Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Airport (BKK) Review

By | January 26, 2019

I recently had a chance to fly Thai Airways Business Class from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City which gave me access to the Thai airways business class lounge named Royal Silk Lounge. The lounge can be accessed by Thai Airways Business Class passengers, Star Alliance Gold Members & Thai Airways Elites.

Note that Thai Airways has three lounges for its premium cabin passengers at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) as below,

  1. Royal First Lounge (Royal First & Star Alliance First Class)
  2. Royal Silk Lounge (Business Class & Star Alliance Gold Members – In this article)
  3. Royal Orchid Lounge (Small Lounge)
Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)


Spotting the lounge was easy in my case as it’s located just behind the Thai’s private security & immigration area.

They took my boarding pass, scanned it and let me in along with Wi-Fi log in slip to connect to the lounge Wi-Fi. Now the problem is I didn’t know where to go! I mean, it was an ENORMOUS lounge.

Seating & Interiors

The lounge is in a long rectangle shape which is colossal that it seems impossible to catch a glimpse of the other end of the lounge from the entrance. And, speaking of the entrance, there are two entrances to the lounge.

There is a large seating space with blocks in-between that separates the lounge area, making it less immense from a quick glance. 

With capacity of about ~300, the seating options in the lounge were all similar and basic. Can’t really expect any modern or luxury interiors here.

There is also a small Business Centre with individual cubicles housed with PC & printers.

Royal Silk Lounge Bangkok Airport – Seating Options

Royal Silk Lounge, Bangkok Airport – Business Center

Kids Play Room

One of the block that separates the lounge area is the kids play area. Although it’s only a small space, it should be good enough for kids to play around.

Royal Silk Lounge, Bangkok Airport – Kids Play Room


Food is also spread across the lounge. There are couple of food stations serving different dishes to be found across the lounge. The main food area is, as expected, located in the center of the lounge.

I wish they had made a dedicated “dining area” in a single place with dining table rather spreading it all across. Well, maybe the current setup works better for them.

There is also a manned bar at one end of the lounge which you can easily miss just like me, due to its location!

Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge – Food Options
Food at Royal Silk Lounge – I totally love this pic 🙂


This is probably the biggest airport lounge I’ve been to so far. Despite being an enormous lounge, it may not wow you. It could have been better if they had designer chairs, recliners and some modern wall designs. Maybe it’s time for some renovation to take place!

  • Cardexpert Rating: 3.9/5 [yasr_overall_rating]

Moreover, I’m super surprised to see that even the business class lounge of this size is getting over 80% occupancy easily.

Have you been to Thai Airways Royal Silk business Class Lounge or any other Star alliance lounges at BKK airport? Feel free to share your views in the comments below,

12 thoughts on “Thai Airways Royal Silk Lounge at Bangkok Airport (BKK) Review

  1. SH

    While I have not been here, but I can say the the Emirates Business Class lounge at DXB is the largest that I have seen. It is a parallel universe that runs a few floors above the the regular airport. Definitely check that out as well when you fly through DXB.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Thanks for the suggestion. But i hardly find any option to fly emirates using Airmiles. Or, am i missing something?

    2. Chandru

      I was in the Emirates Business class longue @ DXB last week. It has it’s own floor of luxury. Multiple shower places, food stations, quite rooms, business centers and sleep places. The best part is that it has connection to the gate you need to board. By far, this is the largest longue I’ve even seen.

        1. Chandru

          Nope. It’s a regular Business Class ticket.
          Usually, it’s difficult to get an award ticket from Emirates. (Unless you live in the region & earn points from shopping & flights.

  2. Ameya

    I have been to the Air France-KLM lounge, thanks to Jet Platinum membership. It is also quite big and features good views of the runway. The food option was also great with a huge variety for vegetarians. It also has 2 massage chairs! Showers and toilets were clean.

    1. Siddharth Post author

      Air France-KLM lounge at which airport you’re referring to?

        1. Siddharth Post author

          Cool. This one along with Oman Air Lounge i had in mind to explore other day using Priority Pass. But i ended up exploring 3 Miracle lounges instead 😀

          1. Rohit

            Miracle lounges @ BKK are sorry ones!

            KLM/AF – which you can access via HDFC Diners/Priority pass is the best in terms of views/seating/drinks and food. Added benefit is that you have showers in this lounge.
            Oman Air – this is the next best. Not as grand as AF/KLM but still better than miracle lounges.

  3. ARR

    Hi Siddharh,
    Could you please write an article on your recent journey to Thailand and Vietnam. Please elaborate starting from visa process to end of the journey.
    Thank you.


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