Mumbai GVK Business Class Lounge is now Adani Lounge

By | April 20, 2022
Mumbai GVK Business Class Lounge is now Adani Lounge

If you’re a frequent traveler you might already be knowing that the Mumbai airport moved hands from GVK to ADANI and so they’ve rebranded the lounges as well.

Hence the beautiful GVK Lounges are now called as Adani lounges, both in domestic and international. With the name change that happened sometime during 2021, they’ve also changed “who” can access it, at-least for domestic, not sure about the international lounge. 

Earlier only business class travellers were accessing the GVK Lounge and also the cardholders at times, but not largely. Now though anyone with an eligible credit card can access the lounge. 

Adani Lounge - Seating area

I recently accessed the Adani lounge at T2 domestic departures when I flew Vistara business class from BOM-HYD and I can say that it is still as good as before. 

Good news is that business class travellers not only have a separate seating area but also a separate express check-in counter so that you don’t need to waste time along with many others in the long queue. 

Food spread is quite good too, have a look:

Adani lounge - Food
Adani lounge - Fruits
Adani lounge - Media Vada
Adani lounge - Dosa
Adani lounge - Breads
Adani lounge - Juice

That aside, while leaving the lounge I also noticed a spa area in this business class section. I didn’t have sufficient time to explore it but have you accessed it by any chance? Do let us know your experiences in the comments below.

Author: Siddharth

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31 thoughts on “Mumbai GVK Business Class Lounge is now Adani Lounge

    1. MT

      Yes , only when the loyalty lounge is full , they will allow access to the adani lounge , non business class section

      1. Siddharth Post author

        No, now the scene is different. Everyone can access and the queue is quite big too. Surprisingly I didn’t notice any Q at the other TFS lounge.

        1. MT

          They are changing rules on the fly i guess , but this adani lounge was the only one open during most of the pandemic waves when the demand was low

    2. Amit Thakur

      Any Visa signature card/ Diners Black / MasterCard credit card which otherwise allow entry.

      I had made the entry using Axis Ace and Vistara axis both.

    3. Amit Singh B

      HDFC regallia credit card, Axis Vistara, ICICIand HDFC Diners
      SBI Prime Credit Card
      ICICI Make my trip signature Credit Card AND MANY MORE U CAN SEARCH ON GOOGLE.

  1. SuperKnight

    The other lounge gets closed early in the evening and they redirect all the visitors to GVK ( now Adani) lounge. Moreover both are now Adani lounge, that you can see even on your card statements. They are accepting most of the visa, master and diners card which promises you a club access. Spread is good, however the food quality was not good when I visited and there is a drastic difference in taste and quality from the erstwhile GVK lounge. I feel only good options now in delhi and mumbai airports are to go to Amex lounges, which are relatively with lesser queue. Had i came to this forum earlier i would have not closed and kept iconia amex for such visits.

  2. Alok

    Recently i flew on vistara premium economy from del to bangalore and i saw a separate queue for Card based i used my HDFC Diners Privilage and went to a separtate lounge, they have separate entry and lounge for MC Visa and other cards , AMex , Diners and premium cards separate express counters they swiped 2 Rs and i had enjoyed the stay and slept for 4 hours. as my flight was at 7 pm so wanted to check this lounge and was comfortable not much people in the lounge that gave access to premium card which was mostly empty or half filled but kept going and coming out passengers but a long queue was seen for normal MC and Visa and other cards. but bangalore i used the visata Visa Signature and went to the common lounge on 1 st floor which was flooded with passengers and helping themselves with four to five times try all dishes. Priority, Amex were opposite to this lounge and separate that lounge was 8 percent empty but peaceful. The other one in bangalore which i went had to wait for a chair to get empty.

  3. asrarul haq ansari

    i am traveling to London on Virgin Atlantic please advise which card i can use for access to GVK business lounge
    what are the entry charges for all cards

  4. Darshan

    Are there any VIP lounges at domestic terminal of Mumbai and Delhi airports which can be accessed by Priority Pass

  5. Prateek

    Do we have any lounge in Mumbai which we can access it on arrival?

    1. MT

      There is a lounge called Aviserve at the west end of the arrivals hall just before exiting T2

  6. Ash

    I recently visited the lounge before my flight to Delhi with family of 8 . All of us have different Credit/Debit cards to access . one can access this lounge using Mastercard/visa/DC even using Rupay cards. I personally swiped my HDFC Rupay Platinum Debit card just to check. Rs.2 got deducted and the person allowed me to enter inside after stamping on boarding pass. 1+1 guest visit access facility is not accessible here as confirmed by the officials just like DELHI plaza premium lounges. Food was awesome, No cold-drinks at that time. Only packaged fruit juice & water bottles were kept in a Fridge. I just enjoyed the view & food for 30 mins.

  7. Kavita

    Are Axis priority titanium credit and debit cards accepted here

  8. Sandeep Baheti

    I decided to explore both lounges on the same day, out of sheer curiosity. This is what I learned:
    1) If you have swiped your card at Adani lounge and they have stamped your boarding pass, you need not swipe card again at Loyalty lounge (I assume that the converse must be true too).
    2) Food is exactly the same. No difference at all.
    3) Although ambience is better at Adani lounge, Travel lounge is quiter with hardly any queue. Fewer people come here because it’s farther down the galley.

      1. Sandeep Baheti

        Next time, I will swipe the card at Loyalty lounge (since there are no queues) and then enter the Adani lounge. Lol.

    1. Sarvesh

      Thank you for your comment Sandeep. Had no idea the food is same.
      Have they renamed Loyalty lounge as well? Is it far from the atrium

  9. Sarvesh

    Any of below cards provide complimentary access to Adani lounge ?
    Axis bank Burgundy debit card
    Axis bank select credit card
    Yes First eclectic debit card
    HDFC Imperia debit card
    AU Royale
    RBL Signature plus debit card
    Kotak privy league

  10. Arpit Vijayvergia

    Which of the following below cards are acceptable at Adani Lounge at International side of T2 terminal at Mumbai airport?
    1. HDFC Platinum Debit Card
    2. SBI Prime Credit Card
    3. ICICI Make my trip signature Credit Card
    4. ICICI Smart Shopper Silver Debit Card
    5. Kotak Mahindra Pay Shop More Debit Card

    1. Sarvesh

      I guess the Adani lounge at T2 international is exclusively for Business Class customers.

  11. Varun

    Recently denied entry to this lounge when traveling to Dubai.. none of credit card ; priority pass, dragon pass worked in Adani international lounge … Humiliated went to loyalty lounge which was just ok.

    1. Tushar wankhade

      Hi Varun did loyalty lounge accepted cc or you paid by visit?

  12. Himanshu

    Which of the following below cards are acceptable at Adani Lounge at International side of T2 terminal at Mumbai airport?
    ICICI bank coral credit Bank
    ICICI bank Titanium debit card
    HDFC Millennia credit card
    HDFC Platinum debit card.


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