the account. 

It’s also interesting to see younger air hostess in Air India this time, maybe after Tata took over? Not sure.

Overall a good flight, except that I wish they had some hot meals. That said, I may not fly this route again as Vistara is now flying in this sector. And surprisingly, I couldn’t find this route anymore on Air India, maybe because Vistara is flying now?

Are you flying Air India Business Class lately? Do share your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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6 thoughts on “Air India Domestic Business Class from Coimbatore to Mumbai Review

  1. Ramesh Kumar

    Vistara starting operation from Coimbatore to Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi from 22-MAY.

  2. SuperKnight

    Now with Tata Neu taking control at helm, i guess very soon air india, vistara will use neupasses instead of airmiles. They wont give u double dip there. With the changing scenario, which travel card would you recommend or do we simply use dcb/infinia rewards to fly.

  3. Mugunthan

    Yes, Vistara replaced AirIndia on BOM-CJB and DEL-CJB routes and also starts BLR-CJB. BOM-CJB and DEL-CJB has Business class while BLR-CJB has all Economy only.

    Now AirIndia operates only MAA-CJB.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Extremely useful insights. Thank you, Mugunthan.

      Meanwhile, I don’t see BLR-CJB flights for May/June. Any idea when they intend to start that route?

  4. Mugunthan



    Details on Vistara Flights to Coimbatore:

    DEL-CJB Eff. May 20th.
    Class: Business, Premium Economy, Economy
    Frequency: Daily

    BOM-CJB Eff. May 27th.
    Class: Business, Premium Economy, Economy
    Frequency: Daily

    BLR-CJB Eff. Jun 3rd.
    Class: All Economy
    Frequency: Twice Daily

    Expecting Vistara on MAA-CJB too.


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